Section Interviews

For February 2013, we heard from the Italian Section.


1.  How many members does your section contain?
The section contains 467 members in total, of which around 25% are Young Professionals.

2.  When was the Section established?
The Section was established as the Adriatic Section in 1986, and at the time, former Yugoslavia was part of the section. In 1995, the Adriatic Section changed its name to the Italian Section.

3.  How was the section established? Who set it up?
Umberto Sugny. The other Board members were Rocco Valentinetti as Programme Chairman, Zvonimir Nadjanovic as Membership Chairman, Alberto Gayoso as Secretary and Vladimir Bohaechevsky as Treasurer who started the Section.

4.  Where is your section based?
The Section is based in Milan and our members are spread all over the country.


5.  What are the main benefits in getting involved with the section?
The Italian Section offers the opportunity for all industry professionals to get involved in the oil and gas activity in Italy, to share knowledge and experiences via lectures, technical bulletins, webinars and social events.

6.  Tell us about something unique or different about your section:
The extensive use of webinars allow us to keep people involved, improve the effectiveness of lectures and potentially expand our network.

7.  Mention challenges faced by the section and how you overcome these:
In the Italian Section we are facing a generation change, a new generation of Young Professionals are growing up. They are enthusiastic and committed in their profession and in developing the Section.

8.  Outline an upcoming project or event that you are excited about:
Our major effort is to develop a new generation of Young Professionals, develop a new Student Chapter therefore improving the relationship with the universities. At the same time, we are working to involve new independent players who are entering the oil and gas arena.

9.  What would you say is the section’s greatest achievement?
Our greatest achievement for this year has been promoting people who received regional and international awards, selected as Distinguished Lecturers, and improved the participation of lectures.

10. Which industry hot topics are being discussed in your section today?
How to develop soft skills as an essential part of personal professionalism

11. What do you hope for the future of this section?
To continue to be an important player in the oil and gas scenario in Italy, focusing on both the technical elements and the Section members.