SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference 13 - 14 Mar 2018 Calgary Telus Convention Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Session Type
  • Panel, Plenary, and Special Sessions

Tuesday, March 13

08:30 - 12:00
Opening Plenary Session Macleod A - B
Moderator(s) Deborah Yedlin, Calgary Herald
Speaker(s) Pat Carlson, Seven Generations; Rob Cox, TriCan; Nav Dhunay, Imaginea.io; Kevin Krausert, Beaver Drilling; Peter Tertzakian, ARC Financial Corp.

Welcome and Opening Remarks - Conference Chairs


About this session:

The opening plenary session will include keynote speakers followed by a panel discussion. 


Panel Session: Entering a New Era: Strategies for Growth in the Digital Age

The acquisition, digitization and analysis of data has revolutionized how the world conducts business. Companies that have capitalized on this technology have changed how the world interacts, and in doing so, have grown to be the largest companies in the world, outpacing energy companies. How can the oil and gas industry utilize these technologies to lower costs, drive innovation and create a more sustainable business model in the face of lower commodity prices?

Currently, visionary companies are investigating and implementing ideas to improve operations through the use of data analytics and engineered completions to lower costs and improve efficiency.

In this session, five leaders will share their visions on the direction they are taking their companies and industry. You’ll hear how they are integrating data analytics, ethical oil, crypto currencies and how they are attracting the next generation to propel the industry forward.



Deborah Yedlin
Business Columnist
Calgary Herald (Moderator)



Peter Tertzakian
Chief Energy Economist
ARC Financial Corp.

Pat Carlson
Founder and Former CEO
Seven Generations

Rob Cox
Senior Vice President Operations

Kevin Krausert
Chief Executive Officer
Beaver Drilling


Nav Dhunay
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Gibson

Founder and CEO, JAGYYC and Co-Founder

Rainforest Alberta