Monday, March 13

11:00 - 12:00
12:00 - 12:30
13:00 - 15:00
13:00 - 17:00
01TC  SPE DSATS / IADC ART Symposium
Moderator(s) Paul Francis - Fenten Ltd.

DSATS (SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section) and ART (IADC’s Advanced Rig Technology Committee) will hold a half-day symposium featuring two keynote presentations on automation and robotics.  The Programme will take place at the Huisman facility in Rotterdam and conclude with a tour of the unique Huisman Innovation (Drilling) Tower which has been built as a demo unit on the dockside.

Four industry leading speakers will address the state of the art drilling automation and robotics followed by a panel session.  

Confirmed keynote speakers:

- Space Robotics, Gianfranco Visentin, Head, Automation & Robotics Section, European Space Agency (ESA)
Confirmed Industry Speakers:
- The state of Drilling Automation compared to other industries, Ekaterina Minyaeva,  OTM 
- Continuous Motion Rig, Odd Skaerseth, CEO, WEST Group
- Drilling Automation Advances, Eric Quinlan, Huisman
- Shell’s Drilling Automation Project – SCADAdrill, Mark Anderson, Manager Drilling Mechanics Technologies, Shell

11.00 - 12.00 DSATS/IADC ART Symposium delegate badges (only) available to collect from Registration desk at the Conference Venue: World Forum
12.00 - 12.30 Buses depart from World Forum to Huisman Facility
12.30 - 13.00 Buses arrive at Huisman Facility
13.00 - 15.00 Start of Symposium
15.00 - 15.30 Coffee Break
17.00 - 19.00 End of Symposium & Start of Reception
19.00 - 19.30 End of Reception. Buses depart from Huisman Facility to the World Forum
19.30 - 19.40 Buses arrive at World Forum

Sponsors:  Huisman

Space is limited so be sure to register early which also ensures the early bird rate for members.  The meeting will be followed by a sponsored reception for symposium attendees. Registration opens mid-November 2016.

Register before 17 January to benefit from the early bird rates:
Pre-deadline: SPE: EUR 40
Non-SPE: EUR 45
Students: EUR 20

Please collect your badge at registration at the World Forum on Monday by 12.00. Buses will depart for the Huisman Facility directly from there. Access will be restricted to pre-registered attendees only and Identity Numbers will be required. Strictly no photography and cell phones will be required to be left at security upon arrival. 


15:00 - 15:30
17:00 - 19:00
19:00 - 19:30
19:30 - 19:40

Tuesday, March 14

09:00 - 10:15
01P  Opening Session and Keynote Address King William Alexander Theatre
Speaker(s) Ashok K Belani - Schlumberger
This session will include welcome speeches from the 2017 SPE/IADC Conference Chair, Leigh-Ann Russell, BP; 2017 SPE President, Janeen Judah, Chevron; 2017 IADC Chair, Andy Hendricks Patterson-UTI Energy; and the presentation of the SPE Drilling Engineering Award.

Keynote Speaker

Ashok K. Belani, Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger

Ashok Belani is Executive Vice President Technology, a position he assumed in August 2011. Belani is responsible for the Schlumberger Research, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technology, Lifecycle Management, Software Technology, and Information Technology. Since 2013, he has also led the Marketing, Sales and Account Management functions for Schlumberger. Prior to this appointment Belani served as president, Reservoir Characterisation and earlier as chief technology officer.

Belani joined Schlumberger as a field engineer in 1980 and worked for 10 years in different field positions in operations, sales, and management. He then transferred to product development and held positions in engineering, marketing and technique, and technology management. He served as vice president of Marketing and Product Development for Wireline and later as vice president of Marketing and Product Development for Oilfield Services. He later held the position of chief information officer of Schlumberger Limited. Between 2000 and 2004, Belani managed the Schlumberger semiconductor equipment business in California, where he led a leveraged buyout to a private equity firm, listed the company on Nasdaq as CEO, and then sold it to Credence Systems. Belani studied electrical engineering in India and holds a graduate degree in petroleum engineering from Stanford University. He serves on the Advisory Board for the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University, and the Board of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He also serves on the Board of Liquid Robotics Inc.

10:15 - 15:45
19  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 1 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1025 184663 Drilling A Study of the Dynamics of Lateral Fastline Vibrations A. Kyllingstad, NOV
1515-1525 184740 Drilling Recorded Dynamics Measurements While Coring Enhances Performance and Recovery

S. Jones, Scout Downhole/Sanvean Technologies; J. Sugiura, Scout Downhole; H. Wood, Canamera Coring
1530-1540 184645 Drilling New Innovative Underreamer Technology Simultaneously Drilled and Reamed with Two Activated Reamers S. Grymalyuk, M. Schimanski, Baker Hughes
10:15 - 15:40
20  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 2 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1025 184696 Production & Operations Ensuring Zonal Isolation during Abandonment with an Innovative Coiled Tubing Placement Technique

E. Tanoto, M.F. Jaffery, M. Pasteris, P.T. Habeahan, Schlumberger
1515-1525 184671 Drilling Improving the Structural Integrity and Sealability of Float Valves with Optimized Float Bore Design S.R. Holcomb, S.R. Gokhale, K. Lee, T H Hill Associates
10:15 - 15:40
21  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 3 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1015-1025 184734 Drilling Curved Nozzle Design for PDC Bits Enhances Hydraulics for Bit Cleaning and Cooling Improvements M. Schnuriger, B. Cuillier, D. Tilleman, K. Rose, Varel International Oil and Gas
1515-1525 184724 Drilling Efficiency Improvement in the Bakken Realized Through Drilling Data Processing Automation and the Recognition and Standardization of Best Safe Practices
W.J. Duffy, Statoil; J.M. Rigg, E.E. Maidla, TDE Petroleum Data Solutions, Inc
1530-1540 184733 Drilling Developing Remote Operations Capabilities in the US Land Market J. Huckeby, Halliburton, Sperry Drilling Services
10:30 - 12:30
01T  Case Studies Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Blaine Dow - Schlumberger, Liam Anthony Lines - Weatherford
Innovation abounds when our industry is pushed to the limits to drive efficiency. Each year, the committee identifies unique cases where a broad range of technology applications have resolved drilling challenges. This session will expose some of these applications, allowing our audience to see opportunities to adapt something new for their own challenges. Through repeat and repurpose of great ideas, efficiency across the industry will improve everyone's bottom line.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 184596 Production & Operations Case Study of Section Milling Run in Abrasive Salt Dome Formation and Technological Development for Multi-String Section Milling M.T. Smalley, C. Hay, D. Teale, M.A. Haq, Weatherford International
1100-1130 184667 Drilling Case History: How to Enable the Horizontal Development of Shallow Reservoirs W. Mathis, H. Strand, NeoDrill AS; G. Hollinger, OMV (Norge) AS
1130-1200 184626 Drilling A Case History of the First Drilling with Liner Application in Romania
A.M. Qureshi, OMV Petrom S.A.; S.M. Rosenberg, M.G. McGrath, M.Z. Tan, Weatherford
1200-1230 184708 Drilling Application of Deep Directional Resistivity Reservoir Mapping Tool on Arctic Field Development - Case Studies from the Goliat Field in the Barents Sea T. Gianbattista, Eni Norge; H. Wang, J. Denichou, Schlumberger
10:30 - 12:30
02T  Rigs and Rig Technology Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Igor Brucher - Transocean, Han J Tiebout - GustoMSC
The Rigs and Rig Technology session will highlight specific aspects related to drilling with real-time rig based surveillance, the application of closed-loop vision technology as applied to tripping operations, a concept called "floating factory" and an extreme wireline pull conveyance system for deepwater applications will complete this session.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 184615 Drilling A Real-Time Well-Site Based Surveillance and Optimization Platform for Drilling: Technology, Basic Workflows and Field Results G.S. Payette, B. Spivey, L. Wang, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; J.R. Bailey, ExxonMobil Development Company; D. Sanderson, XTO Energy; R. Kong, M. Pawson, A. Eddy, Pason Systems
1100-1130 184664 Drilling Tripping Operations Optimized Through Closed-Loop Vision Technology Y.S. Vintervold, M. Holmstrom, H.L. Rosano, NOV
1130-1200 184650 Drilling The Floating Factory Concept: Engineering Efficiencies Up Front to Reduce Deepwater Well Delivery Cost J. Hebert, Diamond Offshore
1200-1230 184621 Drilling Rethinking the Typical Line-Item DWOP Exercise: Does it Present a Complete Picture? P.O. Nwokoma, X. Knobben, Huisman Equipment BV
10:30 - 12:30
03T  Innovative Breakthroughs in Plug and Abandonment Technology Amazon
Session Chairpersons Thomas L Gee - Weatherford, Jim McNicol - Archer
This session will demonstrate innovative technologies and resources which have been developed for effective well abandonment operations. The presentations will introduce recent advances and the associated applications to deal with aging offshore assets in the oil and gas industry.
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1100 184653 Drilling Improved Through Christmas-Tree P&A Plug Placement with New Innovative Cementing Methodology
M. Olsen, T. Sætre, R. Hanssen, M. Waagen, Halliburton; B. Sirevaag, C. Lindanger, J. Gustafsson, Statoil
1100-1130 184716 Production & Operations Successful Multi-Well Deployment of a New Abandonment System for Major Operator T.A. Stokkeland, J. McNicol, Archer Oiltools; G. McWilliam, Maersk Oil UK
1130-1200 184675 Drilling True Self-Healing Geopolymer Cements for Improved Zonal Isolation and Well Abandonment X. Liu, M. Ramos, S.D. Nair, H.H. Lee, D. Espinoza, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin
1200-1230 184640 Drilling Development of Experimental Equipment and Procedures to Evaluate Zonal Isolation and Well Abandonment Materials

J. van Eijden, E. Cornelissen, F. Ruckert, Shell Global Solutions Int.; T. Wolterbeek, Utrecht University
13:45 - 17:15
04T  Drill Bits Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Danielle Moltz Fuselier - Hughes Christensen, Junichi Sugiura - Scout Downhole
Every well begins with the bit, which is an often overlooked critical driver of well completion costs - up or down. Drill bits have gone through dramatic upgrades and evolution cycles over the past 116 years to keep up with ever-increasing application and operating challenges. The papers in this session highlight the latest breakthroughs enabling drill bits to further push performance and become an active optimization tool to partner with the rest of the BHA. Stronger connections, in bit data capture and downhole adjustable components are just some of the incredible technologies revolutionizing the way new hole is made. In today’s cost conscious market, these innovations are more valuable than ever to complete wells and bring production online in less time.
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 184628 Drilling Drill Bit Connections: A Time for Change
S. Anderle, R.W. Arfele, B. Hinz, Halliburton; E. Shafer, ConocoPhillips
1415-1445 184676 Drilling Assuring Efficient PDC Drilling

D.A. Curry, R.C. Pessier, R. Spencer, Baker Hughes; M. Al Alawi, J.H. Wingate, BP; A. Kuesters, .
1445-1515 184736 Drilling Mitigating Drilling Dysfunctions and Enhancing Performance with Self-Adjusting Bit Technology: Analytical and Experimental Case Studies
J.R. Jain, G. Ricks, L.W. Ledgerwood III, A. Phillips, Baker Hughes Incorporated
1545-1615 184738 Drilling Drilling Dynamics Data Recorders Now Cost-Effective for Every Operator - Compact Embedded Sensors in Bit and BHA Capture Small Data to Make the Right Decisions Fast
S. Jones, Scout Downhole/Sanvean Technologies; J. Sugiura, Scout Downhole
1615-1645 184646 Drilling From Laboratory High Pressure, High-Temperature Technology to Field Success: A Case Study on New Anti-Balling Coating Development

B. Yu, A.J. Goodman, B. Hayes, J. Stevens, T. Vondenstein, R. Callais, Baker Hughes; J. Harvey, J. Honeycutt, J.S. Mcevers, Antero Resources; J.K. Lindsey, Talos Energy
1645-1715 184714 Drilling PDC Bit with Industry’s Largest Cutter Achieves Breakthrough Performance and Savings in Kuwait
B.D. Grimes, M.G. Omar, R. Lee, Baker Hughes; H.I. Almayyan, A. Al Sharhan, A.A. Malik, Kuwait Oil Company
13:45 - 17:15
05T  Tubulars Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Thomas Michael Redlinger - T H Hill Associates, Robello Samuel - Halliburton
This session explores performance and technical considerations for casing, tubing and drill pipe. The session will review advances in the performance limits as well as casing integrity design. Real word case studies will review the impact of coatings, casing make-up stresses, and connection performance in complex load situations.
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 184690 Drilling The Role of Phosphate Conversion Coatings in Make-up of Casing Connections
D. Ernens, E. van Riet, Shell Global Solutions; M.B. de Rooij, University of Twente; H. Pasaribu, W. van Haaften, Shell Global Solutions; D.J. Schipper, University of Twente
1415-1445 184614 Drilling Tubular Connection Integrity: A Comparison of Pipe Makeup Methods F. Amezaga, M. Liess, Weatherford
1445-1515 184703 Drilling Improving Casing Integrity by Induction Brazing of Casing Connections

D. Ernens, Shell Global Solutions; P.R. Hariharan, Shell International Exploration and Production; W. van Haaften, H. Pasaribu, Shell Global Solutions; M. Jabs, Shell International Exploration and Production; R.N. McKim, Shell Exploration and Production
1545-1615 184745 Drilling Innovative Drill Stem Rotary Shoulder Connection Designed for Cost Efficient Operations in the Most Challenging Drilling Environments M. Lafuente, Vallourec Drilling Products; F. Carrois, Vallourec Oil and Gas France
1615-1645 184689 Completions Maximizing Tubular Capacity and Well Integrity under Near-Yield Loading J. Nowinka, G. Meijer, Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc
1645-1715 184680 Drilling Development of New Pitting Acceptance Criteria Using Axi-assymetric Thread Models to Improve Service Life and Reduce Repair Costs of Rotary Shouldered Connections S.R. Gokhale, S. Oak, K. Lee, T H Hill Associates
13:45 - 17:15
06T  Data Analytics Amazon
Session Chairpersons Curtis Alan Cheatham - Weatherford, John Laurence Thorogood - Drilling Global Consultant
Data analytics is a new topic for this conference and represents a fast-growing technology trend in drilling. Papers are presented that discuss data aggregation in drilling operations including Human Machine Interface, real-time drilling optimization, education for "drilling engineers of the future" on big data analytics and automation, automated quantitative risk analysis for drilling operations plans, statistical methods using real-time sensor data for automatic fingerprinting, machine learning to reduce lost circulation, and automated trend monitoring, alerting leading to standardized best practices.
Time Paper # Presentation
1345-1415 184743 Drilling Human Factors Engineering in the Design and Deployment of a Novel Data Aggregation and Distribution System for Drilling Operations

M. Behounek, T.S. Thetford, Y. Yang, E. Hofer, M.D. White, Apache Corp; P. Ashok, A. Ambrus, D. Ramos, Intellicess Inc.
1415-1445 184739 Management & Information Future Workforce Education through Big Data Analysis for Drilling Optimization Y. Zhou, T. Baumgartner, G. Saini, P. Ashok, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin; M.R. Isbell, Hess Corporation; D.K. Trichel, formerly of Hess Corporation
1445-1515 184744 Drilling Real-Time Drilling Optimization and Rig Activity-Based Models Deliver Best-In-Class Drilling Performance: Case History D.R. Kumar, C. Jarrett, G. Smith, M.A. Smith, C.A. Cheatham, Weatherford; E.S. Kolstad, C.S. Brooks, Hawkwood Energy
1545-1615 184693 Drilling Use of Quantitative Risk Analysis Methods to Determine the Expected Drilling Parameter Operating Window Prior to Operation Start: Example from two Wells in the North Sea B. Daireaux, E. Cayeux, IRIS/DrillWell; S.T. Havardstein, ConocoPhillips; L.M. Stokland, Wintershall
1615-1645 184735 Management & Information Statistical Method for Error Prediction in Decision Support and Control Systems M. Aghito, SINTEF Petroleum Research
1645-1715 184741 Drilling Taking a Different Approach to Drilling Data Aggregation to Improve Drilling Performance

M. Behounek, E. Hofer, T.S. Thetford, M. White, Y. Yang, Apache Corp.; M. Taccolini, Tatsoft LLC

Wednesday, March 15

09:00 - 10:30
07T  Managing Major Accident Risk Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Karen Bashford-Provence - ConocoPhillips, John Laurence Thorogood - Drilling Global Consultant
Major accidents do untold damage to the Environment, our industry's reputation, putting our social licence to operate at risk and can threaten the viability of even the largest companies. Two of the papers deal with serious risks faced by our operations on a daily basis, that of well collisions which have been the cause of costly accidents in the past and, from a drilling contractor's perspective, how the ever present risk, not just of well control but also marine events, is managed in a logical and rigorous manner. The final paper describes how modern simulation technology helps to prepare teams that are engaged in managed pressure drilling operations to respond to unforeseen events.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184730 Drilling Well Collision Avoidance Management and Principles

S.J. Sawaryn, Consultant
0930-1000 184700 Drilling Real Time Engineering-based Simulation Training Addresses Risk in Managed Pressure Drilling
R. Rommetveit, eDrilling; I.A. Davidson, IANADAV LLC; M. Svendsen, eDrilling
1000-1030 184637 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility An Offshore Drilling Company's Approach to Process Safety Management
J.K. Gidley, D.L. Campbell, Atwood Oceanics, Inc.
09:00 - 10:30
08T  Cementing and Zonal Isolation I Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Martijn Bogaerts - Schlumberger, Iain Cooper - Schlumberger
As we move to increasingly more complex environments, we face escalating challenges in Cementing and Zonal Isolation. This session addresses innovative fluid designs and successful cementing practices, which contribute to achieving well integrity.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184613 Drilling Permeability Study of API Class G and B Cements Considering Seawater and WBM Contamination
J. Le Minous, D. Mutti, A. Bouvet, Perenco; I. Unanue Rodriguez, A. Chang, I.A. Massie, E. Xiao, E. Schnell, Halliburton
0930-1000 184631 Completions A Novel Rheological Hierarchy Optimization Methodology with Artificial Intelligence and Inverse Technique Improves Spacer Design
L. Xie, Z. Chen, S. Chaudhary, A.E. Alegria, Baker Hughes
1000-1030 184597 Drilling Specially Customized System for Cementing Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Casings - Development and Field Trials in a Geothermal Project N.R. Lummer, R. Block, Y. Yadigarov, Fangmann Energy Services
09:00 - 10:30
09T  Pressure and Flow Amazon
Session Chairpersons John Martin Clegg - Weatherford, Jonathan Paul Ruszka - Baker Hughes
Understanding, predicting, controlling and managing pressure in well construction is central to safe, reliable, efficient operations and delivery of a successful well. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the latest advances in this area is therefore of great interest to a broad range of technical professionals in the industry. In this session we will hear about breakthroughs in research, technology and regulatory requirements associated with pressure. This will include discussions on; the implications of new wording in documentation from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement on well control, advances in research associated with the prediction of gas carrying capacity of oil-based drilling fluids to aid earlier kick detection and a case study on the deployment of new reservoir isolation valve technology saving time and cost.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184706 Completions Interventionless Reservoir Isolation Valve Removes the Requirement for an Intermediate Completion: A Case Study

A. Edwards, E. Murdoch, C. Munro, Weatherford
0930-1000 184728 Drilling Challenges in Elastomer Technology for Drill-Through Equipment
M. Berckenhoff, R.J. Hack, Cameron
1000-1030 184710 Drilling Predicting Gas Loading Capability in Oil-based Drilling Fluids
J. Skogestad, H. Linga, K. Bjorkevoll, SINTEF Petroleum Research/DrillWell; A. Saasen, Aker BP
10:30 - 16:10
22  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 1 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1040 184737 Drilling Automated Trend-Based Alerting Enhances Real-Time Hazard Avoidance R. Mickens, D.R. Kumar, G.S. Smith, C. Cheatham, Weatherford
1040-1050 184681 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Proactive Safety Culture Leading to Reduced TRIR S. Robert, W.S. Fiffick, K. King, R. Guillory, Canrig Drilling Technology
1050-1100 184672 Drilling High Assurance on Barrier Placement and Evaluation for Deepwater Wells in Brazil V. Reveth, Schlumberger; G.C. Ortuno, Repsol S.A.; K.M. Bersaas, Statoil ASA; J.R. Contreras Escalante, Schlumberger; J. Barron, Repsol; F. Moretti, A.D. Antunes, Schlumberger
1545-1555 184720 Drilling The Silver Lining to Squeezing Salts: Practical Cased Hole Logging and Interpretation Method Determines if Mobile Formations Act as Annular Barriers for Plug and Abandonment Applications
D. Lavery, A. Imrie, Halliburton
1600-1610 184712 Drilling Going the Distance: Cement Wiper Plug Technology
T. LeBlanc, Weatherford
10:30 - 16:10
23  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 2 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1040 184605 Completions Improved Primary Cement Jobs and Mitigation of Sustained Casing Pressure Through the Use of Foamed Spacer Design Technology
A. Kumar, J.N. Gillies, R. Mehra, M. Pardeshi, A.J. Wilke, J. Li, Halliburton
1040-1050 184687 Drilling Minimization of Downhole Tool Failures Using Nash Equilibrium and Downhole Data W. Jiang, University of Houston; R. Samuel, Halliburton
1050-1100 184684 Drilling A New Analytical Model for Jarring Analysis
Y. Zhang, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1545-1555 184595 Drilling Drilling the World’s Longest 6-1/8 in. Offshore Sidetrack Completed With ICD Screen Partially Cemented System M.J. Aljubran, A.S. Al-Yami, Saudi Aramco
1600-1610 184627 Drilling Successful Deep Water Drilling (MPD), Early Kick Detection and Performing Managed Pressure Cementing With CML (Controlled Mud Level) System in GOM and North Sea B. Elahifar, Enhanced Drilling
10:30 - 14:55
24  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 3 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1040 184670 Drilling Changing the Chalk Drilling Paradigm in The Netherlands
S. Brands, Schlumberger; R. Bocquet, TOTAL; T. Matviykiv, A. van der Pouw Kraan, Schlumberger
1040-1050 184635 Drilling Inducing Axial Vibrations in Unconventional Wells: New Insights through Comprehensive Modeling J.K. Wilson, Scientific Drilling Intl., Texas A&M University; S.F. Noynaert, Texas A&M University
1050-1100 184669 Management & Information How Experience Transfer and Learning Can Lift Knowledge from Individuals to the Organizational Level P.A. Mathisen, AGR; M.A. Andersen, NOV
1545-1555 184729 Drilling Saving a Hole Section Through Real-Time Wellbore Stability Analysis O. Odunlami, C.M. Amorocho, Weatherford
11:00 - 13:00
10P  Technology and Energy Investment King William Alexander Theatre
Moderator(s) Paul de Leeuw - Oil and Gas Institute
Speaker(s) Mike Phillips - McLaren Applied Technologies, Jorn Madsen - Maersk Drilling, Kjell Jacobsen - Energy Ventures, James West - Evercore

Turmoil is often the perfect catalyst to drive innovation and new directions across any industry. This panel recognises that market adversity is an all too common reality in our business. It seeks to leverage the immediate challenges of today to create the breakthroughs of tomorrow by gathering together change-agents from a range of experience to generate a valuable discussion and insights into possible opportunities to improve our business model on the path ahead. Experts ranging from Formula 1 racing to start-up investors to a Drilling Contractor evolving from the world’s largest shipping company will be on-hand to discuss the key elements around innovation and development of game-changing ideas for oil & gas. What are the questions we be should asking ourselves as we wrestle with the long-term evolution of our business, all while trying to navigate the day to day challenges of the current market?

This panel will deliver new insights from some experts in delivering breakthrough strategic change in their field of operations. They will be highlighting views and ideas on the road ahead, and how we can maintain an efficient and profitable agenda, regardless of what happens to the oil price. In addition, the digital oilfield is fast becoming a real prospect to enable us to be a safer and more competitive industry. What can we learn from engaging with a mix of international experts who have lived through the digitalisation of their own industries? What does F1 racing and drilling for hydrocarbons have in common when it comes to investing in breakthrough technologies? And, how can we learn from a high-performance team of speakers to help make our own drilling operations better? 

These are but a few of the questions we look forward to tackling, and we hope that you will join the 2017 Drilling Conference panel session for a diverse, exciting learning opportunity which sparks conversation and moves our industry forward.

13:00 - 14:15
Young Professionals' Luncheon Onyx

Keynote Speakers:
Anchala Klein, VP, Wells, Global Wells Organisation, BP; Neil Saunders, CEO, Subsea Systems & Drilling, GE Oil & Gas 

Young professionals will have the chance to discuss industry and career topics with experienced professionals in a relaxed setting. Simply indicate that you are a young professional on the registration form to receive information about the luncheon.

Keynote Speakers


Neil Saunders, CEO, Subsea Systems & Drilling, GE Oil & Gas

Neil Saunders is responsible for all product lines, systems and global operations of the Subsea Systems & Drilling business unit. Prior to his current role, Neil was the Global Leader for Subsea Production Systems, with responsibility for product lines, systems, project execution and operations at GE’s major subsea-dedicated facilities, including Trees, Controls, Manifolds, Connection Systems and Power & Processing.

Neil has in-depth industry experience gained from a career spanning more than 25 years in upstream oil and gas. He initially joined GE through Vetco Gray within the Subsea Controls business in Nailsea (Bristol), before a move to Aberdeen in 2002. Five years later, Neil was appointed Senior Vice President for a newly formed Global Services business, first based in Houston, before returning to Aberdeen in 2009. Neil moved to the Subsea Production Systems Project office when it was established in Bristol in 2013. He continues to be based in the Bristol Project office and regularly works from the company’s Aberdeen and London offices.

Before joining Vetco Gray in 1991, Neil worked for British Aerospace. He has an MSc in Subsea Engineering from Cranfield University and an MBA from Henley Management College. Neil is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.

Anchala Klein, VP, Wells, Global Wells Organization, BP

Anchala Klein has 26 years industry experience in Wells services, engineering and operations. In the last 18 years Anchala has held technical and leadership roles across BP’s portfolio from deepwater developments to onshore exploration in the North Sea, Angola, Russia, North Africa and Australia as well as in Drilling Technology. Anchala holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Aeronautical Engineering from City University, London.

13:00 - 14:15
01L  YP Luncheon Onyx
Speaker(s) Anchala Klein - BP
14:15 - 17:45
10T  Drilling Dynamics and Mechanics Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Matthew Rhodes - BP Exploration Europe, Junichi Sugiura - Scout Downhole
While commodity prices stay low, it is ever more important to maximize value through improved drilling efficiency and the elimination of non-productive time during operations. Improving our understanding of downhole dynamics and mechanics enables earlier intervention and mitigation against equipment dysfunction or failure. This session showcases the advancement in various drilling dynamics and mechanics modelling, prediction, measurement and analysis techniques. Presentations on papers include; under-reamer performance/reliability improvement using downhole drilling mechanics measurement, torsional drillstring vibration modeling and control, a comparison of stick-slip mitigation tools, improved drilling friction tests, torque and drag prediction improvement from an enhanced understanding of the wellbore trajectory, and small-diameter tubing operational improvement with downhole WOB measurement.
Time Paper # Presentation
1415-1445 184674 Drilling Improving Reliability and Performance of Under-Reaming Operations
F.G. Valbuena, A.J. Belloso, R.C. Pessier, H. Oueslati, Baker Hughes
1445-1515 184697 Drilling Torsional Drillstring Vibration Modelling and Mitigation with Feedback Control C. Pehlivanturk, D. Chen, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin
1515-1545 184658 Drilling A Comparison of Stick-slip Mitigation Tools A. Kyllingstad, NOV
1615-1645 184657 Drilling Challenges and Solutions to the Correct Interpretation of Drilling Friction Tests E. Cayeux, H.J. Skadsem, B. Daireaux, IRIS/DrillWell; R. Holand, Statoil
1645-1715 184611 Drilling Improving Torque and Drag Prediction using the Advanced Spline Curves Borehole Trajectory M.F. Abughaban, A.W. Eustes, Colorado School of Mines; J.P. de Wardt, DE WARDT & COMPANY; M. Willerth, Scientific Drilling International
1715-1745 184634 Drilling Overcoming Marginal Load Limits in Small Diameter Tubing Operations by Using Strain Gauge Measurements
A. Mehta, C.N. Marland, N. Maharaj, H.E. Riise, Halliburton
14:15 - 17:45
11T  Cementing and Zonal Isolation II Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Martijn Bogaerts - Schlumberger, Iain Cooper - Schlumberger
This session encompasses analyses of both annular pressure build-up and cement logging from the Gulf of Mexico; theoretical, field and case studies of lost circulation and preventative and remedial actions, and descriptions of the latest cement displacement simulator tools to achieve the goal of Zonal Isolation and long-term Well Integrity.
Time Paper # Presentation
1415-1445 184725 Drilling Advancements in APB Mitigation for Thunder Horse Wells
R.A. Miller, A. Coy, G. Frank, A.T. Dondale, BP
1445-1515 184641 Drilling CO2 Self-Healing and Resistant Cement Technology: from Laboratory to the Field

B.S. Engelke, Schlumberger; C.R. de Miranda, Petrobras; F. Daou, D. Petersen, S.A. Aponte, F. Oliveira, L.M. Sarcos Ocando, Schlumberger; A.F. Conceição, Petrobras; D.J. Guillot, Schlumberger
1515-1545 184604 Drilling Logging-While-Drilling in Cased Hole to Validate Top of Cement Saving Days of Rig Time: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Case Studies
F. Michel, B. Robbins, S. Kizziar, N. Laroussi, Halliburton; G.G. Donovan, M.O. Ehiwario, R. Fike, J.C. Garrett, G.A. Fuller, Shell Offshore, Inc.
1615-1645 184677 Drilling New Generation 3D Simulator Predicts Realistic Mud Displacement in Highly Deviated and Horizontal Wells P.M. Tardy, N.C. Flamant, E. Lac, A. Parry, C. Sri Sutama, S.P. Baggini Almagro, Schlumberger
1645-1715 184673 Drilling Understanding Lost Circulation While Cementing: Field Study and Laboratory Research E. Therond, BP; S. Taoutaou, S.G. James, P.W. Way, Schlumberger; P. Gomes, A. Dondale, BP
1715-1745 184702 Drilling Advanced Modeling of Cement Displacement Complexities S. Enayatpour, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin
14:15 - 17:45
12T  Managed Pressure Amazon
Session Chairpersons Crispin Chatar - Schlumberger, Martyn Ian Greensmith - Merlin ERD
The industry continues to improve on pressure management technology moving from concept investigation phase to innovations of proven designs. Managed pressure is becoming more accepted with growing concerns of wellbore integrity, well control and tighter pressure windows. This session continues along this path with case studies, lessons learnt and new innovations moving toward that direction. Attendees will find a wide range of interesting pressure related topics from multiple ends of the spectrums; from using downhole pressure readings to make decisions in real time to using the data for post well analysis; from Deepwater projects to Extended reach projects or from novel adaptive systems to demystifying existing systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
1415-1445 184721 Drilling API Specification 16 RCD: Demystifying Rotating Control Device Manufacturing Specifications for Operations B. Dow, C. Kamps, J. Cremer, J. Conn, A. Mettai, Schlumberger
1515-1545 184633 Drilling MPD Applicaton on ERD Well Offshore Venezuela - Managing Bottom Hole Pressure within Narrow Window in a Faulted Limestone Formation with an Static Underbalanced Drilling Fluid R. Martinez, M. Scotto, G. Mendez, F. Santaniello, M. Reda, CARDON-IV; F. Rojas, F. Bustos, J.R. Tang, J.E. Rojas, S.P. Borges, D. Richards, Schlumberger
1615-1645 184649 Drilling Model-based Control in Managed Pressure Drilling J. Stakvik, C. Berg, G. Kaasa, R. Graham, Kelda Drilling Controls; A. Torrealba, Reform Energy Services
1645-1715 184619 Drilling Enhanced Formation Integrity Test (FIT) Interpretation and Decision Making Through Real-time Downhole Pressure Measurements S.O. Jebutu, Baker Hughes; M. Silbernagel, Shell; B.C. Dugas, R. Lamborn, O. Akimov, Baker Hughes
1715-1745 184632 Drilling Coiled Tubing Cementing Operation Using MPD Technique in a HP/HT Well E. Mammadov, N. Osayande, A. Yousefi Sadat, M. Murtaza, Weatherford Canada
17:45 - 20:30
Special Session: Addressing the Gender Gap Onyx
Moderator(s) Oonagh Werngren MBE, current Chair of The Girls’ Network
Speaker(s) Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for NOV; Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro, a successful start-up geared at supporting women in Energy; Olav Skår, Shell Global Solutions International

Talking Points

What does diversity really look like?

How do we promote change?

How do we proactively address the gender gap?


The 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos marked a major change in the commitment of CEO’s to ensuring the delivery of a more diverse workforce in the oil and gas industry. By signing up to a 7-point plan twenty of the world’s leading oil and gas companies and their suppliers have committed to changing the way they recruit, retain and promote talented women in the workplace.

At this special event we invite companies to tell us what good practise looks like as the industry strives to turn itself around. Participants will gain insight into what good leadership looks like and how companies set goals to deliver on aspirations. Come and see how to build a successful pipeline of talented women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Find out how top companies deliver an inclusive corporate culture and a great working environment without destroying work life balance.

These issues are important for all members of the Drilling and Completions Community and we invite you to participate in this interactive session to learn more about what you could be doing to address the gender gap.

Session Chair

Oonagh Werngren MBE, current Chair of The Girls’ Network

Oonagh Werngren is Chair of Trustees for The Girls’ Network, an award winning charity that provides mentors to girls and young women from disadvantaged backgrounds. A keen advocate of diversity in the work place she aims to highlight best practise following the 2016 Davos Agreement to address the significant gender gap within the energy industry.
Oonagh is a former Operations Director at Oil & Gas UK responsible for establishing pan- industry projects to increase production in the UKCS and had a crucial role in setting up the Government funded Seismic Programmes for Rockall and the MNSH. Prior to that she held leadership roles in Wells, Developments and Technology for BP, GDF SUEZ, Arco and Tricentrol.

Oonagh is a former President of the PESGB (the 2nd woman to hold the position in 52 years) and has held positions as Non- Executive Director for both OGIC and ITF. She was awarded an MBE in the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to the oil and gas industry.


Hege Kverneland, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for NOV

Hege received an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science in 1990 and graduated from the General Management Program (GMP) in Harvard Business School in 2009.
Hege has more than 20 years of engineering and product management experience, contributing to quality assurance, research, and product development for NOV. While at NOV, she contributed many new product developments such as a new mud pump design, different PM-motor designs, heave compensation systems and automated drilling systems. She has served on several SPE / IADC committees, and is currently holding the position as Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NOV.

Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro, a successful start-up geared at supporting women in Energy.

Katie Mehnert is the Founder and Chief Everything Officer of Pink Petro™, the global community and career resource aimed at disrupting the energy gender gap. Supported by Shell, Halliburton, KPMG, and JIVE Software, Pink Petro has a growing list of international accolades including members in 31+ countries and over 500 companies.
Katie has 19 years of delivering change, learning, and culture transformations. A Who’s Who in Energy and Top 40 under 40 honoree, Katie has held global leadership roles with industry giants BP and Shell in health and safety during periods of financial crisis, spills, divestment, and globalization. Prior to Big Oil, she hailed consulting roles de-risking and driving change at Duke Energy, Waste Management, Entergy, and Enron. Her chaotic imperfect corporate path drove her to build Pink Petro to deal with the looming talent and reputational crisis ahead.

Katie serves on the Board of Directors of the Junior Achievement, Offshore Energy Center, and Ellevate Network. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Communications, Rice University’s Executive Energy program and The Center for Houston’s Future.

Olav Skår, Shell Global Solutions International

Building on an international career spanning some 27 years, Olav was recently appointed to the position of Global Wells Learning Manager at Shell.
His previous role was as the General Manager for Wells operations in UK/Ireland, where he also made significant cross-industry contributions through the Oil and Gas UK Wells Forum. Previous roles in countries like Qatar, Algeria, Netherlands, Syria, Norway, Thailand, New Zealand and the UK have been in diverse operational settings, covering all relevant aspects of Wells planning and operations. He maintains an active desire to work the improvement agenda cross industry.
Olav believes that Diversity and Inclusiveness are key enablers for excellence in our industry, and that we are a force for good when we get it right. His aspiration is to get the best out of what every individual brings, and looks to his team for inspiration in that quest. He has rarely been disappointed.

Olav and his partner of some 25 years, Alexandra, have 4 busy boys. Many adjectives have been used to describe the home situation, boring is not one of them! His claim to fame is to have played the Royal Albert Hall as a young(er) percussionist. The key challenge at the moment is to balance the buzz of work with love for family and a desire to stay fit. 


Sponsored By: 

Thursday, March 16

09:00 - 12:30
13T  Drilling Fluids and Geomechanics Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Graham Mensa-Wilmot - Chevron, Sabine C. Zeilinger - Exxon Mobil
The drilling fluid technical session explores new developments in drilling fluids and geomechanics, such as wellbore strengthening, interpretation of fracture integrity tests and subsidence. A paper on the role of nano-particles, as used for shale stabilization, promises to advance the understanding of these new additives in drilling fluids. The alternate paper presentations offer great opportunities to explore more fluid-related topics in drilling, with emphasis on hole cleaning, and geomechanics.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184699 Completions Novel Techniques for Modelling Re-Fracturing in Tight Reservoirs

H. Shaikh, E-Tech Consulting Services; S.C. Iwuoha, University of Calgary; A. Islam, Consultant
0930-1000 184661 Drilling Improved Wellbore Stability on Tor/Ekofisk Wells through Shale-Fluid Compatibility Optimization E. van Oort, EVO Energy Consulting; C. Pasturel, J. Bryla, F.P. Ditlevsen, Maersk Oil
1000-1030 184609 Drilling Geomechanics of Wellbore Strengthening Revisited: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Approach
With Field Case Studies

A. Mehrabian, S. Savari, D.L. Whitfill, Halliburton; Y.N. Abousleiman, University of Oklahoma
1100-1130 184685 Drilling A Simple Method for Identifying Fracture Initiation Pressure
R.N. Naidu, M. Rylance, BP
1130-1200 184602 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Nonlinear Regression Analysis and System Stiffness Approach for Formation Integrity Test Interpretation

S. Moi, L.A. Carlsen, H.J. Skadsem, IRIS; M.A. Islam, O.A. Helstrup, Statoil
1200-1230 184603 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 4-D Geomechanics to Predict Compaction and Subsidence for Development of Unconsolidated Sandstone Reservoirs: Fortuna Project Case Study, Offshore Equatorial Guinea S. French, Ophir Energy; R. Puspitasari, Schlumberger; A. Isherwood, P. Cox, Ophir Energy; R. Marsden, Marsden Rock Consulting; M.N. Mbang, GE Petrol; C.P. Tan, Z. John, Schlumberger
09:00 - 12:30
14T  Well Control Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Eric Edgar Maidla - ProNova
This session will discuss well control procedures and technology and blowout control. Papers presented in this section will cover blowout control challenges of pad drilling and production, kick tolerance and frictional pressure losses, gas absorption by drilling fluids, well control barriers management and integration of human factors into well control operations, documentation and training. An additional paper will present an improved thixotropic barrier fluid.
Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184656 Drilling Blowout Control Challenges of Pad Drilling and Production: A Case History with Lessons Learned
A. Haghshenas, A.J. Cuthbert, L. Portillo, Boots & Coots-A Halliburton Service
0930-1000 184648 Drilling Integrating Human Factors Into Well Control
J. Odgaard, T. Morton, Maersk Drilling
1000-1030 184668 Drilling A Systems Approach to Well Control Barrier Management During Drilling Operations
J.L. Thorogood, Drilling Global Consultant LLP
1100-1130 184686 Drilling Gas Influx into Drilling Fluids during Flow Check Operations as Affected by Gas Absorption Characteristics of the Drilling Fluid

H. Linga, K. Bjorkevoll, J. Skogestad, SINTEF Petroleum Research/DrillWell; A. Saasen, Aker BP
1130-1200 184655 Drilling Kick Tolerance and Frictional Pressure Losses. Added Safety or Added Risk?
I. Mosti, D.R. Morrell, B. Anfinsen, W. Szemat Vielma, K. Nergaard, Schlumberger
1200-1230 184625 Drilling Improved Thixtotropic Barrier Fluid J.K. Turner, W. Shumway, J. Ramirez, R. Lovorn, F. Cedeno, Halliburton; G. Mendez, Cardon IV S.A.
09:00 - 12:30
15T  Downhole Tools Amazon
Session Chairpersons Thomas L Gee - Weatherford, Martyn Ian Greensmith - Merlin ERD

A generic session title to highlight some innovative, as well as a new look at some existing technologies, in all aspects of downhole tools.

Time Paper # Presentation
0900-0930 184683 Drilling Horizontal Drilling with Dual Channel Drill Pipe O.M. Vestavik, J. Thorogood, Reelwell; E. Bourdelet, Total; B. Schmalhorst, J. Roed, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
0930-1000 184665 Drilling RED: Revolutionary Drilling Technology for Hard Rock Formations M. Wiercigroch, S. Vaziri Hamaneh, M. Kapitaniak, University of Aberdeen
1000-1030 184718 Drilling Real-Time Borehole Condition Monitoring using Novel 3D Cuttings Sensing Technology R. Han, P. Ashok, M. Pryor, E. van Oort, The University of Texas at Austin; P.D. Scott, I. Reese, K. Hampton, ConocoPhillips
1100-1130 184717 Drilling New Optical Sensor System for Improved Fluid Identification and Fluid Typing During LWD Sampling Operations
A. Cartellieri, T. Kischkat, S. Sroka, M. Meister, Baker Hughes
1130-1200 184688 Drilling Predicting Rotor-Stator Fit in Positive Displacement Motors (PDMs) A. Alvarez, J. Boscan, Weatherford
1200-1230 184662 Completions New Gas-Tight (V0) Packoff Stage-Cementing Equipment Provides Reliable Solution for Wellbore Integrity and Significant Reduction in Rig Time M. Al Aziz, ADMA-OPCO; A.M. Khallaf, L. Urdaneta Nava, J. Jacob, D.B. Farley, S. Shaker, Weatherford
10:30 - 11:00
25  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 1 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1040-1050 184707 Drilling Degassing Rate of Drilling Fluid Base Oils as Exposed to Depressurisation and Drill String Rotation
A. Grimstad, H. Linga, O. Haave, SINTEF Petroleum Research; A. Saasen, Aker BP
1050-1100 184660 Drilling CFD Modelling of Observed Cuttings Transport in Oil-based and Water-based Drilling Fluids S. Sayindla, Norwegian University of Science and Technology; B. Lund, J. Ytrehus, SINTEF Petroleum Research; A. Saasen, Aker BP
10:30 - 11:00
26  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 2 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1040 184624 Drilling Integrated and Longest Directional Casing While Drilling Mitigates Hole Problems and Improves Drilling Performance While Saving Drilling Time

V. Radhakrishnan, Bits & Drilling Tools Schlumberger; G. Hevia Garcia, D. Barrero Borge, N. Teratanatorn, Navalarp Coastal Energy; D. Ian Pickup, Bits & Drilling Tools; F. Dwi Anggraini, C. Kongoun, D&M
1040-1050 184709 Completions Remote Toe Isolation in ERD Wells Using an RFID-Actuated Circulating Toe Sleeve (CTS): A case study K. Vazquez, E. Murdoch, Weatherford
1050-1100 184711 Drilling Characterization and Mitigation of Mud Motor Vibrations
A. Hohl, Baker Hughes Solutions; C. Hohl, Baker Hughes Inc.; C. Herbig, Baker Hughes Solutions; H. Oueslati, Baker Hughes; H. Reckmann, Baker Hughes Inc
10:30 - 11:00
27  Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations - Station 3 Amazon Foyer
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1040 184678 Drilling MWD Surveying Enhancement Techniques and Survey Management Workflows Applied at a Barents Sea Field for Accurate Wellbore Positioning

L.C. Monterrosa, M. Ferreira Rego, J.D. Blackburn, Schlumberger
1040-1050 184620 Drilling The Value of High-Definition Wellbore Surveys in an Arctic Land Environment

V. Bevzenko, C. Chatar, M. Gorichka, A. Kuznetsov, Z. Abzalov, Schlumberger
1050-1100 184692 Drilling Experimentally Validated First-Principles Multivariate Modelling for Rheological Study and Design of Complex Drilling Nanofluid Systems D. Gerogiorgis, S. Reilly, University of Edinburgh; Z. Vryzas, V.C. Kelessidis, Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ)
13:30 - 16:30
16T  Directional Drilling Yangtze
Session Chairpersons Mohammad H Al-Hattab - Saudi Arabian Oil Company, John Martin Clegg - Weatherford
Directional drilling in all its forms is continually evolving as new reservoir challenges and remote surface locations face us. In addition, wellbore profiles are playing a more important role, not only in the ability to drill further with more complex designs, but also in reducing costs over the life of the well. In this session, we have a selection of papers which encompass many aspects of this complex art form.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 184654 Drilling Transformation Of Mindset - Cost-Effective Collaborative Well Engineering & Operation Delivers Record Horizontal Appraisal Well in the Barents G.H. Hollinger, S. Trauner, OMV (Norge) AS; C. Dupuis, A.S. Wendt, Schlumberger; D.H. Breivik, O.H. Myrvoll, OMV (Norge) AS
1400-1430 184639 Drilling Introduction of New Drilling Technology Provides Continuous High Build Rate Capability on a Complex ‘Corkscrew’ Well Trajectory, Accessing Unswept Reserves in the North Sea

S. Krueger, R. Sharpe, W. Attridge, J.P. Ruszka, Baker Hughes
1430-1500 184666 Drilling Reliable Mud-Pulse Telemetry System for High-Resolution Real-Time Logs

A. Greten, I. Ben Brahim, W. Emmerich, O. Akimov, Baker Hughes
1500-1530 184647 Drilling Successful Application of a New Inertial Steering Mode of Point-the-Bit RSS in Middle East Field F. Li, M. Balka, A. Al-Ghazzawi, Schlumberger
1530-1600 184644 Drilling Quantification of Wellbore Collision Probability by Novel Analytic Methods
J. Bang, Gyrodata
1600-1630 184651 Drilling Maximizing Extended Reach Drilling Efficiency With Unconventional Thinking
G. Hooff, Cenovus; S.R. Hinke, Halliburton
13:30 - 16:30
17T  Advancements in Completion and Intervention Technology Lowers Well Costs Mississippi
Session Chairpersons Thomas L Gee - Weatherford, Jim McNicol - Archer
This session offers a broad range of Completion and Intervention Technologies that provide both greater safety in operations as well overall lower well costs. The presentations range from case studies, modeling/simulation and various breakthroughs in technology.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 184629 Completions Case History: A Decade of Experience using Intelligent Completions for Production Optimization and Water Shut-off in Multilateral Wells in the World’s Largest Oilfield

A. Dulaijan, M.S. Shenqiti, K.O. Ufondu, B.S. Zahrani, K.K. Abouelnaaj, Saudi Aramco; M. Shafiq, Schlumberger
1400-1430 184618 Completions Modeling and Simulation of Annular Pressure Buildup (APB) in a Deepwater Wellbore with Vacuum-Insulated Tubing
Y. Kang, A.C. Gonzales, Z. Liu, R. Samuel, Halliburton
1430-1500 184608 Completions Reducing Well Costs and Extending Field Life With Intelligently Controlled Trilateral and Quadrilateral TAML Level-5 Multilaterals
M.C. Glaser, B. Butler, G. Liland, Halliburton
1500-1530 184704 Completions Subsea Installation of an Interventionless Annular Safety Valve Reduces Operational Time: A Case Study

E. Sirevåg, Ø. Torsteinbø, E. Murdoch, Weatherford
1530-1600 184636 Production & Operations Innovative Testing of Mills and Wellhead Freeze Implemented on Offshore High-Rate 10,000 psi Gas Well

R. Haymes Jr., Saudi Aramco; K. Imtiaz, Weatherford; C. Mazzella, Wild Well Control
1600-1630 184726 Completions An Industry-First 7-5/8 in. Drill Pipe Like Tubular Facilitates Deep Offshore Completions and Interventions by Saving Time and Reducing Cost K. Corbin, T. Begnaud, Chevron; G. Elliott, L. Sanclemente, J. Babineaux, J.N. Brock, Workstrings International; G. Plessis, A. Muradov, NOV
13:30 - 16:30
18T  Drilling Automation Amazon
Session Chairpersons John P de Wardt - DE WARDT & CO., Robin Andrew Macmillan - National Oilwell Varco
Drilling automation is fast becoming one of the top technology advances in current times. DNV Technology Outlook 2025 stated "Automated drilling technology is expected to reduce drilling time and cost by 30-50% compared with a conventional rig making more wells economically feasible, enabling drilling of smaller targets and adding a higher number of infill production wells". Companies are investing in specific applications as well as complete systems involving specifically designed rigs and fully integrated control systems. This session provides significant insight into these advances including an operator's perspective on the necessary collaboration and a closed loop system using downhole data to drive surface machinery. The session adds further insight with transitioning the directional driller from the rig site, alarm management, improving bottom hole pressure control and an advanced system for displaying torque and drag for the driller to improve performance.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 184695 Drilling Development to Delivery - A Collaborative Approach to Implementing Drilling Automation
R.R. Israel, J. Farthing, H. Walker, BP; R. Gallo Covarrubias, J. Bryant, Schlumberger; C. Vahle, KCA Deutag Drilling GmbH
1400-1430 184694 Drilling World First; "Closed Loop Downhole Automation" Combined with “Process Automation System” Provides Integrated Drilling Automation in the Permian Basin A.P. Pink, NOV; D. Cuku, PDC; S.J. Pink, V. Chittoor, A.C. Goins, B. Facker, R.J. Hanford, NOV
1430-1500 184682 Drilling Transitioning the Directional Driller Off the Rig
G. Hildebrand, Schlumberger; A.M. Torre, J.C. Hopewell, Precision Drilling; L. Olesen, Pason Systems
1500-1530 184659 Drilling Pragmatic Analytics of Control System Alarms for Improved Drilling Performance and Equipment Maintenance C.A. Goetz, Kingston Systems LLC
1530-1600 184610 Drilling Improved Bottomhole Pressure Control with Wired Drillpipe and Physics-Based Models J. Park, T.R. Webber, Brigham Young University; R. Asgharzadeh Shishavan, Occidental Petroleum Corporation; J. Hedengren, Brigham Young University
1600-1630 184691 Drilling A Synchronized Rigsite-to-Office Approach to the Management of Automated Torque and Drag Data R.J. Borjas, A. Creegan, A.A. Perdomo, NOV; J. Caraway, 3ROC