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Exhibition Overview and Contacts


Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
P.O. Box 215959, Dubai, UAE 
3101 Fortune Tower, JLT, Dubai, UAE
T: +971.4.457.5800
F: +971.4.457.3164

Organiser’s Office

The Organiser’s office is fully operational throughout the exhibition including build up and tear down, which is located adjacent to the main entrance of Hall 6, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

The Venue

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), P.O. Box 9292, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE 

The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) is a single complex comprising more than a dozen halls, a wide range of spacious meeting rooms, hotels, office towers, and other amenities. Each multi-purpose venue is integrated into the site to provide maximum flexibility and convenience.

SPE Exhibits and Services Management

Reggie Alcala Cherry Carandang
Exhibit Services Manager  Exhibit Services Executive
T: +971.4.457.5848 T: +971.4.457.5853

Official Stand Contractor

Pico International LLC
Dubai, UAE
T: +971.4.420.4028
F: +971.4.420.4038

Avantika Trivedi  Anood Abdul Latif
General Manager   Sales and Account Manager 
T: +971.50.258.0539  T: +971.55.237.8370

More General Information (pdf) 

General Information about Stands

Exhibitors must ensure that the aisles adjoining the stands are not blocked during build up and break down, to a degree, which constrains the movement of other exhibitors and freight. Exhibitors must also ensure that the aisles adjacent to their stand are un-obstructed throughout the opening hours of the exhibition. The organiser reserves the right to restrict the area of scaffolding or equipment and limit the times during which they shall remain in the halls or on the stand. No part of the stand or exhibit including the fascia, signs, lighting, corner posts or other fittings, shall project into or overhang any aisle or adjacent stands or obscure any fire exit or exit signs, or be suspended from the roof.

It is strictly prohibited to affix nails, hooks, tacks, screws, adhesives, paint or similar items to the floor, walls, ceilings, or any other parts of the exhibition halls. Exhibitors are not allowed to paste, exhibit, or otherwise affix advertisements anywhere in the exhibition halls except on their own stand. The Exhibitor may not distribute handbills, advertisements, photographs or any other printed material from the aisles and outside areas of the exhibition.

Exhibitors are not permitted to connect or otherwise interfere with the electrical, gas, or water fittings of the halls and shall not introduce into or use in the halls any supplementary equipment for the generation and supply of electricity, or for other means of artificial lighting and generating power.

It will not be possible for exhibitors to obtain on-site services or labour for the erection of their stands and displays unless prior arrangements have been made. If on-site services or labour is required, please contact the official stand contractor for the rates. Advanced notice of at least one month must be given.

More Shell Scheme and Space Stand Requirements (pdf) 

Important Information for 2016 ATCE

Shell Scheme – By default, companies exhibiting with the Shell Scheme package are already fitted with furniture, lights and electricity.  For more info see Basic Shell Scheme Specifications and Inclusions. Should you want to upgrade the shell scheme, special Tiers had developed. For more details, please see Upgraded Shell Scheme or contact Cherry Carandang.

Space Only – Effectively minimize shipping cost and other stand build fees, Hybrid Stand designs are available and can be customized by the official stand contractor Pico International. For more info see Hybrid Shell Scheme Designs or contact


Order Forms and Deadlines

TO SUBMIT AN ORDER FORM VIA EMAIL: Download the form in your computer. Once saved, open and complete the form. Then, click “SUBMIT”to email the form.

Form Guidelines Submit Form To Deadline Actioned
Form 1 - Company Information ATCE 08 August 2016 All Exhibitors
Form 2 - Registration ATCE 08 August 2016 Al Exhibitors
Form 3 - Fascia Name PICO 22 August 2016 Shell Scheme
Form 4 - Additional Requests(AV, Furniture, Electrical Fittings) PICO 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 4a - Stand Layout PICO 22 August 2016 Space Only
Form 5 - Electrical Main Supply PICO 22 August 2016 Space Only
Form 6 - Shipping Instructions & Handling Tariff MERITEX 29 August 2016 Optional
Form 7 - Data and Telecom DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 8 - On-Stand Catering DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 9 - On-Stand Cleaning DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 10 - Rigging, Banners, and Graphics DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 11 - Stand Security DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 12 - Utilities (Water & Drainage Services) PICO 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 13 - Vehicle DWTC 22 August 2016 Optional
Form 14 - Exhibition Stand Structure PICO 22 August 2016 Space Only
Form 15 - Stand Approval PICO 22 August 2016 Space Only
Form 16 - Temporary Staff List PICO 22 August 2016 All Exhibitors
    EAC Onsite Work Agreement PICO 22 August 2016 Space Only
    Method Statement PICO  22 August 2016 Space Only
    Risk Assessment PICO  22 August 2016 Space Only



Lead Retrieval / Data Scanner orders

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Mandatory Forms for Exhibitors

These forms apply to shell scheme and space-only exhibitors.

Shell Scheme

Form 1 - Company Information (pdf) 
Form 2 - Registration (pdf)
Form 3 -  Fascia Name (pdf)
Form 16 - Temporary Staff List (pdf) 

Space Only

Form 1 - Company Information (pdf)
Form 5 - Electrical Main Supply (pdf)
Form 14 - Exhibition Stand Structure (pdf)
EAC Onsite Work Agreement (pdf)
Form 15 - Stand Approval (pdf)

  • Include stand design
  • Perspective drawing with full stand dimensions
  • Elevation (front, side and back)
  • Method Statement (pdf)
  • Risk Assessment (pdf)
  • Liabilities Insurance Certificate

Form 16 - Temporary Staff List (pdf)

TO SUBMIT AN ORDER FORM VIA EMAIL: Download the form in your computer. Once saved, open and complete the form. Then, click “SUBMIT” to email the form.