SPE Workshop: Smart Integration in Production System Modeling 19 - 20 Jun 2018 The Galvez Galveston, Texas, USA

About the Workshop

Why Attend

For many fields improved decision making inherently involves integration of a wide variety of discipline-driven modelling, including structural and dynamic reservoir modelling, well modelling and production facilities modelling.  While both discipline-specific modelling tools and the support for communicating between and even coupling these tools have significantly improved over the past decade, challenges remain.  Depending on the approach taken, collaboration may not be sufficiently rich, the system may be too technically complex to be understood by the whole team, or the approach could be computationally too expensive to be routinely used.  Often the practical modelling approaches of one discipline impede cross-discipline collaboration by placing discipline-specific artefacts that are difficult to interpret back into the models of other disciplines.  Proposals for papers presentations are solicited that illustrate the remaining challenges, best practices and emerging approaches for improving integration in production system modelling.  Priority will be given to case studies that illustrate the value of such integration, the practical implementation of solutions, and the experience of improving human workflows driving modelling efforts. Topics will include:

  • Consistency in structural and dynamic modelling: making the 'big loop' work
  • Fluids characterization and fluid modelling approaches: consistent and fit-for-purpose
  • Multi-fidelity modelling approaches: consistency between decision-based models
  • Well design and surveillance using geologically consistent inflow
  • Production facility integration: better reservoir management through improved design and operation
  • Consistent handling of uncertainties
  • Improved integration in field development
  • Integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to cross-discipline workflows

The Setting

An SPE workshop is a multi-day event that fosters knowledge sharing in an intensive learning experience. It provides brief technical presentations followed by extensive Q&A and discussion.

Staged in an intimate setting, an SPE workshop brings together E&P professionals with common roles and challenges to share ideas that advance both technology and best practices. They provide an environment for frank, open discussion. Press is not invited to attend.

The workshop’s program committee members solicit presentations from top industry professionals. This ensures a robust technical program with presentations that are laser-focused on best practices, lessons learned, and case studies.

What You Receive

  • Attendees qualify for 1.6 SPE Continuing Education Units (CEU). One CEU equals 10 contact hours of participation. CEUs are awarded through SPE Professional Development for participation and completion of SPE workshops. A permanent record of a participant's involvement  and CEUs obtained will be maintained by SPE.
  • Released copies of the workshop presentations will be available to attendees following the conclusion of the workshop. Speakers do not write formal papers and are not expected to release their presentations for publication.

Remaining consistent with workshop objectives and SPE guidelines, commercialism in presentations will not be permitted. Company logos are used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).

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