SPE Forum: Waterless Fracturing - Reducing Fresh Water Use for Reservoir Stimulation in a Future Water-Constrained World 5 - 9 Nov 2017 San Antonio, Texas, USA


Mahmoud Asadi
Fritz Industries, (Co-Chair)

Satya Gupta
Baker Hughes, (Co-Chair)

Joseph Morris
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, (Co-Chair)

Ghaithan A. Al-Muntasheri
Aramco Research Center-Houston

Reza Barati
The University of Kansas

Kay Cawiezel
BP America Inc.

Eric Chaput
Total S.A.

Jeremy Dockter
Expansion Energy LLC

Mark Grubelich
Sandia National Laboratories

Katherine Hull
Aramco Services Company

Mark Holtz
GE Global Research

Ginger Rothrock
Research Triangle Institute

Mukul Sharma
University of Texas at Austin

Mohamed Soliman
University of Houston

Robin Watts
Linde LLC

Dean Willberg
Schlumberger Research

Dan Moos, Forum Series Liaison