SPE Workshop: Well Integrity Management 8 - 9 Oct 2018 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Well integrity lifecycle management is a requirement for all wells, in order to have the license to operate, specifically in environmentally critical areas. It is a multi-disciplinary effort that has several stakeholders, phases of application and requires diligent planning throughout the phases of field development. Well integrity is often managed as part of the asset’s lifecycle production and maintenance.

With ageing wells and changing failure mechanisms, the challenge is to understand failure and its consequences so that the process of managing well integrity is understood and managed in a sustainable way.

This workshop has been designed to maximise opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing and learning. The event will concentrate on well integrity with a deeper review of the design, diagnostics, repair, risk assessment, management and mitigation, and, lessons learnt and P&A.


This workshop presents a unique opportunity for participants to broaden their understanding of the current thoughts and processes on Well Integrity Management System as a meaningful solution to define the commitments, requirements and responsibilities of an organisation. This is critical in managing the risk of loss of well containment over the well lifecycle through technical risk assessment, and for industry practitioners to share and discuss best practices, lessons learnt and technological advances.



Professionals involved in well integrity management throughout the whole well lifecycle, in areas such as:

• Asset Integrity

• Production and Operation Management

• Regulators

• Wells Services

• Wells Engineering

• Reservoir Engineering


• Process Safety Management

• Management of Change

• Loss Prevention

• Production Technology

• Petrophysics

• Drilling and Completions

• Plugging and Abandonment