SPE Workshop: North Sea and Europe Area Stimulation 7 - 8 Nov 2017 The Hague , The Netherlands


Wednesday, November 08

09:00 - 10:30
Session 4: Completion Optimisation for Stimulation
Session Chairpersons Mark Norris, Schlumberger; Brett Reilly, Halliburton

The biggest enabler for making offshore tight reservoir development economic has been the use of multiple zone horizontal well stimulation. The original application of this technology by Maersk in the 1980’s required the use of a rig during the entire completion and stimulation process. Recent well developments focusing on tight-gas have been done with a variety of different completion technologies, each of which has different advantages and limitations. This session will focus on case studies of wells using different completion technologies to achieve rapid multi-zone stimulation, including the use of dissolvable balls and diverting agents.


Session talks include:

"Stimulation update at Maersk Denmark", Maersk DK
"Application of Channel Fracturing for high leak-off formations", Schlumberger/ MOL
"Multi-Laterla Stimulations - Transfer of Experience from North America to Europe", Packers Plus