SPE Forum: Production in Horizontal Unconventionals 5 - 9 Nov 2018 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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The purpose of this forum is to brainstorm the potential for new production technologies and work processes that are fit for purposes for horizontal unconventional wells.

Over the last 10 years, North America has experienced exponential growth in the number of horizontal wells producing in low permeability formations. There is a growing trend toward longer laterals, further complicating production/drainage across the intervals. While much investment has gone toward improving drilling and completions techniques, the industry still largely uses vertical well production techniques. Profiting from rapidly declining wells with low oil prices requires a diligent focus on technologies and practices to maintain a low lease operating expense (LOE) while maintaining optimum production. 



  • Are you a young professional with relevant experience and knowledge of the forum topic? Get involved now. Forums are a window into the future that belongs to the next generation of professionals.
  • Do you want to exchange ideas with others in your technical area of expertise? Participation in a forum committee builds a professional network that will last a career. Forums offer an exclusive opportunity to interact with innovators, seasoned professionals, and leading technologies.
  • Are you looking to establish your technical reputation throughout the industry in a way that benefits your company? Forums provide the perfect setting because they serve as early incubators for future trends and technologies.

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  • Gain insight and perspective through conversations with peers who share your same interests
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of learning through one-on-one interaction
  • Meet with other experts from international companies, research institutes, and universities in an off-the-record format
  • Form professional relationships that will continue after the forum has ended


  • Production Engineers
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Completions Engineers, especially those involved in well design and construction
  • Persons developing technology in:
    • Artifical Lift
    • Well Stream Fluid Separation
    • Well Bore Tools for Production Improvement
    • Production Chemicals
    • Using "big data" for optimizing oilfield production
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Automation
    • Data Analytics
    • Predictive well performance based on wellbore trajectory and completions