Tuesday, February 14

08:30 - 17:00
08:30 - 17:00

Wednesday, February 15

07:30 - 08:30
07:30 - 17:00
08:30 - 12:00
01  UR - Unconventional EOR and EGR I Palomino D
Session Chairpersons Mehdi Bahonar - ConocoPhillips Canada Ltd, Vijay Kumar Shrivastava - Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
Achieving high hydrocarbon recovery is challenging in unconventional tight and shale reservoirs. Although EOR/EGR processes could potentially improve the recovery factor beyond the primary depletion, large-scale field application of these processes are not yet established in these reservoirs. This session will focus on the latest research trends, modelling and experimental work to better understand issues involved in improved economic recovery from such reservoirs.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 185030 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Oil Formations: Results of Water Injection Operations and Gas Injection Sensitivities in the Bakken Formation of Southeast Saskatchewan S.M. Ghaderi, C.R. Clarkson, A. Ghanizadeh, University of Calgary; K. Barry, R. Fiorentino, Crescent Point Energy Corp.
0900-0930 185032 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhance Microscopic Sweep Efficiency by Smart Water in Tight and Very Tight Oil Reservoirs T. Kadeethum, H.K. Sarma, B.B. Maini, University of Calgary
0930-1000 185026 A Modeling Study of the EOR Potential for CO2 Huff'n'Puff in Unconventional Tight Light Oil Reservoirs - Examples from the Cardium and Bakken Formations M.M. Reynolds, Ferus Corporation; C.R. Clarkson, S.A. Ghaderi, University of Calgary; C. Hetherington, Ferus Corporation
1030-1100 185076 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Imbibition Oil Recovery from Tight Rocks with Dual-Wettability Pore-network: A Montney Case Study A. Javaheri, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; J.M. Wood, Encana Corporation
1100-1130 185037 Reservoir Description & Dynamics EOR in Tight Oil Reservoirs, Technical and Economical Feasibility K. Joslin, S.G. Ghedan, A.M. Abraham, V. Pathak, Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
1130-1200 185047 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CO2-Oil Interactions in Tight Rocks: An Experimental Study H. Dehghanpour, A. Habibi, M. Yassin, University of Alberta; D. Bryan, Cenovus Energy
Alternate 185066 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Gas Selection for Huff-n-Puff EOR in Shale Oil Reservoirs Based upon Experimental and Numerical Study

L. Li, J.J. Sheng, Texas Tech University
Alternate 185021 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Waterflooding a Multi-Layered Tight Oil Reservoir Developed with Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells R.O. Baker, BRE Group; C. Hustak, Baker Hughes Canada; R. Dieva, Baker Hughes RDS; B. Macisaac, K. Frankiw, B. Clark, Red River Oil Inc.
08:30 - 12:00
02  UR - Optimizing Hydraulic Fracturing Systems and Equipment Palomino E
Session Chairpersons Jeremiah Bold - Husky Energy Inc, David James Quirk - Trican Well Service Ltd.
This session offers a diverse set of cutting edge topics for delegates interested in hydraulic fracturing.  Topics that will be presented include the effects of fluid imbibition on different reservoir rocks, measuring cement integrity before and after multi-stage fracturing, transportation of proppants into fracture networks, the potential to utilize hydraulic fracturing to dispose of CO2,  and building calibrated fracture models with microseismic data. Eposters explore the effectiveness of different completion techniques and proppant selection when fracturing unconventional reservoirs with foam fluid systems.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 185065 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rock-Fluid Interactions in the Duvernay Formation: Measurement of Wettability and Imbibition Oil Recovery M. Begum, M. Yassin, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; L. Dunn, Athabasca Oil Corporation
0900-0930 185058 Completions Experimental Investigation For Microscale Stimulation Of Shales By Water Imbibition During The Shut-in Periods A. Gupta, M. Xu, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; D. Bearinger, Nexen Energy ULC
0930-1000 185068 Drilling Flexible Cement Slurry Survives Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment
M. Hudson, P. Sheperd, J. Ricci, Schlumberger
1030-1100 185083 Completions A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Proppant Placement in Hydraulic Fracture Networks X. Kong, J. McAndrew, Air Liquide
1100-1130 185033 Completions Permanently Sequester Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide - Through Hydraulic Fracturing
M.M. Reynolds, Ferus Corporation; J. Buendia, Consultant
1130-1200 185046 Completions Building Calibrated Hydraulic Fracture Models From Low Quality Microseismic Data And Utilizing It For Optimization: Montney Example

R.S. Kassim, Missouri University of Science & Tech; L.K. Britt, Britt Rock Mechanics Laboratory; S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science & Tech; B. Lang, Black Swan Energy Ltd
Alternate 185051 Completions The Impact of Completion Technique on Well Performance D. Anderson, J.M. Thompson, M. Popp, H. Behmanesh, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies; P. Liang, Paramount Resources Ltd.
Alternate 185042 Completions Evaluation of Downhole Multi-Cycle Sleeve Technology for Re-Frac Completions in Southwest Manitoba C. Kozelj, K. McArthur, N. MacArthur, C. Swain, Crescent Point Energy; S. Stadnyk, J. Powell, NCS Multistage
Alternate 185071 Completions Proppant Optimization for Foam Fracturing in Shale and Tight Reservoirs C. Rubin, West Virginia University Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering Department; M. Gu, West Virginia University; M. Fan, C. Chen, Virginia Tech
08:30 - 12:00
03  UR - Reservoir Characterization I Palomino F-H
Session Chairpersons Claudio Juan Jose Virues - Nexen Energy ULC, Dylan Lougheed - IHS Inc
This session will provide insights into the characterization and performance behavior of unconventional reservoirs. New techniques in rate transient analysis (RTA), analytical and numerical methods are developed and employed to assess stimulation effectiveness, rock and fluid behavior. Major unconventional formations are studied including the Eagle Ford and Niobrara.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 185075 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Approach to History Matching and Optimization of Shale Completions and EUR - a Case study of Eagle Ford Well V. Swami, A. Settari, CGG Services Canada Inc.; R. Sahai, D. Costello, A. Mercer, Chesapeake Energy Corp.
0900-0930 185020 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Does Unit-Slope Beyond Maximum Producing Time Always Represent BDF in RTA? S.S. Hasan, SPE; L. Mattar, IHS Fekete
0930-1000 185027 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupling Analytical and Numerical Methods to Assess Performance and Stimulation Efficiency in Multi-stage Fractured Horizontals S. Yu, Rose & Associates LLP; C.N. Rezk, ConocoPhillips Canada Ltd
1030-1100 185063 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Improved Practical Solution for Modeling Single Phase Multi-Fractured Horizontal Well Performance H. Behmanesh, D. Anderson, J.M. Thompson, D.W. Nakaska, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies
1100-1130 185052 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multi-Well, Multi-Phase Flowing Material Balance M. Shahamat, University of Caglary; C.R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
1130-1200 185045 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Adsorbed Gas Composition And Its Impact On Early Time Production G.J. Walker, T. Branter, P. Miller, Repsol Oil and Gas Canada Inc.
10:00 - 10:30
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:00
Opening Remarks and Keynote
Moderator(s) Opening Remarks from Ron Sawatzky, Alberta Innovates, SPE Heavy Oil Technical Conference Chair and Murray Reynolds, Ferus, SPE Unconventional Resources Chair

Opening Keynote: Darcy Spady, 2018 SPE President and Broadview Energy

Darcy W. Spady, the 2018 SPE President, is the first Canadian to have been elected to this position.

Spady has an extensive background in the natural gas, oil and heavy oil segments of the industry, having worked a decade for Schlumberger across North America in their wireline and pressure pumping segments, as well as with the Columbia Natural Resources/Triana Energy group in the Appalachians, Atlantic Canada and internationally. He has also served as CEO of Calgary-based Contact Exploration and more recently as head of sales for Sanjel Corporation. Darcy is also an active independent director, serving as Board Chairman for Green Imaging Technologies and as a Board member of MNP Petroleum. He has previously served on the Boards of Edge Resources, Contact Exploration, Guildhall Minerals and Poplar Point Exploration.

14:00 - 15:00
Panelist Presentations – Wow, Innovation is Challenging!

With erratic commodity prices and the ever-changing political and environmental landscape, we need innovation and collaboration to unlock and enhance hydrocarbon recovery in Canada.  This multidisciplinary panel will give their perspective on the future of oil and gas, the challenges we might face, and how we can surpass these obstacles through innovation.



Lyle Burke, Devon Corporation Canada


Bryan Helfenbaum, Devon Corporation Canada

Geoffrey Cann, Deloitte Canada

Bill Whitelaw, JuneWarren-Nickel's Energy Group

Ken Green, The Fraser Institute

Catherine Laureshen, Heavy Oil Reserach Consultant

15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 16:30
Moderated Panel Discussion: Wow, Innovation is Challenging!

With erratic commodity prices and the ever-changing political and environmental landscape, we need innovation and collaboration to unlock and enhance hydrocarbon recovery in Canada.  This multidisciplinary panel will give their perspective on the future of oil and gas, the challenges we might face, and how we can surpass these obstacles through innovation.


Lyle Burke, Devon Corporation Canada 



Bryan Helfenbaum, Devon and COSIA

Geoffrey Cann, Deloitte

Bill Whitelaw, JuneWarren-Nickel’s Energy Group

Ken Green, Fraser Institute

Catherine Laureshen


16:30 - 18:00

Thursday, February 16

07:30 - 15:30
07:30 - 08:30
08:30 - 10:00
04  UR - Data Analytics Application Palomino D
Session Chairpersons Venkateshwaran Ramanathan - Schlumberger Canada Limited, David Lindsay Langille - Shell Canada Ltd.
One of the many challenges we face in the oil and gas industry is the management of data and information. This wealth of data is now driving decisions through the intelligent use of software and data analytics. Many companies in the Unconventional space have adopted sophisticated data-centric approaches that are building the pre-shale era of conventional reservoir data and modelling techniques. This session offers you a glimpse of the application of data analytics while speaking to the benefits of utilizing this emerging science
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 Practical Engineering and Data Science M. Derry, Nexen Energy ULC
0900-0930 185077 Completions Multivariate Analysis Using Advanced Probabilistic Techniques for Completion Design Optimization
B.J. Groulx, Verdazo Analytics; J. Gouveia, Rose & Associates, LLP; D. Chenery, Verdazo Analytics
0930-1000 185049 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Lithofacies Classification for Earth Modeling: Letting the Data Speak For Itself
J. Gevirtz, A.P. Ovalle, Halliburton
08:30 - 10:00
05  UR - Innovation and New Technologies Palomino E
Session Chairpersons Robert Liston - Shell Canada Ltd., David James Quirk - Trican Well Service Ltd.
Unconventional resource recovery has significant challenges due to extremely low permeability. Many industry changing technologies have been developed in the past, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to optimize recovery of oil and gas at reduced capital expenditure. This session includes interesting presentations on some innovations and new technologies which will help tackle the challenges in the recovery of unconventional resources.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 185019 Completions Low-Rheology, Thermal Cement Design For Long Lateral Production Casing: Case HistoryFrom The Duvernay Formation A. Afshin, G.C. Fyten, J. Stuber, Halliburton; N. Suarez, C. Diller, Shell Canada
0900-0930 185050 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study And Modeling Of Cryogenic Fracturing Treatment Of Synthetic Rock Samples Using Liquid NitrogenUnder Tri-Axial Stresses B. Yao, L. Wang, Colorado School of Mines; T.J. Kneafsey, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Y. Wu, Colorado School of Mines
0930-1000 185078 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fracture Network Characterization by Analyzing Flowback Salts: Scale-Up of Experimental Data A. Zolfaghari Sharak, Y. Tang, H. Dehghanpour, University of Alberta; D. Bearinger, C.J. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC
Alternate 185080 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Suppression In The Bubble Points Of Oils In Shales: Combined Effect Of Presence Of Organic Matter And Confinement M. Pathak, H. Kweon, The University of Utah; P. Panja, University of Utah Energy & Geoscience Institute; R. Velasco, M.D. Deo, The University of Utah
Alternate 185022 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Nanoscale Free Gas Transport In Shale Rocks: A Hard-Sphere Based Model J. Xu, K. Wu, S. Yang, J. Cao, Z. Chen, University of Calgary
08:30 - 10:00
06  UR - Petrophysics in Unconventionals Palomino F-H
Session Chairpersons Tristan Euzen - IFP Technologies Canada Inc., Hassan Dehghanpour - University of Alberta
The session presents novel or improved techniques aiming at better quantifying and imaging key parameters that impact unconventional reservoirs productivity, such as compressibility, wettability, oil saturation, gas adsorption and rock texture.
Time Paper # Presentation
0830-0900 185054 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multiscale Imaging of Gas Adsorption in Shales H. Aljamaan, C.M. Ross, A.R. Kovscek, Stanford University
0900-0930 185067 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simultaneous Capillary Pressure and Wettability Determination for Tight Bakken Cores Using an Ultra-High-Speed Centrifuge P. Luo, S. Li, Saskatchewan Research Council
0930-1000 185070 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Monte Carlo Simulation for Estimation of Vertical and Horizontal Biot’s Constants Through Calibration of the Minimum Horizontal Stress in the Tight Gas Monteith Formation
B.A. Lopez Jimenez, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
Alternate 185059 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Investigation of Shale Pore Compressibility Impact on Production with Reservoir Simulation Y. Lan, University of Oklahoma; D. Davudov, University of Oklahoma MPGE; R. Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo, D. Vice, University of Oklahoma
Alternate 185073 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Estimating Oil Saturation Index (OSI) from NMR Logging and Comparison with Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Measurements in a Shale Oil Reservoir

J.A. Piedrahita Rodriguez, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 - 12:00
Panel Session: Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing – Changing the Way We Work

Data analytics and cognitive computing have been touted as tools with widespread potential to increase efficiencies in upstream operations in the oil and gas industry.  However, this potential is being realized somewhat slowly.  The panel will offer their opinions on the present status of data analytics and cognitive computing in the upstream arena and where they may be headed in the future, illustrated with examples of field applications drawn from their experience.


Sean Kristjansson, GuildOne 


Doug Crawford, SAS

Mark Derry, Nexen

Bertrand Groulx, Verdazo

Marcel Preteau, RAMP Ventures

Jessica Zambrano, Woodside


12:00 - 13:30
13:00 - 17:00
SPE Young Professional Workshop: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Speaker(s) Richard Kruger, CEO, Imperial Oil; Pat Carlson, CEO, Seven Generations

Ten years ago, news reports frequently cited peak oil as a looming problem facing our world. Technology and innovation has since been developed that allows us to tap into rocks that were previously deemed impossible to extract oil from, reversing this trend. The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin has been a leader in this movement with entrepreneurs using new technology to develop our resources in a safe and reliable way. 

In this workshop, we'll highlight some of these stories on innovation and entrepreneurship with talks from industry leaders Richard Kruger CEO of Imperial Oil and Pat Carlson CEO of Seven Generations.

This will be followed by a talk and activity from Kinetica Ventures on how to take a good idea from the back of a napkin to a fully realized company. Then, join us for a networking cocktail reception post workshop.

13:30 - 17:00
07  UR - Reservoir Characterization II Palomino D
Session Chairpersons Frank J Palmai - PrairieSky Royalty Ltd, Juliana Yuk Wing Leung - University of Alberta
Linking effective reservoir characterization with quantification of their impacts on future production potential is a vitally important and challenging process for operators. This session will present advances in several techniques ranging from type curve matching, core analysis, well testing to production history matching to help bridge that gap.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 185025 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantitative Evaluation of Key Geological Controls on Regional Eagle Ford Shale Production Using Spatial Statistics
Y. Tian, University of Houston; W.B. Ayers, H. Sang, W.D. McCain, Texas A&M University; C.A. Ehlig-Economides, University of Houston
1400-1430 185053 Management & Information Building Type Wells for Appraisal of Unconventional Resource Plays

P. Miller, N. Frechette, K.D. Kellett, Repsol Oil & Gas Canada Inc
1430-1500 185043 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fracturing Fluid Distribution in Shale Gas Reservoirs Due to Fracture Closure, Proppant Distribution and Gravity Segregation Y. Liu, J.Y. Leung, R.J. Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta; C. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC
1530-1600 185029 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Depth-of-Investigation and Volume-of-Investigation Calculated from Fracture-Injection/Falloff Test (DFIT) Data D.P. Craig, DFITpro/Reservoir Development; R.A. Jackson, BOE Solutions Inc.
1600-1630 185056 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Historical Terminal Decline Rates Review of Unconventional Reservoirs in the United States B.W. Hale, William M Cobb & Associates Inc; R.K. Hall, Russell K Hall & Associates
1630-1700 185082 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Bayesian History - Matching and Probabilistic Forecasting for Tight and Shale Wells H. Hamdi, Rock Flow Dynamics/ University of Calgary; M. Costa Sousa, University of Calgary; H. Behmanesh, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies
Alternate 185038 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Limitations of Current Type Curves in Characterizing SRV; and Development of EFR Type Curves Y. Barzin, L. Mattar, IHS Fekete
Alternate 185031 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Localized Reservoir Characterization Model for Hydraulic Fracturing Design in Tight Reservoirs
B.K. Olusola, R. Aguilera, University of Calgary; N. Boury, DeGolyer and MacNaughton Canada Ltd
Alternate 185074 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Characterization of Anisotropy in Tight Reservoirs Using Stiffness Tensors and Variable Biot's Poroelasticity H. Shaikh, E-Tech Consulting Services; O. Ogunrewo, Global Ace Solutions
13:30 - 17:00
08  UR - Case Studies - Good, Bad and Ugly Palomino E
Session Chairpersons Lyle H Burke - Devon Canada Corporation, Joanne Lynne McNichol - NCS Multistage
This session presents an interesting array of multi-discipline case studies from a variety of North American unconventional plays.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 185064 Completions Practical Completion Design Optimization in the Powder River Basin - An Operator Case Study D. Anderson, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies; T. Ingle, C. Ketter, Devon Energy Corporation; J.M. Thompson, Anderson Thompson Reservoir Strategies
1400-1430 185024 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Emerging Unconventional Upper Jurassic Oil Play in Mexico J. Granados-Hernandez, R. Muñoz-Cisneros, L. Caraveo-Miranda, M. Guerrero-Tristán, M. García-Ortega, R. Padilla-Bastida, Pemex Exploracion y Producción
1430-1500 185041 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impact of Microproppant on Production in the SCOOP Woodford Shale: A Case History
J. Calvin, W.V. Grieser, T.J. Bachman, Halliburton
1530-1600 185057 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparison of PKN, KGD, a Pseudo3D, and Diffusivity Models for Hydraulic Fracturing of the Horn River Basin Shale Gas Formations Using Microseismic Data A. Yousefzadeh, Q. Li, University of Calgary; C.J. Virues, Nexen Energy ULC; R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1600-1630 185018 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Asset Evaluation Utilizing Multi-Variate Statistics Integrating Data-Mining, Completion Optimization, And Geology Focused on Multi-Bench Shale Plays V. Swami, CGG Services Canada Inc. ; A. Gaurav, E.J. Gibbon, T.M. Roberson, Texas Standard Oil LLC
1630-1700 185044 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Adaptive Fracturing to Avoid Frac Hits and Interference: A Wolfcamp Shale Case Study I. Ahmed, M.R. Paryani, R. Smaoui, S. Poludasu, B. Attia, N. Umholtz, A. Ouenes, FracGeo LLC
13:30 - 17:00
09  UR - Unconventional EOR and EGR II Palomino F-H
Session Chairpersons Trevor J Meador - Voltage Wireline Inc., Jodi Anhorn - GLJ Petroleum Consultants Ltd
Achieving high hydrocarbon recovery is challenging in unconventional tight and shale reservoirs. Although EOR/EGR processes could potentially improve the recovery factor beyond the primary depletion, large-scale field application of these processes are not yet established in these reservoirs. This session will focus on the latest research trends, modelling and experimental work to better understand issues involved in improved economic recovery from such reservoirs.
Time Paper # Presentation
1330-1400 185081 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating Petrographic and Petrophysical Analyses with CO2 Permeation and Oil Extraction and Recovery in the Bakken Tight Oil Formation S.B. Hawthorne, L. Jin, B.A. Kurz, D. Miller, C. Grabanski, J.A. Sorensen, L. Pekot, N. Bosshart, S.A. Smith, M. Burton-Kelly, L.V. Heebink, C.D. Gorecki, E.N. Steadman, J.A. Harju, Energy & Environmental Research Center
1400-1430 185034 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CO2 EOR Simulation in Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs: An Eagle Ford Case Study T. Phi, D.S. Schechter, Texas A&M University
1430-1500 185028 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Evaluation of EOR Potential in the Elm Coulee Bakken Formation, Richland County, Montana

B.J. Todd, D. Reichhardt, L. Heath, Montana Tech of the University of Montana
1530-1600 185079 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupling of Wellbore and Surface Facilities Models with Reservoir Simulation to Optimize
Recovery of Liquids from Shale Reservoirs

A.R. Fragoso Amaya, University of Calgary; M.D. Trick, SPT Group Canada Ltd; T.G. Harding, K. Selvan, Nexen Energy ULC; R. Aguilera, University of Calgary
1600-1630 185069 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simulation of Enhanced Recovery using CO2 in a Liquid-Rich Western Canadian Unconventional Reservoir: Accounting for Reservoir Fluid Adsorption and Compositional Heterogeneity B. Haghshenas, F. Qanbari, C.R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
1630-1700 185062 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Factors Affecting Huff-n-Puff Efficiency in Hydraulically-Fractured Tight Reservoirs M. Kanfar, C.R. Clarkson, University of Calgary
Alternate 185072 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Measured Crude Oil MMPs with Pure and Mixed CO2, Methane and Ethane, and Their Relevance to Enhanced Oil Recovery from Middle Bakken and Bakken Shales S.B. Hawthorne, D. Miller, C. Grabanski, J.A. Sorensen, L. Pekot, B.A. Kurz, C.D. Gorecki, Energy & Environmental Research Center; E.N. Steadman, University of North Dakota; E.N. Steadman, J.A. Harju, Energy & Environmental Research Center; L.S. Melzer, Melzer Consulting
15:00 - 15:30