SPE Workshop Petrophysics XXI 4 - 5 Jun 2018 New Peterhof Hotel Saint Petersburg, Russia

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SPE's Petrophysics workshop focuses on digital and machine technologies. Participants are able to share their experiences of digital analysis and petrophysical smart tools development for timesaving, analysis efficiency improvements, big heterogeneous data management, and decision making, from the progress of results and the development of new approaches to the interpretation of complex reservoirs and hard-to-recover reserves evaluation.




Session 1: Automation and Digitalization of Petrophysics Problems

Session 2: Advanced Methods of Core Sampling and Core Analysis

Session 3: Complex Petrophysical Projects

Session 4: Complex and Unconventional Reservoirs/ Special Well Logging Techniques 

Session 5: Rock Physics and Geomechanics 

Session 6: Production Logging