SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference - North America 13 - 14 Sep 2017 The Petroleum Club Midland, Texas

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Attending professionals and students gained knowledge of new technologies, techniques, and applications under development or early implementation in conventional, “tight,” and unconventional reservoirs along with initial and ongoing results. Networking opportunities allowed attendees the opportunity to make connections and dive into the discussion. Attendees left the conference inspired, motivated, and with enhanced knowledge.

Topics Explored at the Conference

  • Integrated Completion and Production Monitoring Methods
  • Liquids and Gas-Rich Basins: Practice and Activity
  • Reservoir Engineering in Low Permeability Plays
  • Stimulation Design
  • Geophysical, Geomechanical, and Petrophysical Applications

Who Attends

  • Petroleum engineers
  • Operations personnel
  • Academia
  • Students
  • Industry investors

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