SPE London Conference 23 Oct 2018 Gibson Hall London, England, UK

About the Conference

​The Annual London Conference will discuss the value transformation the industry was forced to take during the downturn and how the industry will need to transform further to stay competitive. Some of the key learnings and transformations to be discussed include creative M&A transactions, disciplined capital allocation, cost effective operations, the ever increasing role of natural gas, and innovative technology deployment.

While it has been nearly four years since the crude oil downturn, the market is still on a path to recovery due to continued strong demand, modest production growth, and sharp inventory drawdowns. However, the question of whether the recent oil price changes will be short-lived remains, knowing the recent trend that near-term oil futures trade at a premium to futures dated out further.  How will the industry continue to add value?

Who Attended the Annual London Conference in 2017?