Young Professionals Technical Session

SPE will hold the traditional special Young Professionals Technical Session at the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference. 

The Young Professionals Session is a multidisciplinary oil and gas event for young professionals under 36 to present their achievements at the international conference. 

Session Programme

187914 Tailoring of the Fracturing Technologies to Challenging Geological Conditions of Jurassic Formation of Yamal Peninsula A. Ishangaliev, A. Yudin, A. Borisenko, D. Vernigora,  A. Gromovenko, Schlumberger; A. Korepanov, O. Olender, Gazpromneft-Yamal; E. Sayfutdinov Gazpromneft STC 
187915 A Technical Solution for Increasing the Efficiency of Associated Petroleum Gas Using Examples from the Fields of ОАО Udmurtneft A. Blyablyas, Udmurtneft
187919 Unconventional Basement Reservoir: from Studying to Prediction on the Example of North-Var’yegansky Field A. Kazakova, RN-UfaNIPIneft; M. Rykus, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
187920 New Approach to Interpretation of Hydrodynamic Study of Horizontal Wells Located in Under-Gas-Cap Zones A. Fedorov, RN-Purneftegaz
187922 Digital Field as a Field and Production Management Tool P. Chagirov, E. Korobeynikova, Yamal LNG
187924 Design of 5” Liner Drilling System for Directional Drilling A. Agishev, TMK-Premium Service; M. Gelfgat, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
187925 Probabilistic Approach as a Tool for Identifying Areas of Residual Oil Reserves M. Kondratiev, E. Azarov, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft Branch Office in Tyumen
187927 Verivying Reserves Opportunities with Multi-Well Pressure Pulse-Code Testing V. Krichevskiy, R. Farakhova, Sofoil; V. Taipova, R. Rafikov, Tatneft; A. Aslanyan, Sakura; I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, A. Trusov, TGT Oil & Gas Services

*The programme is relevant as of 4 August 2017. All author's names, companies' and paper titles are listed as submitted to SPE.