Monday, October 15

08:30 - 17:30
09:30 - 11:30
Panel Session: Companies’ Strategy and Technological Development Management Sokolniki
Moderator(s) Sergey Nikitin, Industry Expert; Ernest Orentlikherman, TEKNOBLOG

Digital technologies have a huge impact on our everyday life, including manufacturing industry, becoming a foundation for operations of large enterprises and corporations. Digital age offers unlimited opportunities while specifying rigorous requirements.

Being essential for national economy oil and gas industry is not an exception: easy-to-reach oil is running low, hydrocarbon production is getting more accurate and science-based at all stages. It is necessary to search for different creative ways by using latest technologies to take the lead.

Industry leaders create entire structures which provide analytical and scientific support of oil production and oil processing at all levels of manufacturing.

Companies implement digitalization technology complexes such as a wide use of both artificial intelligence, robotization of industrial processes, and data lake application (a new type of data cloud storage which allows to structure information more accurately and as a result to analyze it more effectively).

Digital transformation is a link between massive technological and structural changes in education, science, and technologies.

During the plenary session, hosts will discuss with heads and experts of operating, service and IT companies groundbreaking projects, main problems and how companies so far will take the lead at fourth industrial revolution.

Invited and confirmed speakers: Erik Strand Tellefsen, Equinor; Paul Zeppenfeldt, Royal Dutch Shell; Vadim Voevodkin, LUKOIL-Engineering; Artem Karapetov, Schlumberger; Alexey Govzich, Gazpromneft STC; Mariya Kulagina, Deloitte; Oystein Haaland; IBM

12:00 - 15:30
Technical Session 1 "Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Gas Condensate Field Development" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Ravil Shaibakov, Rosneft; Dmitry Surnachev, Roxar Services
Time Paper # Presentation
191652 Feasibility of Nitrogen Injection in a Multi-Layered Lean Gas Condensate Reservoir R. Canchucaja, M. Sueiro, Repsol E&P Peru
191653 Aspects of the Development of Low-Permeability Gas Reservoirs of Turonian Age A. Kiselyov, I. Oshnyakov, R. Melikov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; M. Samoilov, RN - Peer Review and Technical Development Center; A. Korolev, Kynsko-Chaselskoe Neftegaz; O. Loznyuk, Rosneft
191656 Efficiency Analysis of Massive Fracturing with Linear Gel Pad on the Achimov Formation of the Urengoyskoe Field D. Shturn, N. Zavyalov, D. Perfilyev, Achimgaz; L. Kamenskiy, Wintershall Russland GmbH; V. Tyurin, Independent Consultant; V. Astafyev, I. Osipov, Halliburton; D. Zolnikov, Oil Energy
LUNCHEON (60 minutes)
191657 Comprehensive Production Evaluation for Gas Condensate at Early Exploration Stage by using Downhole Fluid Analysis (DFA) and Numerical Simulation: Case Study from China Bohai Bay G. Zhang, Zh. Tan, Zh. Hao, China National Offshore Oil Corporation,Ltd. Tianjin Branch; Zh. Fan, J. Chen, B. Gao, I. Shelomikhina, T. Zhang, Schlumberger
191658 Prediction Flooding of Well Stock on the Large Gas Fields with Stratified Heterogeneity A. Ponomarev, A. Shayakhmetov, Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
191744 Evolution of Integrated Models from Simplified Approach to Complex "Reservoir - Well - Surface Network" Representation at Different Stages of Gas Condensate Field Lifecycle A. Poushev, T. Gataullin, NOVATEK STC; A. Voznyuk, Schlumberger
12:00 - 15:30
Technical Session 2 "Digital Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry-1" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Alexey Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; Arslan Nasybullin, TatNIPIneft
Time Paper # Presentation
191591 Digitization of Petrographic Data for Standardization and Genetic Interpretation E. Zhukovskaia, Gazpromneft STC; A. Bukharev, S. Budennyy, O. Lokhanova, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology
191592 Cognitive Analytical System based on Data-Driven Approach for Mature Reservoir Management K. Gopa, S. Yamov, INLINE GROUP; M. Naugolnov, M. Simonov, D. Perets, Gazpromneft STC
191593 Application of Machine Learning Technologies for Rapid 3D Modelling of Inflow to the Well in the Development System M. Simonov, A. Akhmetov, Gazpromneft STC; P. Temirchev, D. Koroteev, E. Burnaev, R. Kostoev, I. Oseledets, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
LUNCHEON (60 minutes)
191595 Machine Learning Approach to Open Hole Interpretation and Static Modelling Applied to a Giant Field A. Ismagilov, V. Sudakov, D. Nurgaliev, T. Murtazin, S. Usmanov, N. Nugumanova, Kazan Federal University
191597 Experience with Using Data Analysis Technologies in Identification of Lost Production Zones O. Nadezhdin, D. Efimov, L. Minikeeva, A. Markov, BashNIPIneft
191604 Automatic Well Log Analysis Across Priobskoe Field Using Machine Learning Methods O. Osmonalieva, N. Bukhanov, D. Egorov, B. Belozerov, A. Zakirov, Gazpromneft STC; A. Reshytko, M. Golitsyna, A. Semenikhin, IBM Science and Technology Center; E. Shindin, V. Lipets, IBM Haifa Research Lab
12:00 - 15:30
Technical Session 3 "Core Analysis" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Pavel Grishin, VNIIneft; Dmitry Kostin, Gazprom Neft
Time Paper # Presentation
191659 Сore Cleaning and Aging Effects of Devonian Carbonate Core at Micro Scale K. Kovalev, M. Khayrullin, P. Grishin, VNIIneft; V. Shklover, I. Maryasev, A. Rashkovskiy, N. Artemov, SMA
191661 Tensorial Permeability Obtained from Pore-Scale Simulations as a Proxy to Core Orientation in Non-Aligned Rock Material K. Gerke, M. Karsanina, IDG RAS; A. Khomyak, D. Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Faculty of Geology; B. Darmaev, Irkutsk Oil Company
191663 Image-Based Evaluation of Retained Proppant Pack Permeability A. Beletskaya, A. Chertova, V. Abashkin, D. Willberg, D. Korobkov, I. Yakimchuk, L. Dovgilovich, Schlumberger
191665 Application of High-Resolution Core Thermal Profiling to Optimize Well Construction Process for Unconventional Reservoir O. Tatur, A. Cheremisin, Yu. Petrakov, A. Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; Yu. Popov, E. Popov, V. Stukachev, E. Chekhonin, A. Cheremisin, Skoltech
191666 Increasing the Efficiency of Gas Injection for Oil Recovery from Tight Reservoirs A. Betekhtin, N. Glavnov, M. Vershinina, Gazpromneft STC; P. Zobov, V. Khlebnikov, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
12:00 - 15:30
Technical Session 4 "Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing-1" Arbat
Session Chairpersons Kreso Kurt Butula, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center; Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, OILTEAM Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
191532 Multiphase Flow Metering-A case study from Badra Oil Field F. Hosgor, S. Cai, H. Toral, Petroleum Software Ltd; M. Dudich, A. Ilyassov, G. Budarin, A. Malyavko, Gazprom Neft Badra B.V.
191537 Application of Low-Temperature Separation Technology for the field Processing of Achimov Gas: Challenges and Opportunities F. Ahnert, H. Driever, Wintershall Holding Gmbh; A. Chepurnov, M. Fritz, Wintershall Russland GmbH; A. Kubanov, A. Prokopov, D. Snezhko, D. Fedulov, Gazprom VNIIGAZ; V. Istomin, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Skoltech; R. Dubnitsky, Achim Development
191538 ESP Energy Efficiency Analysis on Western Siberia Fields R. Khabibullin, N. Sarapulov, Gazpromneft STC
LUNCHEON (60 minutes)
191541 Wax Management: Comprehensive Approach to Assure Flow in Harsh Climate-Brown Field Conditions S. Macary, N. Mahtumov, G. Mashadov, A. Akyyev, A. Al-Hassan, J. Terry, H. Muhamadiyev, A. AlWazzan, Dragon Oil Turkmenistan
191545 Low Pressure - Condensate Recovery System (LP-CRS). “Creating Value through Waste" E. Mohd Ismail, B.Rajah, PETRONAS; A. Suppiah, NGL Tech Sdn Bhd; S. Mat Ghani, Vestigo Petroleum Sdn Bhd
191549 A Case Study of an Efficient and Cost-Saving ICD Completion Design to Manage Production Flow Heterogeneity in Filanovskogo Russia Field G. Osunjaye, T. Abdelfattah, J. Snitkoff, E. Stolboushkin, Baker Hughes, a GE Company; R. Absalyamov, K. Rymarenko, M. Nukhaev, Baker Hughes; M. Golenkin, A. Zavyalov, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
13:15 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Oilfield Development" Chistye Prudy
Time Paper # Presentation
191582 The Method of Express Estimation Of Pore Pressure Map Distribution in Reservoirs with Faults and Wedging Zones E. Yudin, A. Gubanova, Zarubezhneft; V. Krasnov, Rosneft
191584 Inhibition of Gas Channeling by CO2 Foam in Ultra-High Watercut Reservoir: Experimental Investigation Using NMR Q. Du, J. Hou, L. Shi, Yu. Ji, K. Zhou, School of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
191585 Application of Machine Learning Methods for Modeling the Current Indicators of Operating Wells Stock of PJSC "Gazprom Neft" N. Teplyakov, A. Slabetskiy, N. Sarapulov, M. Simonov, D. Perets, V. Kotezhekov, A. Andrianova, Gazpromneft STC
191587 New Methodology to Quantify the Productivity of Hydraulically Fractured Multilateral Wells in Tight Oil Reservoirs with Gas-Drive M. Eliebid, M. Ahmed, S. Al-Nuaim, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
13:15 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Oilfield Equipment. Development, Manufacturing and Best Practices/Conceptual Engineering and Re-Engineering" Ostozhenka
Time Paper # Presentation
191552 Inhouse Design of Innovative Completion Equipment as an Alternative to Technology Transfer M. Riabov, M. Pustovalov, OIL ENERGY
191553 ESP Surveillance and Optimization System in “Smart Fields”of Salym Petroleum Development A. Musorina, A. Gorlov, V. Terebennikov, V. Safonov, Salym Petroleum Services BV
191647 Recently Announced Reforms in the Russian Domestic Gas Market: Impact on the Market Players’ Value in New Realities of International Gas Trading A. Talipova, Higher School of Economics
14:15 - 17:55
Special Session "Technical Leadership in the Era of Change" Sokolniki 1

Supported by       

“We are on the edge of change comparable to the rise of human life on Earth” believes Vernor Vinge, American mathematician and science fiction author. This is the era of a transitioning world, with industry leaders being established together with the world-scale leaders. Technical leadership today will yield enormous advantages for companies in future.

Top experts of Shell, Gazprom Neft and Salym Petroleum will share their views on:

  • how the new technologies are shaping the landscape of the oil industry today;
  • what’s in store for tomorrow and the day after;
  • how fundamental science is helping to develop the business;
  • when the ASP technology of oil enhancement will create a new segment in the oil and chemical industry;
  • which drilling and operating technologies are coming to Russia in the next decade.

These are only a few of the topics that we will be covering. Exciting presentations, live interaction with the audience, virtual reality, a special guest and much more at the special session supported by Salym Petroleum.


SPE expresses gratitude to Salym Petroleum for assistance in the preparation of this session and its extensive support of SPE activities in the region. SPE congratulates Salym Petroleum on its 15-year anniversary.     


Session Programme Preview

  • Session Opening

Michael Collins, SPD CEO 

  • Visionary Presentation: The World of Oil in Times of Change — Today, Tomorrow, and the Day After 
  • SciencEngineering: from Theory to Practice

Alexander Sitnikov, Deputy CEO for Geology and Field Development, Gazpromneft STC 

  • TED Talk: Why Do Oilmen Need Mathematicians and Physicists?

Alexey Pustovskikh, Head of Integrated Development Design, Gazpromneft STC

  • TED Talk: Game Changing Technologies in Shell Projects

Shell representative 

  • R&D  

Shell representative 

  • Oil Battle: Oil Industry Dead or Alive
  • Machines Stand for Routines, Engineers Stand for Art

Yaroslav Gorbachev, Chief Geologist, SPD 

  • Real Investment: ASP as the Oil Start-Up

Yakov Volokitin, SPD Petroleum Engineering Manager

  • Headliner and Session Closing 
14:15 - 17:55
Round Table: Challenges and Solutions for Slim Hole Wells Construction Krasnye Vorota
Moderator(s) Kirill Bogachev, Independent Expert; Pavel Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger

The era of easily reachable hydrocarbon resources is coming to an end, and with it requirements to production and well construction technologies are growing. Current conditions of industrial competition require from companies construction of more effective, technological, andcomplex wells. To improve efficiency of field development, various approaches are used to allow the drainage zone of one well to increase. For example, drilling of extended horizontal and multi-lateral wells, sidetracking in existing wells. Drilling of such wells is often associated with the need to work in small diameter holes and limited availability of solutions and increased risks in drilling. The greatest difficulties arise when drilling intervals with a diameter of less than 140 mm, which is associated with high pressures at the bottom during circulation and limited range of effective and reliable downhole equipment of small diameter. The high pressure in the open hole, which arises from the small annular gap between BHA and borehole, significantly increases the risks of mud losses, differential sticking and reduced drill-in quality of reservoirs. To resolve these problems, a comprehensive approach is required, including the use of downhole motors and telemetry of small diameters, special drilling fluids that reduce equivalent circulation density (ECD), optimization and application of new technologies. Effective solutions that significantly reduce fluctuations of ECD while drilling of small diameter wells are technologies of coil- tubing drilling and managed pressure drilling with a reduced drilling fluid density.

Within the framework of the round table it is supposed to show different approaches to resolving problems of drilling small-diameter intervals and discuss the effectiveness and prospects of the proposed solutions.


  • The Results of Construction of the First Small Diameter Multilateral Well in PAO "LUKOIL"

Konstantin Meshcheriakov, Leading Engineer of the Wells Construction Monitoring Department of LLC «LUKOIL-Engineering» «PermNIPIneft»; Scientific Secretary, PhD; Sergey Suntsov, Head of the Wells Construction Monitoring Department of the LLC «LUKOIL-Engineering» «PermNIPIneft»

  • Experience in Middle East

Vyacheslav Kretsul, BD Director for Drilling Projects, Schlumberger Global Support Center

  • Tatneft New Approach to Slim Hole Wells Construction Using Well Pattern Thickening

Vitaly Abdulkin, Head of Department for Preparation Work and Supplies, Well Construction Division, Tatneft

15:50 - 17:55
Technical Session 5 "Hard-to-Recover Reserves-1" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG; Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
191473 The Best Practices and Approaches for Replication of Achimov Formation Development Technologies M. Nenasheva, M. Okunev, N. Sleta, A. Timirgalin, V. Zhukov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Garenskikh, G. Volkov, Gazpromneft Angara; O. Priklonsky, Halliburton
191475 Shale Gas Novel Technology: Is Coiled Tubing Undulating Completion Compatible in Substituting Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Production? W. Gunawan, W. Angtony, F. Pratami, S. Chandra, A. Gaol, Institut Teknologi Bandung
191477 Successful Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques in Shallow Unconsolidated Heavy Oil Sandstones (Part 2: Multifracturing Job Performance) E. Zagrebelnyy, Gazrpom Neft Badra; M. Martynov, A. Konopelko, Messoyahaneftegaz; E. Kazakov, Gazpromneft STC
191480 Specificity of Flow Initiation at Unconsolidated Reservoir of East Messoyakhskoe Field M. Martynov, A. Konopelko, Messoyakhaneftegas; E. Zagrebelnyy, Gazprom Neft Badra; R. Demenev, Gazpromneft STC
191486 Recovery Drive Analysis in Respect of Tilted Oil Rims K. Fedorov, Tyumen State University; D. Samolovov, Gazpromneft STC; F. Polkovnikov, Gazpromneft STC, Tyumen State University
15:50 - 17:55
Technical Session 6 "Static, Dynamic and Integrated Modeling-1" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Surnachev, Roxar Services; Pavel Markov, Uni-Concord
Time Paper # Presentation
191611 The Approach to Modeling and Optimization of Technological Regime of Complex System: Gas Condensate Field - LNG Plant A. Pashinsky, Yamal LNG; A. Epryntsev, A. Sullagaev, A. Yamov, R. Valiev, NOVATEK STC
191612 Multivariate Asset Assessment: Fast and Reasonable Decision on Oil Rims Development on the Example of a Unique Field in the Arctic Onshore M. Komin, I. Magdeyev, Schlumberger; R. Schulze-Riegert, Schlumberger A/S; I. Mukminov, Gazpromneft-Angara
191613 Applicability Analysis of Optimization Algorithms for Oil Fields Development Control R. Yaubatyrov, V. Kotezhekov, V. Babin, Gazpromneft STC; E. Nuzhin, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
191619 Analysis of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Parameters of Multicomponent Hydrocarbon Mixtures Using Cubic Equations of State A. Isaeva, I. Grushnikov, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University; V. Dobrozhanskiy, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
15:50 - 17:55
Technical Session 7 "Production Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing-1" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Kirill Ovchinnikov, GEOSPLIT; Alexander Filippov, Yugranefteprom
Time Paper # Presentation
191701 Progression through Technology: Results of Acid Systems Application to Improve Injectivity of Horizontal Wells in Caspian Offshore Oilfield S. Vereschagin, D. Ovsyannikov, N. Kulinich, V. Kobets, Schlumberger; M. Golenkin, I. Khaliullov, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
191703 The Influence of an External Variable Magnetic Field on Matrix Acidizing of Carbonates Reservoirs A. Hashemizadeh, Hakim Sabzevari University, National Iranian Oil Company; M. Javad Ameri, B. Aminshahidy, Amirkabir University of Technology; M. Gholizadeh, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad; S. Hajiabadi, A. Khoshsima, Hakim Sabzevari University; H. Sadeghdoost, H. Hoseinzadeh, T. Foroud, National Iranian Oil Company; M. Sedighi, University of Qom
191711 Synergistic Effect Between Wormlike Micelles and Nanoparticles in Stabilizing Foams for High Temperature Stimulation J. Zhu, Z. Yang, X. Li, Z. Wang, State Key Laboratory of Oil & Gas Reservoir Geology and Exploitation, Southwest Petroleum University; Ya. Lu, Lomonosov MSU, Department of Geology
191717 Prospects for Using the Microbiological Method of Enhanced Oil Recovery E. Bezverkhaya, I. Trofimov, V. Karepov, Siberian Federal University
15:50 - 17:55
Technical Session 8 "Field Geology and Geophysics -1" Arbat
Session Chairpersons Tatyana Smagina, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; Artur Nateganov, Total
Time Paper # Presentation
191673 Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods Integration to Increase a Quality of Reservoir Properties and Saturation Prediction in East Siberia Region P. Mostovoy, A. Ostankov, R. Oshmarin, Gazpromneft STC; O. Tokareva, D. Orlova, IERP
191675 Well Logging Data Interpretation in Oil and Gas Source Rock Sections Based on Complex Petrophysical and Geochemical Analysis Results N. Skibitskaya, K. Kovalenko, M. Bolshakov, V. Kuzmin, O. Marutyan, N. Samokhvalov, T. Pugo, OGRI RAS; R. Khisamov, Tatneft; V. Bazarevskaya, TatNIPIneft; O. Navrotskiy, NVNIIGG
191677 Well Log Analysis for Reservoir Characterization of Famenian Carbonates with Criterion Of Texture Heterogeneity G. Minigalieva, A. Nigmatzyanova, T. Burikova, O. Privalova, R. Akhmetzyanov, A. Kinzikeeva, BashNIPIneft
191679 Methods for Forecasting and Evaluation of Reservoir Properties under Conditions of Its Development Using Hydraulic Fracturing Technology A. Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC

Tuesday, October 16

08:30 - 17:30
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 9 "Oilfield Development-1" Sokolniki 1
Session Chairpersons Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG; Boris Lukin, Total
Time Paper # Presentation
191569 Experience in Implementation of Polymer Flooding on East Messoyakhskoye Oil Field E. Zagrebelnyy, Gazprom Neft Badra; N. Glushenko, V. Komarov, G. Nemirovich, I. Ilyasov, Messoyahaneftegaz; D. Sugaipov, O. Ushmaev, Gazpromneft-Development; R. Iskhakov, N. Pleshanov, Gazpromneft STC
191570 Challenges in the Development of Saline Terrigenous Reservoirs of Eastern Siberia Field A. Levanov, N. Ignatyev, E. Ostyakov, I. Vinogradov, E. Busuek, A. Cherepkova, S. Yaschenko, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Semenov, P. Nesterov, R. Musin, I. Dolgov, A. Komarov, A. Chirgun, Verkhnechonskneftegaz
191575 The Controlling Conditions of Optimal Near-Miscible Flooding by Impure CO2 in Low Permeability Offshore Oilfield X. Zhang, B. Li, CNOOC Research Institute; L. Duan, M. Golovchenko, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
191576 Miscible Displacement as an Approach to Increase the Development Efficiency of the Remote Oil Fields I. Mukhametzyanov, M. Vershinina, N. Glavnov, A. Penigin, A. Betekhtin, Gazpromneft STC; R. Gareev, A. Popov, Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz
BREAK (10 minutes)
191577 Building of Effective Control and Management System for Injection Horizontal Wells during Waterflooding R. Galeev, R. Rybakov, I. Kayeshkov, A. Yakovlev, I. Fayzullin, S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; A. Sagirov, R. Feoktistov, Gazpromneft-Orenburg; A. Suleymanov, Gazpromneft-NNG
191578 Pore-Scale Imaging to Investigate Wettability and Recovery Mechanism for Surfactant/Polymer Flooding M. Ahmed, A. Sultan, H. Al-Hashim, S. Hussaini, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; A. Al-Sofi, EXPEC ARC, Saudi Aramco
191579 Sweep Efficiency Increasing of Fractured Oil-Wet Reservoirs: Case Study of Central Khoreyver Uplift Fields A. Chorniy, A. Soloviev, N. Churanova, M. Khairullin, E. Sadreev, A. Yushmanov, VNIIneft; E. Yudin, Zarubezhneft
191580 Cost-Engineering Waterflooding Management Methods M. Naugolnov, N. Teplyakov, M. Bolshakov, Gazpromneft STC
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 10 "Well Construction – Drilling and Completion-1" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Andrey Kharitonov, Halliburton; Andrey Kravchenko, Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
191503 The First Experience of Formate Based Drilling Fluids Application in Russia P. Ryabtsev, A. Korolev, AKROS; A. Khomutov, Gazrpomneft STC
191506 First Application of Fiber Based LCM in Srednebotuobinskoe Oilfield, Russia N. Silko, A. Belyakov, I. Shirokov, M. Panov, Schlumberger
191507 Foam Cementing in the Volga-Ural Region: Case Study A. Fomenkov, I. Pinigin, V. Zyryanov, Halliburton; A. Fedyanin, Orenburgneft
191508 Challenges of Cementing Steam Injection Wells (SAGD) A. Figilyantov, O. Garshina, O. Chugaeva, G. Okromelidze, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft
BREAK (10 minutes)
191509 Research and Development of the Lightweight Corrosion-Resistant Cement Blend for Well Cementing in Complex Geological Conditions S. Kamenskih, N. Ulyasheva, G. Buslaev, A. Voronik, Ukhta State Technical University; N. Rudnitsky, Usinskgeoneft
191510 High-Performance Inhibitive Water-Base Fluid System for Drilling Challenging Wells S. Ignatyev, D. Voitenko, Schlumberger
191528 Innovative Solution for Fluid Loss in Sub-Hydrostatic Wells During Workover Operation - Case Study from Kuwait M. Hassan, A. Nour, Th. Al-Yaqout, Ch. Agarwal, S. AL-Mejmed, F. AL-Saleh, Yo. AL-Shammari, F. AL-Hazeem, M. AL-Khatrash, E. Safar, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Hassan, EPTC
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 11 "Geomechanics" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Nikolay Smirnov, PetroGM; Yury Petrakov, Geosteering Technologies
Time Paper # Presentation
191625 Determination of the Optimal Bottomhole Pressure in order to Reduce the Removal of the Solid Phase in the Weakly Consolidated Reservoir I. Chebyshev, A. Shapovalova, S. Zhigulskiy, S. Lukin, Gazpromneft STC
191627 The Analysis of Critically Stressed Fractures with Reconstruction of Tectonic Stresses for Ranging the Area by Production Rates via Example of Riphean Carbonate Fractured Reservoir S. Zhigulskiy, A. Rotaru, V. Kurbanov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Zadvornov, D. Maximov, A. Eremeev, P. Ryzhikov, Schlumberger
191628 Assessment of a Barrier Integrity Violation Risk Using an Integrated 4D Reservoir Geomechanics Study L. Sadykov, E. Korelskiy, A. Samokhvalov, A. Kostina, E. Mamedov, E. Khromova, A. Zhelezova, Schlumberger; S. Shtun, A. Alexeev, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
191629 Assessment of Reactivated Natural Fractures Influence on Overall SRV During Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing A. Gula, A. Bochkarev, A. Vishnivetskiy, R. Nikitin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; D. Alchibaev, Yu. Ovcharenko, Gazpromneft STC
BREAK (10 minutes)
191630 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Fracture Toughness Effect on Hydraulic Fracture’s Geometry N. Dubinya, I. Fokin, IPE RAS; Yu. Golovin, A. Samodurov, A. Tyurin, Center of Nanotechnology, Derzhavin Tambov State University; E. Zenchenko, S. Turuntaev, IDG RAS; M. Trimonova, IDG RAS, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS
191631 Fully Coupled Geomechanics Approach to Determine Critical Wellbore Intervals K. Bogachev, E. Piskovskiy, G. Pyatskiy, V. Shelkov, Rock Flow Dynamics
191632 The Strategic and Tactical Value of Geomechanics for Drilling Operational Excellence of ERD Well in Uzen Field K. Chettykbaeva, Yu. Petrakov, O. Tatur, A. Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; A. Zozulya, V. Kalinin, M. Miletsky, Volga Gas
191634 Application of the Inversion Stress Model for Estimating the Parameters of Fault Tectonics A. Sidelnik, S. Lukin, Gazpromneft STC
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 12 "Field Geology and Geophysics-2" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center; Mikhail Popov, Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
191670 Non-Seismic Methods Development at Gazprom Neft G. Grigoriev, O. Zakharova, N. Morozov, A. Kasyanenko, Gazpromneft STC; E. Liubimov, Gazprom Neft
191671 The Complex Approach to Seismic Researches at Studying of Nonconventional Reservoir A. Konushenko, A. Shkrabov, M. Kovalenko, Belorusneft
191676 Arctic Zone of the Siberian Platform – Resource Base and Development Potential N. Shabalin, A. Dmitrievsky, N. Eremin, OGRI RAS
191682 Analysis of Results Confirmation of Simultaneous Inversion for East Siberian Terrigenous Reservoirs P. Emelyanov, A. Ostankov, Gazpromneft STC
BREAK (10 minutes)
191683 Minimization of Risks in Reservoir Prediction based on Seismic Data M. Vasilyev, A. Butorin, Gazpromneft STC
191686 Hydrocarbon Detection Method and Application based on “Two-Wide and One-High” Seismic Technique W. Zhen; Z. Junzhang; W. Yankun; Y. Jiquan; L. Man; L. Shuang, RIPED, PetroChina
191687 Organizational Model of Management Seismic Survey Projects in PJSC Gazprom Neft V. Dakirov, D. Litvichenko, V. Zhukov, Gazpromneft STC
191688 Nanoseismological Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing I. Chebotareva, A. Dmitrievskiy, N. Eremin, IOGP RAS
10:30 - 13:00
Round Table: Oilfield Testing and EOR Methods Application in Practice Arbat Hall
Moderator(s) Alexander Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton; Sergey Kolbikov, NOVATEK

Modern enhanced oil recovery methods (EOR) application is one of the top-priority ways of production increase and recoverable reserves increment in the world. Increasingly larger role of EOR in the world petroleum production is coming from both new oil reserves deterioration and huge amounts of remaining oil in place, and from technological factors like enhancing oil reservoir stimulation and creation of new impact working agents.

Meanwhile, EOR efficiency is determined in accordance with many factors, especially with appropriate selection of EOR technology for concrete field geological conditions of the object. In this regard, particular role belongs to oilfield testing on chosen field alongside with analytical and laboratory research on EOR application substantiating.

During this round table we will discuss a wide range of issues devoted to EOR application experience in Russia and abroad. Participants will also discuss perspectives and problems of different EOR type development, factors contributing and preventing EOR application on fields.


  • EOR Competence along the Value Chain

Ana Todosijevic, Head of EOR Program, Wintershall; Aron Behr, Advisor for EOR Reservoir Engineering, Wintershall

  • Approach to the Implementation of EOR Projects in «Gazprom Neft»

Andrey Groman, Head of Unit, Prospective EOR Unit, Department of Scientific and Methodological Support of Reservoir Engineering and Professional Development, Gazpromneft STC

  • ASP Technology as a Petroleum Start-Up

Mikhail Shuster, Project Manager, ASP Facilities, Export Pipeline Rehabilitation, Salym Petroleum Development N.V.

  • Laboratory Modeling and Field Experience in the Use of Dispersed Systems for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Vladimir Mazayev, Senior Expert on the Physicochemical Methods of Increasing Oil Recovery, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center

  • Сarbonates and EOR Studies

Pavel Grishin, Deputy Director for Research, VNIIneft

10:30 - 13:00
Round Table: Machine Learning and Why It Does Not Work Krasnye Vorota

Supported by 


Nowadays, the resource base of vertically integrated petroleum companies largely consists of hard-to-recover reserves, and it becomes increasingly difficult to use conventional physical and mathematical methods of petroleum engineering while developing this type of reservoirs. Besides, the long time that needs to be spent to develop deterministic models of new assets (up to 3-5 years) does not allow the business to promptly solve operational tasks, and the obstacles faced by petroleum engineers when adapting these lumpish models to real assets make it necessary to create and introduce new modeling methods.

One of the most highly demanded technologies is the machine learning methods. These technologies help decision making when there is a lack of information or mathematical models, and they also help reduce manual data processing. However, these technologies are not a magic wand capable of solving any problem.  If the machine learning methods are to produce any meaningful effect, one should revise the data handling paradigm and the whole decision making workflow.

The round table discussion will focus on the key problems and most typical mistakes faced by petroleum engineers when using intelligent data analysis technologies.


  • The Concept of a Universal Data Analysis Tool for Oil Engineers

Maksim Simonov, Leading Specialist, Gazpromneft STC

  • Application of Machine Learning in Research Projects: Experience of Schlumberger Moscow Research Center

Ivan Yakimchuk, Project Manager, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center

  • Predictive Maintantce and Predictive Equipment Failure Analysis

Danis Maganov, CEO, ALMA Services Company

  • Integration and Analysis of Data Registered by a Large Set of Sensors on an Off-Shore Platform in Order to Monitor and Intellectually Advise Operators

Anton Aristov, Principal at Energy Practice Group, The Boston Consulting Group

13:00 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Static, Dynamic and Integrated Modeling/Digital Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry/Core Analysis" Chistye Prudy
Time Paper # Presentation
191620 Main Aspects of the Integrated Asset Modeling and Gas Field Development Optimization under Surface Facilities Constraints A. Mikhin, K. Salavatullin, M. Kamartdinov, Tomskgazprom
191621 Adaptive Option in Geological Modeling of Petroleum Reservoirs E. Taraskin, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft; S. Ursegov, N. Taraskin, Skoltech
191601 Application of Machine Learning for Oilfield Data Quality Improvement A. Andrianova, M. Simonov, D. Perets, A. Margarit, D. Serebryakova, Gazpromneft STC; Yu. Bogdanov, S. Budennyy, N. Volkov, A. Tsanda, A. Bukharev, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology
191667 Study in Efficiency of Acid Compositions Application in the Clastic Reservoirs of Perm Region based on Experimental Studies of Core Samples V. Plotnikov, N. Barkovsky, P. Rekhachev, A. Amirov, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft; N. Mikhaylov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; S. Popov, IOGP RAS
13:00 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Geomechanics/Health, Safety and Environment" Ostozhenka
Time Paper # Presentation
191633 Forecast of Well Drilling Events in Salt Bodies Based on Geomechanical Modeling for Eastern Part of the Orenburg Oil and Gas-Condensate Field D. Galliamova, O. Kalinin, P. Lukyanov, Gazpromneft STC
191635 Well Placement and Operation Parameters Optimization of Horizontal Wells in the Development of the PK1 Reservoir of the Kharampurskoye Oil and Gas Condensate Field R. Melikov, V. Pavlov, N. Pavlyukov, A. Ptashnyi, A. Krasnikov, M. Subbotin, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Korolev, Kynsko-Chaselskoe Neftegaz; O. Loznyuk, Rosneft
191637 Geomechanical Modeling under Industry Standards A. Cheremisin, Geomechanical system; S. Stishenko, Yu. Petrakov, A. Sobolev, O. Tatur, K. Chettykbaeva, A. Ocheretyanyy, Geosteering Technologies
191727 Coastal Erosion at Kharasavey Gas Condensate Field, Western Yamal Peninsula N. Belova, N. Shabanova, S. Ogorodov, A. Baranskaya, A. Novikova, D. Aleksyutina, Lomonosov Moscow State University
191728 Employees Adaptation Mechanisms in Extractive Industries while Shift Work Organization at Far North and Arctic A. Yurjeva, Ya. Korneeva, Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University
14:15 - 17:55
Round Table: Knowledge Management System - In-House Dissemination, Storage, and Use of Knowledge Krasnye Vorota
Moderator(s) Boris Belozerov, Gazpromneft STC; Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG

Knowledge management concept has appeared recently, but has already become popular among professionals. Knowledge is one of the most important parts of the company intellectual capital. Each major company operations are impossible without diligent collection, transfer, and storage of knowledge. Small companies also encounter this task due to multiple responsibilities of each employee who will need to transfer his or her wealth of knowledge and experience before resigning or retiring. In this case, companies create knowledge management systems and also peer groups which allow employees who specialize in one topic to communicate, share cases, and address questions to more experienced colleagues.

During this round table we will closely discuss problems of creating, promoting, and using knowledge management systems.


  • Knowledge Management in Oil&Gas Companies: Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow

Vladimir Baronov, General Manager and Co-Owner, KM Expert

  • Gazprom Neft Upstream Knowledge Management System

Boris Belozerov, Head of Department – Lead Expert, Department of Digital Technologies and Geological Expertise, Gazpromneft STC; Evgeny Victorov, Knowledge Management Lead (Upstream), Department of Digital Technologies and Geological Expertise, Gazpromneft STC

  • In-House Dissemination, Storage and Use of Knowledge and Experience through the example of Knowledge Management System in LUKOIL Upstream Business Segment

Vladimir Kotovsky, Head of Knowledge Management System Department, LUKOIL-Engineering; Dmitry Khurshudov, Leading Specialist of Knowledge Managmenet System Department, LUKOIL-Engineering

  • Trust Formalization (Manage Business Knowledge)

Yury Mishchenko, IT Architect, Salym Petroleum Development N.V.

  • Operational Excellence Improvement Programme in Exploration and Production

Aneliya Mikryukova, Lead Specialist, Division of Operational Excellence and Technological Transport, Oil and Gas Production Department, Rosneft; Alexey Isakov, Head of Division of Operational Excellence and Technological Transport, Oil and Gas Production Department

  • Communities of Practice – Knowledge and Experience Management Project (Petrophysics Communities of Practice - Case Study)

Khabarov A.V., Kantemirov Yu.D.., Pospelova T.A., Rosneft, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center

14:15 - 17:55
Round Table: Problems and Challenges of Oil and Gas Local Software Development Arbat
Moderator(s) Natalya Zavyalova, MIPT; Sergey Stishenko, Geosteering Technologies

Supported by      

Russia is one of the world’s leaders in the oil and gas production and export abroad. All the leading industry companies use only the most advanced equipment and the latest developments, including the software. However, almost all software products used in Russia by the oil and gas companies are of foreign origin. The development of Russian software is progressing, but it is not moving at a pace preferred by both developer-companies and direct users.

During the round table the following challenges will be addressed by the developer-companies:

  • Market size: how to survive an independent player in the conditions of a limited pool of potential buyers and the availability of their own IT departments within the companies
  • Localization challenges: how to go beyond the Russian market - the process of software development which can be presented not only in Russia, but all over the world
  • Does the localization tendency help the development of local software developers?
  • Big data: is it a real trend that is applicable to the oil and gas industry or just a hype



  • Development of High Technology Software for the Russian Market: Problems and Features

Natalya Zavyalova, Head of the Laboratory of Modeling of Mechanical Systems and Processes of MIPT, Associate Professor of MIPT, Senior Researcher in LLC Oil&Gas Center of MIPT

  • Challenges in Developing and Commercializing of a Multidisciplinary Drilling Software Platform

Sergey Stishenko, CEO, Geosteering Technologies

  • IBM’s Partnership Approach to Delivering Innovative IT solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry

Pavel Sementsov, Business Transformation Advisor, IBM UK

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Efficiency Increasing in Oil and Gas Production

Yuriy Krylov, CTO, ZYFRA

  • Race for the Russian Market. No prophet is Accepted in His Hometown

Kirill Bogachev, CTO, Rock Flow Dynamics

  • Why Should Oil and Gas Operators Develop "Home-Made Software" when Almost Everything Can Be Bought or Ordered?

Irina Bobb, General Director, GeoXpert Services

14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 13 "Well Construction – Drilling and Completion-2" Sokolniki 1
Session Chairpersons Mikhail Pustovalov, Oil Energy; Pavel Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
191495 Integrated Engineering Approach for Drilling of the First Well in the Laptev Sea V. Grishankov, A. Galimkhanov, A. Khalilov, E. Tikhonov, A. Kharitonov, S. Bogdanov, A. Berezin, M. Dubrovsky, M. Tsibulsky, Halliburton; A. Suvorov, I. Netichuk, RN-Shelf-Arctic
191496 Casing Design Optimization and Technologies Improvement of Horizontal Wells Construction on the Objects of PJSC "LUKOIL" in Western Siberia L. Bondarenko, D. Bakirov, M. Fattakhov, G. Mazur, LUKOIL-Engineering; V. Kovalev, V. Fatikhov, LUKOIL-Western Siberia
191498 Ahead of the Bit Pore Pressure Prediction under Centroid Effect Conditions Using Express Seismic Processing Results for Exploration Drilling in the Caspian Sea N. Smirnov, N. Evmenov, PetroGM; I. Kerusov, A. Aristarkhov, M. Sokolova, LUKOIL-Engineering
191501 On the Mechanisms of the Formation of Zones with Abnormally High Rock Pressure and Methods for Predicting Them in Undeveloped Rock Systems A. Islamov, R. Faskhutdinov, D. Kolupaev, Gazpromneft-Khantos; S. Vereshchagin, Schlumberger
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191502 Advanced Well Positioning with Magnetic Interference based on Passive Magnetic MWD Ranging: Case Study O. Eatough, M. Alahmad, Total; A. Sikal, F. Momot, D. Reynaud, PathControl
191519 A Comprehensive Approach to Achieve Record Performance on the Field Named After V. N. Vinogradova S. Yakunin, E. Kashin, A. Shtyfel, RITEK
191522 The Combination of Ridge and Conical Elements is a New Approach for Drilling Out Hard Carbonates and Sandstones without Drop in ROP А. Lomov, B. James, G. Konysbekuly, D. Gumich, R. Rasulov, Schlumberger
191526 Integrated Approach to Real-Time Drilling Optimization Based on Methods of Geosteering, Petrophysics and Geomechanics D. Mylnikov, A. Sabirov, O. Tatur, A. Brazlauskas, Yu. Petrakov, A. Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; D. Kustarev, S. Sigarev, K. Yakovlev, RN-Uvatneftegaz
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 14 "Production Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing-2" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Alexey Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; Kreso Kurt Butula, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
Time Paper # Presentation
191705 Refracturing of Multistage Horizontal Wells in PJSC "Gazprom Neft" A. Ogorodov, A. Ostashuk, S. Barkalov, Gazpromneft STC
191709 A Comprehensive Approach to Improve the Efficiency of MSF is Implemented in PAO “Gazprom Neft” E. Kazakov, E. Sayfutdinov, I. Fayzullin, D. Bukharov, Gazpromneft STC
191710 Dynamic Fluid Diversion with Advanced Pressure Monitoring Technique – New Era of Multistage Refracturing in Conventional Reservoirs of Western Siberia S. Parkhonyuk, A. Borisenko, E. Danilevich, A. Loginov, K. Butula, A. Fedorov, D. Tetyuk, A. Kapkaev, R. Makhmutov, I. Tsygulev, Schlumberger; K. Ibragimov, I. Letko, A. Mingazov, A. Volkov, A. Ivanov, I. Samoilov, Slavneft-Megionneftegaz
191714 A New Productivity Prediction Hybrid Model for Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Oil Reservoirs L. Tao, J. Guo, Southwest Petroleum University; X. Zhou, A. Kitaeva, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University); J. Zeng, The University of Western Australia
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191715 Well Intervention Program Creation at the Novoportovskoye Field O. Olender, A. Malyugin, V. Fedotov, A. Korepanov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; R. Asmandiyarov, R. Zulkarniev, R. Studinsky, E. Sayfutdinov, Gazpromneft STC; A. Ivanov, NOV Completion Tools
191719 Expanding Boundaries of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing with Coiled Tubing in Novoportovskoe Field A. Belov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; S. Tishkevich, S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; K. Burdin, A. Kichigin, M. Maskhadov, A.Ishangaliev, Schlumberger
191720 Experience and Optimization of Essential Multistage Fracturing Technology with Coiled Tubing at the Well for the Vinogradova Oilfield N. Parshin, RITEK; K. Burdin, K. Starodubtseva, M. Novikov, M. Demkovich, Schlumberger
191724 Bazhenovskaya Suite of Severo-Demyanskoe Field: Multi Fracturing Well Completion - Story of Success M. Samoilov, P. Nikitin, A. Prokhorov, O. Koltypin, Rosneft Upstream Peer Review and Technical Development Center; S. Sigarev, D. Kustaryov, RN-Uvatneftegaz
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 15 "Well Logging" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK; Andrey Bochkov, Gazpromneft STC
Time Paper # Presentation
191689 Application of the Combined Real-Time Petrophysical and Geosteering Model to Increase Drilling Efficiency V. Koryabkin, P. Kolba, Gazpromneft STC; S. Stishenko, O. Tatur, Geosteering Technologies
191690 The Integrated Approach to Permeability Adjustment based on the Simultaneous Well Log and Well Test Interpretation E. Maksimova, N. Parfenov, B. Belozerov, Gazpromneft STC
191692 Evolution of Well Logging Technologies in the Development of Deposits on the Caspian Shelf S. Shtun, M. Golenkin, M. Rakitin, D. Shtepin, LUKOIL-Niznevolzhskneft; A. Mityagin, V. Kuzakov, A. Cheprasov, R. Golubtsov, Schlumberger
191693 Approaches for Petrophysical Modelling and Logging Interpretation of Thin Laminated Achimov Deposits Reservoir E. Fattakhov, A. Timirgalin, V. Zhukov, R. Oshmarin, Gazpromneft STC; I. Mukminov, A. Kondratiev, Gazpromneft-Angara
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191694 First Application of Advanced Resistivity Logging Technology for Real-Time Evaluation of Formation Properties and Structural Dips Estimation in Complex Geology of Krasnoleninskoe Field M. Sviridov, Yu. Antonov, R. Kotov, I. Nikulina, Baker Hughes; V. Baranov, RUSPETRO
191695 Complex Approach to Fault Description while Geosteering for Maximization Reservoir Contact in Horizontal Wells in West Siberia Oilfields V. Krutko, T. Yurkina, D. Kushnir, Baker Hughes; V. Karpov, RITEK
191696 Application of Formation Pressure While Drilling (FPWD) Technology in Challenging Low Mobility Environment – Case Study from Western Kazakhstan S. Ramatullayev, A. Makhmotov, M. Zhabagenov, D. Ospanov, Yu. Markelov, A. Navrotsky, Ye. Gabdyzhamalov, Schlumberger; R. Nurgaliyev, G. Maletti, T. Assanova, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO) B.V.
191697 Advanced Petrophysical Log Suite Support for Acid Stimulation Design Optimization A. Petrov, R. Khuzin, N. Shevko, Gazprom Neft Business Service B.V.
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 16 "Hard-to-Recover Reserves -2" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Alexey Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC; Konstantin Fedorov, Institute of Physical and Technical Sciences, Tyumen State University
Time Paper # Presentation
191474 An Experimental Study on Carbonated Water Injection of Core Samples from Tight Oil Reservoirs from Ordos Basin J. Zou, X. Liao, H. Chu, Z. Yuan, W. Luo, X. Shen, State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); X. Li, Z. Zhu, Changqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina
191481 Consecutive Tracer Tests and Pressure Data Reveal Changes in Flow Regime Leading to Incremental Oil Production, Polymer Pilot, 8th Reservoir, Austria T. Clemens, M. Lüftenegger, M. Chiotoroiu, C. Puls, OMV E&P; O. Huseby, Restrack
191488 Prospects for the Spectral Noise Logging Application in the Analysis of Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Horizontal Wells With Multistage Fracturing V. Nagimov, Yu. Maslennikova, I. Shigapov, TGT Oilfield Services; E. Tolmachev, A. Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC
191489 Application of Geo-Chemical Indicators for Sedimentology Description Clarifying of Bazhenov and Abalak Formation in Krasnoleninskoe Field E. Avramenko, M. Grischenko, S. Kuzmina, A. Kudamanov, M. Smyshlyaeva, V. Marinov, A. Potapova, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Akhmadishin, RN-Nyaganneftegaz
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191490 Analysis of Chemical Compositions Injection Combined with Cyclic-Steam Stimulation I. Kuvshinov, L. Altunina, V. Kuvshinov, Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS
191491 Study on the Mechanism of Reversing Oil Displacement for Increasing the Production of Crude Oil in Low Permeability and Ultra-Low Permeability Oil Field C. Guan, Y. Li, Z. Ma, W. Hu, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
191492 Approach to Understanding the Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs E. Dvoretskaya, M. Salishchev, Gazpromneft STC
191494 Comparative Analysis of Different Well Patterns for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage K. Federov, A. Shevelev, A. Gilmanov, Tyumen State University

Wednesday, October 17

08:30 - 15:00
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 17 "Well Construction – Drilling and Completion-3" Sokolniki 1
Session Chairpersons Vyacheslav Kretsul, Schlumberger; Kirill Bogachev, Independent Expert
Time Paper # Presentation
191512 A New Era in Multilateral Drilling in High Fractured Abnormal Reservoirs - Multiphase MPD D. Krepostnov, Rosneft; D. Krivolapov, T. Soroka, P. Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger; D. Ganiev, East-Siberian Oil and Gas Company
191513 Successful Implementation of PMCD Technology in Kazakhstan Ye. Amanbayev, K. Karmanov, Weatherford
191516 Case Study of 5 Lateral TAML-3 Well Construction to Target PK 1-3 Layers Ph. Brednev, D. Zavyazkin, Gazpromneft STC; A. Voronin, D. Eremeev, Messoyakhaneftegaz; A. Dergunov, Baker Hughes
BREAK (10 minutes)
191520 Design and Process Engineering of Slotted Liner Running in Extended Reach Drilling Wells A. Kunshin, M. Dvoynikov, Saint-Petersburg Mining University
191521 Proven Experience in Construction of Multilateral Wells Using TAML 1 Technology in Novoportovskoye Field N. Abaltusov, A. Dubrovin, Weatherford; S. Pilnik, M. Zimoglyad, F. Burkov, F. Bulatov, Gazpromneft-Yamal
191523 New Kick-off Procedure with RSS Reduces the Operation Time by 92%. Western Siberia Experience D. Sirotin, R. Shakurov, Baker Hughes; O. Teregulov, LUKOIL-West Siberia
191525 Application of Discrete Element Method for Modelling Sand Control Systems K. Lezhnev, Gazpromneft STC
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 18 "Digital Technologies for Oil and Gas Industry-2" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Irina Bobb, Geoexpert Service; Oleg Pichugin, CONCORD
Time Paper # Presentation
191594 Automatic Geosteering of Wells S. Stishenko, Yu. Petrakov, A. Sobolev, A. Sabirov, Geosteering Technologies
191596 Case Study of Digital Oilfield Implementation in the Southern North Sea V. Elichev, E. Muñoz, Wintershall Holding GmbH
191598 The Results of Deming Cycle Concept Implementation into Oil Production Processes S. Frolov, SAP CIS; I. Ermolovich, GIS ASUproject
191600 Water Control Diagnostic Plot Pattern Recognition Using Support Vector Machine A. Mukhanov, C. Arturo Garcia, H. Torres, Schlumberger
BREAK (10 minutes)
191602 Exploration Portfolio Optimization for Increase of Investment Effectiveness S. Pogrebnyuk, R. Gazaliev, V. Zhukov, E. Bogdanovich, Gazpromneft STC
191603 Innovative Strategy Decision and Portfolio Assets Analysis Instrument – Permanent Model of On-Line Reserves and Resources Monitoring A. Kisurina, E. Panfilova, I. Teploukhova, O. Zakharova, A. Ershov, V. Stepanova, Gazpromneft STC; M. Islamuratov, Gazprom Neft
191605 Determination of Lithologic Difference at the Bottom of Wells Using Cognitive Technologies I. Simon, V. Koryabkin, Gazpromneft STC; A. Semenikhin, A. Gruzdev, IBM Science and Technology Center
191606 Applications of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) in Gas Injection H. Chu, X. Liao, J. Zou, P. Dong, W. Liu, C. Zhao, China University of Petroleum; W. Zhang, Changqing Oil Field, PetroChina; J. Li, Jilin Oil Field, PetroChina
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 19 "Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Artem Galimzyanov, Resman; Ramil Sharafutdinov, Bashkir State University
Time Paper # Presentation
191555 Investigation of Temperature Field in Horizontal Wells with Heat Source R. Sharafutdinov, R. Valiullin, A. Ramazanov, T. Khabirov, R. Yarullin, I. Nizayeva, M. Gayazov, Bashkir State University, NPF GeoTECH; A. Popov, Bashneftegeofizika
191556 Novel Well Monitoring Technology Implementation for Multi-Zonal Well in Carbonate Kharyaga Oil Field O. Zoshchenko, Yu. Trushin, A. Aleshchenko, Zarubezhneft-Production Kharyaga; I. Mukhametshin, A. Galimzyanov, Resman; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University
191557 Flow Velocity Estimation in Horizontal Oil Wells Using the Method of Thermal Flowmeter based on the Fiber-Optic Distributed Permanent Monitoring System A. Ipatov, M. Kremenetskiy, Gazpromneft STC; D. Lazutkin, S. Skopintsev, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas; E. Sharovarin, Geoptics
191558 Rigless Pre-Workover Diagnostic of a Dual String Completion S. Prosvirkin, R. Karantharath, TGT Oilfield Services; M. Al-Khatrash, E. Safar, F. Al-Hazeem, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Najdi, M. Al-Shatti, Gulf Drilling Maintenance
191560 Water Source Identification and Inflow Profile Determination in Horizontal Wells after Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Using Passive Location Method and Temperature Modelling A. Lutfullin, B. Ganiev, R. Khabipov, A. Khabibrahmanov, A. Yakupov, P. Morozov, Tatneft; I. Aslanyan, R. Minakhmetova, A. Trusov, S. Salmin, TGT Oilfield Services
191561 Features of the Well Test Interpretation in Complicated Conditions of Intensive Segregation of Phases in the Wellbore and the Manifestation of the Effects of Abnormal Pressure Growth T. Arbatskii, N. Dadakin, A. Shchurenko, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft; R. Musin, Verkhnechonskneftegaz; M. Nukhaev, K. Rymarenko, Siberian Federal University
191562 Multistage Hydrofracturing Efficiency Analysis and Horizontal Well Inflow Profiling Using Spectral Noise Logging Technique A. Andreev, A. Kamalov, A. Zaripov, D. Kanyukov, S. Vyhristyuk, A. Yuvashev, RN-Purneftegaz; R. Minakhmetova, I. Aslanyan, A. Trusov, Yu. Maslennikova, TGT Oilfield Services
09:30 - 13:00
Technical Session 20 "Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing-2" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, OILTEAM Engineering; Marat Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University
Time Paper # Presentation
191533 Implementation of the Intellectual Gas Control System for Gas Lift Optimization at Orenburgskoe Oilfield V. Ulyanov, Gazprom Neft; A. Kuchurin, E. Kibirev, Gazpromneft STC; A. Gryzunov, Gazpromneft-Orenburg; V. Bak, SIANT; K. Rymarenko, M. Nukhaev, N. Dadakin, Siberian Federal University
191535 Peculiarities of the Field Gas Treatment Systems at the Latest Stage of the Cenomanian Reservoir Development (Yamburgskoye Gas Field) G. Kudiyarov, S. Ikanin, Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg; V. Istomin, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Skoltech; A. Prokopov, Gazprom VNIIGAZ
191536 Completion Design Optimization for Production Wells on Badra Oilfield I. Kuzovkin, Gazpromneft- Badra BV
191539 Application of the Evolutionary Algorithm for Creating Advanced Technologies for the Beneficial Use of Gas in order to Increase the Efficiency and Reliability of the Operation of the Technological Equipment A. Vlasov, V. Fedorenko, V. Yakovlev, Gazpromneft STC
191540 Criteria of Gas and Gas-Condensate Wells Production Co-Processing using a Single Processing Train at the Gas Processing Plant D. Nerodenko, P. Kudrin, NOVATEK STC
191542 SNL Application for Production Logging in Hard-to-Recover Gas Reserves Wells A. Zhurilin, V. Dmitruk, E. Mironova, Severneftegazprom; R. Minakhmetova, I. Aslanyan, V. Nagimov, I. Shigapov, TGT Oilfield Services; A. Aslanyan, Nafta College
191544 Study of the Submersible Sand Separator in the Field of Centrifugal Forces for Increasing the Artificial Lift Efficiency E. Nikonov, K. Goridko, V. Verbitsky, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University)
09:30 - 13:00
Young Professionals Session-1 Arbat
Moderator(s) Anton Ablaev, Schlumberger; Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center
Time Paper # Presentation
Innovative Approach to Design of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment in Conditions of Closely Located Contact Water-Saturated Interlayers of the Achimov Strata of the Vostochno-Perevalnoye Deposit M. Vilkov, V. Shabelianskii, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft
191730 Numerical Studies of Helium Distribution after Injection in the Gas Reservoir A. Skriabina, VNIPIgazdobycha
191731 Features of the Well Testing and Plt Works During Well Construction from SSDR in Okhotsk Sea A. Magerova, Yu. Semenov, N. Ershov, Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
191733 Increasing of Operation Efficiency of Low Pressure Gas Wells by Using of Gas-Jet Device’s A. Federov, A. Ibatulin, RN-Purneftegaz
BREAK (10 minutes)
191734 Short-Time Periodical Well Operation in LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia Fields. Implementation Experience and Prospects for Development A. Abdullin, I. Abdulin, Ye. Sokolyanskaya, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft
191735 Reservoir Properties Distribution Forecast in a Complex Carbonate Reservoir and Drilling Risk Evaluation N. Churanova, M. Khayrullin, A. Chorniy, A. Solovyev, VNIIneft; S. Kurelenkov, RUSVIETPETRO
191736 Results of the Integrated Analysis of Discovering Undeveloped Reservoirs on the Mature Fields and Future Perspectives A. Bashirov, RN-Krasnodarneftegaz
191737 Determination of the Optimal Wells Commissioning Rate at the Gas Condensate Field A. Trifonov, ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL
10:30 - 13:00
Young Professionals Round Table: Collaboration of Oil Companies and Universities - Modern Operating Experiences Krasnye Vorota
Moderator(s) Konstantin Fedorov, Tyumen State University; Rim Valiullin, Bashkir State University

Personnel training and development is the main focus and one of the most important elements of successful company operations. Staff training and development processes assure formation and support of talent capacity at the required level relevant to time challenges, predetermine the company’s competitive ability. 

Modern experience shows that oil companies run up against many difficulties and tasks while recruiting recent graduates. Such problems occurrence is based not only on different requirements to graduates (knowledge of international standards; foreign language proficiency; ability to work in international teams) and geopolitical environment in the world, but also discrepancy between level of educational services and employer needs, and lack of dedicated experts in key areas. These tasks will stand over without strong partnership between oil companies and universities, without companies focused work and participation in educational programmes and standards, without arranging externships and internships for students.

During this round table, we will discuss internships and efforts of operating and service companies working with universities, companies expectations regards to graduates competences and professional skills, existing gaps in these dimensions and companies plans on their amendment during future specialists education.


  • Long-Term Program of Interaction with Universities: Integrated Approach to Research Plans and Staffing for Universities and Companies

Pavel Sorokin, Head of HR Department, Gazpromneft STC

  • LEAD Recruitment in Baker Hughes

Rena Martyanova, Head of the Hiring and Onboarding Department, Baker Hughes

  • Searching for New Talents: Practices in STC VNIIneft

Vyacheslav Terentyev, Deputy CEO for Development, VNIIneft

  • Schlumberger Experience in Recruiting Graduates of Leading Universities

Konstantin Mazayev, Recruiting and University Relations Manager, Russia and Central Asia, Schlumberger

  • Optimizing the Training of a Young Professional

Natalia Petrova, Deputy Director, Geofizika Training and Research Center

13:00 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Well and Formation Testing, Formation Fluids Sampling, and Evaluation" Chistye Prudy
Time Paper # Presentation
191563 Using Well Testing and Production Logging Methods to Estimate Individual Fracture's Parameters and Performance in a Fractured Horizontal E. Grishina, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
191564 Selection of Optimum Monitoring Technique for Wells with Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing on Priobskoe Oilfield D. Kolupaev, R. Uchuev, M. Bikkulov, M. Matevosov, Gazpromneft-Khantos; A. Sheremeev, Gazpromneft STC; I. Mukhametshin, A. Galimzyanov, Resman Rus; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University
191565 A New Radial-Azimuth Thermal Anemometer for Determining the Direction and Velocity of Fluid Flow in the Wellbore D. Kosmylin, R. Valiullin, R. Sharafutdinov, A. Ramazanov, V. Fedotov, G. Vakhitova, Bashkir State University
191566 Peculiarities of Identification of Reservoir Fluids Properties of Two-Phase (with Oil Rim and Gas Cup) Deposits: from Sampling to Justification of the Parameters for Calculating Reserves and PVT-Data for Hydrodynamic Simulation of Field Development I. Promzelev, A. Brusilovsky, D. Kuporosov, Gazpromneft STC; T. Yushchenko, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
191567 Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics for Characterization of Reservoir Connectivity: Case Study from Western Kazakhstan M. Charupa, S. Ramatullayev, V. Blinov, R. Valiakhmetov, N. Mendybayev, Schlumberger; S. Mukhametrakhimov, S. Saparova, EmbaMunaiGas
13:00 - 14:15
Knowledge Sharing ePoster Session "Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing" Ostozhenka
Time Paper # Presentation
191543 Determination of Operating Efficiency of Sucker-Rod Pumping Units of Different Design in Horizontal Wells I. Kitapov, R. Gilfanov, Tatneft
191546 Phase Transitions in the Preparation of the Oil Extracted from the Oil Rims S. Ivanov, Giprotyumenneftegaz
191547 Leakage Analysis and Structure Optimization of Sliding Vane Pump for Oil Recovery S. Wang, X. Wu, G. Han, Z. Ren, H. Wang, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); J. Tang, Schlumberger
191548 Using EPR Technique for Monitoring of ISC Processes and Reservoirs Temperature in Enhanced Oil Recovery S. Mehrabi-Kalajahi, M. Varfolomeev, A. Rodionov, S. Orlinskii, M. Gafurov, Kazan Federal University; Ch. Yuan, W. Pu, Kazan Federal University, Southwest Petroleum University; R. Wang, Xinjiang Oilfield Company
191550 Effect of Natural Amphiphiles in Resins on Asphaltene Stability G. Abilova, D. Milordov, S. Yakubova, E. Tazeeva, M. Yakubov, A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 21 "Static, Dynamic and Integrated Modeling-2" Sokolniki 1
Session Chairpersons Dmitry Eydinov, Rock Flow Dynamics; Evgeny Sapsalev, Surgutneft
Time Paper # Presentation
191608 New Engineering Tools for Rapid Assessment of the Efficiency of Thermal Methods for Increasing Oil Recovery E. Yudin, A. Lubnin, E. Lubnina, Zarubezhneft; I. Zavyalov, N. Zavyalova, MIPT
191609 Reservoir Properties Distribution Based on Petroelastic Modeling (PEM) N. Churanova, A. Solovyev, A. Chorniy, E. Sadreev, T. Baranov, VNIIneft; S. Kurelenkov, RUSVIETPETRO; E. Yudin, Zarubezhneft; D. Danko, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
191614 Advantages of Forming an Integrated Concept of Project Development at an Early Stage and Impact on the Growth of Project Value V. Orlov, R. Oshmarin, Gazpromneft STC
191615 Depogrid: Next Generation Unstructured Grids for Accurate Reservoir Modeling and Simulation S. Santoshini, S. Harris, S. Kashem, A. Levannier, A. Benabbou, T. Viard, L. Mace, Schlumberger
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191617 Ways to Improve the Ensemble Smoothing Method, Taking Into Account the Specifics of the Oil and Gas Fields Production Prediction D. Olenchikov, Roxar Technologies AS
191618 Integrated Optimization as a Way to Increase the Project Value on the Example of the Achimov Deposits Development Evaluation T. Nishonov, A. Mullagaliev, Gazpromneft STC
191622 Method of Anisotropy Modeling and its Application to Hydrodynamic Simulation S. Kolbikov, NOVATEK; Ya. Kuznetsova, A Smirnov, NOVATEK STC
191623 Numerical Simulation of Reservoir Salt Dissolution Using Fully Implicit Scheme within Isothermal Compositional Model of Hydrocarbon Filtration K. Bogachev, S. Milyutin, V. Nazarov, Rock Flow Dynamics
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 22 "Oilfield Development-2" Sokolniki 2
Session Chairpersons Alexey Pustovskikh, Gazpromneft STC; Fedor Grishko, SPD
Time Paper # Presentation
191571 Peculiarities of White Tiger Field Basement Development Forecasting: Chsllenges and Solutions A. Lubnin, I. Afanasiev, E. Yudin, G. Sansiev, A. Galimova, Zarubezhneft
191572 Reservoir Development Aspects and Surface Facilities Design of Gas Condensate Fields with Oil Rims K. Shelepov, I. Struchkov, V. Poltoranin, M. Chashchin, A. Trusova, M. Kuzevanov, S. Buchinskiy, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
191573 Verification Technique of Technical Efficiency of Physical-Chemical EOR N. Morozovskiy, R. Kanevskaya, Institute of Geology and Fossil Fuels Exploitation; D. Ulmukhametov, A. Sergeychev, A. Demiyanov, Rosneft
191574 Comprehensive Approach to the Development of the Prirazlomnoye Oil Field A. Koloda, O. Morozov, M. Andriyanov, Gazprom Neft Shelf; V. Kuntsevich, Gazpromneft STC; A. Galimzyanov, I. Mukhametshin, Resman Rus; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191581 Implementation of an Integrated Approach to Develop Low-Productivity Reservoirs of the Priobskoye Field A. Shurunov, A. Iakovlev, A. Sheremeev, I. Kaeshkov, E. Rastegaeva, A. Suleymanov, I. Fayzullin, Gazpromneft STC; D. Kolupaev, Gazpromneft-Khantos
191586 Application of Well Tests for Naturally Fractured Reservoir's Analysis with Complex Void Structure A. Akberova, A. Davletbaev, A. Chudinova, D. Efimov, BashNIPIneft; E. Nazargalin, D. Gizatullin, Bashneft-Polus; R. Abdullin, R. Urazov, UfaNIPIneft
191588 Deterministic or Probabilistic Approach for Mature Oilfield Development: Isn´t It All about Decision Making? A. Yadav, A. El-Hawary, DEA Egypt Branches; A. Malkov, E. Bisso Bi Mba, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG; E. Omara, Suez Oil Company (SUCO)
191590 The Method of Localization of Residual Oil on the Basis of Complex Multi-Well Diagnostics and Calibration of the Hydrodynamic Model I. Zhdanov, V. Kotezhekov, A. Margarit, Gazpromneft STC
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 23 "Production Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing-3" Krymsky Val
Session Chairpersons Ildar Fayzullin, Gazpromneft STC; Mikhail Pustovalov, Oil Energy
Time Paper # Presentation
191707 Retrospective Analysis of Hydrofracturing with the Dimensionless Parameters: Comparing Designs and Transient Tests G. Paderin, E. Shel, Gazpromneft STC; P. Kabanova, Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
191712 Propped Fracturing in Deep Naturally-Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoirs M. Che, Yo. Wang, L. Wang, RIPED, PetroChina; J. Peng, R. Zhu, L. Huang, Tarim Oilfield Co. Ltd, PetroChina; L. Meng, CNPC XiBu Driling Engineering Co. Ltd
191713 Breakdown Pressure Considering Infiltration and Pre-Existing Fracture in Tight Sandstone Formation M. Li, J. Guo, Y. Deng, R. Yang, Yu. Liu, Ch. Zhou, Southwest Petroleum University
191716 Technological Development of Hydraulic Fracturing in Tatneft’s Carbonate Reservoirs. Experience in Engineering Design, Monitoring and Management of Fracture's Geometrical Parameters A. Kochetkov, V. Sirazdinov, R. Khusainov, A. Lutfullin, B. Ganiev, R. Garifullin, Tatneft
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191718 Methodology of Fibers Impact Calculation on Proppant Transport in Hydraulic Fracture D. Badazhkov, V. Plyashkevich, Schlumberger
191721 Analysis of Time-Dependent Behavior of Dynamic and Static Parameters of Preheated Westerly Granite for Microseismic Fracture Monitoring Experiments A. Dotsenko, J.C. Andrade De Carli, V. Stukachev, A. Shevtsova, M. Sharara, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
191722 Improving Economics of Hard-to-Recover Reserves Development. Case Study of Achimov Formation at Prirazlomnoe Oil Field A. Serdyuk, S. Valeev, A. Frolenkov, A. Lushnikov, A. Overin, Rosneft; A. Yudin, A. Kuznetsov, A. Gorlushko, Schlumberger
191723 Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization for Regions with a Complex Tectonic Regime, High Temperature and Abnormal High Pore Pressure Conditions, in a Karatobe-Burbaital Well No. 101, the Caspian Depression M. Nizametdinova, S. Zavarygin, PetroGM; A. Iskakov, Asker Munai
14:15 - 17:55
Technical Session 24 "Conceptual Engineering and Re-Engineering" Okhotny Ryad
Session Chairpersons Oleg Pichugin, Concord; Vitaly Smyslov, Zarubezhneft
Time Paper # Presentation
191639 Application of Asset Integrated Modeling for Surface Infrastructure Re-Engineering M. Kuznetsov, S. Igitov, I. Yurkov, Slavneft-Megionneftegas; O. Zaitcev, T. Solovyev, I. Klimovich, A. Aleev, Weatherford
191641 Approaches and Instruments for Well Cost Estimation at PJSC “Gazprom neft” S. Tretiakov, Yu. Maksimov, A. Sobolev, G. Sozonenko, A. Khomitskiy, A. Karachev, R. Kosolapov, Gazpromneft STC
191642 Conceptual Approach for Gas Field Clusters Development in Terms of Synergy Effect S. Buchinskiy, A. Kovalenko, A. Khakimov, A. Permyakov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; D. Savchuk, Kynsko-Chaselskoe Neftegaz
191644 Organization of New Projects Search and Assessment Process S. Kudryashov, V. Smyslov, A. Ismagilov, I. Khamitov, A. Kozhemyakin, K. Sedykh, Zarubezhneft
191645 Perspective Oil Production Planning based on Static and Dynamic Modelling Fields of PJSC “Tatneft” Z. Loshcheva, E. Kolsanov, Tatneft; A. Muryzhnikov, RFD
191648 Cost Reengineering L. Pashkevich, Yu. Maksimov, I. Yanina, O. Skudar, Gazpromneft STC; I. Sandler, V. Ulyashchenko, Gazpromneft-Razvitie
191649 Application of Integrated Design Technology to Manage Existing Assets and Evaluate New Projects A. Kozhemyakin, I. Afanasiev, G. Fedorchenko, A. Ismagilov, V. Smyslov, Zarubezhneft; G. Zokhan, Giprovostokneft
14:15 - 17:55
Young Professionals Session-2 Arbat
Moderator(s) Marat Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University; Kirill Ovchinnikov, GEOSPLIT
Time Paper # Presentation
191740 To Modeling of Dual-Porosity Reservoirs T. Lugumanov, RN-UfaNIPIneft
191741 Design and Development of Relational Geospatial Database Aimed at Gathering and Systematization of Wide Range of Geological and Geophysical Data A. Kolmakov, A. Kilyakov, LUKOIL-Engineering
191742 Methanol Delivery Recycle Systems Development at Complex Gas Treatment Unit of Achimov Deposits of Urengoyskoe Oil and Gas-Condensate Field A. Kagarmanov, A. Koryakin, Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy; A. Ermolaev, Gubkin Russian State Univerity of Oil and Gas
191743 Development of All-Oil Drilling Fluid for Core Sampling with Natural Fluid Saturation Saving in the Timan-Pechora Oil-and-Gas Province I. Borovkova, S. Kharin, V. Malikov, I. Nekrasova, P. Khvoschin, O. Garshina, D. Kazakov, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191745 Digital Integrated Modeling for Waterflooding Management M. Rechkin, K. Povyshev, R. Valiev, Gazpromneft STC
191746 Testing the Method for Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Engines Condition Using Optical Emission Spectrometry of Lubricating Oil E. Markina, M. Mariasov, Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg
191747 The Individual Certified Flowmeter of Liquid in the Well S. Ulyanov, R. Sagyndykov, D. Davydov, V. Dolinyuk, G. Gilaev, S. Nosov, Samaraneftegaz; A. Totanov, Samara Branch of the RN-Remont NPO; A. Ilyin, Elekton