SPE International Bergen One-Day Seminar 5 Apr 2017 Grieghallen Bergen, Norway
  • SPE
  • Supported by Statoil


Wednesday, April 05

08:30 - 09:45
Key Drivers for Maximising Economic Recovery on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Moderator(s) Thorbjørn Kaland, Conference Programme Chair and Brynjulv Kvåle, SPE Bergen Section chairman

Our industry’s way forward needs a great stimuli to trigger creativity. How do we work smarter, more economically, benefit from technology and make the impossible projects possible?

We will challenge the panellists to come up with ideas about how
to meet the challenge of renewing our industry and continue exploration, drilling and production. Where will the focus lie, on additional reserves, mature field-life extensions or technological development?


Helge Hammer, COO, Faroe Petroleum

Lill Harriet Brusdal, VP Petec, Technology and Competence, Statoil

Børge Nerland, Head of Production, Wintershall Norge​

09:45 - 12:45
01T  Reservoir Klokkeklang
Session Chairpersons Edel Reiso - Statoil ASA
The reservoir session shows new reservoir mapping to Ivar Aasen field, new methods in seismic Tie in King Lear discoveries, new laboratory studies of fluid models, localisation for ensemble-based history matching methods, and new models for estimating fluid properties.
Time Paper # Presentation
0945-1015 185915 Drilling A Novel Approach to New Field Development - Application of Reservoir Mapping Technology to the Ivar Aasen Field Development for Maximizing Field Performance and Improving Reservoir Characterization
T. Jøssund, C. Elfenbein, Y.B. Johansen, I.S. Drange, L.H. Olsborg, T. Skove, G.F. Kvilaas, K. Christoffersen, S. Mastad, M. Stubsjøen, Aker BP; H. Wang, J. Denichou, H. Charef-Khodja, Schlumberger
1015-1045 185922 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Petrophysical Well Log Analysis through Intelligent Methods L. Moghadasi, E. Ranaee, F. Inzoli, A. Guadagnini, Politecnico di Milano
1115-1145 185903 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparing Reservoir Fluid Models to PVT Laboratory Measurements

K.K. Meisingset, T. Yang, Statoil
1145-1215 185936 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Driven Adaptive Localization With Applications to Ensemble-Based 4D Seismic History Matching X. Luo, T. Bhakta, G. Nævdal, IRIS
1215-1245 185937 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Estimating Fluid Properties using Surrogate Models and Fluid Database
I.H. Arief, T. Forest, K.K. Meisingset, Statoil ASA
09:45 - 12:45
02T  Production and Operation SmÃ¥troll
Session Chairpersons Erlend H Vefring - IRIS
This session will cover a variety of subjects optimising bean-up procedure after well shut-in, integrated water management cycle, EST- DST well testing with new methodologies, development and execution of sand control gas completions in the York Field in UK, and finally the most efficient use of acoustic sand monitors.
Time Paper # Presentation
0945-1015 185906 Production & Operations Optimizing Bean-up Procedure After Well Shut-in. Simple Rock Mechanical Aspects and Operational Guidelines J.S. Andrews, P. Kittilsen, T. LÃ¥hne, J. Antonsen, Statoil
1015-1045 185940 Production & Operations Using Dual Desander and Stackable Filter Unit for Cleanout After Concentric Coiled Tubing Operation A. Arefjord, G. Malinauskaite, FourPhase AS
1115-1145 185892 Reservoir Description & Dynamics ESP- DST Well Testing in a Complex Reservoir in the Barents Sea: Establishing New Methodologies and Lessons Learned
D. De Leonardis, OMV; Y.A. Shumakov, K.L. Morton, S. Sarac, Schlumberger
1145-1215 185888 Production & Operations The Most Efficient use of Acoustic Sand Monitors. Lessons From Several Years of Operation T. Haugsdal, ClampOn AS
1215-1245 185924 Completions Development and Execution of Sand Control Gas Completions in the York Field, UK Southern North Sea
M.E. Langford, Centrica E&P; C. Couper, Halliburton; J.J. Tovar, Innovative Engineering Systems
09:45 - 12:45
03T  Drilling I (Fluid/Cement/Risk) Peer Gynt
Session Chairpersons Morten Didriksen - Schlumberger Norge AS
This drilling session will cover new research within cement processes, managed pressure drilling, directional drilling, fluid invasion and Dynamic Kill Operations with the relief well injection spool.
Time Paper # Presentation
0945-1015 185916 Drilling Drilling Fluid Rheology Under High Pressure High Temperature Conditions and its Impact on the Rate of Penetration O. Sukhoboka, University of Stavanger
1015-1045 185909 Drilling ROP Optimization and Modeling in Directional Drilling Process E. Wiktorski, A. Kuznetcov, D. Sui, University of Stavanger
1115-1145 185889 Drilling The Nature of Drilling Fluid Invasion, Clean-up, and Retention During Reservoir Formation Drilling and Completion J.J. Green, I.T. Patey, L. Wright, COREX; L. Carazza, Aker BP; A. Saasen, University of Stavanger
1145-1215 185938 Production & Operations Perforate, Wash and Cement (PWC) Verification Process and an Industry Standard for Barrier Acceptance Criteria L. Delabroy, D. Rodrigues, E. Norum, M. Straume, Aker BP; K.H. Halvorsen, Statoil
1215-1245 180279 Challenging Dynamic Kill Operations Made Possible With the Relief Well Injection Spool R.T. Oskarsen, Add Energy LLC; O.B. Rygg, add wellflow as; M. Cargol, B. Morry, Trendsetter Engineering
09:45 - 12:45
04T  Drilling II (Risk/Automation) Troldtog
Session Chairpersons Sajjad Hussain - Schlumberger
This drilling session will cover drilling mud process control, automation of a laboratory-scale drilling and full scale drilling automation. Other exciting subjects are: Well specific blowout contingency plans that cover engineering analysis of the deployment, installation, and soft shut-in, and new tubular design ellipse with backup pressure.
Time Paper # Presentation
0945-1015 181393 How to Develop a Well Specific Blowout Contingency Plan That Covers Engineering Analysis of the Deployment, Installation, and Soft Shut-In of a Subsea Capping Operation R.T. Oskarsen, Add Energy LLC; M.H. Emilsen, A. Paknejad, add energy; M. Cargol, Trendsetter Engineering; K. See, Shell Exploration & Production Co
1015-1045 185941 Drilling New Tubular Design Ellipse with Backup Pressure
M.A. Goodman, I.A. Kalil, A.R. McSpadden, O.D. Coker, Altus Well Experts Inc.
1115-1145 185929 Drilling DEMO2000 - Drilling Mud Process Control R. El Boubsi, J.A. Andresen, G. Van Og, Huisman; K. Bjorkevoll, R. Nybo, SINTEF Petroleum; J.O. Brevik, Statoil; G.H. Nygaard, Cybernetic Drilling Technologies; G.G. Smith, Intelligent Mud Solutions
1145-1215 185898 Drilling Challenges in the Automation of a Laboratory-Scale Drilling Rig and Comparison with the Requirements for Full Scale Drilling Automation E. Cayeux, IRIS; D. Sui, O. Akisanmi, O. Alani, University of Stavanger
1215-1245 185926 Drilling Automatic Model Calibration for Drilling Automation
M. Aghito, K.S. Bjorkevoll, R. Nybo, SINTEF Petroleum Research; A. Eaton, J. Hedengren, Brigham Young University
10:45 - 15:45
09P  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session First Floor
Time Paper # Presentation
Alternate 185894 Drilling Full Scale Test Tower: Validation Real World Performance Of Pioneering Drilling Efficiencies

D. Roodenburg, J.A. Andresen, M. Zifchak, Huisman
Alternate 185904 Drilling Rathole Elimination BHA Success in Norwegian Seas

S. Hussain, Y.J. Huelvan, S. Labrousse, H.K. Hassan, M. Esmat, K.S. Dhaher, J.D. Blackburn, Schlumberger
Alternate 185931 Completions Influence of Construction and Deterioration on Platform Well Life Extension A. Rimmer, H. Saleh, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd
Alternate 185934 Drilling Multilevel Force-Balanced Cutting Structure Layout Helped Solve PDC Bit Dullness Issues Resulting from Geosteering in Thin Reservoirs
M.M. El-Gayar, T.S. Ali, M. Abu Talaf, Halliburton
Alternate 185932 Drilling Cement Degradation in CO2 - H2S Environment Under High Pressure-High Temperature Conditions

O.A. Omosebi, M. Sharma, R.M. Ahmed, S.N. Shah, University of Oklahoma; A. Saasen, University of Stavanger; S.O. Osisanya, Petroleum Institute
Alternate 185886 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evolution of pH and Retention of Different Alkali Species for ASP Flooding Field Applications G.S. Kusumah, O. Vazquez, Heriot-Watt University
Alternate 185899 Drilling Pneumatic Conveying of Model Drill Cuttings - Pilot Scale Experiments and Simulations A. Malagalage, C. Ratnayake, Tel-Tek; W.K. H.Ariyaratne, M. C.Melaaen, University College of Southeast Norway; N. Aas, ArkerBP
14:00 - 17:00
05T  Well Intervention Klokkeklang
Session Chairpersons Terje Skeie - Welltec
The well intervention session will look at plug and abandonment from a riserless intervention, sustained intervention campaigns over a period of 10 years with riserless light well intervention, combining a surface jet pump with nitrogen lifting through coiled tubing, leakage calculator for plugged and abandoned wells, and finally; a novel strategy for restoring well integrity by curing high annulus-B pressure and zonal communication.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 185891 Production & Operations Plug and Abandonment Campaigns from a Riserless Light Well Intervention Vessels Provide Cost Savings for Subsea Abandonments T. Varne, E. Jørgensen, J. Gjertsen, ALTUS Intervention; L. Osugo, Qinterra Technologies; R. Friedberg, Island Offshore; O. Bjerkvik, E.C. Halvorsen, TechnipFMC
1430-1500 185914 Production & Operations Sustained Intervention Campaigns Over a Period of 10 Years with Riserless Light Well Intervention Vessels Enables North Sea Operator to Improve Operational Efficiency and Increase Recovery from its Subsea Fields T. Varne, E. Jørgensen, J. Gjertsen, ALTUS Intervention; L. Osugo, Qinterra Technologies; R. Friedberg, Island Offshore; E.C. Halvorsen, TechnipFMC
1530-1600 185912 Production & Operations Combining A Liquid Jet Compressor With Nitrogen Lifting Through Coiled Tubing For Logging A Low Pressure Horizontal Well K.M. John, M.L. Morkved, V. Kim, Maersk Oil; D. Stewart, READ Cased Hole Ltd; G.A. Short, Transvac; R. Ellis, TGT Oilfield Services
1600-1630 185890 Production & Operations Leakage Calculator for Plugged and Abandoned Wells
E.P. Ford, IRIS; F. Moeinikia, UiS; H.P. Lohne, O. Arild, M. Mansouri Majoumerd, IRIS; K. Fjelde, UiS
1630-1700 185911 Production & Operations Innovative Remediation Techniques for Restoring Well Integrity by Curing High Annulus-B Pressure and Zonal Communication
A.A. Ansari, B.M. Al-Azizi, ZADCO; A. Larsen, Hydrawell
14:00 - 17:00
06T  Completion SmÃ¥troll
Session Chairpersons John Erik Fallstrom - Halliburton
The completion session will cover, a traction tool for liners and sand screens, multistage stimulation technology, development and field wide implementation in a chalk field, next generation annular barrier verification systems, extended reach open hole gravel pack completion, electrical resistivity autonomous inflow control device (ER-AICD) and its application in gravel pack completions.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 185927 Completions A Traction Tool for Liners and Sand Screens E. Randeberg, H. Skadsem, D.J. Gardner, S. Stokka, IRIS; H. Kyllingstad, Hole In One Producer; T. Larsen, Wintershall; M. Mosesyan, Lukoil
1430-1500 181644 Completions Cemented and Cased Hole Multistage Stimulation Technology Development and Field Wide Implementation in a North Sea Chalk Oilfield C. Mehus, T. Sorheim, T. Koløy, P. Lønning, NOV Completion Tools
1530-1600 185897 Completions Next Generation Annular Barrier Verification System
V. Dagestad, J. BÃ¥rdsen, R. Reves Vasques, Welltec
1600-1630 185902 Completions Extended-Reach Open-Hole Gravel Pack Completion Under Multiple Complexities
V. Aggarwal, V. Gupta, S. Narayan, O.H. Shado, Schlumberger
1630-1700 185913 Completions Electrical Resistivity Autonomous Inflow Control Device (ER-AICD) and its Application in Gravel Pack Completions N.A. Jadhav, D.S. Zhambrovskii, University of Stavanger
14:00 - 17:00
07T  Drilling and ERD Peer Gynt
Session Chairpersons Peter Frank Smits - Statoil ASA
The Drilling and ERD session will cover presentations on optimising ERD wells, logging systems, directional surveying and cementing.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 181288 Overcoming Challenges, Improving Understanding, and Optimizing Liner Deployment in Long Laterals K.D. Mathisen, NOV; N.C. Decker, Hess Corp.; T. Sorheim, T. Koloy, Trican Completion Solutions
1430-1500 185895 Drilling The CHAOS-X Model and Uncertainty Values for Magnetic Directional Surveying E.V. Herland, Teknova AS; C. Finlay, N. Olsen, DTU Space; I. Edvardsen, Baker Hughes; E. Nordgård-Hansen, Teknova AS; K. Laundal, Teknova AS and Birkeland Centre for Space Science, University of Bergen; T.I. Waag, Teknova AS
1530-1600 185935 Drilling Drilling an ERD Well on the Statfjord Field, North Sea

S. Hussain, K.S. Dhaher, H.M. Bjoerneli, J.D. Blackburn, L.C. Monterrosa, Schlumberger; T. Jakobsen, G.O. Monsen, S. Haaland, J. Dahl, S. Østensen, Statoil ASA; K.K. Fjelde, University of Stavanger
1600-1630 185939 Drilling Ditch Magnets Removal of Steel Particles
G. Pattarini, University of Stavanger; K. Moe Strømø, Sunnhordaland Mekaniske Verksted AS; A. Saasen, P.A. Amundsen, University of Stavanger; J.E. Pallin, Sapeg AS Norway; H. Hodne, University of Stavanger
1630-1700 185893 Drilling Micro-sonde Well Logging System D.J. Gardner, IRIS Energy; M. Hjelstuen, Sintef Digital; T.R. Fallet, Siviling. Truls Fallet; S. Kragset, H. Lohne, IRIS Energy; K. Husby, F.R. Hamou, Ø.N. Stamnes, B. Belle, Sintef Digital
14:00 - 17:00
08T  Digital Oilfield and CO2 Troldtog
Session Chairpersons Jan-Erik Nordtvedt - Epsis AS
The digital oilfield and CO2 session will include cybersecurity risks and exposures to remote operations, offshore exploratory drilling in low oil price periods, maximising value creation from flexibility, CO2 Injection within CH4 hydrate, risk assessment method: how implementing an unconventional RTO center and digital risk analysis, experience transfer and well planning.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1430 185896 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Injection of CO2 into an Intact Methane Hydrate Reservoir K. Qorbani, B. Kvamme, T. Kuznetsova, University of Bergen
1430-1500 185928 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks and Exposures to Remote Operations N. Sretenovic, Sretenovic Consulting; O. Slijepcevic, University of Stavanger
1530-1600 185933 Production & Operations Well Integrity and Reliability Management in a Life Cycle Perspective K. Corneliussen, ExproSoft
1600-1630 185923 Management & Information Revisiting the Bow-Tie Risk Assessment Method: How Implementing an Unconventionals Real-Time Center Outside North America Redefined Workflow Design
P. Kowalchuk, S. Hashem, Halliburton
1630-1700 185918 Drilling Experience Transfer and Risk Analysis in Digital Well Planning M.B. Tvedt, Pro Well Plan