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About this Conference

The 2015 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference with its theme “Barrels of Knowledge” will build on a strong tradition of using the formal paper presentations and industry networking to advance corporate and individual knowledge of current technology. The result of this knowledge transfer will be barrels produced in a safer, cleaner and more environmentally sensible manner.

The conference provides a variety of oilsands engineering insight provided by the 85+ multidisciplinary presentations available at the conference. Held in conjunction with the Global Petroleum Show and attended by approximately 700 engineers, geologists and professionals involved in the heavy oil industry, old friendships can be renewed and new networks established.

The expectations of this successful conference are numerous. First and foremost, the conference will cover the latest and most current technologies related to the exploration and production of heavy oil. The quality of the technical program will be presented by applying a rigorous screening of all papers. The second, networking opportunities are provided as a key strength of the conference. Third, a topical plenary session that will discuss the theme of the event “Barrels of Knowledge.”

Join this year’s conference and be part of one of the most anticipated events in the region.