SPE Workshop: The Deepwater Journey - Leveraging Technology and Experience 8 - 9 Oct 2018 Mumbai, India

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Given its current pace of growth and development, India is a market of significant opportunity, and the government is keen to support and fast-track change.

As with many other deepwater projects, challenges including higher cost, large risk, and huge technology remain.

This workshop focuses on the challenges and opportunities of technology, innovation, supply chain, and production in making deepwater frontier projects fit-for-purpose, technically sound, economically robust, and most importantly SAFE! 

Apart from a few fields, like G1 and KG-D6, India is not producing significantly from deepwater blocks, despite the push for deepwater development in India by PSU and private players over the last few years. 

Currently, activities are going on around in the Vashista field and the KG-DWN-98/2 block in the KG basin. However, the West Coast, East Coast, and Andaman Deep Offshore are all major deepwater basins which hold huge potential but yet to see major developments. 


Vast resources of oil and gas lie in waters up to several kilometres deep—energy the world’s growing population will need. The oil and gas industry globally has decades of experience in developing and operating deepwater projects using advanced technology, while focusing relentlessly on safety and environment. Producing energy from deep below the ocean’s surface in freezing temperatures, immense water pressure and pitch darkness make working in deepwater a major technical challenge. In addition, with the commercial demands of the ‘lower for longer’ environment, our industry must now work to close the gap between development costs and commodity prices to make projects viable, competitive and relevant.



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