SPE Workshop: Excellence in Well Integrity 5 - 7 Dec 2018 Jaipur, India

Estimates indicate that about 35% of global well inventory is suffering from integrity issues. One of the principal objectives of the industry is to increase hydrocarbon production and recovery from an existing asset with ageing facilities. This requires complete adherence to the industry regulations towards HSE and also an accurate predictive capability for the well life to mitigate any uncertainties that may lead to failure of well barriers. New and updated industry regulations are widening the scope of well integrity as a tool to achieve this objective. This has provided an industry wide shift towards more detailed monitoring and controlling of each individual aspect of the well life cycle for both onshore and offshore including deep water. Furthermore, high risk characteristics such as corrosion, scale, sour service fields are increasing the spotlight on well integrity.

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The workshop will build on successes and opportunities for collaboration of oil and gas producers, service providers, and regulators with a clear roadmap to the future to improve overall well integrity management of wells. The event will concentrate on well integrity with a deeper review of design, diagnostics, repair, risk assessment and risk management, lessons learnt, and P&A. Each session will begin with selected presentations, followed by the opportunity for detailed discussions.


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Well Integrity Engineers and Advisors


Drilling and Completion Engineers


Production and Well Intervention Engineers




Well Operators and Service Providers



Surface and Subsurface Engineers


Well Examination Managers and Inspectors


Crisis Management and HSE Professionals