SPE Workshop: North Sea and Europe Area Stimulation 7 - 8 Nov 2017 The Hague , The Netherlands


Wednesday, November 08

15:30 - 17:00
Session 7: New Materials and Techniques
Session Chairpersons Daryl Johnson, Carbo Ceramics; Neil Wood, Fracture Technologies

Recent developments in the materials used for stimulation, such as proppant, fluids and completion hardware, will be covered in this session. This session will include case studies on:

  • Use of tagged proppant to monitor diversion effectiveness
  • Use of abrasive jetting for fracturing applications


Session talks to include:  

"Novel traceable proppant application to assess new fracturing technique diversion efficiency", Carbo Ceramics
"Abrasive Slotting From Yard Testing to Field Deployment", BP Russia
"Selecting a Horizontal Candidate in the Black Sea for a Re-Frac with Flow Diverting Technology", Halliburton