SPE Workshop: Resource Estimation, Definition, and Production Forecasting 17 - 18 Apr 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About this Workshop

Workshop Objectives

The goal of this workshop is to:

  • Generate resource classification refinements – especially for injected gas volume and gas reservoirs
  • Enhance production forecast methods – comparing empirical and analytical methods
  • Estimate resources and reserves based on different reservoir recovery mechanisms
  • Develop impactful PRMS guidelines to aid existing resource estimation
  • Transform undiscovered to discovered resources classifications
  • Unlock stranded resources by applied PRMS guidelines

Workshop Guidelines 


  1. Proceedings will not be published; therefore, formal papers and handouts are not expected from speakers.
  2. Work-in-progress, new ideas, and interesting projects are sought.
  3. Note-taking by participants is encouraged. However, to ensure free and open discussions, no formal records will be kept.

Attendance Certificate

All attendees will receive an attendance certificate attesting to their participation at the Workshop. This certificate will be provided in exchange for a completed Workshop Attendee Survey Form. 

Continuing Education Units

This Workshop qualifies for SPE Continuing Education Units (CEU) at the rate of 0.1 CEU per hour of the Workshop. 

Workshop Deliverables

  1. The committee will prepare a full report containing highlights of the Workshop discussions. This report will be circulated to all attendees.
  2. PowerPoint presentation materials will be posted on a specific SPE URL address and is available to attendees after the workshop. Provision of the materials by discussion leaders will signify their permission for SPE to do so. 


In keeping with the Workshop objectives and the SPE mission, excessive commercialism in posters or presentations will not be permitted. Company logos must be limited to the title slide and used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter and others involved in the work. 

Dress Code

Casual clothing is recommended. The Workshop atmosphere is informal.