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Production Chemistry and Chemical Systems

18 – 19 February 2014

Austin, Texas | AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

Technical Agenda

Tuesday, 18 February, 0815-1000

Session I: Chemical Injection System Design – Systems Approach

Chairs: Hans Henrik Kristensen, Maersk Oil; Karthik Annadorai, GATE  

This session details a systems approach to the entire chemical injection system design where individual nodes/entities are not considered in isolation. Rather, their contribution to the successful design, commissioning, startup and operations of injection systems are discussed.


Session II: Types/Changes in Production Chemicals – Innovation

Chairs: Dewayne Shirah, BP; Mark Edwards, Shell

New operating environments, including high pressure high temperature (HPHT), very long tiebacks, limited chemical injection points, and leaner completion designs present challenging conditions for the development and application of production chemicals. Innovative molecules, combinations of products, and improved technologies for designing and testing chemical formulations are available to meet challenging application requirements. This session addresses issues as well as potential solutions.


Session III: Selection and Application of Chemical Injection Pumps

Chairs: Tony Taylor, AGI Industries; Matt Schroder, MJ Systems

In this session presenters will discuss the different types of chemical injection pumps and their applications in chemical injection packages. Including life of field requirements during the design and application stages of projects are criticial and this topic will be part of the discussion.


Session IV: Chemical Injection Rate Control Valves and Meters

Chairs: Dick Watson, Hunting PLC; Rama Alapati, BHP Billiton

Distribution of chemicals and control of flow rates to individual injection points is complex. Multiple options exist for topsides and subsea injection systems. This session describes available options.

Wednesday, 19 February, 0800-0930

Session V: Compatibility and Material Selection for Chemical
Injection Systems

Chairs: John Waldvogel, Nalco Champion; Tommy Golczynski, Assured Flow Solutions LLC

This session discusses chemical and material compatibility from a systems standpoint to identify global compatibility issues. Selection of testing methods and mechanisms, and correlation to specific cases is critical.


Session VI: Subsea and Downhole Chemical System Design

Chairs: Chris Leblanc, Chevron; Tim Goggans, Cobalt International Energy, Inc.

Subsea and downhole chemical injection system design considerations are critical to ensure cradle to grave operational performance and suitability. This session discusses the various aspects that are critical in ensuring optimum and long-lasting trouble free design.


Session VII: Chemical Injection System Commissioning and Operation

Chairs: Monte Goodner, W-Industries; Tony Taylor, AGI Industries

This session will discuss incorporating the commissioning plan development, mechanical system integrity, and validation and effective preservation techniques into a commissioning checklist in addition to various other commissioning and operational issues.


Session VIII: Panel Discussion

Moderator: Dewayne Shirah, BP; Karthik Annadorai, GATE

The final session of the workshop will be an audience-driven discussion. This is a high-energy session and will last until the attendees choose to adjourn.