SPE Europec featured at 79th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 12 - 15 Jun 2017 Paris Expo at Porte de Versailles Paris, France


Monday, June 12

08:00 - 17:00
Pressure Transient Analysis
Instructor(s) Tim Whittle

Pressure transient data may be acquired from wells during exploration, appraisal and production.  Each data set provides important dynamic information that facilitates the decision making process at the various phases of reservoir development.

The course will summarise the fundamentals of pressure transient analysis and discuss some of the recent advances including deconvolution. Emphasis will be placed on the value of information.

The course will combine explanations of theory (with course notes), worked examples (using Excel) and presentation of real case examples from both oil and gas reservoirs.

Tuesday, June 13

08:30 - 12:10
01  Well Performance Room C3
Session Chairpersons Marco Brignoli - Eni E&P, Benjamin B Stewart - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 185768 Production & Operations The Impact Of Increase In Lateral Length On Production Performance Of Horizontal Shale Wells G. Yuan, P. Dwivedi, C.K. Kwok, R. Malpani, Schlumberger
0855-0920 185791 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Synthetic Fluid Selection for High-Pressure Gas Condensate Flow Tests K. Singh, PERA; C.H. Whitson, NTNU and PERA
0920-0945 185866 Drilling Harsh Environment Logging-While-Drilling Tools Enhance Well Performance in North Sea HPHT Wells
I.A. Lunney, A. Duriez, T.H. Solbakk, Halliburton; M.B. Skaug, T. Brian, TOTAL
0945-1010 185795 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Step Rate Test as a Way to Understand Well Performance in Fractured Carbonates A. Shchipanov, L. Kollbotn, IRIS; M. Prosvirnov, ConocoPhillips
1030-1055 185788 Completions Extension of an Empirical Wormhole Model for Carbonate Matrix Acidizing Through Two-Scale Continuum 3D Simulations M. Palharini Schwalbert, Petrobras and Texas A&M University; D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University
1055-1120 185812 Completions Maximizing the Value of Matrix Acidizing Treatments in Carbonate Reservoirs R.M. Shirley, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University; E.P. DaMotta, Texas A&M University At Qatar
1120-1145 185879 Completions Simulation of the Effect of Non-uniform Proppant Distribution on Well Productivity in Shale Gas Reservoirs T. Hou, S. Zhang, D. Li, X. Ma, China University of Petroleum, CUPB
1145-1210 185815 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Harmonic Pulse Testing for Well and Reservoir Characterization

P.A. Fokker, TNO; E. Salina Borello, F. Verga, D. Viberti, Politecnico di Torino
08:30 - 12:10
02  Reservoir Characterisation (joint with EAGE) Room D1
Session Chairpersons Tim M Whittle - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1120-1145 185865 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Updating Reservoir Simulation Models with Well Test Information for Reduction of Uncertainties in Early Field Development S. Toledo, Petrobras; G.D. Avansi, D.J. Schiozer, Unicamp
1145-1210 185833 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Rock and Fluid Characterization Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Systems Data B. Xu, F. Forouzanfar, University of Tulsa
13:30 - 17:10
03  Integrated Asset Development (joint with EAGE) Room D1
Session Chairpersons Heikki Armas Jutila - Phoenix RDS Ltd
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1555 185764 Drilling Utilization of Monitoring, Inspection, and Evaluation Technology in Safeguarding Pipe Integrity for Coiled Tubing Drilling Operations Z. Liu, K. Wiranata, A. Ridene, H. Wortmann, R. Bucher, G. Campbell, S. Bulloch, Y. Chaari, Schlumberger
1555-1620 185834 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Assessment of Biogenic Souring and Its Inhibition in a MEOR Field Pilot
H. Alkan, F. Kögler, Wintershall Holding GmbH; N. Dopffel, BASF SE
1620-1645 185830 Management & Information Managing Change through “Center Of Excellence” Implementation for the Upstream Oil Sector in Kuwait
N.K. Al-Zeabot, A.Y. Al-Kandari, Kuwait Oil Company
1645-1710 185850 Completions Non-intrusive Measurement of Sand Production in Boyhai Bay Using Vibration Sensor Method K. Wang, G. Liu, J. Zhang, J. Du, China University of Petroleum
Alternate 185882 Production & Operations Integrated Asset Modeling through Optimization of Multiple Reservoirs using Next-Generation Reservoir Simulators C. Temizel, Aera Energy; R. Ranjith, A. Suhag, K. Balaji, University of Southern California; D.F. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; O. Saracoglu, Consultant
13:30 - 17:10
04  Rejuvenating Mature Fields (joint with EAGE) Room D2
Session Chairpersons Francisco Porturas - Scanviz
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1555 185873 Completions Channel Fracturing Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Stimulation of Tight Reservoir and Unlock Production Potential
M. Salah, Khalda Petroleum; M. El-Sebaee, T. Batmaz, Schlumberger
1555-1620 185763 Completions A Case History - A New Stimulation Technique Enables Sustained Production Enhancement in Mature Lenticular Reservoir
L. Precupanu, OMV Petrom SA; A. Mocanu, J. Abbott, Schlumberger; A. Dragomir, OMV Petrom SA; N.I. Sarbu, Schlumberger; C.I. Calin, OMV Petrom SA
1620-1645 185870 Production & Operations Re-Development of an Onshore Mature Oil Field to Double Gross Production by the use of Sensor-Equipped Electrical Submersible Pumps
I. Giden, B. Kometer, P. Buerssner, OMV Austria E&P GmbH; L. Lobianco, Schlumberger
1645-1710 185872 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Water Injection Analysis for a Giant Brown Field

A. Ortega, S. Renna, G. Fanello, C. Callegaro, I. Bergamo, Eni; O. Yehia, Petrobel
Alternate 185838 Drilling Increasing Drilling Operational Margins of an Onshore Mature Field in Pakistan by Including a Dynamic Drilling Modeling Approach W.E. Szemat Vielma, Schlumberger; R.A. Quijada, D. Feltracco, V. Mittiga, Eni; I. Mosti, K. Nergaard, Schlumberger
13:30 - 15:10
13  Knowledge Sharing ePosters - Unconventional Resources ePoster area 6
Session Chairpersons Carolina Maria Coll - Independant Consultant, Francisco Porturas - Scanviz
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 185881 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Using Least Square Support Vector Machines to Approximate Single Phase Flow H. Zhong, K. Wu, D. Ji, Z. Chen, University of Calgary
1355-1420 185805 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development of a Parallel Simulator Utilizing Multiple Interacting Continua and Embedded Discrete Fracture Models in Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs K. Wang, H. Liu, J. Luo, Z. Chen, University of Calgary
1420-1445 185783 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling of CO2 Flooding and Huff and Puff Considering Molecular Diffusion and Stress-Dependent Deformation in Tight Oil Reservoir T.H. Kim, J. Cho, K.S. Lee, Hanyang University
15:30 - 17:10
14  Knowledge Sharing ePosters - EOR ePoster area 6
Session Chairpersons Francesca Verga - Politecnico di Torino, Tim M Whittle - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1530-1555 185823 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Evaluation of Polymer Viscoelasticity during Flow in Porous Media: Elongational and Shear Analysis M. Tahir, R.E. Hincapie, M. Be, L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology
1555-1620 185851 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Compaction and Dilation Effects on Polymer Flood Performance
D. Wang, University of North Dakota; R. Seright, New Mexico Tech; K. Moe Soe Let, K. Bhoendie, W.R. Paidin, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V.
1620-1645 185832 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding: What Happens at the Pore Scale? Y. Alzahid, P. Mostaghimi, M.E. Warkiani, R.T. Armstrong, The University of New South Wales; V. Joekar-Niasar, N. Karadimitriou, The University of Manchester
1645-1710 185789 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Next-Generation Supramolecular Assemblies as Displacement Fluids in EOR C. Yegin, Texas A&M University; M. Zhang, Frontida Biopharm; A. Suhag, R. Ranjith, K. Balaji, Z. Peksaglam, University of Southern California; D. Thanon, Texas A&M University; D.F. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; Z. Wijaya, HESS; O. Saracoglu, Consultant; C. Temizel, Aera Energy

Wednesday, June 14

08:30 - 12:10
05  Decision Risk Analysis (joint with EAGE) Room D1
Session Chairpersons Thomas Schaaf - ENGIE
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 185841 Management & Information Assessing the Value of Information According to Attitudes Towards Downside Risk and Upside Potential S.G. Santos, D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas
1055-1120 185829 Management & Information Decision Risk Analysis to Evaluate Uncertainty on the Percentage of Sharing Between Oil Companies and Government at Brazilian Production Sharing Contracts J.H. Nascimento, National Agency of Petroleum - ANP; D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas
1120-1145 185800 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Simultaneous Bayesian Estimation of Channelized Facies and Reservoir Properties under Prior Uncertainty Y. Zhao, F. Forouzanfar, University of Tulsa
1145-1210 185811 Drilling Drilling Risk Migration Based on Borehole Failure Mechanism Analysis from Oil-base Mud Images: A Case Study from West of Shetland, North Sea S. Yang, C. Liu, I. Le Nir, T. Zhang, R. Bloemenkamp, L. Comparon, Schlumberger
Alternate 185810 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Injection Pattern Arrangements on Formation Connectivity during Water Flooding P. Javaheri, S. Sadeghnejad, Tarbiat Modares University
Alternate 185821 Management & Information Systematic Uncertainty Analysis and Management in Waterflooding Development for a Large Sandstone Reservoir in Middle East L. Yong, T. Changbing, L. Baozhu, Z. Yixiang, S. Benbiao, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
Alternate 185835 Management & Information Use of Proxy Models in Risk Analysis of Petroleum Fields G.A. Polizel, G.D. Avansi, D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas
08:30 - 00:10
06  EOR I Room D2
Session Chairpersons Francesca Verga - Politecnico di Torino, Tim M Whittle - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 185793 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Chromatography Effects in Alkali Surfactant Polymer Flooding
M. Lüftenegger, T. Clemens, OMV
0855-0920 185785 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design and Execution of an MEOR Huff and Puff Pilot in a Wintershall Field

P. Aditama, E. Avbelj, S. Reimann, Wintershall Holding GmbH; N. Dopffel, E. Mahler, BASF SE; M. Poulsen, Danish Technological Institute; W. Jelinek, H. Alkan, Wintershall Holding GmbH
0920-0945 185816 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effects Of Ferrous Ion (Fe2+) On Wettability: Oxidation And Cation Bridging I. Fjelde, IRIS and University of Stavanger; A.V. Omekeh, IRIS; P. Haugen, University of Stavanger
0945-1010 185781 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhanced Oil Recovery for Low Pressure or High Temperature Reservoirs by CO2 Injection S.M. Seyyedsar, S.A. Farzaneh, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University
1030-1055 185796 Completions Vacuum Insulated Tubing Efficiency For Offshore Steam Injection: Case Study From Emeraude Field (Congo) J. Guillet-Lhermite, Perenco; B. Robert, F. Bimperling, C. Nkoukou, Perenco Congo; J. Damour, P. Ollier, MAJUS
1055-1120 185827 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comprehensive Evaluation of the EOR Polymer Viscoelastic Phenomenon at Low Reynolds Number M. Be, R.E. Hincapie, A. Rock, C.L. Gaol, M. Tahir, L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology
1120-1145 185864 Production & Operations Conformance Control Using SMG Microgels: Laboratory Evaluation and First Field Results
A. Zaitoun, G. Dupuis, Poweltec
1145-1210 185814 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Flow Behavior Characterization of Enhanced Oil Recovery Polymers using Glass-Silicon-Glass Micromodels that Resemble Porous Media A. Rock, R.E. Hincapie, J. Wegner, L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology
13:30 - 17:10
07  Unconventional Resources I Room D1
Session Chairpersons Carolina Maria Coll - Independant Consultant, Francisco Porturas - Scanviz
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 185860 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Injectivity and Permeability Log for Tight Reservoirs S. Manivannan, Ecole Polytechnique; A. Jacques, TOTAL SA; B. Brouard, Brouard Consulting; P. Bérest, Ecole Polytechnique; J. Boutaud de la Combe, V. Jaffrezic, Total SA; M. Fleury, IFPEN
1355-1420 185852 Drilling Initiation of Stimulation Treatments Depends on Wellbore Mechanical Responses During Drilling
K.M. Alruwaili, EXPEC-ARC; G.D. Couples, J. Ma, Heriot-Watt University
1420-1445 185765 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Analytical Approach to Determine the Degree of Interference Between Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells O.M. Molina, M. Zeidouni, Louisiana State University
1445-1510 185878 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 3D Modelling Of A Tight Naturally Fractured Reservoir In Algeria A. Gryaznov, J. Paludan, M.S. Bizeray, A. El Menshawy, J. Balamaga, J. Embry, C. Burns, Baker Hughes; R.V. Fomin, Y. Aleksakhin, Gazprom International
1530-1555 185883 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Methane Transport through Nanoporous Shale with Sub-irreducible Water Saturation J. Li, X. Li, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); K. Wu, Z. Chen, K. Wang, University of Calgary; M. Zhong, The University of Hong Kong; Z. Bai, Powerchina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited
1555-1620 185775 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Enhanced Nonlinear Analytical Model for Unconventional Multifractured Systems O.M. Molina, M. Zeidouni, Louisiana State University
1620-1645 185854 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Practical Method for Predicting Equivalent Drainage Area of Well in Tight Gas Reservoirs O.F. Al-Fatlawi, M.M. Hossain, A. Saeedi, Curtin University
1645-1710 185801 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Capillary Pressure in Nanopores: Deviation from Young- Laplace Equation B. Li, K. Bui, I. Akkutlu, Texas A&M University
13:30 - 17:10
08  CO2 Room D2
Session Chairpersons Heikki Armas Jutila - Phoenix RDS Ltd, Taoufik Manai - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 185766 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Feasibility Of Novel Techniques To Mitigate Or Remedy Co2 Leakage

F. Pizzocolo, E. Peters, D. Loeve, C. Hewson, L. Wasch, L. Brunner, TNO – Applied Geosciences
1355-1420 185792 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Compositional Model for CO2 Storage in Deformable Organic-rich Shales O.M. Olorode, I. Akkutlu, Y. Efendiev, Texas A&M University
1420-1445 185836 Projects, Facilities & Construction Surface Facilities Design for the First CO2 EOR Demonstration Project in Saudi Arabia A.A. Alhashboul, A. Almufti, S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco
1445-1530 185859 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CO2 Storage and Enhanced Gas Recovery: Using Extended Black Oil Modelling to Simulate CO2 Injection on a North Sea Depleted Gas Field A. Iogna, J. Guillet-Lhermite, Perenco; C. Wood, Perenco UK; J. Deflandre, IFPEN
1530-1555 185842 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accurate Reactive Transport Modeling in Heterogeneous Reservoirs with the Dual Mesh Method J. Bruyelle, Terra 3E; P. Audigane, BRGM; D.R. Guerillot, Texas A&M University at Qatar
1555-1620 185779 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimization of CO2 Sequestration in Aquifers under Geochemistry and Thermal Effects C. Temizel, Aera Energy; R. Ranjith, A. Suhag, K. Balaji, University of Southern California; D. Thanon, Texas A&M University; O. Saracoglu, Consultant
1620-1645 185845 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Modeling of Mineral Dissolution of Carbonate Rocks during Geological CO2 Sequestration Processes T. Yuan, Y. Ning, G. Qin, University of Houston
1645-1710 185804 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimising Brine Production for Pressure Management During CO2 Sequestration in the Bunter Sandstone of the UK Southern North Sea
W. Pongtepupathum, Imperial College London; J.D. Williams, British Geological Survey; S. Krevor, S. Agada, Imperial College London; G.A. Williams, British Geological Survey

Thursday, June 15

08:30 - 12:10
09  Unconventional Resources II Room D1
Session Chairpersons Carolina Maria Coll - Independant Consultant, Francisco Porturas - Scanviz
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 185809 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Shale Gas Well Total Fracture Surface Area Calculation Re-visited for a Dynamic Formation Permeability L. Pelaez Soni, I.Y. Akkutlu, J.B. Maggard, Texas A&M University
0855-0920 185807 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Study of Slip Flow in Shale and Tight Gas Reservoir Rocks Using Lattice Boltzmann Method R. Nazari Moghaddam, M. Jamiolahmady, Heriot-Watt University
0920-0945 185771 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Liquid Metal Injection: A Novel Tool to Investigate Connected Porosity and Transport Pathways in Unconventional Reservoirs
J. Klaver, J. Schmatz, MaP – Microstructure and Pores GmbH; J.L. Urai, Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geomechanics, RWTH Aachen University
0945-1010 185839 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Dimensionless Productivity Index and its Derivative - Insight into Connectivity and Conductivity Variations of Fractures During Flowback in Unconventional Reservoirs S.P. Kaul, Texas A&M University; R.F. Vaz, Marob Consulting Inc.; E. Gildin, Texas A&M University
1030-1055 185782 Completions Investigation of the Economic Impact of Parent Well Protection Treatments in Unconventional Plays

K. Dhuldhoya, R.G. Dusterhoft, Halliburton
1055-1120 185797 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Role of Molecular Diffusion in Heterogeneous Shale Reservoirs during CO2 Huff-n-puff
B. Jia, J. Tsau, R. Barati, University of Kansas
1120-1145 185863 Production & Operations Mobility Control using Nanoparticle-Stabilized CO2 Foam as a Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid A. Emrani, A.F. Ibrahim, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1145-1210 185773 Completions Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing and Production Enhancement: Case Studies for US Shale Plays and Tight Sand Reservoirs
A.S. Bagci, L. Castro, J. Flores, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Alternate 185794 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Analytical Model for Shale Gas Transportation from Matrix to Fracture Network Y. Zeng, Z. Ning, Y. Lei, L. Huang, C. Lv, Y. Hou, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
08:30 - 12:10
10  EOR II Room D1
Session Chairpersons Francesca Verga - Politecnico di Torino, Tim M Whittle - Independent Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 185869 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Tertiary-CO2 Flooding in a Fractured Chalk Reservoir
M. Ghasemi, W. Astutik, Petrostreamz AS; S. Alavian, PERA AS; C.H. Whitson, PERA AS/NTNU; L. Sigalas, D. Olsen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland; V. Suicmez, Maersk Oil & Gas A/S
0855-0920 185767 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Wettability Estimation by Surface Complexation Simulations S. Erzuah, University of Stavanger; I. Fjelde, IRIS and University of Stavanger; A.V. Omekeh, IRIS
0920-0945 185787 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Understanding Penetration Behavior of Microemulsions in Shale Nanopores K.N. Bui, I. Akkutlu, Texas A&M University; A.S. Zelenev, J. Silas, Flotek Company
0945-1010 185758 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Restoration of Reservoir Cores to Reduced Reservoir Conditions for Chemical EOR Studies : Impact on Mineralogy, Pore Structure and Rock/Fluids Interactions V. Guillon, E. Kohler, IFPEN; N. Wartenberg, Solvay; D. Rousseau, IFPEN
1030-1055 185844 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Significance of the Kinetics of Minerals in Reactive-Transport Problems R. Khaledialidusti, J. Kleppe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
1055-1120 185824 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CO2 Effects on Wellbore Pressure Response during Injection-Falloff Test C.G. Machado, M.M. Firoozabad, A.C. Reynolds, The University of Tulsa
1120-1145 185820 Reservoir Description & Dynamics "Rock-on-a-Chip" Devices for High P, T Conditions and Wettability Control for the Screening of EOR Chemicals J. Wegner, HOT Microfluidics GmbH; L. Ganzer, Clausthal University of Technology
1145-1210 185858 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Calibration of the Mixing Parameter Model for Viscous Fingering for Varying Water Alternate Gas (WAG) Ratios and Slug Sizes Z.I. Al-Haboobi, M.A. Christie, D. Arnold, Heriot-Watt University
Alternate 185778 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Analytical Treatment of Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage - Old and New Z. Zargar, S.M. Farouq Ali, University of Calgary
08:30 - 10:10
15  Knowledge Sharing ePosters - Well Performance ePoster area 3
Session Chairpersons Marco Brignoli - Eni E&P, Benjamin B Stewart - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0855 185855 Drilling A Unified Approach to Yield, Buckling and Leak in Well Tubulars M.A. Goodman, Altus Well Experts, Inc
0855-0920 185819 Completions STACK Well Performance, A Multi-Pad Completion Comparison S. Van Sickle, J. Galloway, T. Owen, J. Wearly, Chaparral Energy LLC; D. Snyder, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
0920-0945 185825 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Advanced Approach To Study The Seepage Characteristics Of Dynamic Remaining Oil In Porous Media At Pore Scale C. Wang, H. Jiang, China University of Petroleum at Beijing; J. Liu, Petroleum Production Engineering Research Institute of Huabei Oilfield Co.; L. Mi, J. Li, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
10:30 - 12:10
16  Knowledge Sharing ePosters - Reservoir Surveillance ePoster area 3
Session Chairpersons Heikki Armas Jutila - Phoenix RDS Ltd, Taoufik Manai - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1030-1055 185861 Completions Pressure Transient Analysis in Advanced Wells Completed with Flow Control Devices E. Nikjoo, K. Muradov, D.R. Davies, Heriot-Watt University; M.L. Beesley, D. Iriska, Nexen Petroleum U.K. Limited
1055-1120 185772 Production & Operations Impact of Temperature on Scale Formation in Chalk Reservoirs O. Ishkov, R. Guarnieri, Heriot-Watt University; M.M. Jordan, Nalco Champion; E.J. Mackay, Heriot-Watt University
1120-1145 185790 Completions A Synopsis on Completion Efficiency for Multi Stage Acid Fracturing Technology in Tight Carbonates Formations P.H. Guizada, A. Harbi, R. Khanferi, Saudi Aramco
13:30 - 17:10
11  Integrated Dynamic Modelling Room D2
Session Chairpersons Torsten Clemens - OMV Exploration & Production GmbH, Thomas Schaaf - ENGIE
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 185803 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Infill Well Portfolio Management Under Uncertainty - Application to the 8 TH Reservoir, Austria

M. Sieberer, J. Peisker, T. Clemens, OMV; M.R. Thiele, Streamsim Technologies/Stanford University
1355-1420 185877 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Analysis Used in Multiple-Realization Workflows for History Matching - A North Sea Case Study
R. Schulze-Riegert, A. Daniali, M. Nwakile, S. Selberg, S. Skripin, Schlumberger Oslo Technology Center; N. Chugunov, Schlumberger-Doll Research; J. Carter, Heriot-Watt University
1420-1445 185862 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Uncertainty-Based Well Test Design and G&G-Consistent Interpretation Technique Delivers Results in the Arctic for Wisting Field, Norwegian Barents Sea D. De Leonardis, OMV; K.L. Morton, Y.A. Shumakov, S. Sarac, Schlumberger
1445-1510 185802 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of Temperature Transient Sandface and Wellbore Temperature Data From Variable Rate Well Test Data M. Onur, University of Tulsa; M. Cinar, Istanbul Technical University
1530-1555 185761 Management & Information RESQML Version 2.0.1 Makes it Easier To Update a Reservoir Model F. Morandini, Total; J. Rainaud, IFP En; M. Poudret, M. Perrin, Geosiris; L. Deny, Paradigm; P. Verney, F2I-Consulting; F. Basier, Paradigm; R. Ursem, CMG; J. Hollingsworth, D. Marcotte, Energistics
1555-1620 185847 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Polynomial-Chaos-Expansion Based Integrated Dynamic Modelling Workflow for Computationally Efficient Reservoir Characterization: A Field Case Study R.G. Patel, T. Jain, J.J. Trivedi, University of Alberta
1620-1645 185780 Reservoir Description & Dynamics History Matching of Reservoirs by Updating Fault Properties using 4D Seismic Results and Ensemble Kalman Filter C. Etienam, I. Mahmood, R. Villegas, University of Manchester
1645-1710 185837 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Use of a Probabilistic and Multi-Objective History Matching for Uncertainty Reduction for the Norne Benchmark Case C.J. Ferreira, A. Davolio, D.J. Schiozer, Unicamp
Alternate 185843 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Case Study of Comprehensive Field Development Design for a Tight Gas Chalk-Reservoir in North Sea
A.A. Ansari, M.Y. Alklih, B. Ghosh, The Petroleum Institute
Alternate 185856 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Representative Sector Modelling and Key Factors Impact on Waterflooding Performance of a Large Multi-layered Sandstone Reservoir L. Yong, S. Benbiao, L. Baozhu, T. Changbing, Z. Yixiang, Q. Qian, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina
Alternate 185762 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Different Equivalent Simulation Methods for Fractured-Vuggy Carbonate Gas Condensate Reservoirs L. Yong, L. Baozhu, W. Qi, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, PetroChina; D. Xingliang, Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina
Alternate 185875 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Highly Permeable Thin Layers into Flow Simulation M. Gomes Correia, D.J. Schiozer, University of Campinas
13:30 - 17:10
12  Reservoir Surveillance Room D3
Session Chairpersons Heikki Armas Jutila - Phoenix RDS Ltd, Taoufik Manai - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1355 185867 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Environmentally Friendly Technique to Extend the Limits of Transient Pressure Testing and Sampling Using Pipe Conveyed Open Hole Wireline Formation Testing Tools
C. Ayan, V.K. Mishra, Schlumberger; K.O. Eriksen, J.E. Van der Hoek, T.J. Thorne, Statoil
1355-1420 185849 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Well Test Rate Conversion to Gas Condensate Reservoirs in the Nile Delta Complex A. Hoffmann, Petrostreamz; J.P. Taeger, Dana Gas Egypt; C.H. Whitson, NTNU/PERA/Petrostreamz
1420-1445 185880 Production & Operations Well, Reservoir and Facility Management - Process, Practice and Impact J.P. Van Vliet, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
1445-1510 185822 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Seismic History Matching Using a Fast-Track Simulator to Seismic Proxy C. Geng, C. MacBeth, R.L. Chassagne, Heriot Watt University
1530-1555 185874 Production & Operations Reservoir Management of Skjold: A Mature, Waterflooded, Fractured Chalk Field in the North Sea J. Orman, Maersk Oil; A.W. Harrer, HOT Engineering GmbH
1555-1620 185817 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Transient Pressure and Temperature Interpretation in Intelligent Wells of the Golden Eagle Field K.M. Muradov, D.R. Davies, Heriot-Watt University; C.J. Durham, R.D. Waterhouse, Nexen Petroleum U.K.Limited
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