SPE Workshop: The Duvernay Liquids Rich Shale - What Makes it Different and How Do We Optimize It? 18 Oct 2017 Civic on Third Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Training Course

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Contemporary Topics for Liquid-Rich-Shale (LRS) Reservoirs: Fluid Sampling, Characterization and Gas-Injection EOR

17 October 2017 
Instructor: Dr. F. Brent Thomas

Note this course is taking place at the Tillyard Conference Centre at 715 6th Ave. SW, Calgary.

This course begins with reservoir fluid properties starting with the most fundamental definitions and then expanding to how fluid properties are measured and reported. Common problems, encountered in sampling and characterization, are discussed by using multiple field examples. A thorough presentation of methods to achieve the best characterization for bubble-point fluids and retrograde gases is included; recent developments (2017) are elucidated. The roles of confinement and fracture intensity on apparent phase behavior are also discussed. Finally, the science of Lean-Gas cycling for EOR in shales is introduced and analyzed.

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