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SPE Tight Oil and Liquids-Rich Gas: Adapting to Survive in a New Price Environment Workshop

10 - 12 May 2016

Austin, Texas, USA | Omni Barton Creek Resort

Technical Agenda


tuesday, 10 may


Session 1: The Big Picture - Environmental, Political, Financial

Session Chairs: Matt Bell, Ikon Science; Rob Fulks, Weatherford

The opening session will feature a panel of keynote speakers addressing macro political, financial, and regulatory issues affecting the development of tight oil and liquids-rich gas.

Panelists: Andrew Conacher, Rystad Energy; John Daniel, Simmons & Company; Michelle Michot-Foss, Bureau of Economic Geology


Session 2: More Info at No Cost - How to Get the Most out of Already Available Data?

Session Chairs: Zack Warren, Great Western Operating Company, LLC; Antoine Bertoncello, Total

From legacy wells to the high-frequency information generated during production, operators have access to an immense volume of data. This session will focus on the innovative integration of easy-to-acquire data for development optimization, increased recovery, performance prediction, and reserves evaluation.

Speakers: Ashok Dixit, Weatherford; Raymond Jones, Shell; Chuck Matula, Drill-to-Frac; Kevin Wutherich, Rice Energy


Session 3: Early and Effective Sweet Spot Identification for Optimum Development

Session Chairs: Antoine Bertoncello, Total; Matt Bell, Ikon Science

The production performance of wells drilled in different areas of a tight oil or unconventional play can vary dramatically. This session will explore how more productive ‘sweet spots’ can be identified through basin-scale modeling and by quantitative interpretation of well and seismic data. We will also discuss development strategies that might be applied as our understanding of sweet spots evolves, ranging from individually designed wells to factory mode operations and lean manufacturing.

Speakers: Emmanuel Schnetzler, NEOS GeoSolutions; Jeremy Meyer, Ikon Science; Paul Basinski, BURGUNDY Xploration LLC


Session 4: Play by Play – Part 1

Session Chairs: Fred Arasteh, Consultant; Lance Robertson, Marathon Oil

In a lower for longer commodity price scenario, which plays are attracting the most investment and operator interest?  This session will explore the ideas and development strategies that are contributing to this success.

Speakers: Phil Eaton, Seven Generations; Jud Walker, EnerVest; Carl Neuhaus, DrillingInfo, Inc.

wednesday, 11 may


Session 5:  Simulation, Forecasting and Economics

Session Chairs: Matt Honarpour, BHP Billiton; Nagi Nagarajan, Hess

In this session we will discuss advances in performance forecasting using analytical and compositional simulation of black oil and gas condensate unconventional reservoirs.  Uncertainties in short- and long-term forecasting associated with rock-fluid properties, geomechanics, and flow mechanisms will be explored, as well as the use of simulation models to study parameters that impact production rate decline, forecasting, and economics.

Speakers: Mohammad Piri, University of Wyoming; Jim Erdle, Computer Modelling Group Ltd; Doug Valleau, Hess


Session 6: Well Spacing and Pad Development

Session Chairs: Toby Deen, Devon; Rob Fulks, Weatherford

A majority of North American unconventional plays have now been delineated and industry appetite for appraisal work is waning as a result of low commodity prices. Operators are focusing on infill drilling and stacked pay development within core acreage positions. This session will focus on the challenges of infill development such as well spacing, exploiting multiple formations via stacked laterals, making zipper fracs more efficient, and mitigating detrimental frac hits on producing wells.

Speakers: James Courtier, Laredo Petroleum; Matt Dawson, Statoil; Roberto Suarez-Rivera, W.D. Von Gonten & Company


Session 7: Reservoir and Production Surveillance – A Proactive Asset Management During Lean Time

Session Chairs: Shirley Indriati, Schlumberger; Dick Leonard, ProTechnics

As the industry focuses on infill drilling core areas of low-permeability oil and liquids-rich reservoirs, the need to better understand hydraulic fracture performance and production depletion/interference – both laterally and vertically - has pushed fit-for-purpose production surveillance into the spotlight.  This session will address best practices in production surveillance as a proactive approach to asset management and cost reduction, while gaining greater understanding of the reservoir that will refine development plans when commodity prices rebound.

Speakers: Richard Clayton, Schlumberger; Mark Murray, Pioneer Natural Resources; Patrick Hayes, Tracerco


Session 8: Play by Play – Part 2

Session Chairs: Billy Harris, Elk River Resources; Dick Leonard, ProTechnics

A continuation of Session 4, examining other plays that are attracting investment in today’s commodity price environment.

Speakers: Paul Stark, Marathon Oil; Sam Rogers, Schlumberger; Bill Knights, Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc.

thursday, 12 may


Session 9: Lower for How Much Longer?  Factors Influencing Market Recovery

Session Chairs: Lance Robertson, Marathon Oil; Bob Gales, California Resources Corporation

Commodity prices are the fundamental driver of activity levels, with tight oil and liquids-rich gas development suffering a significant pull-back in 2015-16.  This session will take a candid and informative look at supply-demand drivers and other factors contributing to the current “lower-for-longer” price environment, and the potential for pricing and activity level recovery in the near- to mid-term, both in North America and at a global level.

Speakers: Dave Pursell, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.; Nathan Meehan, 2016 SPE President


Session 10:  Rate and Recovery Improvement

Session Chairs: Lionel Ribeiro, Statoil; Matt Honarpour, BHP Billiton

This session will explore technologies aimed at improving rate and recovery during primary production, including reservoir engineering approaches, tailored fluid chemistry, improved completions, choke management strategies during flowback, and completion strategies to access more reserves.

Speakers: Mukul Sharma, University of Texas; Jim Gilman, iReservoir; Jason Bryant, Statoil