SPE Workshop: Well Integrity Life Cycle Management for Subsea Field Development 24 - 25 Oct 2017 Johnson GEO CENTRE St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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Well Integrity Life Cycle Management for Subsea Field Development

Life cycle well integrity management is a requirement for onshore, offshore and subsea wells that provides for the license to operate specifically in environmental critical areas. It is a multi-disciplinary effort that has several stakeholders and phases of application. It is an endeavor that requires diligent planning throughout the phases of field development.  Well integrity is often managed as part of the production and maintenance life cycle.

During the design, construction materials are selected on the information available at the time of the field development plan. Lessons learned from the production life cycle are at times used for further field development, if time permits. Additionally, the ineffective transition of knowledge set and longer well lifespan increases the exposure to more serious well integrity issues. 

​​Once a well integrity issue is observed, there are sometimes no considerations for how to treat the integrity issue, especially within areas of limited access.The process to assess the current state of a well and provide an assurance of continued integrity continues to be a challenge for the industry.

The workshop objective is to raise the level of awareness of the individual life cycle elements and address these through examples of each life cycle phase and provide a basis for discussion of what is required to improve the effectiveness of well integrity throughout all phases. This workshop will also have a focus on subsea well integrity as that is the predominant form of development within the region.

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