25 Sep 2016 | Greenworks, Al Barari Development

With ATCE being the largest conference for SPE members, it is a great opportunity for many of us to give back to the community that graciously hosts us for the week. Active involvement in local community service encourages positive press for the oil and gas industry and sets the stage for SPE members to develop meaningful networks, which is especially critical given the current industry climate. Therefore, SPE launched a new initiative called SPE Cares, an SPE Community Service initiative, aimed at promoting, supporting and participating in charitable, education, humanitarian and social community services at the Section and Student Chapter’s level.

The initiative not only aims to hold events/activities at ATCE, but also recognise community service that SPE members are already conducting in their respective student chapters and professional sections.

On its official launch this year at ATCE Dubai, SPE Cares will conduct a “Give a Ghaf” Tree Planting Programme to help preserve Ghaf’s cultural and ecological heritage. The Ghaf tree is an indigenous species, specific to UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is a drought tolerant, evergreen tree that can survive a harsh desert environment.

SPE Cares need volunteers to help lead Ghaf tree’s conservation effort by participating in a public awareness drive aimed at protecting the wild Ghaf and helping to plant them.

The SPE Cares work group encourages community service and networking among SPE members from around the world as we gather for the largest SPE meeting held in Dubai.

To register as a volunteer, click here. For more information, please contact specares@spe.org

SPE Cares Workgroup

Workgroup Leaders

Aniruddh Guru
The Pennsylvania State University Student Chapter

Yogashri Pradhan
Production Engineer, Texas Oil and Gas Institute
Gulf Coast Section, Houston, Texas

Workgroup Members

Humam Al-Ghamdi
Reservoir Engineer, Saudi Aramco
Saudi Arabia Section

Laura Albarracin
Journalist, Vertorial-Ocensa
Bogota, Colombia Section

Dmitry Gorshkov
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Chapter

Emmanuel Ikehi
Petroleum Engineering Graduate and National Youth Corps Member
Port Harcourt Section, Nigeria

Abhinandan Kohli
Petrophysicist, Shell
Bangalore Section

Monika Korczewski

Mechanical Static Engineer, Shell
Calgary, Canada Section

Khadeja Ramali
Geophysicist, Schlumberger
Libya Section

Angelique Singer
University of New South Wales Student Chapter

Scott Wonuola
Principal Data Transformation Analyst, IHS Rushmore Reviews
Aberdeen Section

Babatunde Yusuf
Reservoir Engineer, Nalcor Energy
Atlantic Canada Section