SPE EOR Conference at OGWA 25 - 28 Mar 2018 Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre Muscat, Oman


The seminar is not included in the conference registration fee.


Practical Aspects of CO2 Flooding EOR, and CO2 Geosequestration

25 March 2018 | 08:00 - 16:00

Instructors: S.M. (Sam) Avasthi

In teaching this course, the instructor plans to: (1) spend most of the time discussing the practical aspects of CO2 flooding, and keep discussion of the theoretical topics to bare minimum, (2) discuss economics of CO2 flooding (vis-à-vis water flooding), (3) give the course attendees some practical and useful problems to work on in the class, (4) discuss CO2 geosequestration wherever there is interest in this topic, and (5) provide each course attendee a course manual containing copies of the instructors’ PowerPoint presentations, and solutions to the class problems.

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