SPE/WIA Well Abandonment and Integrity Workshop 18 - 19 Sep 2018 The Metropolitan Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Regulatory pressure and public perception are driving a significant focus on wellbore abandonments. In response to this, the industry is looking for applicable, efficient and cost-effective abandonment methods.

Abandonments are complicated and costly when well integrity issues arise, such as repairing surface casing vent flows, isolating porous zones and protecting intervals across groundwater. The industry is creative in coming up with new techniques, ideas and methods for abandoning wells.

This workshop brings together industry-leading professionals to focus on improving practices and increasing intervention effectiveness by promoting active discussion and the sharing of new ideas.






1. Regulatory aspects and challenges of keeping up with a transitioning industry.

2. Risk management tools for abandonments, surface casing vent flow and well integrity issues.

3. New technology for surface casing vent flow repair, well integrity identification and abandonments.

4. Analysis of surface casing vent flow source identification tools.

5. Cost savings in area-based closure projects.

6. Knowledge sharing: Moving beyond confidentiality and competiveness

7. Analysis of abandonment techniques, Alberta and beyond.

8. Analysis of well design and maintenance with the end in mind.

9. And more!

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