SPE Workshop: Digitalisation: Driving Data to Decisions 6 - 8 Jun 2018 Bengaluru, India

About this Workshop

Digitalisation is not simply about applying a new technology—it is about a mindset change. 

The Digitalisation: Driving Data to Decisions Workshop will enable attendees to act as change agents in the digital transformation of the industry. The programme includes an Industry Expo which is a unique opportunity for E&P and IT companies to showcase their technology directly with the workshop delegates in an interactive setting, as a table-top presentation. 

Join us 6–8 June 2018 in Bengaluru, India as we explore the applications of digitalisation to the oil and gas industry.

Why Attend

Participants will share their experiences, successes, and failures in applying digital technologies to current challenges and new opportunities. Participants will develop a shared perspective of digitalisation and how digital technologies are transforming the industry, current gaps, and future opportunities. 

The Industry Expo will trigger ideas for potential business applications, showcase current solutions.

Who Should Attend

Millennial creative professionals who passionately aspire to change the world!

Expected participants are from the Oil and Gas industry including E&P Companies and Service providers. Key attendees will be professionals from all disciplines and levels interested in the application of digitalisation. 

We also encourage participation from the digital technology space:

  • Digitalisation Domain Professionals including data scientists, advanced analytics professionals, machine learning specialists, digital security professionals, IP professionals etc.
  • Technology companies including service providers, consulting firms, digital start-ups etc.
  • Academic Professionals

Workshop Focus

The focus of this workshop is two-fold:

  • First, understanding how digitalisation is being used in the industry today and realized benefits.
  • Second, identifying critical emerging technologies and new ways of working & how we do business.

This will address previously challenging but now tractable problems and initiate discussions about future capabilities development by driving data to decision through the means of Digitalisation.


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