SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference - North America 13 - 14 Sep 2017 The Petroleum Club Midland, Texas, USA


Make the Case to Attend

Thank you for your interest in attending the SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference–North America.

We know that travel and training budgets are tight, and it can be difficult to get approval to attend events. Provided below are templated materials to aid in your business justification, along with ways to save time and money!

Present a Justification Letter to Your Supervisor

To help explain to your supervisor the benefits of attending the SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference–North America, you can use this sample letter (.doc) to include details about how your attendance can bring value back and boost efforts to accomplish company goals.

Calculate Projected Expenses

Before you are able to justify conference expenses, you'll need to calculate what they may be. Use this expense template (.pdf) to help estimate the cost of attending the conference.

Welcome Preview

Need manager approval to attend? Download the Welcome Preview for quick information.