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SPE Water Handling for Oil and Gas—Innovation, Reuse, Recycling Workshop

9–10 October 2014

Bogotá, Colombia

Techincal Agenda

Thursday, 9 October, 0830–0915

Welcome message and Keynote speaker

Chairs: Nubia Ramirez, Ecopetrol; Melissa Vasquez, Cetco


Session I: Technical and Environmental Challenges Associated with Produced Water

Chairs: Ricardo Nieto, Pacific Rubiales

This session will identify technical and environmental challenges associated with managing produced water in Colombia and in nearby regions of South America.


Session II: Secondary Treatment Technologies for Cleaning Produced Water

Chairs: Melissa Vasquez, Cetco

This session will review current oil/water separation technologies such as horizontal multistage separators, vertical flotation cells, and hydrocyclones.


Session III: Tertiary Treatment Separation Technologies for Cleaning Produced Water

Chair: Shiladitya Basu, Hydranautics

This session will review emerging oil/water separation technologies based on compact flotation cells, polymeric membranes, and ceramic membranes.


Session III: Tertiary Treatment Separation Technologies for Cleaning Produced Water (Continued) 

Chairs: Shiladitya Basu, Hydranautics

Friday, 10 October, 0830–1000

Session IV: Water Management by Chemical Additives

Chairs: Patrick Dwyer, IFC technologies

This session will focus on the use of chemical additives to manage microbial growth, corrosion, scale formation, and fracking fluid properties.


Session V: Challenges in Recycling and Disposal of Fracking Water 

Chairs: Jose Manuel Usuriaga; Mauricio Cardenosa, Ecopetrol

This session will focus on water issues related to hydraulic fracturing.

1330 –1500

Session VI: Hydraulic Fracturing Water Treatment for Reuse and Disposal 

Chairs: Ruben Dario Castillo Nuñez; Mauricio Cardeñosa, Ecopetrol 

This session will examine strategies for treating produced water in support of surface discharge and irrigation. 


Session VII: Produced Water as a Resource (Continued)

Chairs: TBA


Summary and Wrap-Up