SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition 24 - 26 Jan 2017 The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center The Woodlands, Texas


Sunday, January 22

08:00 - 17:00
Design of Fiber-Optic DTS and DAS Well Installations Waterway 7
Instructor(s) Dennis Dria and Bill Shroyer

This one-day training event introduces completion, production, surveillance and reservoir engineers to the design of fiber-optic DTS (distributed temperature sensing) and DAS (distributed acoustic sensing) well installations.  A basic understanding of the principles and benefits of DTS, DAS and surveillance monitoring technology, in general, is assumed.

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Monday, January 23

07:00 - 08:00
08:00 - 17:00
Water Treating for Hydraulic Fracturing Waterway 6
Instructor(s) John M. Walsh and Krishan Bansal

This course provides both an overview of water management and an in-depth look at critical issues related to sourcing (acquiring), reusing, recycling, and disposing of water in hydraulic fracturing operations. The course starts with a background of hydraulic fracturing operations and the different plays around North America. Options being used for transport, storage, reuse, and disposal are described for each of the different regions. The water management practices being used in the different regions are described and explained in terms of regional climate, type of shale and hence type of fracturing fluids being used, and the regional regulatory framework.

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08:00 - 17:00
Re-Fracturing - Candidate Selection and Design Waterway 8
Instructor(s) Michael B. Smith and Carl Montgomery

If I want to re-frac a well “just because” – maybe I am disappointed in the production – that is most likely a BAD idea. This course discusses how I can go about selecting a candidate (there are no really “good” candidates since having to re-frac indicates original fracs were not adequate) that will benefit from such a workover. Then, what extra considerations are involved in a treatment design.

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08:00 - 17:00
16:00 - 17:00

Tuesday, January 24

07:00 - 18:00
07:30 - 17:30
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 09:30
09:30 - 09:45
SE01  Welcome and Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing Award Presentation Waterway 4-5
Speaker(s) Richard B. Sullivan - Anadarko Petroleum Corp
Richard Sullivan, 2017 Program Committee Chairperson, will welcome the conference attendees and introduce Carl Montgomery to present the 2017 Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing award. The Legends of Hydraulic Fracturing award is presented to those individuals within the Hydraulic Fracturing community that have significantly influenced the technology over a life time of work. The 2018 Legends honor will be awarded to Ralph Veatch. Mr. Veatch is the recipient of a long list of honors during his over 50 years in the industry. He is a valued supporter and contributor of knowledge to the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
09:45 - 11:30
SE02  The Moral Case for Hydraulic Fracturing Waterway 4-5
Moderator(s) Stephen A. Holditch - Texas A&M University
Speaker(s) Alex Epstein - Center for Industrial Progress
11:30 - 12:45
13:00 - 17:00
001  Fracture Diagnostics Waterway 4
Session Chairpersons Craig L Cipolla - Hess Corp., Mark Pearson - Shell
This session will cover applications and new technologies or analysis methods for evaluating stimulation distribution effectiveness, production profiling results, inter-well Interference, effects of stress shadowing and reservoir characteristics. Diagnostics presented include: Optic Fiber Distributed Sensing (Acoustic and Temperature), Microseismic, Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests, Electromagnetic Imaging, and Geochemical Fingerprinting. Several authors emphasize the value of integration of complementary diagnostic methods to improve confidence in the interpretations and analysis. Application of diagnostics to calibrate models for frac geometry and well spacing evaluations are also presented.
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1345 184880 Completions Far-Field Proppant Detection Utilizing Electromagnetic Methods - Latest Field Results
T.T. Palisch, CARBO Ceramics, Inc.; W. Al-Tailji, L.C. Bartel, C. Cannan, CARBO Ceramics; J. Zhang, CARBO; M. Czapski, K.W. Lynch, ConocoPhillips
1345-1410 184862 Completions New Age Fracture Mapping Diagnostic Tools-A STACK Case Study
K.L. Haustveit, K. Dahlgren, H.M. Greenwood, T. Peryam, B. Kennedy, Devon Energy; M. Dawson, Statoil
1410-1435 184867 Completions Accelerating Completions Concept Select in Unconventional Plays Using Diagnostics and Frac Modeling A. Azad, K. Somanchi, J.R. Brewer, D.F. Yang, Shell
1435-1500 184818 Completions Analysis of Front and Tail Stress Shadowing in Horizontal Well Fracturing: Their Consequences With Case History A. Daneshy, Daneshy Consultants Intl.
1545-1610 184866 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparison Among Fracture Calibration Test Analysis Models C.A. Ehlig-Economides, G. Liu, University of Houston
1610-1635 184843 Completions Integration of Completions Data Analysis Techniques, Drilling and Geomechanical Attributes to Optimize Horizontal Completion Methodologies by Pushing the Operational Limits of the Spraberry Trend
N. Zakhour, Callon Petroleum Co.; O. Olaoye, M. Atkinson, R. Rifai, S. Narasimhan, B.V. Cherian, Sanjel Corporation
1635-1700 184819 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Reservoir Characterization in Antelope Shale Using Chemical Tracer Technology
M.K. Lal, Chevron Corporation; A.K. Singh, Chevron ETC; J. Ezernack, J.D. Spencer, Tracerco
13:00 - 17:00
002  Proppant Transport / Conductivity Waterway 5
Session Chairpersons Karen Elaine Olson - Southwestern Energy Company, Harold Dean Brannon - Consultant
The focus of this session is on proppant transport mechanisms and proppant conductivity. Both lab experiments and 3D modeling provide new insights into proppant placement between clusters as well as along the created fractures. In addition, the effects of varying rock mechanical properties and brines will be presented and their effects on the proppant conductivity.
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1345 184841 Experimental Study of Proppant Transport in Horizontal Wellbore Using Fresh Water K.L. Ngameni, J.L. Miskimins, H.H. Abass, Colorado School of Mines; B.V. Cherian, Independent
1345-1410 184861 Completions Proppant Distribution Among Multiple Perforation Clusters in a Horizontal Wellbore C. Wu, S. Yi, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
1410-1435 184823 Completions From the Backyard Sand Dune to Fracturing a Highly Tectonically Complex Formation in Saudi Arabia K.M. Bartko, I.H. Al-Arnaout, K.S. Asiri, K.M. Mcclelland, N.I. Al-Mulhem, Saudi Aramco; R. Tineo, M.N. Gurmen, Z. Al-Jalal, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; D. Pantsurkin, D.Y. Emelyanov, NTC Schlumberger
1435-1500 184814 Completions Long-Term Conductivity vs. Point-Specific Conductivity
I.J. Renkes, D.A. Anschutz, K.L. Schill, A.R. Rickards, PropTester Inc
1545-1610 184829 Completions An Investigation into Proppant Dynamics in Hydraulic Fracturing
B. Ray, C.A. Lewis, V.N. Martysevich, D.A. Shetty, H.G. Walters, J. Bai, J. Ma, Halliburton
1610-1635 184857 Completions Impairment of Fracture Conductivity in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation
J. Guerra, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University
1635-1700 184858 Completions An Experimental Investigation of the Conductivity of Unpropped Fractures in Shales W. Wu, P. Kakkar, The University of Texas at Austin; J. Zhou, The University of Texas at Austin, now with Q'Max America Inc; R.T. Russell, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
Alternate 184877 Completions A Comparative Analysis of Rock Properties and Fracture Conductivity in Shale Plays C. Kainer, D. Guerra, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University
Alternate 184852 Completions A Model for the Conductivity and Compliance of Unpropped Fractures W. Wu, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
15:00 - 15:45
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1500             184877         A Comparative Analysis of Rock Properties and Fracture Conductivity in Shale Plays
C. Kainer, D. Guerra, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University


1515             184852         A Model for the Conductivity and Compliance of Unpropped Fractures
W. Wu, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin


1530             184825         Impact of Well Interference on Shale Oil Production Performance:
A Numerical Model for Analyzing Pressure Response of Fracture Hits with Complex Geometries
W. Yu, Texas A&M University; Y. Xu, The University of Texas at Austin; R. Weijermars, Texas A&M University; K. Wu, Texas A&M University (PE DEPT); K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin

15:00 - 15:45
17:00 - 18:00

Wednesday, January 25

07:30 - 17:30
07:30 - 16:00
08:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 12:30
003  Facing the Challenges: Modeling of Complex Fracture Systems Waterway 4
Session Chairpersons Ding Zhu - Texas A&M University, Xiaowei Weng - Schlumberger
It has been increasingly recognized by the industry that the interaction between hydraulic fracture stages and multiple wells plays an important role in fracture modeling. Timing of fracturing operations in well drilling and completion planning is critical for unconventional resources. This session presents the recent progress in modeling work on the inter-well interaction from geomechanics and pressure interference perspectives, as well as addressing the issues of heterogeneity, and natural fracture impact on fracture propagations.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 184831 Completions Observations and Modeling of the Relation Between Effective Reservoir Stress and Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Pressure H.J. De Pater, Fenix Consulting Delft; R. Prabhakaran, Delft University of Technology; J.R. Shaoul, Fenix Consulting Delft
0915-0940 184873 Completions Effect of Small Scale Heterogeneity on the Growth of Hydraulic Fractures H. Ouchi, Japan Oil Engineering Co. Ltd.; S. Agrawal, J.T. Foster, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
0940-1005 184817 Production & Operations Optimum Production Metrics to Predict Unconventional Wells’ Long-term Performance: A Case Study

E. Ifejika, B. De-Cumont, N. Kashani, Total E&P USA
1005-1030 184812 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improving Quantitative Analysis of Frac-Hits and Refracs in Unconventional Plays using RTA H. Yadav, S. Motealleh, BP America Inc
1115-1140 184847 Completions A Fully-Coupled, Poro-Elasto-Plastic, 3-D Model for Frac-Pack Treatments in Poorly Consolidated Sands D. Lee, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
1140-1205 184856 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Elliptical Flow Regimes in Horizontal Wells With Multiple Hydraulic Fractures S.S. Apte, Chevetol; J. Lee, Texas A&M University
1205-1230 184876 Completions Stacked Height Model to Improve Fracture Height Growth Prediction, and Simulate Interactions with Multi-Layer DFNs and Ledges at Weak Zone Interfaces

C. Cohen, O. Kresse, X. Weng, Schlumberger
Alternate 184825 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact of Well Interference on Shale Oil Production Performance:
A Numerical Model for Analyzing Pressure Response of Fracture Hits with Complex Geometries
W. Yu, Texas A&M University; Y. Xu, The University of Texas at Austin; R. Weijermars, Texas A&M University; K. Wu, Texas A&M University (PE DEPT); K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin
08:30 - 12:30
004  Fracture Mechanics / Re-Fracturing Waterway 5
Session Chairpersons Alfred Daniel Hill - Texas A&M University, Carl T Montgomery - NSI Technologies Inc.
This session addresses fundamental aspects of fracture mechanics and the process of re-fracturing horizontal wells with existing multiple fractures. The session begins with papers presenting experimental results of laboratory fracture tests followed by a paper that presents model results for fracture growth in layered geologic systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 184859 Completions Current Regulatory Issues Regarding Hydraulic Fracturing M.W. Gray, Shook Hardy and Bacon LLP; N. Deutsch, M. Marrero, Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP
0915-0940 184826 Completions Characterization of Complex Fracture Propagation in Naturally Fractured Formations Using Digital Image Correlation Technique
M. Mokhtari, A. Hayatdavoudi, R.S. Nizamutdinov, H. Rizvi, F. Nath, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
0940-1005 184871 Completions Effect of Geological Layer Properties on Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Propagation: An Experimental Study M.J. Altammar, M.M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
1005-1030 184854 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fully Coupled 3-D Hydraulic Fracture Growth in the Presence of Weak Horizontal Interfaces
G. Izadi, D. Moos, Baker Hughes Inc; L. Cruz, Baker Hughes Upstream Chemicals; M. Gaither, Baker Hughes Inc; L. Chiaramonte, Baker Hughes RDS; S. Johnson, GeoNumerical Solutions
1115-1140 184837 Completions Reservoir and Completion Considerations for the Refracturing of Horizontal Wells R.D. Barree, Barree & Assocs. LLC; J.L. Miskimins, Colorado School of Mines; K.J. Svatek, Barree & Assocs. LLC
1140-1205 184813 Completions The Importance of Being Well Connected: High Rate Fracs in Horizontals A. Casero, A. Nicolaysen, M. Rylance, BP; J. Clifton, B.A. Fears, TTS
1205-1230 184815 Completions Development of a Universal Ranking for Friction Reducer Performance R. Tomson, P. Guraieb, S. Graham, C. Yan, N. Ghorbani, Tomson Technologies; T. Hanna, C. Cooper, Apache Corp.
09:00 - 16:30
10:30 - 11:15
10:30 - 11:00
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1030       184830         Cluster Spacing Optimization Through Data Integration Workflow for Unconventional Jurassic Mudrocks, Saudi Arabia
A.M. Al-Momin, Saudi Aramco; K. Mechkak, K.M. Bartko, K.M. Mcclelland, Saudi Aramco Exploration; R. Tineo, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; M. Drouillard, M. Nadeem, Schlumberger      

1045       184816         Improving Hydraulic Fracture Design; a Key to Achieving a Higher Level of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance
R.F. Shelley, K. Shah, B.M. Davidson, S. Sheludko, A. Nejad, StrataGen      


12:30 - 13:30
14:00 - 17:30
005  Fracture Diagnostics / Well Integrity Waterway 4
Session Chairpersons William David Norman - NSI Technologies Inc., Norman Raymond Warpinski - Retired
Fracture diagnostics and the evaluation of wellbore integrity during fracturing will be addressed in this session. The diagnostics emphasis is on the use of pressure analyses to provide information about fracture behavior and performance. The development of new smart-proppant functionality is also described. The evaluation of both casing and tubing failures during hydraulic fracturing are examined and analyzed for causation.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1440 184865 Completions Analyzing ISIP Stage-by-Stage Escalation to Determine Fracture Height and Horizontal-Stress Anisotropy

N.P. Roussel, ConocoPhillips Co
1440-1505 184820 Completions Calculating the Volume of Reservoir Investigated During a Fracture-Injection/Falloff Test (DFIT) D.P. Craig, R.A. Jackson, DFITpro.com
1505-1530 184853 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Smart Proppants With Multiple Down Hole Functionalities
S. Goyal, A. Raghuraman, K. Aou, F.V. Aguirre, J. Medina, R. Tan, D. Hickman, The Dow Chemical Company
1615-1640 184868 Completions A Causation Investigation for Observed Casing Failures Occurring During Fracturing Operations

N.J. Adams, Neal Adams Services; R.F. Mitchell, Well Complete; A.W. Eustes, J.H. Sampaio, Colorado School of Mines; A.O. Antonio, Neal Adams Services
1640-1705 184821 Completions Stress Analysis of Tubular Failures During Hydraulic Fracturing: Cases and Lessons Learned
A. Haghshenas, Halliburton - Production Solutions; J.E. Hess, Halliburton; A.J. Cuthbert, Halliburton Consulting & Project Management
1705-1730 184855 Completions Application of Moving Reference Point (MRP) Method to Cotton Valley and Travis Peak Sand Fracturing Treatments H.M. Al-Husain, Saudi Aramco; M.Y. Soliman, University of Houston; N.A. Stegent, Halliburton Service
14:00 - 17:30
006  Fracture Placement and Diversion Waterway 5
Session Chairpersons Stephen Philip Mathis - Chevron ETC, Francisco E Fragachan - Weatherford Houston
Shale reservoirs are often completed with multiple hydraulic fractures. For efficiency reasons, hydraulic fracturing is typically “staged,” each stage comprised of multiple perforation clusters with the aim of initiating one hydraulic fracture per cluster. However, the fact that production rates in unconventional plays can decline dramatically, up to 70% in the first year, is an indication that perforation clusters are not being fractured as effectively as hoped. This session will highlight efforts to alleviate this problem through the use of “pin-point” fracturing with sliding sleeves, novel perforating schemes, and new-generation diverter materials.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1440 184839 Completions Comparison of Multi-Stage Fracture Placement Methods for Economic Learning and Unconventional Completion Optimization: A Case History A. Singh, L. Soriano, M.K. Lal, Chevron
1440-1505 184883 Completions A Novel Frac-Optimized Perforating System for Unconventional Wells: Development and Field-Trial
R.P. Satti, Baker Hughes Inc; J. McCann, baker hughes; J.C. Flores, Baker Hughes Inc; S.N. Zuklic, Baker Hughes - SSI; K. Wutherich, Rice Energy Inc; R.S. Hurt, Baker Hughes Inc
1505-1530 184834 Completions Extreme Limited Entry Design Improves Distribution Efficiency in Plug-n-Perf Completions: Insights From Fiber-Optic Diagnostics

K. Somanchi, J.R. Brewer, A. Reynolds, Shell Canada
1615-1640 184827 Completions Sequenced Fracturing Technique Improves Production From an Underperforming Lateral: An Interpretation Based on High Frequency Pressure Monitoring
R.A. Klem, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.; G. Rutzinger, Dowell Schlumberger West; M. Shulman, S. Pedam, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.; A. Keilers, A.V. Bogdan, D. Oussoltsev, Schlumberger
1640-1705 184824 Completions Holistic Approach to Engineered Diversion-Aided Completion Providing New Method of Fracture Isolation

K.M. Bartko, K.M. Mcclelland, A.M. Sadykov, S. Baki, Saudi Aramco; M.K. Khalifa, Halliburton; M. Zeghouani, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; J. Davis, Halliburton
1705-1730 184840 Completions Innovative Diversion Technology Ensures Uniform Stimulation Treatments and Enhanced Gas Production: Example From Carbonate and Sandstone Reservoirs Z. Rahim, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A. Al-Kanaan, S. Taha, E.M. Crawford, Saudi Aramco; M.K. Khalifa, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; D. Krich, Halliburton; V. Mikaelyan, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; M. Lahman, Halliburton
Alternate 184830 Completions Cluster Spacing Optimization Through Data Integration Workflow for Unconventional Jurassic Mudrocks, Saudi Arabia

A.M. Al-Momin, Saudi Aramco; K. Mechkak, K.M. Bartko, K.M. Mcclelland, Saudi Aramco Exploration; R. Tineo, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia; M. Drouillard, M. Nadeem, Schlumberger
15:30 - 16:15
15:30 - 16:15
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1530     Role of Fluid Injection on Fault Activation During Hydraulic Fracture  Stimulations     A. Baig, ESG Solutions


1545     Production Pressure Drawdown Management for Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Formations     M. Marongiu-Porcu, Schlumberger Limited


1600    Effect of Dynamic Active Fracture Interaction (DAFI) on Activation of Natural Fractures in Horizontal Wells    A. Daneshy, Daneshy Consultants Intl.

Thursday, January 26

07:30 - 10:00
07:30 - 12:00
08:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 12:00
007  Innovative Unconventional Completion Approaches Waterway 4
Session Chairpersons Rick David Gdanski - Shell, Kirk Michael Bartko - Saudi Aramco
Speaker(s) Jeff Spath - Texas Oil & Gas Institute
This session includes a variety of innovative solutions and approaches to completing unconventional reservoirs, challenges existing paradigms and offers insight into incremental benefits that can be achieved even in a low cost environment. From established to emerging plays, these papers offer insight into the potential that exists to optimize completion approaches and maximize the efficiency that is achieved.
Time Paper # Presentation
0915-0940 184869 Management & Information Applying Subsurface DNA Sequencing in Wolfcamp Shales, Midland Basin P. Lascelles, J. Wan, L. Robinson, R. Allmon, G. Evans, EP Energy; L. Ursell, N. Scott, J. Chase, J. Jablanovic, M. Karimi, V. Rao, Biota Technology
0940-1005 184850 Completions Lithology Variations and Cross-Cutting Faults Affect Hydraulic Fracturing of Woodford Shale: A Case Study X. Ma, M.D. Zoback, Stanford University
1040-1105 184875 Completions Evaluating Stresses Along Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Plays

M.A. Sanchez, N.B. Nagel, OilField Geomechanics LLC; A.A. Rodriguez, N. Nieto, OpenSim Technologies
1105-1130 184822 Completions Shale Analytics: Making Production and Operational Decisions Based on Facts - A Case Study in Marcellus Shale S.D. Mohaghegh, West Virginia University; R. Gaskari, M. Maysami, Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
1130-1155 184878 Completions Improved Hydraulic Fracturing Perforation Efficiency Observed With Constant Entry Hole and Constant Penetration Perforating System
D.A. Cuthill, GEODynamics Inc.; W. Yang, GEODynamics, Inc.; J.T. Hardesty, GEODynamics Inc.
08:30 - 12:00
008  Case Histories Waterway 5
Session Chairpersons Mukul Mani Sharma - The University of Texas At Austin, Karen Elaine Olson - Southwestern Energy Company
The session covers innovative field tests conducted in various scale plays across the world. Learnings from these field experiences will help optimize future completion designs and overall field development.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0915 184828 Completions Mining the Bakken: Driving Cluster Efficiency Higher Using Particulate Diverters

P.M. Weddle, L.G. Griffin, C.M. Pearson, Liberty Resources LLC
0915-0940 184848 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimizing Well Spacing and Well Performance in the Piceance Basin Niobrara Formation N. Li, Black Hills E&P Inc.; E. Lolon, M.J. Mayerhofer, Liberty Oilfield Services; Y.L. Cordts, Black Hills E&P Inc.; R. White, Black HIlls E&P Inc; A.R. Childers, Black Hills E&P Inc.
0940-1010 184835 Completions Engineering an Effective Completions and Stimulation Strategy for In-fill Wells K. Gakhar, Schlumberger; Y. Rodionov, Dowell Schlumberger West; C.W. Defeu, Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services; E.A. Ejofodomi, D. Shan, R. Malpani, Schlumberger; K. Fischer, Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc
1040-1105 184863 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancement of Well Production in the SCOOP Woodford Shale through the Application of Microproppant
J. Calvin, W.V. Grieser, T.J. Bachman, Halliburton
1105-1130 184846 Completions Cracking the Volcanic Rocks in India: Substantial Benefits From Continuous Improvements Over 11 Years and 100 Fracturing Treatments S. Tiwari, R.J. Tibbles, Cairn India Ltd.; S. Pathak, Cairn India Limited; S. Anand, Cairn Energy India Pty. Ltd.; Y. Augustinus, P. Sidharth, R. Goyal, V. Ranjan, P. Shrivastava, H. Bharadwaj, P. Shankar, Cairn India Ltd.
1130-1155 184851 Completions Re-designing From Scratch and Defending Offset Wells: Case Study of a Six-Well Bakken Zipper Project, McKenzie County, ND P.A. Bommer, M.A. Bayne, Abraxas Petroleum Corporation; M.J. Mayerhofer, M.S. Machovoe, Liberty Oilfield Services; M. Staron, PetraNova Engineering Corp.
Alternate 184816 Completions Improving Hydraulic Fracture Design; a Key to Achieving a Higher Level of Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance

R.F. Shelley, K. Shah, B.M. Davidson, S. Sheludko, A. Nejad, StrataGen
10:10 - 10:40

Friday, January 27

07:00 - 08:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
08:00 - 17:00
Hydraulic Fracturing-Design and Treatment The Woodlands
2-day Session
Instructor(s) Michael B. Smith

This course covers the fundamental principles concerning how hydraulic fracturing treatments can be used to stimulate oil and gas wells. It includes discussions on how to select wells for stimulation, what controls fracture propagation, fracture width, etc., how to develop data sets, and how to calculate fracture dimensions. The course also covers information concerning fracturing fluids, propping agents, and how to design and pump successful fracturing treatments.

Saturday, January 28

08:00 - 17:00