SPE Symposium: Production Enhancement and Cost Optimisation 7 - 8 Nov 2017 DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Knowledge Sharing ePoster Sessions

An ePoster, presented on a digital screen offers the added benefit of animation and video to enhance the visual experience and provide greater interactivity between attendees and authors.

During the ePoster session, authors will present their technical papers at designated ePoster stations. Attendees are encouraged to attend the sessions for more knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. ePosters are also available for attendees’ viewing at ePoster stations throughout the conference.

Authors will be informed of their respective presentation schedule by early October 2017.



Corrosion Assessment of Well Completions, a Crucial Step into Preserving Life Cycle of Wells
O. Alaref, Gowell Intl. Llc.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 5)


Viscoelastic Properties and Gelation Behavior of Waxy Crudes and Condensates from Eagle Ford: New Insights into Wax Formation and Mitigation for Shale Oils
A. Mahmoudkhani, Clariant Oil Services Ltd; R. Smith, A. Miller, M. Feustel, A. Yousef and J. Wylde, Clariant


Innovative Production Optimisation Technique for Smart Well Completions Using Real-Time Nodal Analysis Applications
A.M. Al Anazi and O. Isichei, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M. Alyahya, Saudi Aramco SAOO; F.M. Al-Shammeri, Saudi Aramco PE&D
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 3)


Research and Application of Electric Power Curve Inversing Dynamometer Diagram Technology Using Big Data Approach
X. Zhang, J. Shi and R. Zhao, RIPED CNPC; D. Sun, Jilin Oilfield CNPC; X. Zhang, F. Deng, Y. Peng and S. Chen, RIPED CNPC; H. Chu and Q. Dong, China U. of Petroleum-Beijing


Optimising the Process of 24/7 Real-Time Electrical Submersible Pump Surveillance in Kuwait: Limitations, Lessons Learned and Way Forward
A.M. Al-Jazzaf, Kuwait Oil Co.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 2)


Decline Curve Analysis for Production Forecasting Based on Machine Learning
Y. Li, Texas A&M U.; Y. Han, U. of Oklahoma
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 4)


Flow Assurance Analysis on a Subsea Network Offshore Peru: Lobitos Asset - Case Study
J.H. Alzate Buitrago, C.Y. Vargas Cardenas, Weatherford; A. Agurto Saldana and G.A. Russo, Savia Peru S A
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 8)


Value of Portable High Frequency Multiphase Flow Meter Testing for Brownfield Well Production Optimisation and Maximising Reservoir Performance - A Case Study of Offshore Brownfield in Peninsular Malaysia
K.T. Wee, Invigour Energy; M. Mahfar, M.S. Abd Rahman and Z. Mainuri, EnQuest Petroleum Malaysia


Reservoir Study for Shale Gas Horizontal Casing Completion Multi-Stage Frac Using Gas Tracer Technology
Y. Wu, EverGreen Energy Service Llc.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


An Intelligent Optimisation Technique of Beam Pumping Unit with Flexible Control System
R. Song, H. Wu, R. Wang and X. Wu,  China U. of Petroleum, Beijing


Identification of Hot-Spot and Reliable Maximum Flowrate by Production Logging for Sustainable Sand-Control Equipment Protection
D. Kim, Daewoo Intl.  Corp.; J. Lee, Y. Sur and U. Kim, Posco-Daewoo Corp.


Applying the Integrated 3D Acid Fracturing Model Using a New Workflow in a Field Case Study
X. Jin, Texas A&M U.; H. Zhang, G. Yin, X. Han, PetroChina; D. Zhu, Texas A&M U. (Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


Effects of Selected Process Variables on the Stability of Petroleum Emulsions Co-Stabilized by Carbon Black and Surfactants
A.A. Umar and I.M. Saaid, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; A.A. Sulaimon, U. of Ibadan; R. Pilus, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; A. Saidu Mohamed, Deleum Petroleum; H.M. Shahpin, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 8)


Production and Cost Optimisation in a Complex Onshore Operation Using Integrated Production Model
A. Hidayat and N.F. Prakoso, PT Medco E&P Indonesia; A. Sujai and Y. Yulywanto, Medco E&P Indonesia


Breaking Produced Emulsions of an Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flood
A. White and A. Kaiser, Clariant Oil Services
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 1)


Successful Evaluation of the Slimmest Formation Sampling Tool in Geologically Complex Development Wells
K. Kulananpakdee, P. Chommali, H. Ngo, C. Thiangtham, P. Juntamat, P. Lertsrisunthad and P. Prachukbunchong, PTTEP; D. Chantipna, V.T. Pinprayong, C. Villamizar and I. Baca Espinoza, Weatherford Ltd.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 5)


Cost-Optimised Exploration Drilling, Offshore South West Java: Recipe of a Successful “Jack Up” Switch
N. Bianchi and H. Eddyarso, Lloyd's Register; R. Manja, Sabah Intl. Petroleum; K. Johnstone, D. Robb and A. Harahap, Lloyd's Register
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 7)


Applying Edge Computing to Autonomous Well Control
J.L. Pitcher and M.J. Pry, Safoco Inc.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 3)


Collaborative Engineering Results in Application-Specific Hybrid Bit which Achieves Record Performance in Sichuan Basin
L. Zhang, Baker Hughes, a GE Co.; M. He, CCDC Chuanxi Drilling Co.; H. Li, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co. Ltd; J. Zeng, F.G. Valbuena, Baker Hughes, a GE Co.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 7)


Successful Integrated Reservoir Management Leads to Doubling of Production: A Case Study of Upper Burgan Reservoir, Raudhatain Field, Kuwait
S.K. Chellappan and N. Alhajeri, Kuwait Oil Co.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


Near Wellbore Characterization from Temperature Transient Analysis: Accounting for Non-Darcy Flow Effect
Y. Mao and M. Zeidouni, Louisiana State U.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 5)


A Comprehensive Reservoir Characterisation and Water Flooding Optimisation for Different Types of Reservoir - Case Study of a Giant Carbonate Reservoir in the Middle East
C. Wei, Research Inst. of Petroleum Exploration & Development, PetroChina
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 4)


Comparative Financial Analysis of IPC, the New of Iran's Oil Fields Development and Production Enhancement Framework, vs. Buyback Contracts
M. Soleimani, Pars Oil & Gas Co.; M. Tavakkolian, OIEC (Oil Industries Engineering & Construction)
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 1)


Production Enhancement in Mature Fields of Oil India Limited by Radial Jet Drilling- A Case Study
P.P. Maut, D. Jain, R. Mohan, D. Talukdar, T. Baruah, P. Sharma and S. Verma, Oil India Ltd.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 3)


Application of Low Salinity Water Flooding for Light Paraffinic Crude Oil Reservoir
A. Kakati, N.K. Jha, G. Kumar and J.S. Sangwai, Indian Inst. of Technology Madras
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 1)


Operational Efficiency Leading the Way to Successful Development of Unconventional Reservoir in India
R. Kumar, EOGEPL; P.C. Dabhi, Essar Oil; S.B. Bumgardner, Y. Bhatt, N. Thakuria, A. Kumar and D. Maiti, EOGEPL
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


Rising of Methane Bubble in Deepwater Wellbore During the Shut-In Period in Avoiding Typhoon
H. Li, Z. Liu, China U. of Petroleum; Y. Guo, UPC; B. Sun, Y. Gao, X. Zhao and H. He, China U. of Petroleum
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 8)


How to Select Polymer Molecular Weight and Concentration to Avoid Blocking in Polymer Flooding?
H. Guo, R. Ma, Y. Li, F. Wang, D. Kong and B. Li, China U. of Petroleum, Beijing
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 1)


Production Enhancement and Benefit Improvement by Means of Precise MPD Technology
P. Chen, Y. Zhou, X. Wang and W. Liu, CNPC Drilling Research Inst.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


Compositional Simulation of CO2 Storage in a CO2 Flooded Carbonate Reservoir
S. Bender, Turkish Petroleum; S. Akın, Middle East Technical U.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 1)


CO2 Tracer for Gas Lift Surveillance and Optimisation
S. Sidek, J. Kok, Appsmiths and K. Idris, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 2)


Aligning Field Developmemt Options to Stringent Economic Conditions in an Offshore Brownfield
P. Nair, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn.Bhd.; C. Law, PETRONAS Malaysia Lng Sdn. Bhd.; J. Moreno, Schlumberger Sdn.Bhd.; J. Maldonado and N. Abdul Rahman, Schlumberger WTA Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; S.K. Sharma, Schlumberger Sdn. Bhd.


Innovative Solutions to Increase Banyu Urip Production at Lower Cost
P.R. Anisa and S. Bahri, ExxonMobil Cepu Ltd.


A New History Matching Sensitivity Analysis Framework with Random Forests and Plackett-Burman Design
A. Aulia, U.Teknologi PETRONAS and Carigali Hess Operating Company Sdn Bhd; D. Jeong, Schlumberger; I. Mohd Saaid, U. Teknologi PETRONAS; N.A. El-khatib, Independent; M.T. Shuker, U. Teknologi PETRONAS
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 4)


Establishing Stable Gas Production by Squeezing a Novel Halite Inhibitor into a High Temperature Gas Well
C. Okocha, N. Turner, S. Wang and A. Kaiser, Clariant Oil Services
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 8)


Power Study and Tailored Solution for High H2S Environment Extends ESP Run Life in Douglas Field in the Irish Sea
L.F. Pastre, Schlumberger Artificial Lift; A. Carolini, Eni E&P
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 2)


Fracture Network Evaluation Using Tracer Flowback: A Case Study
L. Li, China U. of Petroleum-Beijing, U. of Calgary; V. Pinprayong, Weatherford KSP Co. Ltd; F. Meng, H. Jiang and J. Li, China U. of Petroleum-Beijing
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 5)


Channel Fracturing Boosts Production in Structurally Complex Brownfields of Upper Assam
L. Sharma and A. Shah, Schlumberger Asia Services Ltd.; K. Bordeori, Schlumberger
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 6)


Successful Application of Ceramic Sand Screens in Maturing Oil Field, Offshore East Malaysia
S. Sidek, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
(Alternate Paper in Technical Session 5)


First Time in the Region: Successful Utilisation of New Formation Sampling Through Drill Bit
S. Rattanachan, N. Kongpat, K. Ung-aram, I. Chandharabhanich, P. Tangkaprasert, N. Tipchaieur, H.Q. Ngo, P. Chommali  and K. Kulananpakdee, PTTEP; V.T. Pinprayong, I. Baca Espinoza, D. Chantipna and C.E. Villamizar, Weatherford (Alternate Paper in Technical Session 3)