SPE Workshop: Improve Business Impact and Value with Advanced Data-Driven Analytics 19 - 20 Feb 2018 Embassy Suites Energy Corridor Houston, Texas, USA

About the Workshop

Advanced data-driven analytics technology has become overwhelmingly popular during the last decade. This popularity is due to the availability of large quantities of data, advances in computational capabilities, and the development of sophisticated analysis algorithms. For example, today, large databases are more effectively integrated and managed through data lake solutions, cloud computing has become an alternative and readily available computing platform, and deep neural networks have demonstrated human-level pattern recognition capability and defeated human Go board game champions.

These advancements have enabled innovative applications covering a wide range of industries like social media, information technology, healthcare, marketing, and transportation. Advanced analytic technology also provides great opportunities for exploration and production (E&P). E&P relies heavily on data-driven analytics to manage and optimize operations, solve problems more effectively, tackle opportunities that were previously considered infeasible, and drive paradigm-shift technological advancement.

This workshop covers advanced analytics in every aspect of E&P, including seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization and modeling, well drilling, completion and stimulation, field development planning, investment decision-making, production optimization, and facility operation. The sessions will showcase practical case studies from both conventional and unconventional reservoirs where advanced analytics has demonstrated significant business impact and delivered better value.

We will explore the challenges and successes associated with modeling, analyzing high-volumes of data, incorporating domain knowledge, and handling uncertainties while adopting these technologies. We invite you to share your experience in achieving improved value delivery through advanced data-driven analytics.

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