SPE Workshop: Unconventional Resources - Tools and Practices for Optimal Exploration, Appraisal and Development 20 - 21 Nov 2017 Brisbane, Australia

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With the prolonged drop in oil and gas prices, and the subsequent reduction in unconventional exploration and production activities, opportunities have emerged for operators who can identify and efficiently exploit the most prolific prospects in the current lower cost environment. While extraordinary improvements have occurred in horizontal drilling and completion technologies, many Asia Pacific unconventional plays have not kept pace with North American successes.

An exception in the Asia Pacific region is Australian coal seam gas (CSG) plays, which have successfully transitioned from appraisal to development and are delivering LNG worldwide.  However, opportunities exist to further optimise CSG production. Although these CSG resources may seem different compared to other unconventionals, expansion into new CSG areas throughout the Asia Pacific region will require technologies and strategies common to other shale and tight gas plays.


Attendees of this workshop would ideally be involved in all aspects of conventional and unconventional gas. This workshop attracts a balanced mixed of disciplines, as well as a good mix of managers, technical staff, academics, and researchers to enhance the exchange of information, ideas, and technology.

Participants are encouraged to discuss their own case histories and experiences.



Collaborative environment between industry focal points


Breakout sessions to address current industry challenges


Presentations on technology that can provide value in the current environment 

Knowledge sharing platform between technology providers and end users