SPE Workshop: Production Forecasting 4 - 5 Oct 2017 Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Production forecasting continues to remain a topic of global interest. As a crucial tool in the industry, integrated production forecasting is essential for decision-making, financial planning, and investment scenario evaluation. However, depending on the scope and purpose, the production forecast can be short or long-term, probabilistic, or deterministic. 

This workshop will bring together subsurface and surface scientists and engineers, specialists from service companies, academia, R&D, and government to discuss the latest developments in production forecasting. Technical sessions and panel discussions will highlight the key factors crucial for developing an integrated, fit-for-purpose production forecast. 

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  • ​​Reservoir, Petroleum and Production Engineers and Managers.
  • ​​ Processing Engineering and Economics Industry Professionals.


Top industry professionals

​​Intensive learning

Technical presentations

Robust technical program

Extensive Q&A discussions

Knowledge sharing

Advance technology and best practices

Focus on best practices, lessons learned, and case studies. 

E&P professionals with common roles and challenges