SPE Latin America and Caribbean Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Conference 19 - 20 Oct 2016 Novotel Hotel Lima, Peru

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The SPE Latin American and Caribbean Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Conference explored technology to optimize heavy and extra-heavy oil development, improve production levels, recovery factors, reduce costs, and minimize social and environmental impact.

Petroleum industry experts shareD global technical knowledge, regional practical experiences and lessons learned to reach higher levels of efficiency and reliability. 



Technical Highlights

Opening Plenary Session: How to Produce Heavy Oil under Challenging Economic Scenarios

  • Darcy Spady, 2018 SPE President, Broadview Energy Canada
  • Ruben Figuera, PDVSA
  • Rodrigo Dalle Fiore, Ecopetrol

Featured Keynote Speaker s: Basak Kurtoglu, Citi Energy A&D, and Paul Bailey, Schlumberger 

50 Technical Papers

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Advanced Training Course

Managing Heavy and Extra Heavy Oil Fields in the Environment of Low Oil Prices 

Samuel Armacanqui, World Oil Group