Under the patronage of His Excellency Bakheet S. Al-Rashidi, Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water, State of Kuwait

SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition 10 - 12 Dec 2018 American University of the Middle East (AUM) Kuwait City, Kuwait

Letter from the Conference Chairperson

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

As chairperson of the 2018 SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition, it is my honour and pleasure to invite you to participate in this specialised event that will be held on 10–12 December 2018 in Kuwait.

The development and recovery of the worldwide vast reserves of heavy oil will involve a number of environmental and economic challenges, where cost optimisation and management will be key success factors. This conference will be dedicated to this crucial topic, under the theme "Cost Optimisation: The Key to Unlocking Heavy Oil Success."

The state of Kuwait is propelling one of the most important investments in the world in heavy oil - to develop the reserves of the country - in alignment with the 2040 strategy of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. This level of activity and investment is attracting the interest and attention of regional and international technology providers, operators, oilfield service companies, consultants, drilling, and construction companies, as well as national and international oil companies. This event will be at the center of this vibrant development nestled in Kuwait, in what will constitute the fourth edition of a bi-annual encounter of top industry leaders, specialists, technologists, and professionals of all disciplines, who will share their insights and progress relevant to heavy oil developments from all over the world.

The event will bring a variety of top industry leaders and specialists to Kuwait, making Kuwait an instant hub for heavy oil knowledge and technology exchange. More than 1000 international registrants who share a common interest for economic optimisation in heavy oil, and technical and business experiences in exploration, development, production, processing, and marketing of this resource are expected to gather to gain new knowledge and widen their network in the stimulating environment.

The conference includes an exhibition of more than 500 square meters of companies that will showcase the latest hardware, equipment, instrumentation, software, and services relevant to heavy oil.

It is my pleasure to invite you to be a part of this thrilling three-day conference and exhibition. I am certain that you will find your participation a worthwhile experience, may you be a panelist, speaker, author, exhibitor, or a keen participant.

SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition will be an extraordinary opportunity to advance your knowledge, connections, and insights about the present and future of heavy oil. Do not miss it!


Nayef A. Al-Anezi
Conference Chairperson
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, North Kuwait, Kuwait Oil Company