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Dear colleagues!

We are glad to invite you to one of the largest Russian oil and gas events – the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference which will take place on 15-17 October 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

The global power sector is on the threshold of a big change: despite the complicated situation in the oil and gas industry, which emerged during the last few years and the focus on world alternative energy development, oil and gas industry is moving forward creatively dealing with the current challenges. Active digital transformation of the industry is one of the solutions for such challenges taking a new look at traditional production processes enhancing their efficiency.

Russian oil and gas industry is following the global development trends. International cooperation with the biggest oil and gas corporations allows Russian industry to enter the new stage of development and stabilize current situation. The obsolete machinery and technologies are gradually replaced, new technologies are implemented for field exploration, well construction, production etc. As a result companies start developing fields in new regions unavailable before due to the lack of resources.

SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference is a unique technical event aimed principally at knowledge and experience sharing that allows different specialists 


to present their papers and to listen to prominent experts’ presentations from Russia and other countries. During the conference, SPE is also carrying out the extensive youth programme oriented on both young professionals and students from oil and gas universities.

One of the key topics of the conference in 2018 will be the implementation of new highly effective technologies which would answer the technological challenges and would help to achieve the desirable results reducing time and costs without compromising oil production rate.

This year conference programme includes presentations on traditional and hot topics including well construction, hard-to-recover reserves, production, modeling, oil and gas field development, field geology and geophysics etc. Special attention will be paid to oil and gas industry development trends, intelligent technologies' implementation and domestic software technologies' development.

We extend a warm and cordial invitation to you to take part in the conference, discover more about the latest projects, join the discussions and extend your professional network.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference!