Monday, October 16

08:00 - 12:00
IATMI Business Forum Hall P9 A&B, SKK Migas

Indonesia has established itself as an important supplier of natural gas for both the Global and Asia Pacific region throughout the years. In 2015, Indonesia was included in the Top 10 Natural Gas Producers in the world with 75 billion cubic meter of total estimated annual production. The country was also listed that year as the second largest natural gas producer in Asia Pacific.

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Tuesday, October 17

07:30 - 17:30
08:00 - 17:30
09:00 - 10:00
GP01  Opening Session Ballroom 1
Speaker(s) Hendra Jaya - PT Pertamina (Persero), Janeen Judah - Chevron, Arcandra Tahar - Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia
The Opening Session provides an excellent opportunity for participants to gain industry insights and meet key decision makers and leaders. Attendance at this event will include senior management from major petroleum-related companies, representatives from government ministries and department, and technical industry professionals.

Hendra Jaya
PT Pertamina (Persero)

Janeen Judah

Archandra Tahar

Arcandra Tahar
Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia

10:00 - 18:30
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:30
GP02  Executive Plenary Session: Energy Resilience through Efficiency, Collaboration and Technology Ballroom 1
Moderator(s) Craig Douglas Stewart - PT. Medco Energi Internasional
Speaker(s) Elia Massa Manik - PT Pertamina (Persero), Christina Verchere - BP, Visal Leng - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Kah Seong Chen - PETRONAS
Our industry has had to persevere a significant downturn over the last several years due to the drastic drop in oil and gas prices. To survive and thrive in this dynamic environment, and to continue to provide energy to our many stakeholders, the industry has had to transform itself and will need to continue to do so. This has and will need to be achieved through improved efficiency to create a sustainable operational blueprint, employing new strategies for collaboration between operators and the service sector, and leveraging innovative technologies.

This Executive Plenary Session brings together an esteemed group of industry players, to discuss the achievements and outlook on this journey to energy resilience.

Elia Massa Manik
PT Pertamina (Persero)

Visal Leng
Baker Hughes, a GE company

Christina Verchere

Chen Kah Seong

12:15 - 12:30
12:30 - 14:00
13:00 - 18:30
36  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session Ballroom 2
ePosters will be available for attendees' viewing at the ePoster stations throughout the 3 days conference. The exact date and time of presentation time slot for the respective ePoster will be posted in September 2017.
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1830 186875 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterising the Dependence of Coal Permeability to Methane Adsorption, Pore Pressure and Stress: Laboratory Testing of Walloon Coals from the Surat Basin W. Bottomley, J.P. Furniss, QGC - A Company of the Shell Group of Companies; S. Raza, L. Ge, V. Rudolph, The U. of Queensland
1300-1830 186367 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Method for Facies Simulation Using Non-Linear Geostatistics with Asymmetry S. Tyson, U. Teknologi Brunei; S. Horning, The U. of Queensland
1300-1830 186978 Production & Operations New Progress of the Offshore Thermal Recovery Technologies in Bohai Bay, China
Y. Liu, X. Han, J. Zou, Q. Wang, H. Wang, H. Liu, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch; Z. Jiang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
1300-1830 186296 Projects, Facilities & Construction On-Line Dynamic Granulation Viscosity Reduction for Transportation of Xinjiang Ultra-Heavy Oil
J. Luo, B. Ding, L. He, P. Wang, X. Geng, B. Peng, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186214 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimizing Oil Recovery Through Microbial Injection To Support The Increasing Demand For Oil In Indonesia H. Budiharjo, N. Suhascaryo, H.A. Nugroho, B.A. Saputra, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta
1300-1830 186925 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development and Field Application of Proxy Models for Predicting the Shale Barrier Size using SAGD Production DATA

M. Kim, H. Shin, Inha U.
1300-1830 186259 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Polymer Injection Performance Using Non-Newtonian Inflow and Outflow Performance Relationship
A.W. Bachtiar, I. Purba, E.D. Dusyanto, PT Pertamina EP; L. Mucharam, B. Swadesi, R.K. Santoso, I. Fauzi, M. Hidayat, B.M. Aslam, H. Dzulkhairi, A. Surya, T. Marhaendrajana, Inst. Teknologi Bandung
1300-1830 186225 Production & Operations Experimental Investigation on a Novel Organic-Inorganic Crosslinked Polymer Gel for Water Control in Ultra-High Temperature Reservoirs Y. Liu, C. Dai, China U. of Petroleum (East China); Q. You, China U. of Geosciences, Beijing; C. Zou, M. Gao, M. Zhao, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
1300-1830 186235 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development of a High-Temperature Resistant Polymer Gel System for Conformance Control in Jidong Oilfield D. Zhu, J. Hou, Q. Wei, Y. Chen, K. Peng, China U. of Petroleum (Beijing)
1300-1830 186326 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pushing the Boundaries of Reservoir Characterisation of Ultra Deepwater Turbidites Reservoirs via Formation Testing and Advanced Fluid Sampling; South East Asia A. Zakei, K.A. Mahadi, A. Ngan, M. Ahmad Kassim, PETRONAS; S. Haddad, L.K. Heng, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186226 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successfully Unlocking New Deep Reserves and Overcoming High-Temperature Environment Using Novel Advanced Hostile Wireline Formation Tester in North Malay Basin, Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area Y.R. Costam, A. Fadjarijanto, Z.U. Zakaria, A.S. Setiawan, M.F. Pushiri, C. Jiraratchwaro, Carigali-PTTEPI Operating Co. Sdn. Bhd.; C.Y. Lee, M.S. Iyer, T.V. Zuilekom, S. Parashar, M. Bagir, I.Z. Wu, Halliburton
1300-1830 186906 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Approach in Determining Residual Oil Saturations to Water (Sorw) and Its Impact on Potential Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Volume Estimation T. Murugesu, R. Masoudi, D. Johare, S. Jalan, I.I. Marzuki, PETRONAS
1300-1830 186256 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design of Experimental Test Method to Investigate the Effect of OBM Contamination on PVT Samples from Gas Condensate Reservoirs J. Bon, P.J. Bon, A.J. Ortega, W. Nalepa, R. Koo, Petrolab Australia Pty Ltd
1300-1830 186389 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Keys to Success in the Determination of In-Situ Petrophysical Properties of Unconsolidated Sands by Traced-Coring: A Case Study
S. Zulkipli, M. Altunbay, G.R. Gaafar, J. Mohd Shah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 186370 Completions Research of Floor Horizontal Well Staged Fracturing Technology L. Cao, X. Yang, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; S. Zhang, H. Wang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; K. Wang, H. Liu, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; J. Zhao, Jianghan Machinery Research Inst.
1300-1830 186968 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Workflow for Fracture Characterisation Using Post-Stack Geometrical Attributes, Borehole Image, Core and Wireline Log: Case Study for Fractured Volcanic Reservoir on the Java Area, North West Java Basin, Indonesia O.A. Prayoga, D. Alvrida, State College of Technology (STTNAS) Yogyakarta; M. Taslim, PT. Pertamina EP; A.R. Ginanjar, D.R. Nurhadi, A. Barkah, PT. Pranalika Energi Nusa
1300-1830 186912 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterisation of Readily Bioavailable Compounds in Surat Basin Walloon Coals for Biomethane Production Using Exogenous Culture T. Chen, S. Hamilton, S. Rodrigues, S.D. Golding, V. Rudolph, The U. of Queensland
1300-1830 186204 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Influence of Miscible CO2 Flooding on Wettability and Asphaltene Precipitation in Indiana Lime Stone M. Ali, Curtin U.; S. Al-Anssari, Curtin U. and U. of Baghdad; M. Shakeel, King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals; M. Arif, Curtin U. and U. of Engineering & Technology, Lahore; N. Dahraj, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.; S. Iglauer, Curtin U.
1300-1830 186210 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) Huff ‘n’ Puff Application for Fractured Basement Reservoir - Case Study K.H. Dinh, V.N. Le, P.M. George, T.V. Nguyen, S.T. Dang, Q.V. Nguyen, D.N. Hoang, A.T. Truong, M.H. Tran, N.K. Nguyen, Cuu Long Joint Operating Co.
1300-1830 186888 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Limitation of EOR Applications in Tight Oil Formation A.A. Mansour, H. Emadibaladehi, M.C. Watson, T.D. Gamadi, Texas Tech U.
1300-1830 186195 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Resistivity Wave for Monitoring Foam Flood Propagation K.A. Permatasari, G.S. Reekhi, S. Irawan, L.A. Lubis, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
1300-1830 187006 Management & Information Integrating Design of Experiments and Bayesian Model Selection for the Influence Identification of Geological Parameters on the GAGD Process in a Multilayer Heterogeneous Sandstone Oil Reservoir W.J. Al-Mudhafer, D.N. Rao, Louisiana State U.
1300-1830 186215 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Gas-Assisted Gravity Drainage (GAGD) Process for Enhanced Oil Recovery: A Comprehensive Review and Field Applications W.J. Al-Mudhafar, D.N. Rao, Louisiana State U.; A.K. Al-Maliki, Basra Oil Co.
1300-1830 186293 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Intergrating EDFM and Dual Porosity Method to Simulate Fluid Flow in Shale Oil Reservoir W. Li, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Dong, Xi'an Shiyou U.; G. Lei, Peking U.
1300-1830 186991 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Foam-Assisted WAG: Injection Strategies to Optimise Performance

J. Groenenboom, Shell Sarawak Bhd.; N. Kechut, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; A. Mar-Or, S. Vincent Bonnieu, Shell P&T
1300-1830 186379 Reservoir Description & Dynamics WAG Cycle Dependent Hysteresis Modelling through an Integrated Approach from Laboratory to Field Scale, Malaysia Oil Fields L. Belazreg, M. A Raub, M. B Hanifah, N. Ghadami, PETRONAS
1300-1830 186175 Production & Operations How to Revive Mature Oilfield Production from Surface Aspect, Case Study: Venting System to Gas Scrubber Project in XBU Fields M.E. Dondo, A. Effendi, F.N. Afi, W. Hadi, M. Noviansyah, H. Gunawan, CNOOC SES Ltd.
1300-1830 186251 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Well Placement Optimisation in Gas-condensate Reservoirs Using Genetic Algorithms B. Abdul-Latif, T.D. Edem, Saint Petersburg Mining U.; S. Hikmahtiar, Gadjah Mada U.
1300-1830 186297 Completions Hydraulic Fracture Design and Well Spacing Optimisation for Gas-Condensate Reservoirs B. Abdul Latif, Saint Petersburg Mining U.; H. Syouma, U. Gadjah Mada
1300-1830 186884 Management & Information Revisiting EOR Projects in Indonesia through Integrated Study: EOR Screening, Predictive Model, and Optimisation A.D. Hartono, Kyushu U.; F. Hakiki, King Abdullah U. of Science and Technology; Z. Syihab, Inst. Teknologi Bandung; F. Ambia, SKK Migas; A. Yasutra, T. Sutopo, Inst. Teknologi Bandung; M. Efendi, V. Sitompul, I. Primasari, R. Apriandi, Pertamina Upstream Technology Centre
1300-1830 186188 Management & Information Best Practice of “Increasing the Income and Reducing the Expenditure, Lowering Cost and Improving Benefit” on the Brown Oilfields
H. Liu, S. Meng, Z. Zhao, J. Yan, Z. Yao, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186359 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study on Remaining Oil Distribution Characteristics and Water Flooding Efficiency Improvement Technology after Polymer Flooding D. Jia, RIPED, PetroChina; X. Tang, Daqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina; F. Sun, RIPED, PetroChina; T. Chen, Daqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina; Y. Zhu, Jilin Oilfield Co., PetroChina; T. Guo, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186959 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Case Study of Shallow Water Flexible Pipe Project Execution for Maintaining Production in Marginal Field, Offshore North West Java Indonesia
E.T. Sinulingga, H. Yananto, Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ
1300-1830 186958 Projects, Facilities & Construction Automatic Control Surface Safety Valve: Low Cost Solution to Optimise Production S.P. Moelyono, P.F. Krisna Kusuma, VICO Indonesia
1300-1830 186343 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review of Coal Bed Methane Prospect in Indonesia C. Irawan, D. Nurcahyanto, I.F. Azmy, J. A. Paju, W.M. Ernata, SKK Migas
1300-1830 186433 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Methodology of Compartmentalisation Analysis for Modelling - Mereenie Field, Northern Territory T.T. Nguyen, L.T. Nguyen, M.E. Perdomo, The U. of Adelaide
1300-1830 186218 Drilling Planning and Execution of ERD Development Wells Project in Myanmar A. Atemin, PETRONAS; M.N. Jainuddin, C.Y. Ong, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; K. Ramasamy, Baker Hughes
1300-1830 186890 Projects, Facilities & Construction Bekapai 2B Brownfield Modification Project: Challenges, Execution Strategy and Lesson Learned A. Budiarko, H. Setyawan, Total E&P Indonesie
1300-1830 186915 Production & Operations Maximising More Barrels in Brownfield Rejuvenation through Integrated Collaboration N. Mohd Sharir, N. Mohamad Nordin, A. Abdul Latif, Neu Solutions Sdn. Bhd.; W. Wan Khairul, T. Alhasani Mohamed, Z. Johar, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 186402 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Redevelopment of Mature Combination Drive Reservoir to Enhance Ultimate Recovery in Asri Basin, Indonesia
R. Widiatmo, L.B. Waskito, F.N. Afi, P. Nugroho, H. Gunawan, CNOOC SES Ltd.
1300-1830 186902 Completions Developing Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Solid Expandable Systems and Its Evaluation Method for Well Drilling Preparation Q. Chen, S. Huang, RIPED, PetroChina; D. Wang, Jilin Oilfield Co., PetroChina; T. Li, W. Han, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186366 Drilling Improvement and Prospect of Ultrashort Radius Lateral Drilling Technique
E. Ming, Y. Li, T. Li, S. Huang, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186321 Production & Operations Study and Application of Snubbing Technology for Low Pressure Gas Well W. Han, T. Li, RIPED, PetroChina; D. Wang, PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Co.; E. Ming, S. Huang, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186271 Completions The Study and Application of a Electric Intelligent Well Completion System with Electrically Driven Inflow Control Device and Long Term Monitoring C. Liao, W. Zhang, P. Huang, G. Zhang, J. Qian, Z. Shen, X. Pei, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186377 Completions Open-Hole Multistage Completion System Using Improved Water-Swellable Packers in Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir - A Case History from East Sulige Field, China Z. Tong, RIPED, PetroChina; Y. Wang, Changqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina; R. Wei, J. Xue, M. Li, J. Qian, Z. Shen, RIPED, PetroChina; Y. Zhang, Changqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina
1300-1830 186276 Production & Operations A Cable-Controlled Pressure Testing Technology for Separate-Layer Production Q. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina; S. Zhang, Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd.; Y. Liang, RIPED, PetroChina; Q. Yue, R. Liu, Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd.
1300-1830 186286 Production & Operations Multiple-Stage Vane Pump, A New Production Technology Used in Thermal Recovery Well Q. Wang, L. Zhang, S. Zhu, H. Huang, T. Guo, RIPED, PetroChina; Y. Li, Yumen Oilfield Co., PetroChina
1300-1830 186194 Completions A Downhole Constant Flow Nozzle Research in Waterflooding Wells H. Zhang, Northeast Petroleum U.; J. Wang, Jidong Oilfield, PetroChina; J. Yu, F. Sun, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Yu, Changqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina
1300-1830 186943 Completions Highly Efficient Nano Boron Crosslinker for Low-Polymer Loading Fracturing Fluid System K. Wang, Y. Wang, J. Ren, C. Dai, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
1300-1830 186934 Completions Successful Application of Expandable Liner Hanger in HT Sidetracking Well Completion: A Case Study in Liaohe Oilfield, China S. Huang, Q. Chen, W. Han, T. Li, E. Ming, Q. Sun, RIPED, CNPC
1300-1830 186964 Drilling Successful Implementation of Improved Cementing Workflow in Heavily Depleted Brownfield through Advanced Integrated Cement Evaluation C. Lau, A. Ahmad Tajalie, W. Wa, N. Abdul Rahman, T.J. Chabernaud, S. Saidin, M. Pasteris, Z.J. Johan, A. Cavallini, A. Abd Rahim, Schlumberger; A. B M Shah Zainudin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 187013 Completions A Performance Comparison between Two Novel Multistage Completion Methods in Tight Gas Sandstone Formation from Ordos Basin H. Geng, T. Ge, C. Liu, X. Yu, PetroChina; Y. Liu, W. Wang, H. Liu, L. Niu, B. Yang, X. Liu, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186254 Production & Operations Improve Production in Unconventional Oil Wells Using Artificial Sump Pumping System R.M. El Mahbes, R. Quintero, A. Evelyta, Baker Hughes
1300-1830 186417 Production & Operations Unlocking Common Approach of Well Control Equipment for Mechanical Well Service S. Suprihono, PT. Medco E&P Indonesia
1300-1830 187019 Completions Large-Scale Visual Experiment and Numerical Simulation of Acid Fingering during Carbonate Acid Fracturing X. Li, Y. Chen, Z. Yang, Southwest Petroleum U.; F. Chen, Tarim Oilfield Co., PetroChina
1300-1830 186207 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Real-Time Sanding Assessment for Sand-Free Fluid Sampling in Weakly Consolidated Reservoirs, A Case Study from Bohai Bay, China G. Zhang, Z. Tan, CNOOC, Tianjin Branch; A. Khaksar, F. Gui , F. Gui, S. Wang, A. White, G. Lei, Baker Hughes
1300-1830 186348 Completions HPHT Test Packer for Use in WBCU Applications; Reduce Trips, Increase Performance, Protect the Wellbore
L.B. Oberg, L. Holloway, K. Harrington, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1300-1830 186955 Production & Operations Downhole Production Logging for Locating Water Sources in Open Hole Completion Oil Producer Wells A.b. Yaakob, N. Hutamin, H. Saaid, N.B. Salleh, M. Mohd Nor, W. Anas, A. Setiawan, M. Azraai, S. Mariam, B. Noor Alam, N. Iless, M.B. A Rahman, M. Mohamad Amin, T.A. Mohamed, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 186220 Production & Operations Occurrence of Particulate Mercury in Flowback Fluids after Well Workover J. Yamada, K. Kobayashi, T. Shibuya, M. Kawasaki, T. Nakayama, H. Maruta, A. Kobayashi, INPEX Corp.
1300-1830 186308 Completions Temperature Dependent Influence of Nanoparticles on Rheological Properties of VES Fracturing Fluid S. Sangaru, P. Yadav, T. Huang, G. Agrawal, Baker Hughes, a GE company; F.F. Chang, Saudi Aramco
1300-1830 186393 Completions Fracture Height Determination Using Pulsed Neutron Capture in Near Vertical Wells of Deep Tight Gas Volcanic Reservoir of Western India: Case Study R. Goyal, S. Tiwari, R.J. Tibbles, S. Anand, V. Ranjan, P. Sidharth, A. Sharma, U. Vijayvargia, K. Manish, Cairn, Oil and Gas vertical of Vedanta Ltd.; G. Agrawal, S. Budugu, V. Verma, A. Kumar, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.
1300-1830 186192 Production & Operations Coiled Tubing Gas Lift with Unloader - A Case History in Cemented Monobore Completion F. Fedriando, I. Edy , S. Izwardy, A. Wijanarko, A.I. Pratomo, N. Firmansyah, F. Corprina Atmanindar, VICO Indonesia
1300-1830 186926 Completions Evaluation of Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Passive and Autonomous Inflow Control Devices E.J. James, M.M. Hossain, Curtin U.
1300-1830 186278 Production & Operations Benefits of Better Understanding by Production Logging Tool: A Case Study of a Malaysia Reservoir N. Hutamin, A.B. Yaakob, H.B. Sa'aid, N.B. Salleh, M. Mohd Nor, W.M. Wan Khairul Anuar, A. Setiawan, M.B. A Rahman, N. Iless, M. Azwan, A.K. Chun, T.A. Mohamed, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 186421 Production & Operations Application of Allocation Algorithm for Surveillance and Optimisation for Intelligent Wells M.P. Chia, M.A. Mabror, D. Mandal, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; A.S. Ahmad Salim, W. Sepulveda, J.C. Vaca, K. Goh, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
1300-1830 186948 Completions Extreme Underbalanced HPHT Coiled TubingConveyed Perforating: KN-Ultra Deep Field Study M. Rosato, M. Bakar, F. Azmi, PETRONAS
1300-1830 186201 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pilot In-Situ Inflow Control Device (ICD) Waterflood Injector Transformation: A Case Study from Platong
A. Pakdeesirote, S. Ackagosol, K. Lewis, N. Kitvarayut, J. Pritchett, Chevron; G.K. Goh, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186184 Completions Dissolvable Tools in Multistage Stimulation N. Jin, Q. Zeng, Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology Co., Ltd.
1300-1830 186202 Completions Injection Flow Rate Control in Multilayer Packer Well Using Bridge Eccentric Injection Mandrel
A. Fakhruzan, F. Apriadi, M. Septian, M. Akbar, U. Wicaksono, Pertamina EP
1300-1830 186199 Completions Unlocking Depleted and Low Modulus Telisa Sandstone Reservoir with Pillar Fracturing Technique: Well Performance Improvement Comparison with Conventional Fracturing
M. Azhari, N.F. Prakoso, D. Ningrum, PT Medco E&P Indonesia; L. Soetikno, A. Makmun, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186914 Drilling Application of “Well Factory” Drilling Technology in Shale Gas Development in the Sichuan Basin Y. Liu, P. Chen, T. Ma, Southwest Petroleum U.
1300-1830 186901 Management & Information Managing Risks in Relief Well Operations: From Planning to Execution B.H. Poedjono , Schlumberger; L. Macresy, A. Sikal, PathControl
1300-1830 186224 Completions An Innovative Methodology to Assess Cement Blend Flowability and Proneness to Segregation - A Step Forward to Higher Quality A.J. Bourlon, S. Le Roy-Delage, S. Taoutaou, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186937 Drilling Transient Thermal Model of Drilling Fluid in Wellbore under the Effect of Permafrost Thaw during Drilling in Arctic Region X. Wang, B. Sun, Z. Wang, Y. Zhao, J. Wang, Z. Zhang, Y. Gao, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
1300-1830 186380 Drilling Triggering Cavitation in Multilateral Coiled Tubing Drilling by High Pressure Water Jet K. Peng, G. Li, S. Tian, Z. Huang, Z. Zhang, B. Zhu, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; X. Nie, GWDC Downhole Service Co., CNPC
1300-1830 186180 Drilling Preventing, Mitigating, or Stopping Lost Circulation in Dammam Formation, South Rumaila Field, Iraq; Requires Engineering Solutions, the Best Treatments Strategies, and Economic Evaluation Analysis A. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, H. Alkinani, R.E. Flori, E. Torgashov, S. Hilgedick, Missouri U. of Science and Technology; M. Almohammedawi, Missan Oil Co.
1300-1830 186424 Drilling Now It is the Time to Forget Potassium Based Shale Inhibitors by Developing Nano Silica-Alumina Based Drilling Fluid; Laboratory Study Proves Improvement in Shale Inhibition and Temperature Stability
S. Taraghikhah, M. Kalhor Mohammadi, K. Tahmasbi Nowtaraki, Pars Drilling Fluids Co.
1300-1830 186438 Drilling An Integrated Geomechanical Approach for Successful Drilling Through Coal in Peninsular Malaysia and Offshore Vietnam A. Chatterjee, A. Ghosh, S. Bordoloi, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1300-1830 186960 Completions Understanding Multi Zone Single Trip Gravel Pack Performance Improvement Process Using Technical Limit Methodology in Mahakam Delta R.A. Wijaya, B.H. Muryanto, F. Wahyudhi, B. Styward, H. Sinaga, M. Masrur, M. Syafrudin, B. Kundoko, M. Daris, H. Nugroho, A. Ridhonmas, Total E&P Indonesie
1300-1830 186186 Drilling Planning and Preparation of a Viable Pore Pressure Prediction in a Wild Cat High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) Exploration Well in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia A. Chatterjee, A. Ghosh, S. Bordoloi, Baker Hughes, a GE company; A. Bt. Mustapha, PETRONAS
1300-1830 186936 Drilling Shallow Light Architecture: A Viable and Cost-Effective Solution for Marginal Reserves in Tunu Shallow Development
A.I. Handoko, P. Bimastianto, M. Maulana, C. Agriawan, R.A. Brahmantio, I. Abidiy, T. Setiawan, Total E&P Indonesie
1300-1830 187014 Drilling Trials of New Designs Lead to Optimised Bit Selection for Drilling through Hard Carbonates in South Mahakam A. Fidiansyah, Total E&P Indonesie; B. Noviasta, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186264 Drilling Rock Strength Analysis and Integrated FEA Modelling Optimise Bit Selection for Deepwater Exploration Drilling M.R. Yoan Mardiana, B. Noviasta, Schlumberger
1300-1830 186233 Drilling Design and Application of Aerated and Foam Drilling Fluid, Case Study in Drilling Operation in Indonesia W.A. Nugroho, M. Sumantri, D. Wibisono, PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia
1300-1830 186213 Production & Operations Development and Application of Pulley-Free Directly-Connected Hydraulic Pumping Unit Q. Ye, F. Wang, Y. Wang, Y. Zhu, J. Xu, X. Li, Jilin Oilfield Co., PetroChina; Y. Gao, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186345 Production & Operations Investigation and Application of Reciprocating Direct-Drive Electric Submersible Plunger Pump Lifting Technology G. Zheng, W. Du, Q. Wang, L. Wang, F. Wang, Y. Sun, G. Wang, W. Wang, Daqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina; Y. Gao, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186260 Production & Operations Beam Pump Design for Steam Stimulation Heavy Oil Wells
A.L. Pandit, A. Abdul-Aziz Mohammad, F. Al-Salem, Y. Mohamed Abdelaziz, A. Najaf, R.N. Al-Ajmi, Kuwait Oil Co.
1300-1830 186341 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Optimising Operation Oversight of Oil and Gas through Aerial Surveillance
A.E. Prasetya, E. Sufiadi, SKK Migas; H.U. Sadik, Surveyor Indonesia
1300-1830 186229 Production & Operations Mechanism of Scaling Corrosion for Water Injection System and Its Solution through Nonmetallic Composite Tubing Q. Chen, W. Han, S. Huang, T. Li, Q. Sun, RIPED, PetroChina
1300-1830 186328 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study on Enhanced Oil Recovery of Water-Based Nanofluid with Functional Silica Nanoparticles Y. Li, C. Dai, X. Wang, W. Lv, H. Zhou, M. Zhao, China University of Petroleum (East China)
1300-1830 186956 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of the Kinetics of Asphaltene Flocculation during Natural Depletion and CO2 Injection in Heptane-Toluene Mixtures

S. Kord, Petroleum U. of Technology; H. Dashti, Curtin U.; P. Zanganeh, Shahid Bahonar U.; S. Ayatollahi, Sharif U. of Technology
1300-1830 186427 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling Coupled Transport, Aggregation and In-Situ Gelation of Nanoparticles in Porous Media E.R. Abdelfatah, M. Pournik, B. Shiau, J. Harwell, U. of Oklahoma
1300-1830 186248 Production & Operations Thixotropic Conformance Sealant for Horizontal or Highly Deviated Wellbores

J.E. Vasquez, L.S. Eoff, C.A. Lewis, Halliburton
1300-1830 186435 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimisation Chemical Flooding Methods to Enhance Oil Recovery of Strong Heterogeneity, High Temperature and High Salinity Reservoirs - Case Study of Shengli Oilfield N. Lu, China U. of Petroleum (East China) &Texas A&M U.; J. Hou, Y. Liu, China U. of Petroleum (East China); L. Guo, F. Yuan, C. Wei, Exploration and Development Research Inst., Shengli Oilfield Co. Ltd., Sinopec; Y. Liu, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
1300-1830 186354 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improving Parameter Uncertainty Constraints for Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Simulation using Single Well Models with Particular Emphasis on Relative Permeability Assumptions J.P. Furniss, J. Hodgkinson, W. Bottomley, QGC - A Company of the Shell Group of Companies; Y. Luo, CNOOC
1300-1830 186398 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Kaolinite Mobilisation in Unconsolidated Porous Media: Effect of Brine Salinity and Salt Type (Na- and Ca Salts) T.L. Russell, D. Pham, G. Petho, M. Tavakkoli Neishaboor, A. Badalyan, The U. of Adelaide; A. Behr, L.C. Genolet, P. Kowollik, Wintershall Holding GmbH; A. Zeinijahromi, P.G. Bedrikovetsky, The U. of Adelaide
1300-1830 186206 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Formation Evaluation by Sourceless Logging while Drilling: NMR Case Study from Bohai Bay J. Xu, L. Tan, Y. Cui, X. Liu, H. Liu, CNOOC, Tianjin Branch; R. Coman, H. Tietjen, G. Wei, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1300-1830 186332 Completions Improve the Stability of Sand Feeding Process for Liquid CO2 Fracturing with Synergetic Multi Disciplinary Systems S. Meng, H. Liu, Q. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Xu, Y. Duan, S. Chen, PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Co.
1300-1830 186307 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation of CO2 Storage Capacity of Liquid CO2 Fracturing in Low Permeability Reservoir: A Case Study S. Yang, S. Zhang, Y. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina; D. Zhang, Jilin Oil Field, CNPC
1300-1830 186899 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review: Uncertainty Analysis and Design Optimisation of Gas-Condensate Fields B. Abdul-Latif, Saint Petersburg Mining U.; S. Hikmahtiar, Gadjah Mada U.; D. Tsikplornu, Saint Petersburg Mining U.
1300-1830 186289 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coalbed Methane Development in China: Engineering Challenges and Opportunities H. Li, Shell International E&P Inc.; H. Lau, National U. of Singapore; S. Huang, Shell International E&P Inc.
1300-1830 186262 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Heavy Oil Sampling Using Wireline Formation Tester - Case Studies of Highly Viscous Oils from Bohai Bay G. Zhang, Z. Tan, Z. Hao, CNOOC, Tianjin Branch; G. Lei, N.P. Hardikar, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1300-1830 186414 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Economic Comparison of Hydrocarbon Recovery under Injection of Different Polymers C. Temizel, Aera Energy; D. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; H. Anggraini, Hess; R. Moreno, Smart Recovery
14:00 - 15:30
01  Technical Session 1: Facilities and Asset Integrity Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Xu Jin - RIPED, PetroChina, Titi Thongjen - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186905 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Effective Method to Maintain Integrity of Non Productive Asset: Case of Tunu GTS-H Preservation I. Marzuki, H. Junaedy, Total E&P Indonesie
1420-1440 186882 Projects, Facilities & Construction Investigation on the Failure of the Bearing Mechanisms of the Marine Turbine on an FPSO Operating in Vietnam Waters V. Vijayaraghavan, BHP
1440-1500 186191 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Application of Quantitative RBI on Residual Fluid Catalytic Cracking L. Shuang, CNPC Research Inst. of Safety & Environment Technology; D. Lu, Chinese Special Equipment Inspection Inst.; F. Luo, CNPC Research Inst. of Safety & Environment Technology
Alternate 186410 Projects, Facilities & Construction Centrifugal Pump and Centrifugal Compressor Process Containment
S. Muthanandan, PETRONAS
Alternate 186257 Projects, Facilities & Construction Technical Integrity Management System U. Hasanah, S. Wibisono, S. Suryani, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186350 Projects, Facilities & Construction Design of Cost-Effective Solution Against Acoustic Induced Vibration through Advanced FE Analysis
H. Karim, L. Ancian, Vibratec
14:00 - 15:30
02  Technical Session 2: Simulation, Artificial Intelligence and Modelling: Enhanced Simulation Workflows and Optimisation Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Shuhong Wu - RIPED, PetroChina, Emeline E Chong - Petrofac Malaysia Ltd., Mark Baker - Woodside Energy Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186384 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhanced History Matching and Prediction Using Integrated Analytical and Numerical Modelling Approach N. Ghadami, N. Benayad, E. Motaei, M. Raub, PETRONAS
1420-1440 186319 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Dynamic Hybrid Dual Porosity Model to Simulate the Waterflood-Induced Fractures in Low-Permeability Reservoir T. Fan, S. Wu, H. Li, B. Wang, X. Li, RIPED, PetroChina
1440-1500 186891 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Breaking the Barrier of Flow Simulation: Well Placement Design Optimisation with Fast Marching Method and Geometric Pressure Approximation J. Zhang, L. Huang, M. Liu, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; X. Cui, Z. Jiang, Optimization Petroleum Technology, Inc.; A. Bahar, S. Pochampally, Kelkar and Associates, Inc.; M.G. Kelkar, The U. of Tulsa
Alternate 186198 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Massive Fracturing Evaluation to Different Well Patterns for Daqing Tight Oil Reservoirs A. Li, U. of Alberta; X. Zhuang, H. Wen, Schlumberger
Alternate 186941 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling and Analysis on High-Fidelity Fine-Scale Reservoir Simulation in Mature Waterflooding Reservoir
S. Wu, J. Dong, H. Li, Q. Li, B. Wang, T. Fan, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 186272 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling Trapped Gas Expansion in Water-Drive Reservoirs
J.M. Babadimas, Woodside Energy Ltd.
Alternate 186406 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Considerations of Shale Gas CO2-EGR from Molecular Simulation X. Wang, X. Jin, J. Li, L. Sun, X. Liu, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Zhai, MATEIS-CNRS, INSA de Lyon
14:00 - 15:30
03  Technical Session 3: Production Optimisation in Brownfields: Finding Values in Your Own Backyard Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Lucky Bagus Waskito - CNOOC SES Ltd., Kiang Fei Ng - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186921 Production & Operations Production Optimisation of Raageshwari Field Using Network Modelling C. Bhardwaj, P. Godiyal, M. Mathur, A. Ranjan, S.K. Verma, Cairn, Oil & Gas Vertical of Vedanta Ltd.
1420-1440 186255 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fueling Our Future with Gas through End-to-End Integrated Optimisation of LNG Supplying Gas Fields
S.M. Chuah, Y.Y. Khor, N.B. Borhan, F. Baghdadi, B.J. Adillah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1440-1500 187028 Production & Operations Ultra-Long Stroke and Intelligent Rod Pumping System for Producing Difficult Wells and/or Fluids D.M. Kennedy, M. Ghareeb Moustaf Ahmed, SSi Lift CDA Ltd., a Tundra Process Solutions Co. Ltd.
1500-1520 186390 Production & Operations A New Concept of Sand Management Philosophy; Revolutionary & Cost Effective Solution

N. Hamza, F. Baghdadi, Z. Yahia, B. Madon, PETRONAS
Alternate 186422 Production & Operations Predicting Start-Up Liquid Loading in a Mature Oil & Gas Field: A Case Study A. Malik, R. Prakash, M. Kumar, M. Barot, BG Exploration & Production India Ltd.
Alternate 186373 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Waterflood Connectivity Analysis in Compartmentalised Reservoir of Windri Area, Asri Basin, Indonesia
R. Widiatmo, H. Gunawan, F.N. Afi, L.B. Waskito, P. Nugroho, J. Sunarta, CNOOC SES Ltd.
14:00 - 15:30
04  Technical Session 4: Well Intervention and Data Acquisition Aster Room
Session Chairpersons Dian Nur Cahyono - Occidental Petroleum
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186283 Production & Operations First Fiber Enabled CT with Reservoir Saturation Tool in Asia to Unlock Behind Casing Opportunity in Offshore Myanmar R.P. Mohallem, J.R. Jenie, Z. Hami, Schlumberger; A. Mohamad Nazri, N. Kamarul Zaman, K. Salleh, M. Yin, PETRONAS
1420-1440 186883 Production & Operations Sustaining the Barrels - Making Well Intervention More Affordable S.R. Mohd Mokhtar, R. Wibisono, M. Zakaria, A. Shabudin, PETRONAS
1440-1500 18762 IPTC-18762: Successful Deployment of Tractor Conveyed Perforation in a Horizontal Well: Designing, Execution, Results and Lessons Learnt - S.K. Goenka, I. Goyal, N. Pandey, M. Kothiyal, A. Shah, A. Parasher, and S. Vermani, Cairn India Ltd.; T. Pinto and J.P. Nayak, Welltec (Previously Published Paper) S.K. Goenka, Cairn Energy India Pty. Ltd.
1500-1520 186977 Completions Maximising the Economic Value of Intelligent Completions through Effective Use of Surveillance K. Gohari, L.E. Gonzalez, N. Hosseini, S. Kazi, A.M. Khateeb, A.E. Awid, Weatherford; H.A. Jutila, A.H. Kshirsagar, Phoenix RDS
Alternate 186223 Production & Operations Real-Time Surveillance and Analysis Tool for Intelligent Completion - An Ultimate Solution to Oil Recovery and Integrated Operation R.A. Rashid , Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn Bhd; G.K. Goh, T.L. Tan, V. Gottumukkala, M. Muhamed Salim, W. Sepulveda, A.S. Hatta, S. Kalidas, L.T. Michael, Schlumberger; K. Mazzlan, M.P. Chia, M. Tamin, D. Mandal, PETRONAS
Alternate 186998 Completions Application of Temperature Surveys to Enhance and Optimise the Limited Entry Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment Design and Placement
P. Sidharth, S. Tiwari, V. Ranjan, S. Anand, R. Goyal, U. Vijayvargia, A. Sharma, N. Johri, K. Janardan Yadav, D. Deb, R. Tibbles, S. Pathak, Cairn, Oil & Gas Vertical of Vedanta Ltd.
Alternate 186362 Production & Operations Extending Life of Liquid Loaded Gas Wells Using Velocity String Application: Case Study & Candidate Selection
S. Andrianata, K.R. Allo, A. Lukman, A. Kramadibrata, VICO Indonesia
Alternate 186371 Production & Operations Enhance ESP Performance in Sandy and Gassy Applications
R. Quintero, R. Elmahbes, A. Malino, A.J. Larez, Baker Hughes
14:00 - 15:30
PS01  Panel Session 1: Thriving in Low Oil Price Scenarios Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Rachmat Hidayat - PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Elsie Chia Shen Sow - PETRONAS
Speaker(s) Rustom Mody - Baker Hughes Inc., Gigih Prakoso - PT. Pertamina (Persero), . Sukandar - SKK Migas, John Anis - Total E&P Indonesie
Oil price has declined sharply since 2014. There is prediction that the low oil price will stay for years.

The lower oil price will significantly impact an organisation's corporate strategy. There will be challenges and also opportunities for companies to survive, succeed and grow in the current scenario.

This session will discuss how organisations and government bodies' strategies, e.g. portfolio, operations, assets, technology and capital spending, are responding to reflect the impact of lower oil price in order to thrive and take advantage for future success.

Rustom Mody
Baker Hughes, a GE company

Gigih Prakoso
PT Pertamina (Persero)

SKK Migas

John Anis
Total E&P Indonesie

15:30 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:30
05  Technical Session 5: Deepwater and Subsea Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Koji Sakura - Tenaris, Sarah Sausan - Halliburton Landmark
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186913 Completions Enhanced Efficiency in Deep Water Well Testing Operations Delivered by Smart DST String

J. Patcha, M. Hamzah, M. Ahmad Fuad, M. Bin Md Karim, A. Zakariyah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; D.G. Fyfe, Metrol Technology Ltd.; J. Ham, Schlumberger WTA (M) Sdn. Bhd.
1620-1640 186363 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Stress Calibration by Utilising Advanced Acoustic Information - A Case Study from Deepwater Malaysia

B. Heidari, P. Millot, Schlumberger; K. Chujo, Y. Watanabe, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (Deepwater Sabah) Ltd.; T. Yoshiyama, JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corp.
1640-1700 186232 Production & Operations Subsea Technology - Multiphase Pumping Z. Anwar, General Electric
Alternate 186314 Projects, Facilities & Construction Bio-Inspired Superhydrophobic Coatings with High Performance for Subsea Petroleum Equipment X. Jin, Y. Chen, J. Li, X. Wang, L. Bi, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Bai, J. Wu, Beihang U.
16:00 - 17:30
06  Technical Session 6: Near-Wellbore Reservoir Assessment Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed - Deleum Chemicals Sdn. Bhd., Stephen Tyson - The U. of Queensland/U. Teknologi Brunei
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186924 Drilling Reservoir Mapping while Drilling Tool Overcomes Geological Uncertainties - Case Studies from Offshore Malaysia
P.J. Tan, K. Kok, N.A. Hassan, K. Kyi, PETRONAS
1620-1640 186957 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Field Test Results in Malaysia Wells of a New-Generation Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool

P. Millot, F.K. Wong, D.A. Rose, T. Zhou, R. Grover, S. Sundaralingam, Schlumberger; F. Amin, A. Prasodjo, D. Johare, N.K. Foo, PETRONAS
Alternate 186909 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Characterisation of Differential Depletion in a Thinly Layered Coal Seam GasReservoir Using Packer Inflation Bleed Off Tests (PIBOTs) D. van As, W. Bottomley, J.P. Furniss, QGC - A Company of the Shell Group of Companies
Alternate 187017 Production & Operations Multi-Layer Formation Pressure Determination by Triple-Rate Spectral Noise Logging and Data Verification by Transposed Pressure Deconvolution V. Taipova, R. Zabbarov, A. Chirkunov, PJSC Tatneft; A. Aslanyan, I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, M. Garnyshev, TGT Oilfield Services; R. Farakhova, L. Surmasheva, Sofoil
186949 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Capillary Pressure Drainage Curves: Modelling and Prediction of Capillary Entry Pressure P. Behrenbruch , T. Kennaird, K.D. Bui, M.T. Huu, Bear and Brook Consulting Pty Ltd
16:00 - 17:30
07  Technical Session 7: Upper Completion Aster Room
Session Chairpersons Kevin Raymond Lay - NauticAWT Energy Solutions, Ferry Anantokusumo - BP Berau
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186291 Production & Operations Study on Non-Contact Connection Separated Layer Production Technology and Its Application Test T. Guo, X. Pei, RIPED, PetroChina; Y. Ju, F. Bi, Changqing Oilfield Co., PetroChina; Q. Zhang, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Co.; Q. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina
1620-1640 186338 Production & Operations New Generation Inflow Control Device to Maximise Well Productivity during Every Phase of a Well's Life
H.K. Sharma, A.K. Al-Mulhim, S.M. Al-Mutairi, N.S. Al-Shammari, Saudi Aramco
1640-1700 186183 Production & Operations Gas Lift Techniques Modification to Overcome Evolution in Completion S. Izwardy, I. Edy , F. Fedriando, A. Wijanarko, A.I. Pratomo, VICO Indonesia; N. Firmansyah, Consultant; F. Corprina, VICO Indonesia
1700-1720 186887 Completions Surface Controlled In-Situ Gas Lift for Appraisal of Oil Reservoir in a Gas Well N. Hamza, F. Baghdadi, S.Y. Syed Ibrahim, B. Madon, PETRONAS
Alternate 186444 Production & Operations Advantages of Insert Pump Application through Tubing in SF Field Shallow Reservoir H.R. Puji Astuti, W.M. Ernata, A.E. Prasetya, SKK Migas
Alternate 186261 Production & Operations Closed Loop Speed Control System of ESPCP with Capillary Tube S. Zhu, Z. Hao, Q. Wang, L. Zhang, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 186395 Production & Operations Design and Application Evaluation of Vacuum Insulated Tubing for Wax Control in Bohai Oilfield
Y. Liu, B. Shang, H. Wu, J. Bai, X. Meng, J. Ma, M. Mu, CNOOC Ltd., Tianjin Branch; Z. Jiang, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
Alternate 186250 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Overcoming Electrical Submersible Pumping Production Challenges in Highly Deviated Wells R.M. El Mahbes, R. Quintero, A. Malino, Baker Hughes
Alternate 186940 Completions Innovative Completion Strategy Overcomes Operational Challenges in Total Losses Condition - A Case Study L. Riyanto, K. Chaw, O. Fabian, O.B. Samuel, B.B. Madon, M. Khalid, M. Rosato, M. Johari, M. M.A. Jabar, N. Rashid, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
16:00 - 17:30
PS02  Panel Session 2: Marginal Field Development and Redevelopment Opportunities Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Pradyumna Rai Chaliha - Osaka Gas Australia, Andry Halim - PT Pertamina Internasional EP
Speaker(s) Megat Zariman - Bumi Armada Bhd., Andi Wardhana Bachtiar - PT Pertamina EP, Chawiwan Jiraratchwaro - PTTEP, Ronny Hendrawan - Schlumberger Indonesia, Stephane Charest - Shell Global Solutions
With the current 'lower-for-longer' oil and gas price trends many oil or gas assets waiting for development are falling into the marginal category. Most companies have multiple marginal discoveries. With reduction of exploration budgets worldwide and decrease in new big discoveries, marginal field developments can play an important role in the supply of oil and gas in the near future. Marginal and stranded resources need a relook and 'out-of-the-box' thinking to make them economically viable. Such resources no longer deserve to be ignored and can become good development opportunities of the future.

This session will focus on the challenges of developing marginal and stranded resources, both onshore and offshore, and ways to overcome such challenges. The session will also include cases of any recent marginal fields developed or being developed and the challenges that had to be tackled to succeed.

Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim
Bumi Armada Bhd

Andi W Bachtiar
PT Pertamina EP

Chawiwan Jiraratchwaro

Ronny Hendrawan
Schlumberger Indonesia

Stéphane Charest
Shell Global Solutions

16:00 - 17:30
SS01  Special Session 1: Geology Aspects for Reservoir and Production Engineering Application Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Abdolrahim Ataei - PETRONAS

Maike Willuweit
Emerson Process Management (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 The Confluence of Geology and Reservoir Engineering in Oil and Gas Reservoirs M. Willuweit, Emerson Process Management (M) Sdn. Bhd.
1620-1640 186339 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Carbonate Field Management Using Forward Stratigraphic Modelling Approach. Case Study of a Field in Central Luconia

D.A. Uli, A.H. Mithani, K. Ali, R. Abu Mansur, R. Masoudi, R.D. Tewari, S. Jirin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; Z.Z. Tuan Harith, M. Mohammad, T. Kanesan, A. Kolupaev, Y. Lee, Beicip Technology Solutions
1640-1700 186316 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pushing Boundaries Through Simplification of Complex Carbonate Reservoir Modeling: Small Investment, Big Gains Y.Y. Khor, S.K. Shrivastava, N. Borhan, F. Baghdadi, E. Motaei, Z.B. A Kadir, S.B. Md Supaat, N. Anasir, A.H. Mithani, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1700-1720 186299 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Analysis and Geomodelling on Shallow Zone of Handil Field, a Key to Identify Un-Swept Areas for Future Development of Mature Oilfield B.G. Massuka, A. Trianto, S. Yudho, B. Handoko, I.F. Hayati, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186364 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Rock Typing for Sweet Spot Identification within Complex Clastic Reservoir: A Successful Story from Northwest China
B. Wan, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Co.; B. Jiang, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield Co.; X. Meng, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Co.; S. Li, Schlumberger; Y. Yang, PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Co.; H. Gong, H. Zhao, W. Wang, G. Wei, X. Zhuang, Schlumberger
Alternate 186258 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Guidelines for the Environmental Monitoring of Oil and Gas Industry in Italy: Seismic, Ground Deformation and Reservoir Pressure Measurements P. Macini, E.N. Mesini, U. of Bologna; I. Antoncecchi, U. of Milano-Bicocca and Italian Ministry of Economic Development; F. Terlizzese, Italian Ministry of Economic Development
17:30 - 18:30

Wednesday, October 18

07:30 - 17:30
08:00 - 17:30
09:00 - 17:30
09:00 - 10:30
08  Technical Session 8: Process Optimisation and Operations Excellence Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Hanifatu Avida Romas - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd., Meita Silaban - Chevron Indonesia
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186295 Projects, Facilities & Construction Application of Enhanced Gel Strength Concept for PPD Chemical Optimisation in Banyu Urip Export Pipeline A. Dwitawidi, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.
0920-0940 186400 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Maintaining Operation Excellence in Simultaneous Operation at Offshore and Delta Area I. Marzuki, H. Junaedy, Total E&P Indonesie
0940-1000 186932 Projects, Facilities & Construction From Sandface to Processing Plant, an Integrated View of an Operating Envelope in a Gas Condensate System M.R. Sueiro, A.F. Lanchimba, C.E. Bilbao Arauco, R. Tavara La Chira, R.F. Canchucaja, P. Espinoza, Repsol
Alternate 186950 Production & Operations Oilfield Microbiology: Effective Evaluation of Biocide Chemicals D. Bennet, Intertek
Alternate 186997 Projects, Facilities & Construction Design of Jumper Lines to Unlock Potential of Wells - A Success Story M. Siboro, A. Widitya, A. Prabowo, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186193 Production & Operations Downhole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Drive PCP - Wide Range of Speed, Output and High Efficiency Z. Hao, RIPED, PetroChina; G. Zhang, Xibu Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd., CNPC; S. Zhu, L. Zhang, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 186336 Projects, Facilities & Construction Experimental Analysis of Discontinuities in Single Phase Flow - Vibration and Pressure Fluctuation Measurements
H. Karim, L. Ancian, Vibratec
09:00 - 10:30
09  Technical Session 9: EOR - Surfactant Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Dipak Mandal - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Takaaki Uetani - INPEX Corp., Yanling Wang - China U. of Petroleum (East China)
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186967 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Study of Methane Foam in Reservoir Rocks for Mobility Control at High Temperature with Varied Permeabilities: Experiment and Simulation R. Kamarul Bahrim, PETRONAS; Y. Zeng, Rice U.; S. Vincent Bonnieu, Shell Global Solutions Intl. B.V.; J. Groenenboom, Shell Malaysia; S.R. Mohd Shafian, A. Abdul Manap, R.D. Tewari, PETRONAS; S.L. Biswal, Rice U.
0920-0940 187015 Production & Operations A Fit of Art of Dynamic Monitoring Technology for Chemical Flooding in Daqing Oilfield H. Liu, S. Yang, C. Wei, Z. Yao, RIPED, PetroChina; P. Ye, Daqing Oilfield Ltd. Co., PetroChina
0940-1000 186351 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fit-for-Purpose Chemical EOR (ASP) Modelling Strategy to Guide Pilot Development Decisions for a Giant Reservoir in North Kuwait A.S. Al-Dhuwaihi, M.B. Abdullah, S. Tiwari, M.T. Al-Murayri, H. Al-Mayyan, Kuwait Oil Co.; G.T. Shahin, S. Shukla, Shell
1000-1020 186325 Reservoir Description & Dynamics History Match to Support Interpretation of Surfactant Flooding Pilot Test in Tanjung Field D. Ulitha, Imperial College London; K. Singh, R. Hakim, R. Hasibuan, Pertamina EP; A. Buhari, PT Pertamina; B.M. Aslam, B. Swadesi, I. Fauzi, T. Marhaendrajana, Inst. Teknologi Bandung
Alternate 186397 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Study of a Novel Modified Silica Nanofluid for Pressure-Decreasing Application in the Ultra-Low Permeable Formation M. Zhao, M. Gao, C. Dai, Y. Li, W. Lv, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
Alternate 186253 Production & Operations Retention of Silica Nanoparticles in Limestone Porous Media S. Al-Anssari, Curtin U. and U. of Baghdad; L.N. Nwidee, M. Ali, Curtin U.; J.S. Sangwai, Indian Inst. of Technology Madras; S. Wang, A. Barifcani, S. Iglauer, Curtin U.
Alternate 186931 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Success and Lessons Learned from ASP Flooding Field Tests in China H. Guo, R. Ma, D. Kong, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
Alternate 187020 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Experimental Study to Determine Optimal Injection Strategies for Water-Alternating-Solvent Process in Green and Brownfields T. Babadagli, Xi'an Shiyou U. and U. of Alberta; N. Cao, U. of Alberta
09:00 - 10:30
10  Technical Session 10: Drilling Design and Case Studies Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Jianke Wang - TSC Group Holdings Ltd., Fikri Irawan - PT Weatherford Indonesia, Shankar Bhukya - NOV Grant Prideco
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186918 Drilling Drilling of HTHP High Angle Well in Highly Fractured Reservoir - A Case Study

M. Al-Mohailan, M. Sounderrajan, S. Al-Azmi, D.P. Patil, K. Nellayappan, J. Aljarki, Kuwait Oil Co.
0920-0940 186982 Drilling Drilling Optimisation of Extended Reach Multilateral Wells to Maximise Reservoir Contact in Carbonate C. Verma, F. Rodriguez, Q. Qasim, Saudi Aramco; M.E. Chaaouri, S.S. Akel, G. Akiki, J. Afolabi, Baker Hughes
0940-1000 187011 Drilling Integration of Casing Wear in Casing Design and Stress Analysis Workflow

A. Soong, M.F. Arriffin, H.A. Rosland, Halliburton
1000-1020 186274 Drilling BD Field Development: First Kujung Horizontal Near HPHT - Critical Sour Wells Offshore Indonesia J. Lian, K. Yustendi, Y. Tian, Z. Yang, K. Yustendi, D. Rizkiani, S. Nurdin, D.R. Mcken, M.O. Etuhoko, Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd.; K. Jiang, CNOOC International Ltd.; A.P. Diemert, Husky Energy Inc.; M. Fadil, P.P. Utomo, A. Mahry, S.D. Yudento, SKKMigas
Alternate 186963 Drilling Optimisation Method for Casing Design Based on Coordination Mechanism of Drilling Risk and Cost Y.N. Sheng, Z. Guan, China U. of Petroleum (East China); K. Wei, Yangtze U.; T. Zhao, Xinjiang Oilfield Co., CNPC
Alternate 186285 Drilling Collaborative Advanced Planning Leads to a Three Month Early Start Up of the First Fully Integrated Drilling Project in Kuwait
D. Al-Enezi, T. Al-Wehaidah, B. Goswami, Y. Takate, Z. Muqaddes, Kuwait Oil Co.; A. Dundin, H. El-Hariry, F. Hosein, M.A. Torres, Schlumberger
09:00 - 10:30
11  Technical Session 11: Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing Aster Room
Session Chairpersons Ferry Anantokusumo - BP Berau, Anwarudin Saidu Mohamed - Deleum Chemicals Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186242 Completions Successful Re-fracturing Application Using Temporary Gelled Isolation System in a Vertical Well in China R.S. Wheeler, J. Mayor, V. Williams, S.V. Kotov, Baker Hughes; T. McDonald, BJ Services; X. Guo, Z. Zhao, CNPC
0920-0940 186313 Completions First Application of Residue-Free Fluid System for High Temperature Fracturing Treatment in Saudi Arabian Carbonate Formations Z. Rahim, A.A. Al Kanaan, Saudi Aramco; M. Zeghouani, M.K. Khalifa, D. Krich, Halliburton
0940-1000 186375 Completions Lessons Learnt during Hydrofracturing Campaign in Tight Retrograde Gas Condensate Reservoir - A Case Study S. Anand, S. Tiwari, R.J. Tibbles, S. Pathak, P. Siddharth, R. Goyal, U. Vijayvargiya, Cairn, Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Ltd.
1000-1020 186312 Completions The Characteristics of Hydraulic Fracture Growth in Woodford Shale, the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
H. Qu, Y. Liu, C. Zhou, L. Ren, Q. Wei, C. Dong, Chongqing U. of Science & Technology; Y. Lv, J. Hou, Sinopec International Petroleum Co.
Alternate 186298 Completions Novel Single-Trip Well Re-stimulation Technology Enables Exact Treatment Placement while Significantly Decreasing Intervention Time L. Castro, E. Nasir, M. Wilbourn, Baker Hughes Inc.
Alternate 186174 Completions A Semi Analytical Model for Predicting Proppant Screen-Out during Hydraulic Fracturing Unconventional Reservoirs X. Cai, B. Guo, U. of Louisiana At Lafayette; G. Li, Southwest Petroleum U.
Alternate 186212 Completions A Comparative Workflow for Different Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques in the Western Desert Oil Fields of Egypt A. Abd ElHamid, M. Abbas, E. Hamed, M. Ghareb, Qarun Petroleum Co.; M.F. El Sebaee, A. Sweedan, A. Sabet, Schlumberger
Alternate 186181 Completions Technological Process Reengineering and Optimisation of Liquid CO2 Fracturing Based on Fluid Phase Control
S. Meng, H. Liu, Q. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Xu, Y. Duan, S. Chen, PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Co.
09:00 - 10:30
PCS01  Oil and Gas Project Case Study 1: Banyu Urip Project Review Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Edward Susanto - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.
Speaker(s) Sri Intan Wirya - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd., Putu Nugraha - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd., Dave A Seta - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.
Banyu Urip is one of the largest oil field discoveries and investment in Indonesia in the last six decades. The field has been put on production since 2009 through an Early Processing Facility and after its Full Field start up in 2015, it contributes about 25 percent to the national oil production. The project was executed with world class safety performance, efficient cost and schedule as well as innovative technology including batch drilling with the first rig built in-country. Post start up, disciplined Surface and Subsurface Surveillance and Management programmes were implemented to optimise the field performance. All of these achievements are conducted while building and maintaining a strong and sustainable partnership with the community surrounding Banyu Urip. ExxonMobil Indonesia is committed to continue to identify any economically viable opportunities to maximise oil production from its assets.
09:00 - 10:30
SS02  Special Session 2: Rate Transient Analysis: A Rainbow of Real-Life Cases Rose Room
Session Chairpersons Abdolrahim Ataei - PETRONAS, Peter Alastair Adam - PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk

Louis Mattar
IHS Markit

Tri Firmanto
Kangean Energy Indonesia

Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0915 What, Where, When, Why of Rate Transient Analysis L. Mattar, IHS
0915-0930 Water Drive or Not? Investigating Field Drive Mechanism Using Rate Transient Analysis T. Firmanto, Kangean Energy Indonesia
0930-0945 186270 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Production Data Analysis for Reservoir Characterization in Conventional Gas Fields: A New Workflow and Case Study M. Ghane Ezabadi, A. Ataei, K. Tan, E. Motaei, T. Othman, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
0945-1000 186969 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhanced Reservoir Characterisation Using Integrated Production Data Analysis E. Motaei, A. Ataei, E. Yazdi, Y. Khor, M. Faiz, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
10:00 - 17:30
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
12  Technical Session 12: Economic Evaluation and Decision Making Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Prady Chaliha - Osaka Gas Australia, He Liu - RIPED, CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186405 Drilling The Integrated Environment for Real-Time Decisions: Delivering Excellence in Brunei Drilling Operations

S. Rowe, S.J. Keasberry, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.; J. Hunt, A.G. Arias, Halliburton
1120-1140 186907 Management & Information Sisi Nubi Dashboard: Implementation of Business Intelligence in Reservoir Modelling & Synthesis: Managing Big Data and Streamline the Decision Making Process A. Sukapradja, J. Clark, H. Hermawan, S. Tjiptowiyono, Total E&P Indonesie
1140-1200 187004 Management & Information Techno-Economic Evaluation of Carbon Capture Storage Ready for Coal-Based Power Generation in Indonesia U. Pasarai, S. Imodihardjo, D. Sismartono, A. Lubad, O. Hedriana, R&D Center for Oil and Gas Technology "LEMIGAS"; A. Sugiyanto, Indonesian State-Owned Electricity Co., PT. PLN
Alternate 187000 Management & Information Large Project Integration: Gauging Readiness in Deepwater Exploration R.O. Rios, K. Johnstone, Lloyd's Register
Alternate 186983 Management & Information A New Practical Approach to Building Tight Reservoir Development Integration Data Model in China H. Liu, J. Yan, Z. Yao, Z. Zhao, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 186972 Management & Information Binomial Probability Theory Supporting a Learning System Applied to Exploration Decision Making
G.R. Morrison, Woodside Energy Ltd.
11:00 - 12:30
13  Technical Session 13: Rate Transient Analysis: An Integrated Production Analysis and Reservoir Characterisation Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Kamal Morad - Petroleum Development Oman, Peter Alastair Adam - PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186203 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Characterisation Using Permanent Distributed Temperature Sensing in Coal Seam Gas Development: Success and Challenges in the Surat Basin
W. Bottomley, J.P. Furniss, QGC – A Company of the Shell Group of Companies; I. Oguche, M. Konopczynski, Tendeka
1120-1140 186277 Completions Novel Application of Capacitance-Resistance Model for Reservoir Characterisation and Zonal, Intelligent Well Control

B. Prakasa, Heriot-Watt U.; X. Shi, Heriot-Watt U. (now with Deyuan Petroleum & Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.); K.M. Muradov, D.R. Davies, Heriot-Watt U.
1140-1200 186873 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Time Lapse Pressure Transient Analysis in Reservoir Characterisation and Reducing Uncertainty of Initial Gas-in-Place Estimation: A Case Study in Gas Condensate Reservoir
M. Rushatmanto, J. Sianturi, E. Suwito, L.M. Priskila, Total E&P Indonesie
1200-1220 187927 SPE-187927-MS: Verifying Reserves Opportunities with Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing - R. Rafikov, R. Zabbarov, and V. Taipova, PJSC Tatneft; A. Aslanyan, I. Aslanyan, and A.V. Trusov, TGT Oilfield Services; V.M. Krichevsky and R. Farakhova, Sofoil (Previously Published Paper) V.M. Krichevsky, Sofoil LLC
Alternate 186419 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Workflow from Seismic to Forecast for Tight-Oil Reservoir Development Using a Semianalytical Well-testing Model with Boundary Element Method Z. Chen, X. Liao, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; J. Zang, Shanghai Petroleum Co., Ltd.; X. Zhao, K. Peng, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; S. Wang, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Co.; W. Yu, Texas A&M U.
11:00 - 12:30
14  Technical Session 14: Unconventional - Drilling and Completions Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Ferry Anantokusumo - BP Berau
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186976 Drilling 200 and Counting: Unlocking CBM Potential with High-Strength, Low-Density Cement Slurry H. Kruger , Halliburton Co.; D. Talong, Reliance Industries Ltd.; A. Kumar, A. Sarma, K. Priyamvada, V. Tyagi, G. Gupta, S. PKS, T. Ganjoo, Halliburton
1120-1140 186294 Completions Stimulated Reservoir Volume of Multi-Stage Fracturing in Horizontal Shale Gas Well: Modelling and Application R. Lin, L. Ren, J. Zhao, J. Huang, Southwest Petroleum U.
1140-1200 186340 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CBM Fluvial Depositional Facies Modelling and Static Upscaling Workflow: A Case Study Based on Integration of Cores, Logs and Deposition Environment in Surat Basin M. Zhang, RIPED, PetroChina; T. Gan, Arrow Energy Pty Ltd; Y. Yang, RIPED, PetroChina; T. Stephan, A. Sibgatulin, S. Mazumber, W. Chen, Arrow Energy Pty Ltd
1200-1220 186407 Completions Active Tag Control Sliding Sleeve Fracturing Technology L. Zheng, J. Yu, RIPED, PetroChina; Y. Wang, PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Co.; Y. Gao, X. Pei, H. Liu, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 186974 Completions Case Study: Successful Application of a Novel CSG Completion Strategy in the Galilee Basin, Australia I.G. Rodger, The U. of Queensland; D.J. Aaskow, T.R. McCaul, Comet Ridge Ltd.
Alternate 186897 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluating Natural Fracture Effectiveness to Optimise Well Stimulation Method for HTHP Tight Gas Reservoir X. Yang, PetroChina; J. Xu, Schlumberger; Q. Teng, PetroChina; W.E. Abbott, Schlumberger; Y. Zhang, PetroChina; M. Zhao, Schlumberger; C. Zhang, PetroChina; X. Gu, Schlumberger; W. Li, W. Fan, PetroChina
Alternate 186352 Completions Hydraulic Fracture Geometry in Highly Laminated Tight Oil Formation: Implication from Large-Scale Rock Experiments and Field Multi-Well Pilot Projects Y. Peng, Y. Xu, D. Weng, RIPED, PetroChina; B. Huang, B. Xie, J. Li, Xinjiang Oilfield Engineering Technology Research Inst.; G. Jiang, B. Song, Daqing Oilfield Production Engineering & Research Inst.
Alternate 187022 Completions Does the Horizontal Fracture Limit the Fracture Height Growth in Jubaila Source Rock?

W. Lubis , N.I. Mulhim, A. Al-Sultan, K.S. Asiri, M.S. Buraiki, K.M. Bartko, A. Rios Alvarez, Saudi Aramco
11:00 - 12:30
15  Technical Session 15: Geomechanics and Sand Face Completion Aster Room
Session Chairpersons See Hong Ong - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Hai Liu - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186245 Completions FILLIN "What is your paper title?"\* CHARFORMAT Geomechanical Study at An Onshore Central Sumatra Field: TheInvestigation of Casing Restriction and Deformation in Shallow Sand Formation M.A. Tjengdrawira, A. Khaksar, S. Ong, Baker Hughes – Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering; R. Intan Sjari'at, A. Suhadi, Badan Operasi Bersama PT BSP-Pertamina Hulu
1120-1140 186309 Completions Multiple Sand Control Solution to Adapt Well Productivity and Reserves by Using Mahakam Sand Control Tool Box B.H. Muryanto , Total E&P Indonesia; B. Styward, F. Wahyudhi, R.A. Surya Wijaya, Total E&P Indonesie
1140-1200 186292 Production & Operations Expanding Innovative Approach of Sand Production Well Remedial - Case Study of First Downhole Ceramic Sand Screens for a Gas Well in Malaysia M.N. Musa, W. Ismail, C.H. Roh, S. Zulkifli, N.K. Foo, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1200-1220 186236 Completions Cutting Edge Completion Design for KNUUD: Pioneering HPHT Field Development in Malaysia M. Bakar, R. Miguel, F. Azmi, A.M. Sofian, PETRONAS
Alternate 186329 Completions ICDs for Uncertainty and Heterogeneity Mitigation: Evaluation of Best Practice Design Strategies for Inflow Control Devices M. Lim, Heriot-Watt U.
11:00 - 12:30
PS03  Panel Session 3: Indonesia Session - Rejuvenating Exploration and Development Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Henricus Herwin - Total E&P Indonesie, Bonar Tua Halomoan Marbun - Inst. Teknologi Bandung
Speaker(s) Moektianto Soeryowibowo - BP Indonesia, M. Zaini B Md. Nor-Yusoff - PETRONAS Indonesia, Nanang A. Manaf - PT. Pertamina EP, Benny Lubiantara - SKK Migas
Indonesia's growing economy is driving higher domestic demand for energy, but it is not compensated by the inevitable decrease in hydrocarbon reserves. In the last five years, the figure of Reserve Replacement Ration (RRR) is under 50%, which means that for every barrel of oil equivalent produced, it is only replaced by less than half a barrel oil equivalent discovered. Exploration in Indonesia has underperformed over the last decade, and therefore contributing to a lack of significant foreseen development projects apart from those already in the course of construction. Tiaka-Senoro (PEP-MEPI), Tangguh (BP), Abadi (INPEX), and Asap (Genting) were among the large discoveries where some still have not been monetised after years of development. The country must increasingly rely on the development of smaller and more challenging fields to meet its energy requirements.

Exploration and development activities have been negatively impacted by regulatory, fiscal uncertainty and the handful of permits and approvals required to carry out exploratory and development work. The 2012 dissolution of BPMIGAS and recent series of negative regulations are also affecting investor confidence. In September 2016, the Indonesian government announced a revision of GR79. The revision will provide greater clarity on treatment of indirect taxes on exploration, the application of investment credit, accelerated depreciation and DMO holiday. The Indonesian government will also change the current oil and gas contract scheme to Gross Split in a move to boost investment in the sector, and to simplify working permits, making it more efficient and effective. This involves the sharing of progressive gross production based on annual production without a cost recovery mechanism, which encourages PSC contractors to have more flexibility in carrying out exploration and exploitation activities. This contract scheme will be applied to new contracts starting from 2017.

Moektianto Soeryowibowo
BP Indonesia

M. Zaini Md. Nor-Yusoff
PETRONAS Indonesia

Nanang A. Manaf
PT Pertamina EP

Benny Lubiantara
SKK Migas

11:00 - 12:30
SS03  Special Session 3: Asset Abandonment and Well Integrity Rose Room
Moderator(s) Suryani Suryani - Total E&P Indonesie, David Keith Manning - Oilfield Technologies
Speaker(s) A. Farid Baidjuri - SKK Migas, Shahril Mokhtar - PETRONAS, Bonifasius Muryanto - Total E&P Indonesie, Louisa Dahmani - Baker Hughes, a GE company

A. Farid Baidjuri
SKK Migas

Shahril Mokhtar

Bonifasius Muryanto
Total E&P Indonesie

Louisa Dahmani
Baker Hughes, a GE company

12:30 - 14:00
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
16  Technical Session 16: Portfolio Management Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Bambang Istadi - Energi Mega Persada, Alliza Aulia - Continental Energy Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 187027 Management & Information Digital Revolution: How Digital Technologies Will Transform E&P Business Models in Asia-Pacific A. Volkenborn, A. Lea-Cox, W. Tan, Accenture Strategy Energy
1420-1440 186288 Management & Information Breaking Boundaries in Portfolio Management B. Gama, F. Macmillan, Palantir Solutions; J. Roithinger, T.R. Gieles, R. Bulgariu, OMV Exploration and Production GmbH
1440-1500 186189 Management & Information Project Specific Risk Consideration from a Portfolio Perspective P.D. Allan, M. D'Arcy, 3esi-Enersight
1500-1520 187008 Management & Information Indonesian Milestone in Production Sharing Contract in Perspective of Government Take, Contractor Take, Cost Recovery and Production Target D. Harimurti, CNOOC SES Ltd.
Alternate 186378 Management & Information Proposed Modification of Abandonment and Site Restoration Mechanism in Gross Split PSC for Marginal Field in Indonesia T.S. Kurniawan, J. Jaenudin, PT Pertamina (Persero)
Alternate 186228 Management & Information Accelerated Depreciation Increase the Economical of PSC Contractors Project in Indonesia W. Jaluakbar, I.S. Putra, SKK Migas
14:00 - 15:30
17  Technical Session 17: Reservoir Characterisation - Sandstone Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons David G Kersey - Independent, Dian Sari - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186306 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pressure Transient Analysis for Cold Water Injection into a Reservoir with a Coupled Analytic Wellbore Model

D.I. O'Reilly, U. of Adelaide and Chevron Australia Pty Ltd; M. Haghighi, U. of Adelaide; M.A. Flett, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd; M. Sayyafzadeh, U. of Adelaide
1420-1440 186898 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Classification and Combination Characteristics of Fractures in Superdeep Tight Sandstone Reservoir with and Its Effect on the Control of the Reservoir in Kelasu Structural Belt in Kuqa Depression L. Zhou, G. Lei, Y. Tang, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; X. Jin, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Wang, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.; Y. Ye, CNPC USA Corp.; J. Jiang, Q. Zhang, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Co.
1440-1500 186425 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Thin-Bed Analysis in Reservoir Modelling to Unlock Further Development Potential of Thinly-Bedded Marginal Reservoirs E.E. Chong, M.H. Mohd Azam, P. James, S. Rae, S. Flew, Petrofac Malaysia Ltd.
Alternate 186951 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimal Zonation of Geological Formations and Identification of Pore Structures for Sandstone Reservoirs, Including Variation in Cementation and Fining Sequences P. Behrenbruch, Bear and Brook Consulting Pty Ltd; T.G. Hoang, U. of Adelaide; M. Huu, K.D. Bui, Bear and Brook Consulting Pty Ltd
Alternate 186975 Completions Study on the Application of Whole Process Monitoring and Control Technology for Separated Layer Water Injection to Block D. Jia, X. Pei, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Zhu, S. Zhu, C. Liu, Daqing Oilfield Production Engineering & Research Inst., PetroChina; T. Guo, RIPED, PetroChina
14:00 - 15:30
18  Technical Session 18: Well Integrity and Cementing Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Fikri Irawan - PT Weatherford Indonesia, Desmawati Rahmadona - PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186981 Drilling Hydrostatically Underbalanced Managed Pressure Cementing Enables Zonal Isolation in Narrow-Margin HPHT Exploration Well

C. Lau, A. Prasetia, L. Yun, S. Saidin, Schlumberger; A. Kumar, M. Abshar Nor, P. Jain, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
1420-1440 186281 Completions Development of Well Integrity Management Tool in Mahakam Block

H.R. Priwanza, R. Saputra, D.N. Manalu, B.H. Muryanto, Y. Nuryanto, A. Dirgantoro, M.I. Maharanoe, K. Sari, B. Sayogyo, R.H. Hutahean, D.A. Dewanta, A.S. Wibowo, V. Limawan, R. Darma, Total E&P Indonesie
1440-1500 186392 Production & Operations Enhancing Well Construction for More Efficient Well Abandonment L. Dahmani, L. Hynes, Baker Hughes
1500-1520 186930 Completions Flexible Cement Extends Wellbore Life with an Integrated Approach to Zonal Isolation

A. Kumar, G. Gupta, R. Mehra, R. Tambe, G.N. Ahuja, Halliburton
Alternate 186386 Drilling Dynamic Analysis of Surface Casing During Assembling and Installation
M. Yamamoto, K. Takagi, R. Wada, U. of Tokyo; C.E. Agostini, U. of Sao Paulo; E.B. Malta, Technomar
Alternate 187026 Drilling Evaluation of LCMs in Cement to Seal Wide Natural Fractures

S. Lewis, R. Tambe, M.A. Dumbre, G.N. Ahuja, A. Sharma, Halliburton
Alternate 186441 Drilling Effect of Casing Coating Materials on Shear-Bond Strength

R. Jadhav, V.R. Palla, A. Datta, M.A. Dumbre, Halliburton
14:00 - 15:30
19  Technical Session 19: Pore Pressure, Wellbore Stability and Drilling Fluids Aster Room
Session Chairpersons Yanling Wang - China U. of Petroleum (East China), See Hong Ong - Baker Hughes, a GE company, Mojtaba Kalhor Mohammadi - Pars Drilling Fluids Co.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186335 Drilling From 3D Seismic Inversion to Drilling Engineering: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Resolve Wellbore Stability Issues Offshore West Madura F. Mulders, R. Lemanczyk, K. Johnstone, S. Spencer, E. Castillo, Y. Sorrentino, A. McDonald, Lloyd's Register; A. Mawira, D. Rubyanto, A. Nugraha, .. Khadafi, Pertamina Hulu Energi WMO
1420-1440 186320 Drilling Customisation of Fit for Purpose WBM Opens New Opportunities for Significant Cost Savings, Well Construction Optimisation, and Environmental Footprint Reduction M.S. Ghamdi, R. Saleh, F.M. Al-Yami, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 186409 Drilling Ultra-Low-Invasion Fluid Technology Increases Operational Window to Enhance Drilling, Reduce Damage in Unstable Venezuela Formations M. Herdes, K.M. Aguilar, D. Fernandez, J.A. Garcia, PDVSA; J. Moreno, R. Maldonado, Impact Fluid Solutions
1500-1520 186310 Drilling Integrated 3D Pore Pressure Characterisation and Modelling: Methodology & Application in Sisi-Nubi Field, Mahakam - Indonesia A. Sukapradja, R. Herdianto, J. Clark, C. Adam, U. Ashari, B. Saragih, R. Sitorus, B. Giriansyah, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186418 Drilling The Reversible Emulsion Controlled by Inorganic Salt at High Temperature or Low Permeability Reservoir J. Ren, Y. Wang, J. Jin, K. Wang, China U. of Petroleum (East China); B. Guo, X. Wang, Shengli Petroleum Engineering Corp. Ltd., Sinopec; G. Foster, C. Dai, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
Alternate 186439 Drilling Understanding Shale Petrophysics Helps in Drilling Stable Boreholes: Case Studies M.K. Al-Arfaj, H.S. Al-Kharaa, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 186904 Drilling Monitoring Imbibition of Water into Shale Pore System: State of the Art M.K. Al-Arfaj, M. Alosail, Saudi Aramco; A.S. Sultan, King Fahd U. of Petroleum & Minerals
14:00 - 15:30
PS04  Panel Session 4: Sustaining Production from Mature Fields and Brownfields Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Dipak Mandal - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Speaker(s) Yanto Sianipar - Chevron Indonesia, Md Mazlan Tamyis - PETRONAS, Richard Thompson - Qyrin Petroleum
In today's challenging age of low oil and gas prices and capital constraints, managing mature fields has become increasingly important to the industry to sustain existing production levels. About 70% of the current world oil production is from mature fields that have been in operation on average for more than twenty years and these comprise the majority of petroleum assets.

It is estimated that some 950 billion barrels of oil equivalent were extracted during the 20th century - about half of the planet's estimated total reserves of conventional hydrocarbons. The importance of extracting the maximum value from mature fields in meeting global energy challenges is directly linked to innovation, collaboration and technology. Maximising production from these fields requires fit-for-purpose reservoir management strategies, constant endeavour to reduce OPEX, infill wells, well reassignments, and optimising surface facilities by utilising integrated technologies in reservoir characterisation, well engineering, reservoir engineering and facilities engineering.

Innovation will be one of the main drivers for maximising the world's production from mature fields and brownfields by reducing the rate of production decline. Collaboration can help in improving best practices and share risks. Striving to use improved technology to improve portfolio values will help in extracting more value from our assets.

Yanto Sianipar
Chevron Indonesia

Md. Mazlan Tamyis

Richard Thompson
Qyrin Petroleum

15:30 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:30
20  Technical Session 20: Managing Risk and Environment Performance Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Mojtaba Kalhor Mohammadi - Pars Drilling Fluids Co., Rinaldi Pasaribu - PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186929 Production & Operations Managing the Known and Unknown Risks - An Old Well Reabandonment Story S.R. Mohd Mokhtar, A.B. Ardi, R. Wibisono, M. Zakaria, A. Shabudin, PETRONAS
1620-1640 186984 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Maintaining Safety Performance in the Context of High Drilling and Completion Activities - A Lesson Learnt from More than 2 Years without LTI R. Therademaker, A. Siswanto, R. Hidayat, Total E&P Indonesie
1640-0500 186241 Management & Information Remanufacturing Abandoned Tubing Based on Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis, Its Progress and Field Application Summary Q. Chen, T. Li, S. Huang, W. Han, Q. Sun, RIPED, PetroChina
1700-1720 186383 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Analytical Approach for Evaluating the Capillary Trapping during CO2 Storage in Aquifers L. Zhu, X. Liao, Z. Chen, L. Mu, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing; T. Wang, RIPED-Langfang
Alternate 186973 Projects, Facilities & Construction Right of Way Surveillance, Maintenance, and Higher Production Opportunities on Banyu Urip Export Pipeline
D. Amanu, R. Kartika, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.
Alternate 186966 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Clean and Efficient Development Mode Boosts Community Development and Environment Protection: Development of Keshen Gas Field, Western China T. Jiang, H. Liu, X. Yang, Z. Xu, L. Zhou, K. Wang, S. Li, Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC
16:00 - 17:30
21  Technical Session 21: EOR - Heavy Oil Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Luky Hendraningrat - Auroris, Asep K Permadi - Bandung Inst. of Tech.
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186361 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Microbial Huff and Puff Project at Mangunjaya Field Wells: The First in Indonesia Towards Successful MEOR Implementation
T. Ariadji, D.I. Astuti, P. Aditiawati, I.A. Purwasena, G.P. Persada, M.R. Soeparmono, N. Amirudin, A.A. Ananggadipa, S.Y. Sasongko, Bandung Inst. of Technology; M.H. Abqory, R.N. Ardianto, PT Pertamina EP; E. Subiantoro, G.H. Aditya, EMP Malacca Strait S.A.
1620-1640 186196 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Cost Effective EOR in Heavy-Oil Containing Sands by Gas Injection: Improvement of the Efficiency of Foamy Flow and Pressurisation Y. Soh, T. Babadagli, U. of Alberta
1640-1700 186182 Production & Operations Evaluationof the First Cycle of Steam Stimulation in North Kuwait Heavy Oil Thermal Pilots Y. Alali, G. Wang, Y.H. Al-Mula, M.R. Aly Hussein, P.K. Choudhary, F. Ahmed, Kuwait Oil Co.
1700-1720 186908 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Water Control of Horizontal Wells Using Foam-Gel: Lessons Learnt in a Heavy Oil Reservoir with Strong Waterdrive B. Deng, China U. of Petroleum (East China)/Tincy Group Energy Co., Ltd.; W. Liu, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
Alternate 186249 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Comprehensive Preparation Study for Microbial Nutrient Injection of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery: Reservoir Screening and Laboratory Analysis - Case Study Bentayan Field D.I. Astuti, T. Ariadji, P. Aditiawati, I.A. Purwasena, G.P. Persada, A.A. Ananggadipa, U.R. Dewi, Z.Z. Khendarsyah, R. Rifki, Bandung Inst. of Technology; M.H. Abqory, R.N. Ardianto, PT Pertamina EP
Alternate 186344 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Screening of Chemicals for Low Cost Heavy Oil Recovery through Microemulsion Stability Tests J. Lee, T. Babadagli, U. of Alberta
Alternate 186173 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation on In-Situ Combustion in D66, a Multilayered Heavy Oil Reservoir, Liaohe Oilfield L. Teng, H. Song, Northeast Petroleum U.; S. Zhang, F. Wu, D. Xu, Y. Gong, Liaohe Oilfield Co., CNPC; Z. Jiang, H. Gao, C. Wang, L. Zhong, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
16:00 - 17:30
22  Technical Session 22: Field Development Planning - Case Studies Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Maike Willuweit - Emerson Process Management (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kamal Morad - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186221 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Parallel Appraisal and Development in a Complicated Gas Cap Field, a Case Study R. Wang, F. Mao, L. Wang, Q. Huang, X. Yuan, RIPED, PetroChina
1620-1640 186403 Production & Operations What to do when Simulation Gone Wrong: Brownfield Production Optimization Using Analytical Approach M.A. Alfarizi, T. Sukotrihadiyono, A. Malau, E.D. Sutalilima, D. Miswar, B.S. Lugijandoko, Y. Dasrul, D. Ultra, H. Anggoro, R.J. Rusliputra, PT Medco E&P Indonesia
1640-1700 186989 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Integrated Approach to Understand the Variable Fluid Contacts in a Giant Carbonate Field of Middle East - A Case Study S. Nandwani, P.D. Kumar, M. Singhal, J.M. Gogoi, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.
1700-1720 186920 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unlocking Reservoir Potential through Rigorous Surveillance and Field Review Post FDP: Case Study on Central Luconia Carbonate Gas Field C. Sow, A. Bashir, U. Chowdhury, A. Hajizadeh, A. Idriszuldin, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
16:00 - 17:30
23  Technical Session 23: Well Architecture, Production and Flow Assurance Aster Room
Session Chairpersons Prady Chaliha - Osaka Gas Australia, Dian Nur Cahyono - Occidental Petroleum
Time Paper # Presentation
1600-1620 186216 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comprehensive Analysis of Time Lapsed Well Productivity Index for Characterising Well Behavior in Tight Volcanic Gas Reservoir
U. Vijayvargia, R. Goyal, P. Sidharth, S. Anand, S. Tiwari, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd.
1620-1640 186217 Completions First Open Hole Horizontal Near HPHT Critical Sour Gas Wells Completion in Indonesia: Lesson Learned from BD Field Development Project in Kujung Formation

M.S. Nurdin, M.O. Etuhoko, D.R. McKen, J. Lian, Husky-CNOOC Madura Ltd.; A. Syapari, H. Nuryadi, Baker Hughes; M. Fadil, P.P. Utomo, SKK Migas
1640-1700 186886 Production & Operations Reservoir Damage Removal by Zero-Cost Hydraulic Fracturing in a Water Injector, Offshore Vietnam H.H. Vu, J. Sutherland, T.T. Pham, Hoang Long Joint Operating Co.
1700-1720 186275 Production & Operations An Analytical Model for Multilayer Well Production Evaluation to Overcome Cross-Flow Problem F. Hakiki, King Abdullah U. of Science & Technology; A.T. Wibowo, PT Pertamina EP; S.D. Rahmawati, A. Yasutra, P. Sukarno, Inst. Teknologi Bandung
Alternate 186273 Completions Solids Production Prediction and Management in a High Porosity Carbonate Reservoir - A Case Study from Offshore Vietnam M. Asadi, A. Khaksar, Baker Hughes a GE company; H.Q. Nguyen, T.F. Manapov, Rosneft Vietnam
Alternate 186990 Production & Operations Production Allocation Challenge with Presence of Apparent Down Flow (ADF) Phenomenon: A Case Study in Malaysia Wells M. Rosli, N. Mohd Nordin, A. Abdul Latif, H. Hashim, Neu Solutions Sdn. Bhd.; S. Mohd Shuib, M. Mohamad Amin, A. Abd Hamid, A. Ramli, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Alternate 186234 Production & Operations Management of Downhole Organic and Inorganic Scale Agglomeration for the Survival of a Marginally Economic Field
M. Abd Hamid, Z. Johar, M.R. Razali, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Alternate 186211 Production & Operations Change Casing Removal to a Simple and Dependable Method J.E. Melder, C. Hartman, G. Hern, Baker Hughes, a GE company
16:00 - 17:30
PCS02  Oil and Gas Project Case Study 2: PETRONAS FLNG SATU: World’s First Floating LNG Facility Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Mohamad Othman - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Speaker(s) Mohamed Syawan - PETRONAS Floating LNG 1 (L) Ltd.
PETRONAS FLNG SATU (PFLNG1) is a floating liquefied natural gas facility producing 1.2 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG, on a facility that is 365m long, and 60m wide, making it among the largest offshore facility ever built. The PFLNG1 project is the first of its kind in the world and is the first deployment of PETRONAS’ Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) technology, consolidating the traditional offshore to onshore LNG infrastructure into a single facility. This will see a giant floating facility capable of extracting, liquefying and storing LNG at sea, before it is exported to customers around the globe.

The FLNG journey has come a long way since 2006, with many technological options explored to monetise and unlock the potential of small and stranded gas fields. Moving an LNG production to an offshore setting poses a demanding set of challenges – as every element of a conventional LNG facility needs to fit into an area roughly one quarter the size in the open seas whilst maintaining safety and increased flexibility to LNG production and delivery. The keynote address describes the breakthrough features of PFLNG1 – the world’s first floating LNG facility; and the pioneering innovation that it brings to the LNG industry.

Thursday, October 19

07:30 - 15:30
08:00 - 15:30
09:00 - 10:30
24  Technical Session 24: Corrosion and Flow Assurance Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Andry Halim - PT Pertamina Internasional EP, Prijo Hutomo - U. of Trisakti
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186185 Production & Operations Understanding Crude Properties to Optimise Corrosion Inhibitor Selection and Usage R. Novitasari, M. Wincana, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.
0920-0940 186311 Production & Operations Quantitative Assessment of Preferential Weld Corrosion in Operator Supplied Weight Loss Coupons Using White Light Interferometry M.J. Leahy, S.E. Cook, W.Y. Mok, Baker Hughes, a GE company
0940-1000 186208 Projects, Facilities & Construction Corrosion Control in Oil & Gas Installations Q. Okasha, A. Aladasani, A.S. Ameen, N. Aravind, K. Sen, Independent; M. Al Dushaishi, Texas A&M International U.
1000-1020 186369 Projects, Facilities & Construction Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Management on Idle LNG Process Train G.H. Barus, Badak LNG
Alternate 186287 Production & Operations Stress Corrosion Cracking on an Insulated Austenitic Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel P.W. Hapsoro, PT Badak NGL
09:00 - 10:30
25  Technical Session 25: Unconventional - Reservoir Characterisation Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Kamal Morad - Petroleum Development Oman, David G Kersey - Independent
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186240 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Imaging of Oil/Water Migration in Tightsand with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Microscope during Dynamic Surfactant Imbibition Y. Sun, C. Dai, Y. Fang, X. Sun, China U. of Petroleum (East China); Q. You, China U. of Geosciences (Beijing); Y. Wu, M. Zhao, G. Zhao, China U. of Petroleum (East China)
0920-0940 186413 Reservoir Description & Dynamics In-Situ Stress and Fracture Controls on Permeability Distribution within Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin S. Mukherjee, J. Copley, J. Esterle, The U. of Queensland
0940-1000 186874 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Production Controlling Factors of the Longmaxi Shale Gas Formation - A Case Study of Huangjingba Shale Gas Field
W. Wang, PetroChina Zhejiang Oilfield Co.; C. Xian, Schlumberger; X. Liang, PetroChina Zhejiang Oilfield Co.; H. Wen, Schlumberger; C. Niu, PetroChina Zhejiang Oilfield Co.; L. Wang, Schlumberger
1000-1020 186349 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Simulation Method and Laboratory Experiments of Starting Pressure Gradient in Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoirs S. Wang, X. Tan, CNOOC Research Inst.; S. Zhang, RIPED, PetroChina; H. Jiang, CNOOC International Ltd.; D. Jiang, Deepwater Drilling & Production Technology Branch of CNOOC; H. Ruan, X. Zhang, CNOOC China Ltd., Zhanjiang Branch
Alternate 186209 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Method of Characterisation of Complex Fracture Network with Combination of Microseismic Using Fractal Theory W. Wang, Y. Su, Z. Zhou, G. Sheng, R. Zhou, China U. of Petroleum (East China); M. Tang, X. Du, J. An, PetroChina Oil & Gas Technology Research Inst. of Changqing Oil Field
09:00 - 10:30
26  Technical Session 26: Mature Fields Optimisations through Surface and Subsurface Integration Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Emeline E Chong - Petrofac Malaysia Ltd., Kiang Fei Ng - PETRONAS
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186910 Production & Operations Development and Operational Implementation of Scale Management Strategy in a Mature Field A. Tiwari, P. Fartiyal, A. Malik, N.M. Sharma, C. Manickavasagam, S. Lele, A. Sharma, BGEPIL, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc group of Companies; A. Sabhapondit, Nalco Champion Dai-ichi India Pvt Ltd
0920-0940 186304 Production & Operations Advanced Methods for Determining the Value of Information of Surveillance ‎Data Acquisition Using Predictive Analytics N. Kechut, A.B. Hassan, W. W M Zamri, M. A Raub, R.D. Tewari, PETRONAS; D.N. Kuzmichev, Y. Mironenko, R. Buoy, L.D. Alessio, LEAP Energy
0940-1000 186205 Production & Operations Real-Time Application of Integrated Well and Network Models Through Smart Workflows for Optimizing and Sustaining Production Targets in an Area of Kuwait’s Greater Burgan Oil Field B. Al-Shammari, N.M. Rane, S.F. Desai, A.A. Al-Rabah, Kuwait Oil Co.; M. Pandey, S. Shankhdhar, R. Chacko, R. Jagannathan, Weatherford
1000-1020 186284 Production & Operations Maximising Production of Low Injectivity Steam Flood Reservoir through Pressure Balance Approach
R. Pasaribu, R. Roma, Y. Wicaksana, C. Muharam, A. Aksehirli, Chevron Pacific Indonesia
Alternate 186415 Completions Using Business Intelligent Tool to Gain Insight into Well Integrity, Surveillance and Production Data M. Hamzah, N.K. Foo, W. Ismail, S. Zulkifli, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.; M. Abdul Rahman, A. Zahid, AEM Enersol
Alternate 186187 Production & Operations Well and Inflow Performance Relationship for Heavy Oil Reservoir under Heating Treatment F. Hakiki, King Abdullah U. of Science & Technology; A. Aditya, Pertamina EP; D.T. Ulitha, Imperial College London; M. Shidqi, Shell Indonesia; W.S. Adi, K.H. Wibowo, M. Barus, Pertamina EP
Alternate 187023 Management & Information Perforation Portfolio Management in Tunu Mature Giant Gas Field by Implementation of Intensive Well Review and Its Application in Production Forecast Improvement and Optimisation of Well Intervention Planning E.Y. Purwanto, S. Herawati, I.T. Rau, J.A. Anggoro, E. Suwito, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186903 Production & Operations Value Creation of Digital Oilfield Technology, Study Case Duri Field Well Monitoring

Z. Achmad, Chevron Pacific Indonesia
Alternate 186933 Production & Operations Integrated Work to Deliver 4,000 BPD Oil from Gas Dominant Field: A Case History from Rejuvenated Brownfield Gas Lift Development
R.M. Kahfie, F. Kurniawan, M. Yahya, I. Edy, S. Izwardy, VICO Indonesia
Alternate 186280 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review of 20 Years Hydrocarbon Gas Cycling in the Arun Gas Field S. Suhendro, Pertamina Hulu Energi
09:00 - 10:30
27  Technical Session 27: Well Control and Managed Pressure Drilling Rose Room
Session Chairpersons Stephen Tyson - The U. of Queensland/U. Teknologi Brunei, Jonggeun Choe - Seoul National U.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0920 186305 Drilling Application of Controlled-Influx Mud Cap Drilling Techniques in Exploiting the Marine Pre-Salt Carbonates in Santos Basin: Case Study T. Yaqoob, O. Bello, J. Oppelt, ITE, TU Clausthal
0920-0940 187018 Drilling Eliminating Underground Blow Out Risk with Constant Bottom Hole Pressure (CBHP) MPD Technique in Kalimantan Offshore, Indonesia
J.M. Zein, Y.P. Iskandar, F. Fadlin, R. Usmar, Weatherford Indonesia
0940-1000 186877 Drilling An Effective Method in Determining Pore Pressure by Controlling Bottomhole Pressure While Drilling Narrow Window Wells in the Gulf of Thailand

I. Rubianto, A.E. Prasetia, P. Detrizio, K. Charnvit, W. Srisai, Schlumberger; M. Follet, W. Dejdamrongpreecha, R. Kudisri, M.G. Meghnani, F.J. Loux, V. Phonpuntin, S. Eawprasert, PTTEP
1000-1020 186331 Drilling Augmenting Deepwater Well Control with Managed Pressure Drilling Equipment

A. Johnson, B. Piccolo, H. Pinkstone, B. Anderson, J. Fraczek, AFGlobal Corp.
Alternate 186962 Drilling Eliminating Non Productive Time while Drilling in Southern Sumatra Field with Pressurised Mud Cap Drilling J.M. Zein, Y.P. Iskandar, D.S. Dharma, A. Ali, Weatherford Indonesia
09:00 - 10:30
PS05  Panel Session 5: Managing Smooth Operatorship Transfer Casablanca Room
Moderator(s) Henricus Herwin - Total E&P Indonesie, Bambang Prijandito Istadi - Energi Mega Persada
Speaker(s) Amri Siahaan - Medco E&P Natuna, Bacho Pilong - PETRONAS, Denie Tampubolon - PT Pertamina
Expiring license is one of the most substantial issues encountered in Asia Pacific, especially in Indonesia. The 35 licenses in Indonesia, which account for over 1 MMboed of production in 2016, will come across expiration in the next decade. They provide opportunities to a variety of players, from experienced domestic and international players to new start-ups with new strategies, and fall under four main categories: mature projects with upside, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), late-life fields, and discovered resource opportunities (DRO).

In addition, the current low oil price environment is driving the industry to become more dynamic, which accounts for the active portfolio exchange. Recently, Chevron sold 40% of their shares in two blocks of Nigeria. ConocoPhillips also sold their minor assets for USD 2.5 Billion.

All of these events will eventually lead to transfer of operatorship. Managing operatorship transfer is the key factor to have production continuity which will be beneficial to both, precedent and succeeding parties. This panel session will review the key factors in ensuring a smooth operatorship transfer. • Transparency of sharing and transferring data • Comprehensive transfer of knowledge • Administration and legal aspects • Continuity of operations including investment for new projects • Good offerings for precedent human resources to ensure working system stability

Amri Siahaan
PT. Medco Energi Internasional Tbk., Indonesia

Norafizal B Mat Saad

Denie S. Tampubolon
PT Pertamina

Noor Syarifuddin
Total E&P Indonesie

10:00 - 14:00
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
28  Technical Session 28: Building Leadership and Technical Competency Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Naynesh Patel - ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co., Titi Thongjen - PTTEP
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186988 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Service Level Agreement: An Effective Communication Flow in the Implementation of Manpower Contract Management A. Hidayatullah, M.H. Ismail, M.U. Jaya, Total E&P Indonesie
1120-1140 186878 Management & Information Supervisor Performance Assessment Method Based on AHP S. Zhang, RIPED, PetroChina; S. Wang, CNOOC Research Inst; L. Wang, E&D Research Inst. of Liaohe Oilfield Co.; X. Liu, No.1 Mud Logging Co., BHDC, PetroChina; X. Teng, RIPED, PetroChina
1140-1200 186347 Management & Information A New Approach for Downhole Tools Deployment Training R.E. Gonzalez, L. Chapman, R. Geer, Baker Hughes, a GE Co.
1200-1220 186282 Management & Information Essential Leadership Attributes for Engineering Managers in the Petroleum Industry
H. Lau, National U. of Singapore
Alternate 186290 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Delivering an Effective and Efficient Contract Transfer in Manpower Contract Management to Maintain the Stability of Daily Operation A. Hidayatullah, A. Meiraharyanti, N. Kusumasari, Total E&P Indonesie
Alternate 186944 Projects, Facilities & Construction Fit for Purpose Behaviorism; a Design Culture M. Siboro, A. Prabowo, Total E&P Indonesie
11:00 - 12:30
29  Technical Session 29: EOR - Waterflood Optimisation Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Takaaki Uetani - INPEX Corp., Luky Hendraningrat - Auroris
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186939 Production & Operations Online Monitoring and Automatic Control for Zonal Polymer Injection Wells F. Sun, X. Pei, D. Jia, RIPED, PetroChina; G. Gao, Daqing Oilfield Production Engineering & Research Inst.; G. Li, X. Wang, Daqing No.1 Oil Production Factory; C. Liu, Daqing Oilfield Production Engineering & Research Inst.
1120-1140 186880 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling the Impact of Reservoir CO2 on Polymer Flood Performance in Aishwariya Field S. Mishra, A. Pandey, Cairn, Oil & Gas vertical of Vedanta Ltd.
1140-1200 186381 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Approach of Pressure Profile and Oil Recovery during Dual and Single Carbonate Core Flooding by Seawater and CO2 Injection Process at Reservoir Conditions X. Zhou, King Fahd U. of Petroleum and Minerals; F. Al-Otaibi, S.L. Kokal, A.A. Alhashboul, J. Al-Qahtani, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 186411 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low pH and Salinity Induced Wettability Modification of Hybrid EOR as Polymer-Assisted Carbonated Low Salinity Waterflood in Calcite Cemented Sandstone Reservoir
J. Lee, G. Kim, K.S. Lee, Hanyang U.
186889 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Smart Nanoparticles for Conformance Improvement in Waterflooding C. Temizel, Aera Energy; D. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; M. Zhang, Frontida Biopharm; R. Moreno, Smart Recovery
Alternate 186431 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Waterflooding Optimisation: A Pragmatic and Cost-Effective Approach to Improve Oil Recovery from Mature Fields X. Lu, J. Xu, C&C Reservoirs
11:00 - 12:30
30  Technical Session 30: Unlock the Potential of Mature Fields through Proactive Surveillance and Monitoring Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Dipak Mandal - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Stephen Tyson - The U. of Queensland/U. Teknologi Brunei
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186942 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Portfolio Analysis of Gas Field Clusters: How to Make Fast, Yet Informed Decisions G. Kumar, T. Den Bezemer, C. Chima, S. Dewil, B. Trivedi, Shell Petroleum Development Co.
1120-1140 187009 Completions How to Solve High Water Cut Well Problem in Mature Oil Field, Case Study: Application of Modified Completion Fluid Treatment in WW D-29, WW H-12, II A-22 Wells F.N. Afi, H. Gunawan, R. Widiatmo, L. Waskito, P. Nugroho, M. Luthfan, R. Prayogo, A. Suryana, CNOOC SES Ltd.
1140-1200 186876 Production & Operations Real Time Optimisation in Gas Constrained System Results in Production Gain M.K. Choudhary, S.L. Lai, S.K. Sahu, M. Arfie, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd.
1200-1220 186385 Production & Operations Proactive Reservoir Surveillance that Leads to Prudent Reservoir and Asset Management: A Pleasant Surprise in Understanding AB Field A. Zakariah, H.A. Mahmoud, E.A. Rosland, D. Mandal, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Alternate 186923 Production & Operations Staying Ahead through Built-in Automated Approach for Well Modelling in Gas Fields F. Baghdadi, Y.Y. Khor, B. Madon, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Alternate 186892 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Simplified and Robust Approach to Integrated Asset Modelling for Performance Forecasting of a Large Dry Gas Field in East Coast of India
A. Kumar, Reliance Industries; B. France, British Petroleum; R. Talukdar, Reliance Industries
Alternate SPE-187429-MS: Data Analytics Application for Efficient Technical Potentialand Availability Forecasting : A Case study in Malaysia - V.P. Gupta, PETRONAS; S. Dwivedi, SAS; M.B. Roslan, R. Masoudi, and A. Razali, PETRONAS (Previously Published Paper) V.P. Gupta, PETRONAS
Alternate 186404 Production & Operations Reactivation and Production Optimisation of Teluk Berau A (TBA) Field, Salawati Basin, West Papua B. Suwandhika, M. Mubaraq, JOB Pertamina-PetroChina Salawati; S. Suhendro, PT Pertamina Hulu Energi
11:00 - 12:30
31  Technical Session 31: Integrated Facility Evaluation and Technology Selection Rose Room
Session Chairpersons Hanifatu Avida Romas - ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd., Meita Silaban - Chevron Indonesia
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186267 Projects, Facilities & Construction Unique & Practical Approach in Selection and Classification of Hydrocyclone Desander Technology: Utilising a Decade of Experience
A. Gupta, D. Kamat, Z. Shahrum, A. Firmansyah, N. Salleh, B. Tan, B. Madon, PETRONAS
1120-1140 186238 Projects, Facilities & Construction Differential Pressure Cone Meter as Meter Solution in FPSO’s Facilities A. Marzuki Simatupang, R. Lalamentik, PT. Weebz Mandiri
1140-1200 186387 Production & Operations Comprehensive Sanding Study from Laboratory Experiments, Modelling, Field Implementation, to Real-Time Monitoring, a Case Study for Hai Thach and Moc Tinh Fields, Offshore Vietnam S.K. Hoang, V.X. Trinh, T.V. Tran, T.A. Dang, Bien Dong POC
1200-1220 186394 Projects, Facilities & Construction Investigation of Failed LNG Boil Off Gas Transfer Line Expansion Bellows Using Finite Element Analysis Approach E.Y. Pratama, PT Badak LNG
11:00 - 12:30
SS04  Special Session 4: Carbonate Reservoir Development Casablanca Room
Session Chairpersons Abdolrahim Ataei - PETRONAS, Maike Willuweit - Emerson Process Management (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1100-1120 186979 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development of Carbonate Buildups and Reservoir Architecture of Miocene Carbonate Platforms, Central Luconia, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia H.T. Janjuhah, A.M. Ahmed Salim, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; M.Y. Ali, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.; D.P. Ghosh, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; M.H. Amir Hassan, U. of Malaya
1120-1140 186443 Drilling Refactoring Carbonate Reservoir Architecture through Real-Time LWD Measurement
N.A. Hassan, A.A. Syailendra, L. Hanalim, PETRONAS; G.I. Santoso, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; K.A. Alang, Schlumberger
1140-1200 186374 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Wireline Logging under Pressurised Mud Cap Drilling Condition - A Challenging Operation S.M. Mohammad, K. Nathan, K. Kyi, PETRONAS
1200-1220 186922 Drilling Drilling Problems Mitigation in Geothermal Environment, Case Studies of Stuck Pipe and Lost Circulation W.A. Nugroho, S. Hermawan, B. Lazuardi, PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia; R. Mirza, PT. Pertamina Geothermal Energy
12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
32  Technical Session 32: Driving Business Efficiency Peony Room
Session Chairpersons Hendra Pasaribu - VICO Indonesia
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186938 Production & Operations Driving Efficiency in Idle Wells Restoration through Risk Sharing Integrated Operations S.R. Mohd Mokhtar, R. Wibisono, M. Zakaria, A. Shabudin, PETRONAS
1420-1440 186442 Management & Information Managing Mature and Unconventional Fields A. Aladasani, Independent; Q. Okasha, N. Aravind, A.S. Ameen, K. Sen, Kuwait Oil Co.; M. Al Dushaishi, Texas A&M International U.
1440-1500 186434 Management & Information Small is Beautiful: Why Small Fields are the Next Big Thing in South East Asia and How to Capitalise on Them A. Volkenborn, A. Lea-Cox, B. Sun, Accenture Strategy Energy
1500-1520 186911 Management & Information Target Cost Setting Model for Indonesian PSC Amid Low Oil Price
C. Nugraha, PETRONAS
Alternate 186947 Management & Information Statistical Analysis and Mapping of Oil and Gas Operating Cost Based on Field Development Plan in Indonesia

A. Abdul Azizurrofi, A.A. Asnidar, D.R. Galih, A.H. Hermawan, Y.S. Buana, R.R. Firdaus, SKK Migas
Alternate 185830 SPE-185830-MS: Managing Change through Center of Excellence Implementation for the Upstream Oil Sector in Kuwait - N.K. Al-Zeabot and A.Y. Al-Kandari, Kuwait Oil Co. (Previously Published Paper) N.K. Al-Zeabot, Kuwait Oil Company
14:00 - 15:30
33  Technical Session 33: Carbonate Reservoir Characterisation Jasmine Room
Session Chairpersons Elsie Chia Shen Sow - PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd., Takaaki Uetani - INPEX Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186265 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Mapping while Drilling in Vuggy and Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir - A Success Story from East Java Basin
F. Muhammad, T. Tengku Othman, A. Pujiriyanto, A. Setyadi, PC Ketapang II Ltd; N. Ardikani, O. Azwar, I.T. Pasaribu, D. Permanasari, Schlumberger
1420-1440 186391 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Poro-Fluid Facies Identification with LWD Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Factor Analysis in Karstified Carbonate Reservoir - Case Study from East Java Basin B. Abrar, T. Rachman, T.B. Othman, PETRONAS Carigali Indonesia Operation; I.T. Pasaribu, Schlumberger
1500-1520 186230 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Field Cryoporometry NMR for Mesopores Distribution in Shale X. Jin, X. Wang, X. Liu, H. Jiao, L. Sun, L. Su, L. Bi, Y. Chen, RIPED, PetroChina
14:00 - 15:30
34  Technical Session 34: Field Development Planning in Indonesia Freesia Room
Session Chairpersons Rachmat Hidayat - PT Pertamina EP Cepu, Maike Willuweit - Emerson Process Management (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186970 Management & Information Brownfield Redevelopment Strategies in Offshore North West Java F. Arachman, F.M. Utami, A. Wasonoaji, D. Tobing, Pertamina Hulu Energi
1420-1440 186263 Completions Shallow Reservoir Development in Mature Field - From Hazard to Resources T. Setiawan, A. Putra, A. Az-Zariat, K. Rinjani, R.A. Brahmantio, S. Herawati, Total E&P Indonesie
1440-1500 186946 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Managing Offshore Oil Field to Enhance Ultimate Recovery in Asri Basin, Southeast Sumatera, Indonesia L.B. Waskito, R. Widiatmo, F.N. Afi, CNOOC SES Ltd.
1500-1520 186190 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Development Method to Enhance Production Recovery on Mature Field - Success Story from Semberah Field, East Kalimantan, Indonesia A.T. Kramadibrata, R.C. Permana, VICO Indonesia
14:00 - 15:30
35  Technical Session 35: Drilling Performance and Tools Rose Room
Session Chairpersons Salim Taoutaou - Schlumberger, Habil Akram Rosland - Halliburton Energy Services Grp, Muhammad Faris Arriffin - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 186994 Drilling Development of a Remotely Activated Liner Hanger System while Minimizing Operational Risks A.A. Munshi, K. O'Connor, S. McMahon, M. Carmody, Baker Hughes, a GE company
1420-1440 186330 Drilling Implementation of Drilling Microchip for Downhole Data Acquisition B. Li, C.P. Gooneratne, M. Badran, Saudi Aramco; Z. Shi, Yu Technologies
1440-1500 187025 Drilling Drilling and Completion Fluids Customisation to Achieve Maximum Well Productivity in Lower Burgan Reservoir, Case Study from Kuwait Field

A. Al-Ajmi, A.S. Al-Rushoud, A.K. Gohain, F.I. Khatib, M. Al-Gharib, A.S. Al-Ajmi, A.M. Al-Mekhlef, M.H. Mustafa, A. Mago, Kuwait Oil Co.; A. Rossi, P. Rane, Newpark Drilling Fluids
1500-1520 186954 Drilling Drilling Optimisation to Overcome High Torque Problem: Lesson Learned on Kujung First Offshore-Near HPHT-Horizontal-Critical Sour-Slim Hole Development D. Rizkiani, K. Yustendi, B. Rusli, A.N. Mbouw, D.R. Mcken, Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd.; H. Effendi, Baker Hughes; S. Zulkarnain, A. Soufanny, Z. Yang, Y. Tian, J. Lian, Husky CNOOC Madura Ltd.; A. Maladi, A.P. Diemert, Husky Energy Inc.; M. Fadil, P.P. Utomo, S.D. Yudento, A. Mahry, SKK Migas
Alternate 186885 Drilling Prediction and Analysis of PDC Bit Downhole Behavior Provides Insights and Efficiencies for Directional Drilling
B. Cuillier, Varel; D. Al-Enezi, B. Goswami, M. Al-Salamin, J. Al-Shelian, S. Sayed, Kuwait Oil Co.; B. Mikhail, E. El-Genidy, S. Reboul, VAREL
Alternate 186917 Drilling Breaking Records Using an Innovative Organophilic Clay-Free Invert Emulsion Fluid (OCF-IEF) to Drill the Longest Well to Date in the United Arab Emirates (35,800 ft)

M. Nasrallah, M. Vinci, Halliburton
Alternate 186246 Drilling An Integrated Approach for Managing Wellbore Instability and Hole Cleaning with Steep Learning Curve in a Tight Deep Gas Accumulation Field
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