Monday, October 16

08:30 - 17:30
09:30 - 11:30
Plenary Session: Key Drivers and Challenges of Oil and Gas Industry Development in Russia and Worldwide Sokolniki Hall
Moderator(s) Mars Khasanov, Gazpromneft STC, SPE Regional Advisory Committee Cochair; Richard Syms, BP, SPE Regional Advisory Committee Cochair
  • Darcy Spady, Broadview Energy, 2018 SPE President
  • The Future Energy Company 

Anton Ershov, Head of Strategy Resources practice, Accenture Moscow

Geir Tungesvik, Senior Vice President, Drilling & Well, Statoil

Gokhan Saygi, President, Russia & Central Asia, Schlumberger

11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing / Hard-to-Recover Reserves" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187738 Application of “Big data” Tools for Unstructured Data Analysis to Improve ESP Operation Efficiency N. Sarapulov, R. Khabibullin, Gazpromneft STC
187740 Development, Implementation and the Results of Implementation of Novel Dual Completion Technology, and New Methods of Evaluation of Oil Wells' Layers during Dual Completion A. Isaev, R. Takhautdinov, V. Malykhin, A. Sharifullin, Sheshmaoil
187741 Study of Suppression of Gas Bubbles Coalescence in the Liquid for Use in Technologies of Oil Production and Associated Gas Utilization A. Drozdov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; N. Drozdov, N. Bunkin, V. Kozlov, Innovative Oil and Gas Solutions
187688 Integrated Thermodynamic Reservoir-to-Surface Modeling: the Modern Tool for Optimizing the Cycling Steam Stimulation Heavy Oil Recovery Process R. Khaliulin, D. Litus, RN-SakhalinNIPImorneft; D. Shakhov, A. Kharkovsky, P. Maskaev, A. Nuriev, A. Kuzmich, Schlumberger
187689 New Approaches in the Development of Carbonate Deposists D. Serdyukov, A. Kudryashov, V. Privalov, I. Zhuk, P. Povzhik, Belorusneft
11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Geomechanics" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187830 Application of 3D and Near-Wellbore Geomechanical Models for Well Trajectories Optimization D. Alchibaev, A. Glazyrina, A. Martemyanov, S. Lukin, Yu. Ovcharenko, O. Kalinin, S. Zhigulskiy, I. Chebyshev, A. Sidelnik, Gazpromneft STC; I. Bazyrov, Saint-Petersburg Mining University
187835 Obtaining of the Mohr-Coulomb Criterion for Rock Samples under Multi-Cycle Loading A. Skripkin, D. Polyakov, TomskNIPIneft; K. Toropetsky, NovosibirskNIPIneft
187836 Development of 3D Geomechanical Model: Case Study from One Off-Shore Sakhalin Field A. Ershov, A. Popova, A. Eydinov, GeoGrid Center
12:45 - 14:45
Plenary Session: Overcoming Technological Barriers in Hard-To-Recover and Unconventional Reserves Development Sokolniki Hall
Moderator(s) Kirill Strizhnev, Gazpromneft – Angara; Alexander Shpilman, V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of Subsoil

Kirill Strizhnev, Executive Director, Bazhen Project, Gazpromneft – Angara

  • Surgutneftegas Hard-to-Recover Reserves Field Development Experiences and Prospects

Alexey Kondakov, Director, SurgutNIPIneft, Tyumen Branch

  • Technologies and Approaches to Hard-to-Recover Reserves Development 

Andrey Potryasov, First Deputy Director, LUKOIL-Engineering

  • Generation Potential of Bazhenov Formation Fields and Prospective Development Methods 

Alexey Cheremisin, Deputy Director, Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery, Skoltech

12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 1. Geomechanics - 1 Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Nikolay Smirnov, Petro GM; Yury Petrakov, Geosteering Technologies
Time Paper # Presentation
187816 Extending the Stress-Testing Deployment Envelope to Highly Deviated Wells M. Rylance, A. Hoq, A. Ronald, S. Smithells, K. Mossop, R. Naidu, BP Exploration Inc.; L. Masson, TAM International
187834 Influence of the Elastic Moduli Contrast on the Height Growth of a Hydraulic Fracture E. Shel, Gazpromneft STC
187824 Deformation Processes in Reservoir Engineering of the Limestone and Their Influence on the Engineering Calculations A. Belanozhka, Belorusneft, BelNIPIneft
187826 Effect of Saturation Alteration on Wellbore Stability during WAG Injection M. Bataee, Asia Pacific University; Z. Hamdi, Heriot-Watt University; S. Irawan, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; R. Ashena, University of Leoben; M. Ghassemi, IPE RAS
187828 Construction of a 3D Geomechanical Model for Development of a Shale Gas Reservoir in Sichuan Basin K. Qiu, Y. Pan, L. Wang, Schlumberger; J. Xie, B. Zhong, X. Shi, Petrochina
187829 Application of 3D Geomechanical Modelling to Optimize Drilling and Completion on Active Exploration Drilling Phase S. Kreknin, E. Tryasin, M. Lushev, Gazprom Geologorazvedka; E. Korelskiy, V. Pavlov, D. Maximov, S. Strakhov, A. Zinovyev, O. Grachev, Schlumberger
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 2. Well Construction – Drilling and Completion - 1 Okhotny Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Vyacheslav Kretsul, Schlumberger; Suleyman Sitdikov, Rosneft
Time Paper # Presentation
187702 An Analysis of Rotary Steerable Systems for Sidetracking in Open Hole “Fishbone” Multilateral Wells in Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye Field A. Voronin, Yu. Gilmanov, D. Eremeev, Messoyakhaneftegaz; A. Dubrovin, N. Abaltusov, A. Perunov, Weatherford
187705 Well Placement Application to Drill Fishbone Well on Russkoe Field D. Orlov, R. Enikeev, Tyumenneftegaz; D. Nazipov, S. Kochneva, V. Dunaev, R. Khabibullin, A. Makhambetov, A. Shirshov, Schlumberger
187718 Refinement of Drillpipe-Slip Mechanical Model V. Tikhonov, L. Ring, O. Bukashkina, Weatherford; M. Gelfgat, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
187723 Performance Challenge Upgrade: 16-in.TCI Design Achieves Multiple Drilled Wells through Highly Interbedded Anhydrite, Shale, and Carbonate Formations D. Al-Enezi, J. Al-Shelian, Z. Muqaddes, Kuwait Oil Company; K. Beheiry, B. Linnerud, A. Al Heiny, Z. Maouche, Halliburton
187726 Integrated Approach to Drilling, Formation Evaluation and Completion: Filanovskoye Field Case Study M. Rakitin, D. Shtepin, M. Golenkin, S. Shtun, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; A. Makhmotov, M. Rizvanov, V. Kuzakov, S. Novikov, A. Fitsner, I. Bulygin, A. Khakmedov, Schlumberger
15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Well Construction - Drilling and Completion/ Stimulation and Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187717 New Ridge Diamond Elements Improve PDC Bit Efficiency D. Gumich, M. Pak, A. Lomov, M. Gorobchenko, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company
187719 Hybrid Drill Bit Mitigates Downhole Vibrations, Improving Drilling Efficiency in Challenging Curve Section of a Highly Interbedded Formation S. Sheng, J. Zeng, M. Li, Yu. Shi, Baker Hughes; C. Gao, H. Jin, C. Wang, C. Wang, Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd.; Y. Qi, D. Li, Exploration and Development Research Institute of Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd
187729 A Package of Technical and Technological Solutions for Enhancement of Casing Quality during Wells Construction A. Isaev, R. Takhautdinov, V. Malykhin, A. Sharifullin, Sheshmaoil
187934 Mathematical Modeling of Proppant Embedment and Its Effect on Conductivity of Hydraulic Fracture A. Pimenov, R. Kanevskaya, Institute for Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels
187935 Improved Hydraulic Fracturing Results Utilizing Microfrac Testing in a West Siberia Field V. Karpov, N. Parshin, A. Moiseenko, RITEK; A. Ryazanov, RITEKBeloyarskneft; Ya. Zheng, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; A. Kornilov, Baker Hughes
15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Field Development Management and Monitoring" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187785 Search and Argumentation of Decisions Aimed at Increasing the Efficiency of Bottom-Hole Zone Stimulation in Oil Accumulations with Challenged Reserves V. Mukhametshin, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University; V. Andreev, The Institute of Oil Technology and New Materials of Bashkortostan Republic
187789 Improvement of Reservoir Management Effectiveness through Optimization of Bottomhole Pressures of Wells V. Iksitanov, I. Bobb, GeoExpert Service; B. Ganiev, R. Khalimov, Tatneft
187790 A Tool for Achieving the Base Production Potential I. Zhdanov, Gazpromneft STC, Saint-Petersburg Mining University; A. Margarit, Ts. Andzhukaev, A. Pustovskikh, Gazpromneft STC
187791 Oil Production Enhancement Operations Recommendations by Well-Testing and Decline Analyze N. Morozovskiy, Gazpromneft STC; D. Gulyaev, Sofoil; D. Lazutkin, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
187792 Active Technologies of Production-Logging and Well-Testing in Injection Wells with Unstable Fractures Kh. Musaleev, Sofoil, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
15:00 - 18:00
Round Table: Aspects and Opportunities of New Russian Reserves Classification, Similarities and Differences between PRMS and 2009 United Nations Framework Classification Arbat Hall

A year and a half has passed since the new classification for oil and gas in place, reserves and resources evaluation came into operation in the Russian Federation. On the basis of the new classification regulatory documents hundreds of reserves reports and development plans were reviewed and defended which revealed a number of unprovisioned issues and initiated proposals to clarify the statements of the new Rules for the hydrocarbon fields’ development and Rules for the Field Development Planning Design instead of temporary guidelines. Currently, taking into account the accumulated experience of their application the second edition of the regulatory documents is being prepared. Not all proposed changes in regulatory documents are equally perceived by specialists from design institutes and production companies. The round table will allow to discuss the experience of implementing the classification, exchange opinions as well as discuss them with representatives of government institutions responsible for the implementation.

15:00 - 18:00
Round Table: Is It An Advantage To Be Eco-Friendly? Krasnye Vorota Hall
Moderator(s) Nikolay Shabalin, Marine Research Center of Lomonosov MSU; Dmitry Bogdanov, GeoKIN

For many years, environmental preservation has been a key priority for companies as the necessity of environmental protection is absolutely clear. Detailed schemes were developed for operating and monitoring environmental safety by international, national and industry regulators. However, is it beneficial not only for mankind, particular countries and administrative authorities, but for the oil and gas industry and for particular oil and gas companies?

The main purpose of this round table is to discuss aspects of environmental safety issues during exploration, production and field operations of oil and gas industry facilities—in terms of separate players in the market and in the industry.

How beneficial is it for oil and gas operators and service companies to be eco-friendly, both long and short term? Is there any advantage of nuanced approach to ecological maintenance of resource development in terms of industry operation and how it appears?

Confirmed and invited speakers: Gazpromneft-Sakhalin, Gazprom Geologorazvedka, Rosneft, Marine Arctic Geological Expedition, Oil and Gas Center of Lomonosov MSU, WWF, FRECOM.

16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 3. Well Construction – Drilling and Completion - 2 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Session Chairpersons Mikhail Gelfgat, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; Vladimir Sledkov, LUKOIL-Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
187709 New Decisions - New Opportunities: MPD as an Effective Method for High Fractured Carbonate Reservoir in Eastern Siberia T. Soroka, D. Krivolapov, M. Koscher, P. Dobrokhleb, D. Voitenko, A. Polyarush, Schlumberger; R. Giniatullin, V. Kireev, D. Krepostnov, Rosneft; K. Chernokalov, F. Zagrivniy, East-Siberian Oil and Gas Company
187710 Automatic System of Drilling Parameters Field Data Analysis S. Galeev, Yu. Lind, B. Gabbasov, T. Sharipov, K. Shlychkov, B. Khashper, BashNIPIneft
187711 New Approach. Dual-Casing Design for Horizontal Wells N. Bravkova, A. Truba, D. Zadvornov, O. Grachev, A. Sandutsa, Schlumberger; R. Giniatullin, V. Kireev, E. Pilipets, R. Gazimov, D. Krepostnov, M. Mishakov, Rosneft; R. Galimullin, V. Khlebnikov, P. Medvedev, Upstream Peer Review and Technical Development Center, Rosneft
187713 Safe Drilling Technology for Horizontal Wells in Ultra-Thick Salt-Gypsum Rock in the Right Bank of the Turkmen Amu Darya W. Li, H. Zhou, W. Wang, G. Wang, Y. Gu, CNPC Drilling Research Institute; J. Lin, Sinopec International Exploration and Production Corporation; H. Xiang, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; Z. Mu, China University of Petroleum
187725 Integrated Project Management Reduces Well Construction Time by 25% while Delivering Complex 3D Extended-Reach Drilling Campaign on Lebedinskoye field, Sakhalin I. Lebedeva, K. Mazaev, O. Valshin, R. Savinov, R. Kasumov, A. Shakirova, E. Mikhailitsyn, D. Leontyev, V. Kim, Schlumberger; V. Bochkarev, O. Nikifirova, V. Surmin, O. Tyan, Rosneft
187717 New Ridge Diamond Elements Improve PDC Bit Efficiency D. Gumich, M. Pak, A. Lomov, M. Gorobchenko, Smith Bits, a Schlumberger Company
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 4. Field Development Management and Monitoring - 1 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Session Chairpersons Stanislav Buchinsky, Tyumen Petroleum Research Centre; Oleg Pichugin, CONCORD
Time Paper # Presentation
187767 Well Performance Wireless Monitoring with Stationary Intelligent Tracer Systems on the Prirazlomnoye Oilfield O. Morozov, M. Andriyanov, A. Koloda, A. Shpakov, Gazprom Neft Shelf; A. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; I. Mukhametshin, Resman Rus; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University, Resman Rus; A. Prusakov, RESMAN AS
187769 Complex Distributed Permanent Monitoring System for Horizontal Wells. Noviy-Port Field Case Study A. Ipatov, I. Kaeshkov, M. Krementskiy, Gazpromneft STC; D. Bazhenov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; A. Buyanov, E. Panarina, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; E. Figura, Laser Solutions; I. Klishin, Gazpromneft NNGGF; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University
187782 Automated Interwell Connectivity Measuring in the Presence of Self-Induced Fracturing Effect D. Ivaschenko, RN-UfaNIPIneft; D. Kravets, P. Mumber, RN-Yuganskneftegaz; A. Musin, E. Sakhibgareev, Bashkir State University
187768 Integrated Approach to Managing of the Offshore Field Development based on Example of the Yu. Korchagin Field and V. Filanovskogo Field A. Danilko, A. Senkov, A. Skobeev, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; R. Akhamadiev, LUKOIL International Upstream West; V. Volkov, LUKOIL-Engineering
187773 Challenges and Results in Implementing a Smart Field Concept to Increase an Operational and a Developing Efficiency at Mature Field (AO "RITEK" Case Study) D. Kyrnaev, A. Maslanov, V. Karpov, A. Amirov, I. Batilov, K. Ratanov, RITEK; A. Kozhin, V. Fomin, A. Klemba, A. Rybalko, M. Guletzkiy, SibProjectAutomation
187779 A Comprehensive Approach to Basement Fractured Reservoir Development in the Pannonian Basin: Case Study A. Polivakho, I. Bogatyrev, E. Kharyba, M. Dragosavac, K. Ezhov, L. Stulov, STC NIS-Naftagas; T. Olneva, Gazpromneft STC
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 5. Geomechanics - 2 Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Alexey Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; Sergey Tikhotsky, IPE RAS
Time Paper # Presentation
187821 Application of Special Well Logging Techniques for Geomechanical Model Improvement in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs K. Ezhov, STC NIS - Naftagas llc Novi Sad; A. Arsibekov, Schlumberger; N. Dubinya, IPE RAS
187822 The Study of the Unstable Fracture Propagation in the Injection Well: numerical and Laboratory Modeling M. Trimonova, N. Baryshnikov, E. Zenchenko, P. Zenchenko, S. Turuntaev, Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS
187823 Prediction of Physical-Mechanical Properties and In-Situ Stress State of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs from Experimental Data and Theoretical Modeling N. Dubinya, S. Tikhotsky, I. Bayuk, D. Beloborodov, M. Krasnova, A. Makarova, O. Rusina, I. Fokin, IPE RAS
187825 Practical Application of Geomechanics for Critical Depression Estimation in Sand Control Problem. Case Study for Kikinda Oilfield T. Timofeeva, K. Lezhnev, Gazpromneft STC; M. Biluta, NTC NIS-Naftagas
187827 Methodology for Calibration of Geomechanical Field Model for Assymetric Hydraulic Fracture Design Based on Actual Data A. Vishnivetskiy, T. Solovyev, Yu. Naumov, D. Martynov, V. Kiselev, Weatherford; A. Naymushin, A. Frolov, YarGeo; I. Leontev, A. Abdrakhimov, Y. Korovaychuk, NOVATEK; A. Bezikov, NOVATEK STC
187831 Geomechanically Driven Approach to Drilling Since the Early Stages of Field Development in the North Caspian V. Zvyagin, A. Kim, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; R. Golubtsov, L. Sadykov, Schlumberger
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 6. Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing Okhotny Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, OZNA; Kreso Kurt Butula, Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
187732 Improving Production Efficiency of Liquid-Loading Gas Condensate Wells with ESPs at North Urengoy Field A. Epryntsev, F. Minikaev, A. Sullagaev, A. Yazkov, NOVATEK STC; B. Khachaturyan, E. Vildanov, NORTHGAS; A. Fastovets, A. Erdman, S. Selivanov, Schlumberger
187733 Ultra-Slim Cable-Deployed ESP Systems for Oil Field Development and Production D. Gorbunov, Novomet
187734 Experimental Research of Simultaneous Water and Gas Injection Technology into Injection Wells Using Mixing Devices E. Sergeev, U. Abutalipov, A. Ivanov, A. Kitabov, P. Vinogradov, P. Esipov, BashNIPIneft
187735 The Evolution of ESP Technology in the North Sea: A Reliability Study Based on Historical Data and Survival Analysis L. Pastre, A. Fastovets, Schlumberger
187736 Peculiarities of the In-Field Gas Gathering Systems at the Latest Stage of the Development of Cenomanian Deposit (Yamburgskoye Gas Field) G. Kudiyarov, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg; V. Istomin, A. Egorichev, I. Stonozhenko, A. Rotov, Gazprom VNIIGAZ; D. Sergeeva, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
187742 Case Study: Application of On-Off Adaptive ICDs with Inner Sliding Sleeves in a Horizontal Well in Saudi Arabia Using 2 3/8-in Coiled Tubing A. Anopov, A. Alomair, M. Aseeri, Saudi Aramco; D. Ahmed, N. Molero, Schlumberger
18:00 - 21:00

Tuesday, October 17

08:30 - 17:30
09:30 - 11:30
Plenary Session on Giant Projects Sokolniki Hall
Moderator(s) Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK, Programme Commitee Cochair; Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG, Programme Commitee Cochair; Andrey Kharitonov, Halliburton, Programme Commitee Cochair

Denis Sugaipov, Director, Large-Scale Projects Dpt, Gazprom neft, CEO, Gazpromneft-Razvitie

Alexander Chirgun, Chief Geologist, Verkhnechonskneftegaz; Alexander Timchuk, Deputy Director for Science, ZapSibNIIGG 

Nurlan Muratov, Head of Geoscience, NCOC

  • Integrated Projects: Pros & Cons of Some Current Approaches

Ahsan Rahi, Global Director, Integrated Services and Projects, Weatherford

11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Hard-to-Recover Reserves" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187691 Control Methods of Propellant Fracturing for Production Stimulation V. Vershinin, K. Fedorov, Tyumen State University; Yu. Gankin, Center of Oil Technologies “CNT”; A. Kirichenko, Sibneftemash
187692 Improving SAGD Efficiency in Carbonate Reservoirs by Combining Horizontal, Deviated and Vertical Wells E. Taraskin, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft; S. Ursegov, Skoltech
187694 Applications of Material Balance for Determining the Dynamic Performance of Fractures in a Dual-Porosity System in HP-HT Reservoirs R. Alcantara, J. M. Ham, J. E. Paredes , PEMEX E&P
187695 Optimization of Water Injection Policy for Horizontal Wells in Tight Oil with Low Pressure J. Wang, Ch. Tian, Ch. Shi, J. Gao, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Tian, Z. Wang, China Natl. Petroleum Corp.
11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation-1" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187758 Borehole Acoustics as a Key to Perfect Hydraulic Fracturing in Achimov Formation D. Metelkin, A. Snokhin, I. Tikhomirov, Rospan International; A. Eremeev, E. Karpekin, E. Korelskiy, V. Kalinin, J. Jocker, Sсhlumberger
187759 Applications of Wireline Formation Testers for Through-Casing Reserves Classification V. Blinov, P. Weinheber, I. Shelomikhina, A. Kolomiets, G. Sardarov, Schlumberger; S. Kreknin, R. Safin, K. Pushnikov, Gazprom Geologorazvedka
187760 Permeability Anisotropy in the Thinly-Bedded Pokurskaya Formation from Advanced Wireline Logs and Formation Testers E. Zagrebelnyy, N. Glushcenko, M. Martynov, Messoyakhaneftegaz; A. Tsiklakov, V. Blinov, P. Weinheber, E. Karpekin, D. Ezersky, Yu. Bugakova, Schlumberger
187761 Adaptive System for Analysis and Interpretation of Combined Well Test Data V. Sergeev, P. Nguyen, A. Krainov, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University; A. Gorlach, Gas Inform Plast Ltd
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 7. Static and Dynamic Modeling - 1 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Eydinov, Rock Flow Dynamics; Alexey Cheremisin, Skoltech
Time Paper # Presentation
187793 Building and Application of Integrated Model of a Large Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Condensate Field M. Kuzevanov, D. Skvortsov, M. Karmazin, S. Buchinsky, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187794 Integrated Modeling as an Instrument for Unique Gas Condensate Field Development Concept Choice A. Poushev, T. Gataullin, A. Sullagaev, A. Prokopenko, NOVATEK STC
187795 Analysis of Geological and Hydrodynamic Uncertainties in the Design of Field Development Indicators A. Kravtsov, NOVATEK STC
187800 Experience of MDA Ensemble Smoother Practice for Volga-Ural Oilfield I. Breslavich, G. Sarkisov, E. Makarova, Roxar Services
187802 An Experience of Creation Variable Hydrodynamic Models on Example Tyumen Deposits in Case of Geological Structure Uncertainties D. Mett, S. Sukhodanova, LUKOIL-Engineering
187806 Modelling of Injection Well Capacity with Account for Permeability Damage in the Near-Wellbore Zone for Oil Fields in Western Siberia S. Boronin, K. Tolmacheva, A. Osiptsov, D. Orlov, D. Koroteev, Skoltech; A. Sitnikov, A. Yakovlev, B. Belozerov, E. Belonogov, R. Galeev, Gazpromneft STC
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 8. Field Development Management and Monitoring - 2 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Session Chairpersons Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK; Oleg Pichugin, CONCORD
Time Paper # Presentation
187772 Evolution of Approaches to Oil Rims Development in Terrigenous Formations of Eastern Siberia A. Levanov, A. Kobyashev, A. Chuprov, S. Yashchenko, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; R. Musin, A. Chirgun, Verkhnechonskneftegaz; A. Svyashchenko, V. Grinchenko, Taas-Yuriakh Neftegazodobycha; A. Ovchinnikov, D. Burdakov, S. Zimin, Irkutsk Oil Company
187776 Dynamic Reservoir-Pressure Maintenance System Study in Carbonate Reservoir with Complicated Pore Structure by Production Analysis, Production Logging and Well-Testing D. Gulyaev, A. Gilfanov, V. Krichevskiy, M. Timerbaev, Sofoil; A. Aslanyan, Sakura
187777 Natural Fractured Reservoirs Characteristics Estimation Based on Production Data Using Simplified Correlation. Examples from Russia E. Kovaleva, V. Syrtlanov, A. Aleev, Weatherford
187780 New Approach to Estimate Reservoir Complexity index for West Siberian Fields M. Naugolnov, M. Bolshakov, Gazpromneft STC; R. Mijnarends, Salym Petroleum Development N.V.
187788 Possibilities of Microseismic Monitoring Technology for Control and Optimization of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Development the Case of Eastern Kazakhstan Oilfields E. Anokhina, L. Zhegalina, G. Erokhin, V. Strokov, E. Demidova, M. Kozlov, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 9. Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation - 1 Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton Corp.; Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK
Time Paper # Presentation
187746 Well Completion Technology Evaluation for Oil Rim Field Development Using Permanent Tracers: a Case Study from North-Komsomolskoye Field R. Gashimov, RN-Purneftegaz; V. Salyaev, Rosneft; I. Mukhametshin, A. Prusakov, Resman; M. Nukhaev, Resman, Siberian Federal University
187748 Investigation of Temperature Field in the Formations by Hydraulic Fracture R. Sharafutdinov, R. Valiullin, A. Sharipov, A. Ramazanov, I. Nizaeva, Bashkir State University; C. Badetz, Total E&P Russie; V. Jaffrezic, Total SA
187749 A New Approach to Test Production of Exploration Wells in the Territory of Eastern Siberia N. Dadakin, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University, Baker Hughes; K. Rymarenko, Baker Hughes; V. Lavrov, Oilteam
187750 Identification of Refracturing Reorientation Using Decline-Analysis and Geomechanical Simulator G. Asalkhuzina, A. Davletbaev, A. Fedorov, A. Yuldasheva, RN-UfaNIPIneft; A. Efremov, RN-Yuganskneftegaz; A. Sergeychev, Rosneft; D. Ishkin, Bashkir State University
187751 Production Logging in Horizontal Wells without Well Intervention K. Ovchinnikov, A. Gurianov, P. Buzin, A. Katashov, Geosplit Ltd.; O. Dubnov, R. Agishev, Skolkovo
187765 Novel Approach to Data Analysis of Pressure Transient Testing in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir. Ansagan Field Case T. Kulagina, E. Kaipov, Schlumberger; B. Yeskozha, M. Aimagambetov, P. Kabyshev, A. Burlibayev, Almex Plus
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 10. Core Analysis - 1 Oknothy Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Kostin, Gazpromneft STC; Irina Bobb, Geoexpert Service
Time Paper # Presentation
187871 Integrated Laboratory Research Procedure for Core Cavernous Samples Ya. Gilmanov, I. Vakhrusheva, M. Nikolaev, M. Zagidullin, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187872 Carbonate Core: Research Features, Complexities, Prospects K. Kovalev, P. Grishin, A. Kurochkin, M. Kolesnikov, A. Levchenko, B. Gabsiya, VNIIneft
187879 Laboratory Testing of Sand Control Systems for Heavy Oil Extraction from Unconsolidated Rocks A. Betekhtin, D. Kostin, E. Tikhomirov, Gazpromneft STC; M. Nikolaev, Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz; R. Misbakhov, V. Lyapin, Messoyakhaneftegaz
187880 Features of Water and Process Fluids Effect on Filtration Properties of Terrigenous Reservoirs of the Nepa Suite of Eastern Siberia L. Gaidukov, V. Nikolaev, V. Vorobev, Gazpromneft-Angara
187883 New Take on Mechanical Core Testing Methods and Results Interpretation for Geomechanical Rock Properties Evaluation A. Zinoviev, D. Maksimov, A. Samokhvalov, A. Kostina, E. Korelskiy, S. Strakhov, A. Kharchenko, Schlumberger
187886 Investigation of Relationships of Geomechanic Properties of Layered Rocks Depending on Hydrostatical Pressure M. Aliev, I. Ibragimov, M. Baiburova, Z. Ismagilova, Almetyevsk State Oil Institute; A. Lutfullin, Tatneft
15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Static and Dynamic Modeling" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187810 Modeling Gas Condensate Reservoir Productivity via Industrial Software Solutions in Consideration of Trapped Phases and Closed Pores N. Mikhailov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; I. Voronich, S. Shelepanov, MIPT
187811 Development of Approach to Modelling Complex Structure Carbonate Reservoirs Using Example of the Central Khoreyver Uplift Fields E. Yudin, R. Bagmanov, Zarubezhneft; M. Khairullin, A. Solovyev, N. Churanova, A. Chorniy, VNIIneft; G. Fursov, S. Kurelenkov, Rusvietpetro
187812 Special Features of Geological Modeling of Shelf Sediments by the Example of East-Urengoy and North-Esetinsk Fields N. Natchuk, O. Uraev, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187813 Study of Vertical and Areal Heterogeneity of Gas Composition in a Gas Condensate Field Using Numerical Simulation Model T. Khamzin, E. Reitblat, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Lomukhin, Rospan International
187815 An Application of Proxy-Modeling Framework for Numerical PVT-Models Matching on Laboratory Measured Data D. Olenchikov, T. Ambarian, Roxar
187912 A New Technology Based on Two-Phase Flow Models for Rapid Selection of Wells for Cyclic Waterflooding S. Rodionov, V. Kosyakov, Ya. Shirshov, A. Pyatkov, Concord, Tyumen Branch of Khristianovich Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Institute SB RAS, Tyumen State University; O. Pichugin, Concord
15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation-2" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187762 Interpretation of Indicator Studies of Multistage Fracturing A. Mazo, M. Khamidullin, K. Potashev, Kazan Federal University; R. Sattarov, Mirrico Management; T. Trifonov, Mirrico Group
187763 Estimation of Reservoir Pressure from the Sensor Data Before and After Injection Tests in Low-Permeability Formations Yu. Bobreneva, N. Makhota, A. Davletbaev, RN-UfaNIPIneft; Z. Kamalova, Bashkir State University
187766 PI Evaluation by Well Tests in Case of Low Permeability Formations Exposed by Complex Geometry Fracs M. Kremenetskiy, N. Morozovsky, V. Kokurina, Gazpromneft STC; E. Grishina, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
15:00 - 18:00
Round Table: Localization: A Window of Opportunity for Russian Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturers Arbat Hall
Moderator(s) Oleg Zhdaneev, Schlumberger; Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, OZNA

Successful examples of localization by local development companies and by oil and gas equipment manufacturers will be addressed during this round table. There will be a special focus on governmental policies and support.

Confirmed and invited speakers: Eurasian economic commission, Gazprom neft, Goltsblat BLP, Gusar, Rubin, Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding, Kinetica Center

15:00 - 18:00
Round Table: XXI Century Petroleum Engineers – Who Are They? Krasnye Vorota Hall
Moderator(s) Konstantin Fedorov, Tyumen State University

In the last 10-20 years, the oil and gas industry has significantly changed, engineers and specialists’ qualifications have increased. The same changes have affected universities and thousands of graduates enter the labour market annually. However, not all of them can find a job easily. Sometimes employers are not satisfied with job applicant’s professional knowledge level, their analytic skills, ability to solve non typical problems and their experience in the field.

Discussions during this round table will include the following issues:

  • What programmes do universities offer to students? Do the programmes meet requirements that companies specify?
  • Where should students receive professional knowledge and skills?
  • How to arrange real student practice?
  • Should universities prepare and provide necessary information and courses for students to become professionals?
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 11. Static and Dynamic Modeling - 2 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Surnachev, Roxar; Mikhail Popov, Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
187796 Computation of Absolute and Relative Permeability Full Tensors for Fractured Reservoirs A. Blonsky, D. Mitrushkin, I. Kudryashov, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; V. Plynin, Zarubezhneft
187797 Hybrid Approach to Reservoir Modeling Based on Modern CPU and GPU Computational Platforms A. Telishev, K. Bogachev, V. Shelkov, D. Eydinov, H. Tran, Rock Flow Dynamics
187798 Well Index Calculation for Arbitrary Trajectory, Perforation, Hydraulic Fracturing and Geological Properties N. Bakhtiy, G. Bembel, Surgutneftegaz
187799 Reservoir Modeling of Complex Structure Reservoirs on Dynamic Adaptive 3D PEBI-Grid D. Filippov, I. Kudryashov, D. Maksimov, D. Mitrushkin, B. Vasekin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; A. Roshchektaev, Gazpromneft STC
187803 Automated Geologically-Consistent History Matching of Facies Distribution and Reservoir Properties in Inter-Well Space by Adjoint Methods E. Zakirov, O. Lyubimova, I. Indrupsky, D. Anikeev, E. Arkhipova, OGRI RAS
187804 The Concept of the Complex Carbonate Reservoir Saturation with the Variable Wettability R. Kanevskaya, K. Budkin, S. Korobkin, O. Lubimova, A. Pimenov, Institute for Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels; T. Isakova T.G., BashNIPIneft; A. Markova
187805 Reactive Flow Modeling at Pore Scale A. Beletskaya, E. Ivanov, M. Stukan, S. Safonov, O. Dinariev, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 12. Field Development Management and Monitoring - 3 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Session Chairpersons Alexey Pustovskikh, Gazpromneft STC; Kreso Kurt Butula, Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
187771 Benchmarking of Various Types of Completions and MS Technologies for Horizontal Wells at the Priobskoe Field (Southern License Topic) A. Sitnikov, R. Asmandiyarov, A. Pustovskikh, A. Sheremeev, R. Zulkarniev, Gazpromneft STC; D. Kolupaev, Gazpromneft-Khantos
187774 Automatic Control Algorithms of Water-Gas Mixture Injection Under Implementation of SWAG-Technology M. Gladysheva, P. Vinogradov, A. Lutfurakhmanov, O. Nadezhdin, D. Efimov, E. Sergeev, BashNIPIneft
187783 Investigation of a Pressure Barrier at OWC and its Effect on Waterflood B. Stasyuk, V. Camerlo, Chevron
187784 Control of Displacement Front Uniformity by Fractal Dimensions B. Suleimanov, N. Guseynova, E. Veliyev, OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute, SOCAR
187778 Information Support of Field Development Control and Analysis in LUKOIL Research and Development Complex M. Cheretenkov, I. Zolova, E. Pryanichnikova, LUKOIL-Engineering; V. Vidyakin, Geospline
187781 Oil Fingerprinting Technology for Well and Reservoir Management D. Pavlov, A. Vasiliev, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 13. Hard-to-Recover Reserves Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Alexey Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC; Anton Serebrennikov, Belorusneft
Time Paper # Presentation
187680 Precise Fracturing: Increasing Number of Stages and Reducing Treatments Size in Oil Rims of Novoportovskoe Oil Field E. Kazakov, S. Vereschagin, A. Kichigin, O. Olennikova, A. Ishangaliev, Schlumberger; F. Bulatov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; E. Saifutdinov, Gazpromneft STC
187682 Successful Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques in Shallow Unconsolidated Heavy Oil Sandstones M. Martynov, A. Konopelko, E. Zagrebelniy, Messoyakhaneftegaz
187683 Results of Pilot Work on Extraction of Natural Bitumens from Oil-Wet Fractured Carbonate Rocks: Boca de Jaruco Field Case E. Yudin, O. Petrashov, Zarubezhneft; A. Osipov, VNIIneft
187684 Field Development Optimization of Tight Reservoir V.N. Vinogradov of Oil Field by Applying Multi-Stage Fracturing A. Aleroev, M. Chertenkov, N. Veremko, Sh. Kuchmezov, LUKOIL-Engineering; V. Karpov, N. Parshin, RITEK
187685 Heat and Mass Transfer Processes Caused by Natural Thermal Convection in Oil-Containing Media V. Osnos, V. Kuneevsky, TatNIPIneft; Yu. Vankov, Kazan State Power Engineering University; E. Saifullin, V. Larionov, Kazan Federal University
187690 Local Stress Shadow Effect Analysis in Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Design Considering Small Drillhole Spacing A. Bochkarev, D. Mitrushkin, R. Nikitin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; A. Ryazanov, N. Parshin, V. Karpov, A. Moiseenko, RITEK
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 14. Core Analysis - 2 Okhotny Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Kostin, Gazpromneft STC; Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center
Time Paper # Presentation
187873 Mosaic Hydrophobization of the Surface of Organic-Mineral Matrix from Rocks of Bazhenov Formation N. Bogdanovich, E. Kozlova, M. Spasennykh, Skoltech; S. Borisenko, S. Rudakovskaya, Arctic GERS
187874 Multi-Scale Image Fusion of X-ray Microtomography and SEM Data to Model Flow and Transport Properties for Complex Rocks on Pore-Level K. Gerke, M. Karsanina, T. Sizonenko, Institute of Geospheres Dynamics of RAS, Schmidt's Institute of Physics of the Earth of RAS, Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute of RAS; X. Miao, Key Laboratory of High-efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines (Ministry of Education), University of Science and Technology Beijing; D. Gafurova, D. Korost, Lomonosov MSU
187877 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Microstructural Wettability of Oil and Gas Reservoirs N. Mikhailov, K. Motorova, Lomonosov MSU, Geology Department
187878 Evaluation Method of Influence of Catalyst Precursors on Initiation of In-Situ Combustion and It's Dynamics K. Sadikov, V. Larionov, M. Varfolomeev, Kazan Federal University
187885 Image Processing and Machine Learning Approaches for Petrographic Thin Section Analysis S. Budennyy, A. Pachezhertsev, A. Bukharev, A. Erofeev, D. Mitrushkin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; B. Belozerov, Gazpromneft STC
187887 Laboratory Modeling of Residual Oil Mobilization in Flooded Reservoirs S. Melekhin, LUKOIL-Engineering; N. Mikhailov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Wednesday, October 18

08:30 - 14:00
09:30 - 11:30
Plenary Session: From IT Solutions To Industry High Efficiency Sokolniki Hall
Moderator(s) Regina Kanevskaya, Institute of Fossil Fuels Geology and Development; Vladislav Dzyuba

Dmitry Bolotnik, Vice-President, General Director, Russian and CIS, Roxar

Artem Karapetov, Vice-president, Sales Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger

Alexey Yazkov, Deputy general Director on Development, NOVATEK STC

Kirill Bogachev, CTO, Rock Flow Dynamics

11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Brownfields" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187843 Design of WAG Parameters A. Shevelev, Tyumen State University; A. Valeev, LUKOIL-West Siberia
187844 Foam Acid Treatment - The Key to Stimulation of Carbonate Reservoirs in Depleted Oil Fields of the Samara Region A. Letichevsky, A. Nikitin, A. Parfenov, V. Makarenko, I. Lavrov, Samaraneftegaz; G. Rukan, D. Ovsyannikov, A. Gromovenko, R. Nuriakhmetov, Schlumberger
187845 An Innovative EOR Method For Waterflooding Heterogeneous Oilfield - Graded Diversion-flooding Technology and Verification by Field Comparison Tests H. Wu, Z. Bu, CNPC; X. Wu, S. Zhang, Z. Yu, H. Xu, RIPED, CNPC; L. Bai, Xinjiang Oilfield Company, CNPC; Q. Zeng, Huabei Oilfield Company, CNPC; Y. Jiang, Startwell Energy
187846 Reservoir Surveillance Informative Value on Brown Field I. Bogatyreva, N. Metelkina, R. Mustafin, Institute for Geology and Development of Fossil Fuels
187848 Mechanism Study on Foam Flooding for Daqing Reservoirs after Polymer Flooding Q. Hou, D. Guo, Y. Zhu, J. Ouyang, Zh.Wang, RIPED, CNPC
11:45 - 12:45
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Well Logging/Field Geology and Geophysics" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187908 Improving the Reliability of Quantitative Interpretation of the Nuclear Magnetic Logging Data to Evaluate the Secondary Porosity in Reservoirs Associated with the Ovinparmian and Grebenian Horizons in the Trebs Field K. Shumatbaev, O. Privalova, E. Gainullina, BashNIPIneft; D. Korost, V. Belokhin, Lomonosov MSU, Geology Department; O. Kuchurina, Bashneft-Polus
187909 Identification of Inflow Zones in Low-Rate Horizontal Wells by Spectral Noise Logging I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, V. Pimantyev, TGT Oil & Gas Services; A. Kuznetsova, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft; A. Kozlov, Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz
187910 Determination of Oil/Water Contact while Drilling by Interpreting Data from the Azimuthal Deep Resistivity Tool under Conditions of Uncertainty Associated with the Measurements of Inclination P. Grechikho, RNG; K. Zaboev, A. Mikhailov, R. Ruzaev, Halliburton
187911 Novel Approach for Evaluation of Petrophysical Parameters from Time-lapse Induction Logging-While-Drilling Measurements in Deviated and Horizontal Wells M. Podberezhny, S. Polushkin, Salym Petroleum Development; A. Makarov, Baker Hughes
187896 Predicting Reservoir Properties of Carbonate Rocks on the Basis of Their Sedimentation Heterogeneity and Secondary Transformations A. Dushin, G. Gaymaletdinova, A. Melnikov, BashNIPIneft
187899 The Prediction and Application of Sandstone Reservoirs with Coal-bearing Zone in South Turgay Basin, Kazakhstan X. Sheng, Ya. Lin, M. Zhang; L. Kong, RIPED, CNPC
12:45 - 14:45
Young Professionals Session-1 Arbat Hall
Moderator(s) Dmitry Eydinov, Rock Flow Dynamics; Vyacheslav Kretsul, Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
187914 Tailoring of the Fracturing Technologies to Challenging Geological Conditions of Jurassic Formation of Yamal Peninsula A. Ishangaliev, A. Yudin, A. Borisenko, D. Vernigora, A. Gromovenko, Schlumberger; A. Korepanov, O. Olender, Gazpromneft-Yamal; E. Sayfutdinov Gazpromneft STC
187915 A Technical Solution for Increasing the Efficiency of Associated Petroleum Gas Using Examples from the Fields of ОАО Udmurtneft A. Blyablyas, Udmurtneft
187919 Unconventional Basement Reservoir: from Studying to Prediction on the Example of North-Var’yegansky Field A. Kazakova, RN-UfaNIPIneft; M. Rykus, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
187922 Digital Field as a Field and Production Management Tool P. Chagirov, E. Korobeynikova, Yamal LNG
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 15. Well Construction – Drilling and Completion - 3 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Session Chairpersons Pavel Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger; Andrey Kharitonov, Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
187696 New Technologies for Effective Recycling of Oil Based Mud. Experience of Prirazlomnoye Field V. Kireev, D. Krepostnov, Rosneft; P. Dobrokhleb, D. Voitenko, A. Kozyrev, A. Mishin, Schlumberger
187697 Application and Optimization of Drill-In Fluids for Achimov Horizontal Wells in West Siberia V. Kretsul, P. Dobrokhleb, A. Dementyev, Schlumberger; P. Kiselev, Rosneft Brasil
187698 Successful Zonal Isolation of Horizontal Liner with Cement Designed for Mechanical Loads During Multiple Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments in Western Siberia Z. Jekic, S. Sergeev, A. Arkhipov, Halliburton; B. Ivanov, RN-Nyaganneftegaz
187700 Optimum Practices to Mitigate Gas Migration Problems in Deep Gas Wells A. Al-Yami, T. Mukherjee, A. Riskiawan, V. Wagle, Saudi Aramco
187701 Best Practices in Managing Lost Circulation Events in Shuaiba Formation, South Rumaila Field, Iraq in Terms Preventive Measures, Corrective Methods, and Economic Evaluation Analysis A. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, H. Alkinani, R. Flori, S. Hilgedick, E. Torgashov, Missouri University of Science and Technology
187728 Integrated Casing (Surface Casing String) Cementing Procedure under the Conditions of High-Intensity Process Liquid Absorption in the Eastern Siberia Oilfield V. Bykov, S. Paleev, Talakanneft; A. Zakharenkov, Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft, Surgutneftegaz; A. Samoylovich, Y. Medvedev, Samara Gypsum Plant; S. Kolesnikov, Mirrico Group of Companies
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 16. Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Gas Condensate Field Development - 1 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Session Chairpersons Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton Corp.; Nikolay Smirnov, Petro GM
Time Paper # Presentation
187851 OGIP Evaluation By Using Specific Drainage Volumes Method: Theory and Case Study S. Kolbikov, NOVATEK; M. Klimov, R. Ramazanov, NOVATEK STC
187852 Frac Size Matters: The Experience of Achimov Deposits Development in Urengoyskoe Gas Condensate Field A. Yudin, D. Kubyshkin, K. Lyapunov, Schlumberger; Yu. Zakharzhevskiy, A. Snokhin, S. Romashkin, A. Prokhorov, Rosneft
187856 Brownfield Development Optimization under Uncertainty – A Structured Workflow Design for Complex Case Scenarios R. Schulze-Riegert, Schlumberger Norwegian Technology Center; I. Magdeyev, M. Komin, V. Chernyak, Schlumberger SIS Russia
187860 Influence of Permeability Distribution on Gas Recovery from Massive Reservoir with Bottom Water I. Indrupskiy, D. Anikeyev, E. Zakirov, E. Mamedov, S. Zakirov, T. Tsagan-Mandzhiyev, D. Klimov, OGRI RAS; Yu. Arkhipov, E. Varyagova, Gazprom dobycha Nadym; V. Mikhailov, Yu. Volkov, CSMRoil
187863 Assessment of Drained Gas Reserves in the Process of Gas and Gas Condensate Field Operation in Water Drive D. Glumov, S. Sokolov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Strekalov, Tyumen Industrial University
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 17. Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation - 2 Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Ilkam Mukhametshin, RESMAN RUS; Konstantin Fedorov, Institute of Physical and Technical Sciences, Tyumen State University
Time Paper # Presentation
187752 New Possibilities of Well Testing and Production Logging in Horizontal Wells with Non-Uniform Inflow Profile M. Kremenetskiy, S. Melnikov, A. Ipatov, A. Kolesnikova, Gazpromneft STC; A. Shorohov, Gazpromneft - Yamal; A. Buyanov, Kh. Musaleev, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
187753 Multiphase Gas-Condensate Metering Tests with Individual Fluid Properties Model A. Davidovskiy, S. Abramochkin, N. Lopatina, Schlumberger
187754 Improving Quality and Efficiency in Exploration Well Testing on Perspective Fields of Uvat Project O. Kulyatin, Upstream Peer Review and Technical Development Center, Rosneft; A. Sosnovskikh, RN-Uvatneftegaz
187755 Development of Automatic System for Decline Analysis V. Kotezhekov, A. Margarit, A. Pustovskikh, A. Sitnikov, Gazpromneft STC
187756 Isokinetic Sampling of Multiphase Flow of Formation Fluids in Near-Critical Region A. Muraviev, VNIIneft
187757 Geochemical Tools to Correlate Light Petroleum and Evaluate Thermal Maturity: a Case Study of Precambrian Condensates from the East Siberia, Russia A. Chakhmakhchev, Applied Chem Data; O. Shiganova, SNIIGGIMS; V. Andrus, IHS Markit
12:45 - 14:45
Technical Session 18. Well Logging Okhotny Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Irina Bobb, Geoexpert Service; Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK
Time Paper # Presentation
187900 New Approach to Offshore Field Development in Russia: Ultra Deep LWD Measurements for Accurate 3D Reservoir Model Update S. Shtun, M. Golenkin, A. Shtun, LUKOIL- Nizhnevolzhskneft; D. Shabalinskaya, M. Brichikova, V. Kuzakov, N. Zolotoi, A. Cheprasov, Schlumberger
187901 New Production Logging Tool for Inflow Profiling of Low-Rate Oil-Water Horizontal Wells: Case Studies of Field Testing an Experimental Prototype D. Miklashevskiy, V. Shako, I. Borodin, V. Mukhin, Schlumberger; R. Skochelyas, TyumenPromGeophizika; V. Shalamov, TyumenNefteGas; R. Valiullin, R. Iarullin, Bashkir State University
187903 Innovative Technologies and Approaches to Interpreting Logging Data in Horizontal Wells N. Shchetinina, A. Malshakov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; M. Basyrov, I. Zyryanova, D. Ganichev, V. Yatsenko, Rosneft
187904 Electromagnetic Tool for High-Resolution Logging: Theoretical and Experimental Studies M. Epov, V. Glinskikh, I. Mikhaylov, IPGG SB RAS, NSU; V. Eremin, A. Petrov, SPEGE "Looch", IPGG SB RAS; M. Nikitenko, IPGG SB RAS
187905 Formation Evaluation for Thin Bed Shaly Sand Reservoirs A. Kalistratov, A. Kolomytsev, Schlumberger
187907 A Quantitative Assessment Method of the Productive Formation Wettability Indicator According to the Data of Geophysical Surveys R. Akhmetov, A. Andreev, Branch of Ufa State Petroleum Technological University in the City Oktyabrsky; V. Mukhametshin, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
15:00 - 18:00
Round Table: Database Mining Krasnye Vorota Hall
Moderator(s) Dmitry Koroteev, Skoltech; Alexander Sitnikov, Gazpromneft STC; Artyom Karapetov, Schlumberger

Big data collection, storing, and processing technologies have affected many industry spheres. Database mining is often used during optimization of production and business processes. The quantity and quality of data increases yearly and the prospect of successfully using predictive analytics technologies becomes more realistic.

The prospect of Using Big Data Analytics to economically enhance exploration, development, and production has drawn much interest.

This round table will discuss predictive analytics and highlight current tasks for big data analytics in oil and gas production.


Dmitry Koroteev, Assistant Professor, Skoltech; Alexander Sitnikov, Deputy General Director on Geology and Field Development, Gazpromneft STC

Sergey Stishenko, General Director, Geosteering Technologies

Artyom Semenikhin, Leader of Industrial Research Team, IBM Science and Technology Center

Alexander Khaytin, Chief Operating Officer, Yandex Data Factory

15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Brownfields/ Core Analysis" Chistye Prudy Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187849 High-Pressure Air Injection Laboratory and Numerical Modelling in Bazhenov Source Rocks T. Bondarenko, L. Khakimova, A. Cheremisin, M. Spasennykh, Skoltech
187850 Additional Appraisal Program Optimisation with the Value of Information (VOI) Aproach A. Vashevnik, M. Mityaev, R. Asmandiyarov, A. Onegov, Sh. Nigamatov, A. Sizykh, A. Goncharov, E. Fedorov, Gazpromneft STC
187888 New Features of the Experiment to Determine Lateral Anisotropy Filtration and Capacity Properties S. Tsybulskiy, M. Kravchenko, V. Kadet, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; A. Bogdanov, Gazprom VNIIGAZ
15:00 - 16:00
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Presentations "Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Gas Condensate Field Development" Ostozhenka Hall
Time Paper # Presentation
187864 System Approach to Justification of Gas Wells Pattern Arrangement under High Geological Uncertainty Conditions L. Kadochnikova, A. Yazkov, R. Ramazanov, I. Martynov, NOVATEK STC
187865 Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Development of a Multi-Layer Offshore Gas Condensate Field: Thien Ung Case Study A. Lubnin, E. Yudin, Zarubezhneft; G. Sansiev, T. Karimov, VNIIneft; V. Bondarenko, Vietsovpetro
187866 An Additional Method Gas Field Development Control E. Chepkasova, V. Silov, Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk
187867 Comprehensive Selection of Reagents and Technologies for Shut Off in Gas Producers G. Dubinsky, V. Andreev, Institute of Strategic Studies of the Respublic of Bashkortostan; K. Fedorov, Tyumen State University
187868 Perspective View on Gas Well Stimulations in Case of Complex Carbonate Reservoir A. Zhukov, A. Ermilov, I. Volnov, R. Sidikhodzhaev, LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company
187869 Impact of Drain Length on Well Performance in Karachaganak Field T. Naurzgaliyev, G. Mutaliyev, KPO b.v.
16:00 - 18:00
Young Professionals Session - 2 Arbat Hall
Moderator(s) Andrey Kharitonov, Halliburton; Sergey Tikhotsky, IPE RAS
Time Paper # Presentation
187920 New Approach to Interpretation of Hydrodynamic Study of Horizontal Wells Located in Under-Gas-Cap Zones A. Fedorov, RN-Purneftegaz
187924 Design of 5” Liner Drilling System for Directional Drilling A. Agishev, TMK-Premium Service; M. Gelfgat, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
187925 Probabilistic Approach as a Tool for Identifying Areas of Residual Oil Reserves M. Kondratiev, E. Azarov, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft Branch Office in Tyumen
187927 Verifying Reserves Opportunities with Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing V. Krichevskiy, R. Farakhova, Sofoil; V. Taipova, R. Rafikov, Tatneft; A. Aslanyan, Sakura; I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, A. Trusov, TGT Oil & Gas Services
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 19. Stimulation and Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Sokolniki 1 Hall
Session Chairpersons Suleyman Sitdikov, Rosneft; Mikhail Gelfgat, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Time Paper # Presentation
187714 Experience in Stimulating Multilateral Horizontal Wells Using a Multilateral Reentry System and a Dispersion of Acid and Solvent and a Viscoelastic Diverting Acid T. Galiev, A. Zelentsov, E. Golitsina, R. Khabibullin, N. Nifontov, ALREP MC; A. Nurullin, R. Gaynetdinov, Tatnefteotdacha; K. Burdin, K. Starodubtseva, A. Gromovenko, R. Nuriakhmetov, A. Kovalevsky, A. Lisitsyn, Schlumberger
187715 Coiled Tubing Boosts Efficiency of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Technique in Novoportovskoe Field A. Belov, S. Shestakov, A. Trifonov, A. Korepanov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Garenskikh, Gazpromneft-Angara; S. Tishkevich, Gazpromneft-Razvitie; A. Kichigin, K. Burdin, V. Vdovyak, R. Murzakhmetov, Schlumberger
187716 Multistage Fracturing at Top Gear M. Demkovich, A. Ablaev, S. Vereschagin, N. Nizamova, A. Gromovenko, K. Burdin, M. Novikov, K. Starodubtseva, Schlumberger; V. Karpov, N. Parshin, A. Ryazanov, A. Moiseenko, R. Ayupov, RITEK; A. Aleroev LUKOIL-Engineering
187931 Opportunity in Adversity: A Paradigm Shift in Chemical Stimulation M. Rylance, BP Russia; A. Hoq, BP Aberdeen
187932 First in Russia Large-scale Implementation of the Channel Fracturing Technology in Horizontal Wells A. Yudin, S. Sypchenko, A. Gromovenko, R. Romanovskiy, Schlumberger; N. Chebykin, A. Serdyuk, Gazpromneft - Khantos; D. Bukharov, I. Faizullin, A. Churakov, Gazpromneft STC
187933 New Opportunities for Brownfields: Channel Fracturing Offers a Significant Increase of Well Productivity in Complex Geological Conditions in the Samara Region A. Letichevskiy, A. Nikitin, A. Parfenov, V. Makarenko, I. Lavrov, RN-Samaraneftegaz; G. Rukan, A. Yudin, D. Ovsyannikov, R. Nuriakhmetov, A. Gromovenko, Schlumberger
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 20. Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Gas Condensate Field Development - 2 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Session Chairpersons Konstantin Rymarenko, Independent Expert; Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK
Time Paper # Presentation
187853 Integrated Approach to Determination of Optimal Capacity and Configuration of Booster Compressor Station at Different Realization Stages A. Poushev, D. Nerodenko, P. Kudrin, A. Yazkov, NOVATEK STC
187854 Accounting of Stationary Liquid Unloading Criteria in Simulation Model for Downhole Equipment and Regime Optimization and Prolongation of Gas Wells Operation I. Maksimovskiy, F. Minikaev, R. Mangushev, NOVATEK STC; A. Mingazov, NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz
187855 Study of the Efficiency of Methods for Enhanced Condensate Recovery, Based on Reservoir Simulation Models E. Makarov, A. Romanov, A. Yushkov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187857 Specifics of Development, Infrastructure Construction and Production of Oil-Gas-Condensate Fields. Integrated Model Application Experience K. Povyishev, S. Vershinin, O. Vernikovskaya, Gazpromneft STC
187858 EOR Miscible Gas Project in Oil-Gas Condensate Field N. Glavnov, V. Kuntsevich, M. Vershinina, A. Penigin, I. Perevozkin, R. Badgutdinov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Bazhenov, I. Garipov, A. Shorokhov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; O. Ushmaev, Gazpromneft-Development
187861 Reconstruction of the Initial State of a Gas-condensate System Based on a Limited Set of Field Data; a Case Study of One of the Fields in South Caspian Basin D. Olenchikov, A. Semenov, Roxar
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 21. Brownfields Krymsky Val Hall
Session Chairpersons Konstantin Fedorov, Institute of Physical and Technical Sciences, Tyumen State University; Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG
Time Paper # Presentation
187837 Operative Localization Technique of Current Mobile Oil Reserves for Mature Reservoirs Based on Material Balance A. Aleev, V. Syrtlanov, Ye. Kovalyova, Weatherford
187838 West Salym ASP pilot: Surveillance Results and Operational Challenges Ya. Volokitin, M. Shuster, V. Karpan, E. Mikhaylenko, I. Koltsov, A. Rakitin, I. Tkachev, M. Podberezhny, Salym Petroleum Development N.V.
187839 EOR by Smart Water Flooding in Sandstone Reservoirs - Effect of Sandstone Mineralogy on Initial Wetting and Oil Recovery A. Mamonov, T. Puntervold, S. Strand, University of Stavanger
187840 Effective Use of Data-Driven Methods in Brown Fields C. Temizel, Aera Energy; D. Putra, Rafflesia Energy; H. Anggraini, HESS; R. Moreno, Consultant; O. Drozdov, A. Skiba, Modeltech
187841 Application of CRM for Production and Remaining Oil Reserves Reservoir Allocation in Mature West-Siberian Waterflood Field R. Sakhibgareev, A. Gladkov, D. Salimov, A. Skiba, O. Drozdov, Modeltech
187842 Perspective technologies of reservoir stimulation, developed in RUE "Production Association" Belorusneft" I. Lymar, A. Serebrennikov, Belorusneft, BelNIPIneft
16:00 - 18:00
Technical Session 22. Field Geology and Geophysics Okhotny Ryad Hall
Session Chairpersons Mikhail Popov, Halliburton; Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center
Time Paper # Presentation
187890 Unique Technologies for Seismic Data Interpretation: Sedimentation and Paleotectonic Analysis, Pseudo 3D P. Avdeev, I. Efremov, G. Gogonenkov, S. Elmanovich, GridPointDynamics; A. Plakhov, NIPI-R
187892 Spectral Inversion Methods and Its Application for Wave Field Analysis A. Butorin, F. Krasnov, Gazpromneft STC
187893 Impact of Pore Structure on Reservoir Quality of Carbonates V. Yalalova, A. Ermilov, A. Khakimov, I. Volnov, A. Zhukov, LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company; G. Abdullaev, V. Djumaev, Institute of Oil and Gas Fields Geology and Exploration
187894 Estimation of Abilities of Surface Microseismic Monitoring During Hydraulic Fracturing R. Dyagilev, Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences; A. Shumilov, Perm State National Research University
187895 Numerical Modeling of Microseismic Events on the Surface A. Butorin, F. Krasnov, Gazpromneft STC
187897 Uncertainty Estimation Methodology of Structure Model from Seismic Data in Appraisal Exploration. Case Study, the Field in the Azerbaijan Sector of the Caspian Sea Yu. Dyakonova, D. Machukaev, Roxar; A. Sultanov, SOCAR