SPE Forum: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration 26 - 30 Nov 2018 San Antonio, Texas, USA

About the Forum

SPE forums look five to ten years into the future; they aim to develop new and innovative approaches that equip participants to succeed in overcoming challenges and unlocking opportunities. No challenge is more pressing for the E&P industry than the energy transition, yet companies are so often tied up in the business of today, that they struggle to address business discontinuities. This forum provides an opportunity to step back and address questions: 

  • How should you refocus your business to be competitive in a carbon constrained world?
  • What workforce do you need?
  • Where are the opportunities for profit? For career progression?
  • What are the challenges for CO2 EOR storage?
  • How can you avoid having stranded assets?
  • What are the sources of funding for low carbon investment?  
  • How do you explore for CO2 storage?
  • How do you abandon assets with reuse in mind?

Who Attends

The Forum is a limited-attendance meeting for up to 75 people, designed for professionals in oil and gas or related industries interested in making carbon capture, storage, and utilization investable within the near future. An interactive program has been designed to leverage expertise across the project value chain. 

The target attendees of the forum are intended to be a multidisciplinary group with expertise in the following fields:

  • Reservoir characterization and surveillance
  • Enhanced recovery operations
  • Storage operations
  • Well integrity
  • Health, Safety, and the Environment
  • Projects, Facilities, and Construction 
  • Project financing, incentives, and economics
  • Regulatory oversight

What is a Forum?

SPE Forums are unique, by-invitation-only SPE events that bring together top technologists, innovators, and managers to address a specific industry challenge. Participants are encouraged to come prepared to contribute their experience and knowledge, rather than be spectators or students.

The objective is to create a collaborative, idea-generating arena that stimulates new ideas and innovation about future challenges facing the E&P industry.

If you have a role to play in meeting the challenges of tomorrow head-on, join us for this event.

Forum Guidelines

  • Brief, facilitated presentations promote maximum discussion.
  • Conducted off the record to support the free interchange of information and ideas.
  • Extensive note taking is not allowed.
  • Recording of any portion of the forum (photographic, electronic, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Information disclosed at a forum may not be used publicly without the originator's permission.
  • Participants are requested to omit reference to forum proceedings in any subsequent published work or oral presentation.
  • A written summary may be prepared and distributed to attendees after the forum with unanimous attendee agreement and SPE approval.
  • Participants are expected to attend every session.

Application Information

Participants at SPE Forums are selected by the Forum Steering Committee based on the ability to contribute to the discussion of the topic. Attendance is limited to maximize each person's opportunity to contribute.

Accepted applicants will receive their registration form and other materials within two weeks of the application deadline. For those requiring visas to attend the forum, please ensure that you leave sufficient time for your visa to be processed.