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Well testing provides key data for well and reservoir performance, fluid properties, and reserves determination. This is achieved by acquiring downhole and/or surface pressure, temperature flow rate data, and fluid samples, using specialised test equipment. Since pressure transient measurements reflect the in-situ dynamic reservoir properties under realistic production conditions, they offer essential insight into the well’s productivity, the formation’s transmissibility, and the field’s heterogeneities and geometry.

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Engineers, Team Leaders, Managers and Academia involved with: 

  • Well Testing
  • Reservoir Modelling 
  • Reservoir Engineering 
  • Reservoir Fluid Properties 
  • Flow Assurance 
  • Completion Engineering


  • Advancements in Well Test Tools and Measurements
  • Testing in Challenging Conditions—Emerging Practices
  • Well Test Planning and Execution
  • Capturing the Value of Fluid Properties in Well Testing
  • Well Test Analysis in Conventional Reservoirs
  • Well Test Analysis in Unconventional Shale and Tight Reservoirs
  • Complementary Testing Methods
  • What is Next in Well Testing?




Collaborative environment among industry experts

Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users

Feedback on technologies and best practices that maximise values in the current environment