SPE Workshop: Enhanced Oil Recovery 20 - 21 Feb 2018 Holiday Inn Sokolniki Moscow, Russia

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The era of easy oil extraction is coming to an end. Most producing fields face declining production. We can achieve production growth in two ways: find new reserves and enhance oil recovery for existing assets. However, reserves quality continues to degrade: according to the Russian Ministry of Energy, 80% of proved reserves are located at producing fields and share of hard-to-recover reserves increased to 65%. As a result, the second way becomes crucial – development and wider application of EOR methods in the fields. This marks an international oil industry trend: a 3% of worldwide production made through EOR methods and the rate keeps on growing.

Low productivity reservoirs, high water-cut oilfields, high-viscosity oil, and fractured reservoirs show us the importance of EOR methods application both as promising technologies and technology challenges to improve oil and gas development efficiency in the current situation of low oil prices.

Participants share their own experience, discuss existing methods and results of oil recovery enhancement. This workshop reviews the basic methods of EOR, including thermal, gas, chemical and combined methods of formation stimulation, case studies and perspectives of their application as well as the implementation of new technologies. 



  • Meet the best experts in all EOR methods and join them as they share EOR screening studies, discuss their ideas, initiatives and findings on the latest advances 
  • Connect with major operating and service company experts from Schlumberger, Lukoil, Rosneft and Gazpromnef STC 
  • Hear case studies, highlighting engineering achievements and lessons learnt in application of EOR methods to improve recovery and efficiency, while keeping development and operating costs down
  • Network with key regional and international oil and gas professionals gathered in one location


  • Managers, team leaders, technical professionals and anyone with an interest in maximising the potential recovery from their assets using EOR would benefit from participating
  • Petroleum and Production Engineers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Geomechanics Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Research Scientists, University Staff and Academia

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