Eastern Regional Meeting 7 - 11 Oct 2018 Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Tuesday, October 09

08:00 - 11:30
01  Drilling and Completions Room 1
Session Chairpersons Kirby Jon Walker - CNX Resources
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 191783 Drilling Drilling Extended Laterals in the Marcellus Shale J.S. Doak, M. Kravits, M.J. Spartz, P. Quinn, Range Resources - Appalachia LLC
0830-0900 191773 Drilling Multiple Enhanced Mechanical Property Cements Help Prevent Pre and Post-Fracturing Gas Migration

K.L. Kutchak, P. Jones, S. Van Meter, Halliburton
0900-0930 191822 Drilling Smart Expandable Polymer Cement Additive to Improve Zonal Isolation L. Santos, A. Dahi Taleghani, Pennsylvania State University; G. Li, Louisiana State University
1000-1030 191780 Drilling Field Validation of a New BHA Model and Practical Case Studies in Unconventional Shale Plays, with a Framework for Automated Analysis for Operations Support J.K. Wilson, Scientific Drilling International
1030-1100 191810 Completions A Semi-Analytical Model for Computation of Maximum Sand Free Production Rate in a Perforated Horizontal Well Z. Wu, Consultant; P.V. Suryanarayana, S. Vasantharajan, Blade Energy Partners
08:00 - 11:30
02  Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental/ Oilfield Chemistry Room 2
Session Chairpersons Andres Mauricio Acuna - Chevron Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 191829 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Production Facility Emissions Reduction in Liquids-Rich Shales: An Update M.D. Porter, R. Natili, A. Strathman, Range Resources - Appalachia LLC
0830-0900 191772 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Utilizing Geomechanically Informed Completions to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs A.M. Hildick, E.L. Scott, Fracture ID
Alternate 191826 Completions Modifying Proppant Surface with Nano-Roughness Coating to Enhance Fracture Conductivity S. Shrey, M. Mokhtari, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; W.R. Farmer, Double R Engineering LLC
1000-1030 191808 Completions New Salt-Tolerant Friction Reducers Minimize Alteration of Rock Wettability After Hydraulic Fracturing: Case Study

L. Xu, J.W. Ogle, Multi-Chem, a Halliburton Service
1030-1100 191771 Completions Geochemical Formulary and Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing Water Quality to Determine the Optimal Fracturing Fluid Design R.W. Garland, E. Fry, Chemstream Oilfield Services
1100-1130 191819 Production & Operations Lessons Learned from Bacteria Monitoring and Treatment in Marcellus Production Operations
D.R. Weaver, Z.D. Densmore, Chevron Appalachia; P.J. Evans, Chevron Energy Technology Company
13:00 - 16:30
03  Hydraulic Fracturing l Room 1
Session Chairpersons Gregory Charles Bank - Seneca Resources Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1330 191781 Completions Plugless Completions Techniques and Evaluation in the Appalachian Basin A. Blake, C. Church, J. Yuyi, CNX Resources; C.L. Squires, ProTechnics
1330-1400 191814 Production & Operations A New Algorithm for Processing Distributed Temperature Sensing T.R. Carr, P.K. Ghahfarokhi, West Virginia University; B.J. Carney, J. Hewitt, Northeast Natural Energy, LLC; R. Vagnetti, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US DOE
1400-1430 191774 Completions Successful Implementation of High Viscosity Friction Reducer in Marcellus Shale Stimulation M. Johnson, Producers Service Corporation; A. Winkler, C.W. Aften, P. Sullivan, W. Hill, Flotek Industries; C. VanGilder, Northeast Natural Energy LLC
1430-1500 191809 Completions Is Complexity of Hydraulic Fractures Tunable? A Question from Design Perspective H. Yu, Southwest Petroleum University and Pennsylvania State University; A. Dahi Taleghani, Pennsylvania State University; M. Gonzalez Chavez, Petroleos Mexicanos; Z. Lian, Southwest Petroleum University
1530-1600 191818 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Estimation of “Fracability” of the Marcellus Shale: A Case Study from the MIP3H in Monongalia County, West Virginia, USA
Y. Zhu, T.R. Carr, West Virginia University
1600-1630 191785 Completions Statistical Analysis of Generational Effect on Marcellus Well Completions Using Bottomhole Gauge Data K.L. Ayers, Ayers Petroleum Consulting; H.H. Jacot, H-Frac Consulting Services; A. Ayers, Ayers Petroleum Consulting
13:00 - 16:30
04  Reservoir Engineering l Room 2
Session Chairpersons Olatunbosun Lukman Anifowoshe - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1330 191775 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparing Completion Designs Using Normalized Rate Transient Analysis - Proposed Workflow and Case Study M. Ockree, K.G. Brown, J. Frantz, K. Voller, J. He, Range Resources-Appalachia, LLC
1330-1400 191806 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Utilizing an Innovative Approach to Create Type Well Areas for Unconventional Gas Shales D. Kreman, T.A. Osholake, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
1400-1430 191795 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modified Arps Equation for Changing B-factor
B. Biseda, Seneca Resources Corporation
1430-1500 191779 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Fast-Paced Workflow for Well Spacing and Completions Design Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs H. Belyadi, M. Smith, EQT Corporations
1530-1600 191811 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Insights Into The Gas Transmission Test at Multiscale Based on Discrete-Fracture Model and History Matching B. Jia, J. Tsau, R. Barati, University of Kansas
1600-1630 191799 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Impact of the Net Stress on Gas Recovery from the Marcellus Shale M. El Sgher, K. Aminian, S. Ameri, West Virginia University

Wednesday, October 10

08:00 - 11:30
05  Data Analytics - Big Data I Room 1
Session Chairpersons Marlon McKoy - Halliburton Co.
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 191796 Management & Information Integrating Big Data Analytics Into Development Planning Optimization M. Ockree, K.G. Brown, J. Frantz, M.A. Deasy, Range Resources-Appalachia, LLC; J. Ramey, Novi Labs, LLC
0830-0900 191794 Drilling Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Pressure Drop in Narrow Annulus K. Singh, S.Z. Miska, M.E. Ozbayoglu, University of Tulsa; B. Alpaydin, Turkish Pretroleum Corporation
0900-0930 191793 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Combining Decline Curve Analysis and Geostatistics to Forecast Gas Production in the Marcellus Shale Z. Xi, E. Morgan, The Pennsylvania State University
1000-1030 191827 Management & Information Application of Machine Learning Algorithms for Optimizing Future Production in Marcellus Shale, Case Study of Southwestern Pennsylvania A. Shahkarami, Saint Francis University; K.L. Ayers, Ayers Petroleum Consulting; G. Wang, Saint Francis University; A. Ayers, Ayers Petroleum Consulting
1030-1100 191787 Completions Mining FracFocus and Production Data for Efficacy of Fracturing Fluid Formulations H. Luo, Y. Zhang, Isoproppant LLC
1100-1130 191823 Drilling The Role of Machine Learning in Drilling Operations; A Review C.I. Noshi, J.J. Schubert, Texas A&M University
08:00 - 11:30
06  Hydraulic Fracturing ll Room 2
Session Chairpersons Michael Anthony Deasy - Range Resources Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
0800-0830 191798 Completions Optimized Rock Fluid Interaction and Stimulation Intensity Enhancement Improves Well Performance: A Marcellus Case Study T.R. Budney, J. Chirinos, Repsol Oil and Gas USA; H.H. Jacot, H-Frac Consulting Services, LLC; T. Svarczkopf, Tight Rock Solutions LLC
0830-0900 191821 Completions Effect of Degradable Fiber Composition and Shape on Proppant Suspension N. Collins, Eastman Chemical Company; R.G. Grim, Colorado School of Mines; K. Ghosh, Eastman Chemical Company; J. Dorgan, Colorado School of Mines
0900-0930 191792 Completions Analysis of Various High Viscosity Friction Reducers and Brine Ranges Effectiveness on Proppant Transport C.W. Aften, Solvay S.A. (formally at Flotek Chemistry LLC)
1000-1030 191805 Production & Operations Innovative Play-Scale Integration of Rate Transient Analysis Data: New Stimulation Indicator, and Insights on Stimulated Rock Volume Dynamic Behavior with Depletion S. Perrier, A. Araman, TOTAL; A. Shrestha, Z. Shawuti, Chesapeake Energy
1030-1100 191813 Completions Proppant Transport Behavior in Inclined Versus Vertical Hydraulic Fractures: An Experimental Study M. Ba Geri, A.H. Imqam, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology
1100-1130 191830 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Workflow to Investigate the Impact of the Spontaneous Imbibition of a Slickwater Fracturing Fluid on the Near Fracture Face Shale Matrix A.A. Al-Ameri, I. Ispas, M. Watson, T. Gamadi, Texas Tech University
13:00 - 16:30
07  Reservoir Engineering ll/Hydraulic Fracturing II Room 1
Session Chairpersons Alireza Shahkarami - Saint Francis University
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1330 191800 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Fast EDFM Method for Production Simulation of Complex Fractures in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs F. Xu, RIPED; W. Yu, The University of Texas at Austin; X. Li, RIPED; J. Miao, SimTech LLC; G. Zhao, RIPED; K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas at Austin; X. Li, J. Jin, RIPED; G. Wen, CNPCIC
1330-1400 191789 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Impacts of Field Depletion on Future Infill Drilling Plans in the Marcellus Shale A. Shahkarami, G. Wang, Z. Rohland, Saint Francis University
1400-1430 191817 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Flowback Fracture Closure of Multifractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs F. Zhang, H. Emami Meybodi, Pennsylvania State University
1430-1500 191778 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Contribution of Hydraulic Fracture Stage on the Gas Recovery from the Marcellus Shale M.N. El Sgher, K. Aminian, S. Ameri, West Virginia University
1530-1600 191824 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantification of Fracture Surface Roughness and Its Insights to Mechanical Rock Properties Determination Using Image Analysis Techniques Y. Gong, I.A. El-Monier, Ohio State University
1600-1630 191782 Completions Hydraulic Fracturing Design in Shale Formations Based on the Impact of Fracturing Additives on the Fluid Loss and Flowback A.A. Al-Ameri, T.D. Gamadi, I. Ispas, M.C. Watson, Texas Tech University
13:00 - 16:30
08  Data Analytics - Big Data II/Case Histories, Cost Control and Economics Room 2
Session Chairpersons Kimberly L Ayers - Venture Energy Solutions
Time Paper # Presentation
1300-1330 191788 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accounting for Serial Autocorrelation in Decline Curve Analysis of Marcellus Shale Gas Wells E. Morgan, Pennsylvania State University
1330-1400 191801 Management & Information Reduced Cluster Spacing: From Concept To Implementation - A Case History M.A. Deasy, K.G. Brown, J. He, W. Lipscomb, M. Ockree, K. Voller, J.H. Frantz, Range Resources ???????? Appalachia, LLC
1400-1430 191828 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterization of The CO2-Fluid-Shale Interface via Feature Relocation Using Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy, In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy, and Pore Size Analysis A. Goodman, S. Sanguinito, B. Kutchko, S. Natesakhawat, J. Culp, National Energy Technology Laboratory
1430-1500 191815 Completions LPG Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale Using Public Domain Information
R.R. Myers, RRM Completions, LLC
1530-1600 191790 Completions An Integrated Approach to Optimize Perforation Cluster Parameters for Horizontal Wells in Tight Oil Reservoirs Y. Lu, H. Li, C. Lu, C. Liu, Southwest Petroleum University; Z. Chen, University of Calgary