SPE Workshop: Drilling and Optimisation 14 - 17 Oct 2018 Dusit Thani Lakeview Cairo Cairo, Egypt

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The workshop will highlight the benefits of drilling optimisation in oil and gas wells, demonstrate forward-thinking ideas, and highlight how the industry can benefit from implementing them.

Discussion will focus on the early stages of seismic and well design, different drilling and completion techniques, and optimum well production. A session will be dedicated to the giant Egyptian gas discoveries in the Mediterranean.



"Hydrocarbon world demand is growing. This is a fact and resources are getting more challenging. The only way to survive in this environment is to focus on drilling and optimization for exploration and development activities."
- Osama El Bakly, Chairperson


"Drilling DEEP wells is a challenge. Realizing optimisation is the real success"
- Mamdouh Mahfouz, Co-Chairperson


"In today's oil and gas business, we should consider optimisation of work. Optimisation should not always be cutting the cost of prices, but optimising solutions and using high-end technology to save time. As technology rapidly evolves, we need to globalize methods of sharing best practices to do things cost-effectively, which will be reflected in high returns on investments."
- Mahmoud Shawkat
Baker Hughes, a GE company


"It is likely that the easier and larger pools have already been found. Now it's time to drill for the harder targets."
- Hazem Abd El-Sattar