Section Interviews

This month we heard from the Netherlands Section.


1.  How many members does your section contain?
The Netherlands Section contains 817 members.

2.  When was the Section established?
21 June 1960

3.  How was the section established? Who set it up?
The section was established by a joint effort of industry professionals from different companies who recognised the value of the SPE for the Netherlands.

4.  Where is your section based?
The Hague is our official Section’s base. Our secretary’s office is located in the Hague and we host our monthly meetings here as well. However, members are spread all over the country.


5.  What are the main benefits in getting involved with the section?
The Netherlands Section helps our members to build their skills and competence and create a network within our industry. We aim to develop and broaden their professional careers with a wide range of technical and social activities, which we offer throughout each year. Getting involved in our events and meetings equips our members with knowledge and sharing of technologies, news and projects in the oil and gas industry in The Netherlands through lectures, technical bulletins, and social events.

6.  Tell us about something unique or different about your section:
We are a very active Section with a great team of volunteers. There is a pro-active atmosphere and the activities are well organised. We have made the section more professional the last year and this is showing by the consistently larger number of visitors to our events. We also offer a social hour to our visitors before the monthly meeting and a great meal afterwards. This set-up creates a great atmosphere.

7.  Mention challenges faced by the section and how you overcome these:
We are able to maintain a good number of members in the Netherlands. The main challenge is to present a monthly meeting and activity program that appeals to everyone. We have a variety of topics and manage to attract a great audience every time. Also, we have a large group of regular visitors that enjoy the hospitality of our section in the very nice meeting place, the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague.

8.  Outline an upcoming project or event that you are excited about:
The SPE NL is organising a yearly BBQ with our geological colleagues of the Dutch Geological Society. It has been a great success every year with a lot of attendees of both organisations. The topic this year: Drilling in the Arctic. Speakers: Shell and Greenpeace.

9.  What would you say is the section’s greatest achievement?
50 years of existence with a great celebration in 2011, a continuous good spirit in the section and enthusiasm of our members about our stable and good programme.

10. Which industry hot topics are being discussed in your section today?
In the past couple of years we focused on shale gas, fracturing, and unconventional resources. Nowadays, we see a shift towards general and environmental topics. The Distinguished Lecturer program is always a very great event to welcome in our section and pulls a lot of interest from a wide audience.

11. What do you hope for the future of this section?
We will continue to hold the strong monthly meetings and other activity programs. The YP’s will add to this with a lot of enthusiasm by organising monthly meetings as well and various SPE related activities. The yearly Black Tie Dinner is growing to be the E&P business social event of the year in the Netherlands and we are proud of our sponsors and members that make this party such a success over the years. The goal of all this is to maintain and grow a good membership base and continue the pleasure of learning and sharing together about technology and of our beautiful industry.