SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference & Exhibition 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2018 Astana, Kazakhstan


Wednesday, October 31

08:00 - 18:00
09:30 - 11:30
Conference Opening Ceremony
Moderator(s) Maxim Nechaev, Director, IHS Markit
Speaker(s) Sami Alnuaim, 2019 SPE President; Kurmangazy Iskaziyev, JSC NC ‘KazMunayGas’; Vice Minister Magzum Mizagaliev, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Uzakbay Karabalin, KAZENERGY; Mr Murat Zhurebekov, PSA LLP

This year, as part of the Opening Ceremony, SPE brings you two panel sessions that will focus on the conference theme “Co-operating Towards a More Competitive Environment to Encourage Investment Projects.” The panels will represent two different perspectives—the investors and operators in the region. 

Following the Opening Ceremony, the two panels will feature the following:


Investors Panel 

  • Pascal Breant, Total’s Country Chair in Kazakhstan and Managing Director Total E&P Kazakhstan
  • Balaji Krishnamurthy, Deputy Managing Director - Chevron
  • Aidan Murphy, Commercial GM, Shell
  • Luca Vignati, Executive Vice President Central Asia Region, Eni SpA

Operators Panel

  • Ali Al-Jarwan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dragon Oil
  • Eimear Bonner, General Manager, Operations, Tengizchevroil
  • Bruno Jardin, Managing Director, NCOC
  • Kurmangazy Iskaziyev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Exploration, Production and Oilfield Services, KMG





11:30 - 11:50
11:50 - 13:30
Keynote Panel Session: Digitalisation - The New Era Congress Hall


Aron Hallquist, Schlumberger Software Integration Solutions; Balaji Krishnamurthy, Chevron; Nathan Meehan, Gaffney Cline & Associates, Baker Hughes a GE Company; Dmitry Salov, JSC NC KMG; Tatyana Serykh, Accenture


Eimear Bonner,TCO

Session Chairperson(s):

Eimear Bonner, TCO; Mukhamed Raziyev, Schlumberger


Digitalisation is emerging as a technological driver of change around the world and is transforming how companies in the oil and gas industry operate. A wave of digital technologies and initiatives are leading this new era of innovation and opportunity. Investments in programmes such as analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies are being pursued to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency with the expectation of delivering significant value through improved processes and systems.

The panel will share insights on the current state of digital technologies and applications within the industry as well as emerging and future technologies poised to significantly raise performance and deliver value. The role of partnerships and industry collaboration in developing solutions will also be explored.

13:30 - 14:30
14:30 - 16:00
01 Reservoir Management and Description I
Session Chairpersons David Barge, TCO; Diana Shigapova, ROXAR

Material presented during this session will focus on new and existing workflows and methodologies to enhance reservoir understanding, improve decision making, and optimise field production.  Case studies will be presented covering a range of approaches and applications applied in the Caspian region leading to improved reservoir characterisation and performance prediction, pilot value of information assessment, and enhanced integrated asset modelling of a large complex gas condensate field.


Time Paper # Presentation
1430 192517

Modelling Complex Well Behaviour in the Field using a Transient Multiphase Flow Simulator

Kanat Karatayev, Beibit Bissakayev, KPO B.V.; Tamer Saada, Benjamin Madeley, Royal Dutch Shell B.V.; Alberto Brancolini, Eni; Gulzat Sirenova, Schlumberger

1500 192520

New Application of Old Data by Utilizing Long Duration Pressure Transient Tests and Permanent Downhole Gauges as High Value Assets for Improving Full Field Simulation Model with Additional Interference

Pavel Levchenko, Elrad Iskakov, Ruslan Manakhayev, Tengizchevroil 

1530  192522

Development of Advanced Field Optimisation techniques in Karachaganak Integrated Asset Model

Bolat Zhumabayev, Lailo Pulotova, Indira Kaziyeva, Almas Kadenov, KPO B.V.; Timothy Wilson, Tamer Saada, Serik Yergazin, Royal Dutch Shell B.V.; Alberto Brancolini, Eni SpA  

Knowledge Sharing Poster

Paper # Presentation

Comparison of Value of Information Methods on Korolev Large Scale Pilot

Marat Kuatov, Ning Liu, Mike Gaona,Ted Playton, Timur Zhumabekov, Trygve Botn, Rajnish Chowdhary, Kymbat Dagistanova, William Pickering, Tengizchevroil

14:30 - 16:00
02 Regulatory Compliance and HSSE
Session Chairpersons Olzhas Karibayev, NCOC; Valery Kucherov, ERM

Performance expectations in the oil & gas industry are rising on the back of a declining tolerance of risk and tightening regulations. This session examines several best practices and approaches related to development and practical application of an international subsoil use reporting system in the oil industry, management of HSSE risks on major capital projects and resulting operational performance improvement gains, medical emergency response preparedness and other examples of how the oil industry can drive constant improvements in state HSSE and regulatory policy.


Time Paper # Presentation
1430 192523

The Development and Implementation of Subsoil Use Standards for the Petroleum Sector in Kazakhstan

Bob Harrison, Nurzhan Kairbayev, Lloyd's Register

1500 192527

Regulatory Compliance in Oil and Gas Industry of Kazakhstan

Talgat Seitimov, Agip Karachaganak B.V. (Eni)

1530 192526

Novel Investigative Assessment of Policy Reforms Implemented by Petroleum Sensitive Countries in Response to Fluctuating Oil Prices

Hadi Belhaj, Abhijith Suboyin, Sawsan Ali, Khalifa University of Science and Technology

16:00 - 16:30
16:30 - 18:00
03 Drilling and Completions
Session Chairpersons Gregory King, ExxonMobil; Yerik Shynibekov, Schlumberger

This session will present case studies of the successful application of innovative technologies to address new challenges in Caspian oilfields. Topics will include narrow margin drilling and restoration of cost production by new intervention technologies.


Time Paper # Presentation
1630 192529

Case Study of First Directional Hole Enlargement While Drilling with Closed Preventer

Bauyrzhan Amanov, Suleimenov Aslanbek, Cas Lommers, Walter Camasta, Arman Maltugelov, Frederico Furlan de Oliveira, Matia Mineli, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating b.v;  Bakytgul Dairova, Alexander Navrotsky, Yerkin Kurmanbayev, Yura Markelov, Olzhas Zhandayev,  Yerbol Kurmashev, Schlumberger 

1700 192532

Geomechanics: A Key Input for Optimizing Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing in a Depleted Oil and Gas Field in Kazakhstan

Eirik Kårstad, Yan Zheng, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; Akimzhan Lukpanov, Nariman Abzhanov, Karl Giesemann, Serik Tyran, Kazgermunai

1730 192533

Successful Application of Different Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques in Russia: Identification of Challenges and Selection of the Optimum Approach

Sergio Borges, Pavel Dobrokhleb, Dmitrii Krivolapov, Andrey Magda, Taras Soroka, Ivan Moiseenko, Schlumberger

16:30 - 18:00
04 Reservoir Management and Description II
Session Chairpersons Bolat Amangaliyev, TCO; Zhibek Shaimardan, Shell

Reservoir development and surveillance toolkits are undergoing significant technical advancements. This enables a cross-disciplinary approach in resolving complex problems through the integration of various segments in subsurface-to-surface modelling. Case studies in the session demonstrate the importance of subsurface data quality, its interpretation, and its further integration for model updates. This ensures better reservoir understanding, daily production optimisation, improved field management and value driven project development. 


Time Paper # Presentation
1630 192536

Challenges and Value of Interference Testing During Early Production of Kashagan Field

Ilyas Saurbayev, North Caspian Operating Company (now with Shell Kazakhstan); John Reedy, Aigerim Bukharbayeva, Can Hatiboglu, Amber Massingill, North Caspian Operating Company

1700 192537

Application of Integrated Reservoir to Surface Network Coupling of Giant Oil Field, Kazakhstan

Artem Stepanchuk, Scientific Research Institute of Production and Drilling Technology of KazMunaiGaz; Bagdad Amangaliyev, Schlumberger

1730 192538

New Approaches to Gas Condensate Field Development in Uzbekistan

Azizbek Nazarov, Gazprom International; Igor Ten, Artyom Iskra, JV "UZLITI Engineering" LLC; Tatyana Kryuchkova, Yury Golovatskiy, Andrey Gryaznov, Ivan Ishimov, Baker Hughes, a GE company

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Managing Operational Challenges to Fulfill Reservoir Management Objectives in Surface Facility Constrained Environment 

Chingiz Bopiyev, Abzal Aitzhanov, Bekzhan Saduakassov, Aidar Svyatov, Baurzhan Kassenov, Arman Shantayev, Tengizchevroil LLP


Wells’ Water Cut Measurements with Limitations of Testing Facilities in the Field

Raziya Shektebayeva, Beibit Bissakayev, Amangali Iraliyev, Almas Mardanov, Kanat Karatayev, KPO B.V.; Tamer Saada, Benjamin Madeley, Royal Dutch Shell B.V.; Alberto Brancolini, Emanuele Giustino Di Federico, ENI    

18:00 - 19:00

Thursday, November 01

09:30 - 09:40
09:40 - 11:15
Keynote Panel Session: Collaboration in a Competitive Environment Congress Hall


Madina Crabb, Shell; John Richard Denis, JSC NC KMG SRI; Graziano Saltarelli, ZMS; Arman Satimov, KAZENERGY; Aidar Yespayev, King; Nurlan Zhumagulov, KAZSERVICE


Pradeep Narasimhan, Shell Kazakhstan

Session Chairperson(s):

Aizhana Jussupbekova, ExxonMobil; Arman Jamankulov, Shell; Zhibek Shaimardan, Shell


Low oil prices have increased pressure on the oil and gas industry to improve the capital efficiency of major projects. The industry is in need of its own Renaissance. We collectively need to respond to the challenging business environment. A common long-term commitment from all parties involved is required. Systemic issues in our industry – the poor productivity, the cost escalation, the deteriorating returns are being widespread. It is clear we need fundamental transformation of the way we work and collaborate together.

There are plenty of cases of effective partnerships involving the many different companies. The kind of collaboration that needs to happen the whole time. Encouragement of everyone to keep exchanging ideas, to harness the same level of creativity and desire to challenge and transform the status quo. Foreign investments make a huge contribution to the emerging economies, including Kazakhstan. Even though their share in total investment is usually relatively small, foreign investment is one of the main sources of access to technology, capital, management competencies and export markets. Furthermore, collaboration across the industry: investors, operators, services companies and the government entities is vital for moving the industry forward.

RoK has put forward strategy focused on 100 targets that needs to be achieved before 2030 and one of them is new subsoil code that assumes reserves estimation done according to international standards. Caspian regions key stakeholders have to consider the influencing factors and best practices that needs to be adopted, to achieve the best competitive environment through e.g. digitalisation, optimising project executions and working with government on continuously adopting and optimising regulatory conditions.

11:15 - 11:45
11:45 - 13:15
05 Projects, Facilities and Construction
Session Chairpersons Bagilya Karsybayeva, Agip Karachaganak; Talgat Temirzhanov, ILF Consulting Engineers

During the recent industry downturn operators and industry suppliers have had to explore new ways to improve value delivery and rethink their engineering approach. This implied a thorough analysis of capital projects decision making processes, brownfield extension strategies and involvement of data driven methodologies, to respond to the ever-growing challenges and risks. This session explores case studies from the North Sea and Caspian Sea regions, well-known for their harsh environmental conditions and logistical constraints, where alternative approaches have been deeply analysed in order to select the most value added solution for a stated problem.


Time Paper # Presentation
1145 192542

Life Extension of Pierce Field Production Facilities, North Sea, UK

Murray Forsyth, Shell UK Limited; Bruno Pennings, Shell Global Solutions International


Invited presentation:
Design Development of Offshore Facilities in North Caspian Sea

Zhannur Toleubek, CMOC

1245 192544

Realtime Shipping

Kris Vedat, Topaz Energy & Marine; Morgan Eldred, Francisco Fernandez, Jimmy Thatcher, Digital Energy

Knowledge Sharing Posters

Paper # Presentation


Oil Producer Tie-in Modular Skid

Ammar AlAwadhi, ADNOC Onshore


Sucker Rod String Rod Guide Service Life Estimation

Clemens Langbauer, Tobias Permanschlager, Viorica Sirghii, Mikhail Pavlov, Herbert Hofstätter, Montanuniversität Leoben

11:45 - 13:15
06 E&P Geoscience I
Session Chairpersons Arman Jamankulov, Shell; Marat Nauryzgaliyev, NCOC

Exploration remains a key challenge in an ever emerging oil and gas industry constantly in search for new resources in basins around the globe. This technical session will take us through discussions on assessments completed for three sedimentary basins in two different regions. The results of these efforts will pave the wave for future conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon discoveries.


Time Paper # Presentation
1145 192547

3D Seismic Geomorphological Analysis of Potential Pre-Salt Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in South-Eastern Margin of Precaspian Basin

Bazar Atashevich Yeskozha, Marat Utegenovich Aimagambetov, ALMEX PLUS LLP; Marina Petrovna Brichikova, Dana Serikovna Shaikhina, Schlumberger

1215 192550

Analysis of Depositional Environment Within the S-E part of the Pre-Caspian Basin

Bazar Yeskozha, Marat Aimagambetov, Almex Plus; Saltanat Ismagulova, Schlumberger Logelco Inc

1245 192551

Analogy in the World of Geological Uncertainties, or How Reservoir Analogs May Refine Your Probabilistic Geomodel

Oksana Popova, Gazpromneft

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Paper # Presentation


The Application of Formation Microimager and Wireline Formation Tester for Characterization of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

Samat Ramatullayev, Mikhail Charupa, Nurhat Mendybayev, Rustem Valiakhmetov, Yerlan Seilov, Daulet Kurmangaliyev, Schlumberger; Nugali Zhaldayev, JSC KazTransGas   

13:15 - 14:15
14:15 - 15:45
07 Reservoir Management and Description III
Session Chairpersons Abzal Aitzhanov, TCO; Murat Syzdykov, Satbayev University

This session will cover the current developments of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques in mature oil fields of Kazakhstan. Papers will present a number of case studies describing the evaluation results and challenges of polymer flooding and in-situ combustion during brownfield stages of the field, as well as sharing the results of water imbibition measurements and its integration into dynamic modelling for future waterflooding decisions for tight carbonate reservoir. 


Time Paper # Presentation
1415 192553

Evaluation of In-situ Combustion Efficiency in Karazhanbas Oilfield, Western Kazakhstan

Aziz Abishev, Vitaliy Tokarev, Marat Sagyndikov, LLP “KazMunaiGaz Research & Development”

1445 192557

Design and Performance of Smart Water Shock Injection (SWSI) in Carbonate Reservoirs

Balqees Al-Kharusi, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University; Peyman Pourafshary, Department of Petroleum Engineering, School of Mining and Geosciences, Nazarbayev University; Nader Mosavat, Department of Engineering and Technology, Muscat University; Yahya Al-Wahaibi, Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Department, Sultan Qaboos University

1515 192555

Evaluation of Polymer Flooding Efficiency at Brownfield Development Stage of Giant Kalamkas Oilfield, Western Kazakhstan

Marat Sagyndikov, Bolat Mukhambetov, Yermek Orynbasar, Aslanbek Nurbulatov, Scientific Research Institute of JSC "Kazmunaigas"; Sanat Aidarbayev, Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi

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Paper # Presentation


Investigating and Mitigating Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition in Low Permeability Oil Reservoirs During Carbon Dioxide Flooding to Increase Oil Recovery

Sherif Fakher, Missouri University of Science and Technology

14:15 - 15:45
08 Production Operations I
Session Chairpersons David Barge, TCO; Sameh Macary, Dragon Oil

Well surveillance, control of water production, and minimising emissions to the atmosphere during flowback operations play critical roles in successful production operations. The use of tracers to provide improved understanding of interwell connectivity, the application of chemical water shut-off treatments in horizontal wells, and an integrated approach for well clean up and testing while minimizing hazardous emission to atmosphere will be discussed.  The session will focus on best practices, lessons learned during the planning and operation with recommendation for future applications.


Time Paper # Presentation
1415 192564

The First Comprehensive Study of Tracer-based Technologies in Reservoir Conditions

Kirill Ovchinnikov, Andrey Gurianov, Alexey Anopov, Evgeniy Malyavko, GeoSplit LLC; Marat Dulkarnaev, Lukoil West Siberia LLC (TPP Povhneftegaz) 

1445  192580

Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on Proppants Performance

Nikolay Gorshkov, Dmitriy Abdrazakov, Svetlana Nesterova, Schlumberger; Nurlan Bolyspayev, Consultant

1515 192561

Standout Concept of Well Clean-up and Testing - Secures Long-term Sustainable Evolution of the Field

Anar Dombayeva, Massimo Viti, David McGachy, Nigel Thorn, KPO b.v.

15:45 - 16:15
16:15 - 17:45
09 Production Operations II
Session Chairpersons Bolat Amangaliyev, TCO; Olzhas Karibayev, NCOC

Acid stimulation and acid fracturing remain to be one of the most popular methods to boost production from the wells to enhance well productivity and mitigate production decline over time. The papers presented during this session will demonstrate highly effective approaches from engineering design to operational implementation. Results, best practices, challenges and lessons learnt from several case studies performed in carbonate reservoirs will be presented during this session.


Time Paper # Presentation
1615 192565

Staged Acid Stimulation Initiative in Giant Carbonate Reservoir

Ruslan Manakhayev, Nazgul Abilgaziyeva, Chingiz Bopiyev, Bekzhan Saduakassov, Tengizchevroil; Dmitriy Abdrazakov, Vladimir Stepanov, Schlumberger; Yegor Se, John Clarke, Akylbek Kamispaev, Robert Tyre, Sagdi Nurmanov, Bolat Ismailov, Tengizchevroil; Daniyar Argynov, Schlumberger

1645 192569

Evaluating Effectiveness of Stimulation Treatment in Karachaganak Multistage Wells

Gulmira Kushkumbayeva, Bolat Zhumabayev, Daniyar Gabdullin, Ruslan Burmantsev, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO); Justus Adeleke, Tamer Saada, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) / Shell; Giovanni Burrafato, Alberto Brancolini, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO / Eni)

1715 192570

Acid Fracturing Depleted Carbonates Improving Very Low Reservoir Quality inside Slim Horizontal Open Hole

Amr Abd El Baky, Halliburton; Nawaf Al-Shuaibi, Kuwait Oil Company; Alaa Eldine Alboueshi, Mohamed Elmofti, Halliburton; Ebrahim Elafify, Meshal Alkhaldy, Kuwait Oil Company; Ahmed Allam, Walid Eid, Halliburton; Anfal Ashkanani, Kuwait Oil Company

16:15 - 17:45
10 Petrophysics and Geosteering
Session Chairpersons Assel Salimova, Baker Hughes, a GE company; Amangeldi Makhambetov, Schlumberger

Petrophysics is a key integrating discipline within geosciences, which is applied to explore reservoir understanding and in developing hydrocarbon resources. This year the programme will be extended with a focus on innovative and comprehensive technical topics and case studies related to LWD Petrophysics and Geosteering while drilling through various numerical and analytical techniques. Geosteering is the process of adjusting well trajectory to place the well into the target formation and achieve geological and production objectives. A relatively new discipline for the Caspian, it is increasingly becoming more widely adopted. 
This session will cover a novel approach to porosity evaluation from LWD logs, neural networks for interpretation of deep resistivity measurements and will include a geosteering case study from Kazakhstan.


Time Paper # Presentation
1615 192571

Improved Methodology for LWD Response during Closed Hole Circulation Drilling

Zharas Bekkaliyev, Roza Nursaidova, North Caspian Operating Company; Feyzi Inanc, Assel Salimova, Baker Hughes, a GE company, Andrew Stefaniak, North Caspian Operating Company

1645 192572

Maximum Reservoir Contact in Horizontal Wells Achieved with Multilayer Bed Boundary Detection Technology, Case Study from Kyzylorda Region

Serik Tyran, Carl Giesemann, Akimzhan Lukpanov, Milat Yermekov, Nariman Abzhanov, JV Kazgermunai LLP; Timofey Popov, Inna Evdokimova, Daulet Kurmangaliyev, Amangeldi Makhambetov, Mirat Kozhakhmetov, Dmitry Leontyev, Schlumberger

1715 192573

Real-time Simulation of Deep Azimuthal Resistivity Tool in 2D Fault Model Using Neural Networks

Dmitry Kushnir, Nikolay Velker, Alexey Bondarenko, Gleb Dyatlov, Yuliy Dashevsky, JSC Baker Hughes

Knowledge Sharing Posters

Paper # Presentation


Challenges in Imaging a Highly Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir in a Complex Geological Setting

Emmanuel Spadavecchia, Ioana Varvara, Giovanni Cella, Corrado Magistroni, Eni 


New Exploration Frontiers from Xinjiang, Northwest China---- Low-rank Coal Reservoir Character and CBM Exploration Potential in Junggar Basin

Yuanjiang Yu, Yonghua Wang, PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development; Damen Liu, China University of Geoscience (Beijing)

Friday, November 02

09:30 - 11:10
Keynote Panel Session: Optimising Project Execution Congress Hall


Bakytzhan Khasanov, PSA; Zhanibek Nugmanov, UzenMunaiGaz (KMG E&P); Sameh Seddik, Dragon Oil; Ashley Sherman, WoodMac


Nicolo Aggogeri, Agip Caspian Sea, Eni

Session Chairperson(s):

Arman Satimov, Kazenergy; Nicolo Aggogeri, Agip Caspian Sea, Eni; Ali Al-Hasan, Dragon Oil


A definition of “Optimising Project Execution” would be the ‘role of the contracting strategy in increasing the success of project execution’. Contracting strategy can go from full EPC package to multi-package structure with interfaces managed by the Company, and from full reimbursable to full lump sum compensation. This strategy could encompass the following areas:

Organisation: task force approach vs functional matrix organization. What is it better? It probably depends project by project Engineering: how important is to have a solid Front End Engineering Design before entering execution? How risks of re-work can be minimised procurement strategy: long lead items procured by Company, use of frame agreements, importance of pre-qualification of suppliers and contractors
Supply Chain: role of the integrated supply chain and materials (procurement process, expediting, on time supply of materials, customs, etc.) availability in the success of the execution of a project
HSE: very structured and organised project executions are usually very “safe environment” minimising risks for the workers and for the environment.

The involvement of construction and the commissioning team in the early stages of project execution can save time in the completion phases.  It is also vitality important to have appropriate project planning and control.  Whilst project Definition is all about “to choose the right project”, project execution is all about to “do the project right”. It cannot be emphasised enough, how important it is to utterly focus on the target during project execution and construction and how important it is to minimise project changes and drive to the conclusion.

11:10 - 11:30
11:30 - 13:00
11 Production Operations III
Session Chairpersons Abzal Aitzhanov, TCO; Lyudmila Te, NCOC

In the current challenging oil and gas industry climate, operators are looking for ways to optimise production performance without risking system integrity, safety, and availability. Integration, collaboration and excellent technical expertise are the key components for sustaining production at a desirable level. This session will discuss a number of case studies that have been successfully implemented and proven themselves as “fit-for-purpose” approaches. As a result, a significant increase in production as well as improved forecasting of the production volume outlook has been achieved.


Time Paper # Presentation
1130 192577

Utilization of Mobile Multiphase Flow Meter In an Uncertain H2S Media: Precautions and Benefits

Sameh Macary, Hasan Muhamadiyev, Eldar Mollaniyazov, Dragon Oil; Yermek Kaipov, Aydyn Agayev, Schlumberger   

1200 192578

Integrated Asset Modelling in West Siberia: A Case Study

DA Batalov, LUKOIL – West Siberia LTD; RY Yusupov, MA Zykov, VG Zipir, DP Gontarev, 
TPP Yamalneftegaz LUKOIL – West Siberia LTD; V Kukushkin, Nafta Expert LLC; R Bayguzov, 
E Kraynova, M Krivokorytova, A Kharkovsky, Schlumberger

1230 192579

Field Integrated Operating Center: A Collaborative Environment Enabling Daily Operational Support and Maximizing Oil Production

Aidar Svyatov, Baurzhan Kassenov, Arman Shantayev, Ruslan Zhulkashev, Askar Yessengeldin, Berik Janabekov, Tengizchevroil

Knowledge Sharing Poster

Paper # Presentation


Dynamic Differential Modeling Prediction of the Performance of Re-fracturing by Considering Multi-factors: A Case Study from Konys Oilfield in South Turgai Basin, Kazakhstan

Xing Zhao, Enjie He, Zhibin Liu, Lize Lu, Hehua Wang, China Zhenhua Oil Company Ltd.; Yongming Li, Southwest Petroleum University

11:30 - 13:00
12 E&P Geoscience II
Session Chairpersons Victor Babashev, Timal Consulting Group; Nurbolat Tlepbergenov, TCO

It is the job of a geoscientist to reduce the petroleum exploration risk by improving understanding of the subsurface and hydrocarbon presence in the rocks. The second of the two designated geo-scientific sessions will continue sharing examples of the new approaches to assess regional subsurface settings by integrating available geological and geophysical data, that lead to observing new features and making different conclusions about the hydrocarbon potential in the regions studied.


Time Paper # Presentation
1130 192583

An Economical and Technical Analysis of Oil and Gas Resources of Central Asia under Demand and Supply Dynamics of World Hydrocarbon Production

Cenk Temizel, Aera Energy; Celal Hakan Canbaz, Schlumberger; Yildiray Palabiyik, Istanbul Technical University; Raul Moreno, Consultant; Anas K. Najy, Jianyu Xie, Sino-Pipeline International Company Ltd (SPI); Hongsheng Wang, University of North Dakota

1200 192584

Characterisation of Key Reservoir Quality Factors of Highly Argillaceous and Naturally Fractured Paleozoic Carbonate Deposits with Complex Tectonic Setting (South Turgai Basin, Kazakhstan)

Adil Mukanov, Chenkai Zhang, Almat Sagynbayev, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources JSC; Amir Kuvanyshev, Dana Shaikhina, Yernur Akashev, Schlumberger

1230 192585 

Productive Reservoirs Discovery in Basement Rocks using Geophysical and Geological Data

Zhandos Sharipov, SRI of Production & Drilling Technology "KazMunayGas" LLP (SRI PDT KMG LLP)

Knowledge Sharing Posters

Paper # Presentation


To Find Karachaganak

Leonid Anisimov, LUKOIL-Engineering


The Key Development Geological Technology Research and Application of Heavy Oil Reservoir

Zhong Chen, CNPC Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau & PetroChina Liaohe Oilfield      

11:30 - 13:00
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Paper # Presentation


Research on Engineering Solutions for Presalt Formation Development and Depleted Salt Cavern Utilization in China and Middle Asia

Fu Jin, Wang Xi, Gu Yixin, Zhang Shunyuan, Liu Bingshan, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd. 


Implementation of Virtual Flow Metering Concept in Kashagan Field

Adilbek Mursaliyev, NCOC N.V. 


Managing Wells with Flow Assurance Issues in the Field for Sustainable Production: Transient Simulation Modelling, a Viable Tool

Ruslan Burmantsev, Daniyar Gabdullin, Gulmira Kushkumbayeva, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO); Justus Adeleke, Tamer Saada, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) / Shell; Giovanni Burrafato, Alberto Brancolini, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. (KPO) / Eni; Gulzat Sirenova, Schlumberger


Integrated Approach to Identify and Control the Water-Injection Induced Fractures in the Low-permeability Reservoir

Wang Jinfang, RIPED, PetroChina; Zheng Xingfan, Wang Zhengmao, EPC, PetroChina; Li Baozhu, Li Yong, RIPED, PetroChina


Big Loop Technology in Modeling Paleozoic Traps of the Bolshekinelsky Fault Zone: A Case Study

Ekaterina Samokhina, Roxar Services LLC; Alexander Semenov, PetroTrace LLC

13:00 - 14:00