Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 11 - 14 Nov 2019 ADNEC Abu Dhabi, UAE


Sunday, November 10

08:00 - 16:00
Seminar: Mitigating Bias, Blindness, and Illusions in E&P Decision Making
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Creties Jenkins

Decisions in E&P ventures are affected by Bias, Blindness, and Illusions (BBI) which permeate our analyses, interpretations and decisions. This one-day course examines the influence of these cognitive pitfalls and presents techniques that can be used to mitigate their impact. Bias refers to errors in thinking whereby interpretations and judgments are drawn in an illogical fashion. Blindness is the condition where we fail to see an unexpected event in plain sight. Illusions refer to misleading beliefs based on a false impression of reality. All three can lead to poor decisions regarding which work to undertake, what issues to focus on, and whether to forge ahead or walk away from a project. 

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08:00 - 17:00
Seminar: Developing Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Kamel Ben-Naceur

Strategic thinking and planning are key elements in an organisation’s journey to maximise value to shareholders, customers, and employees. Through this workshop, attendees will go through the different processes involved in strategic planning including the elements of organisational SWOT, business scenario and options development, elaboration of strategic options and communication to stakeholders. Examples are provided including corporate, business unit and department case studies.

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08:00 - 17:00
Seminar: Oil and Gas Economics and Uncertainty
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Rodney Schulz

This seminar will teach participants how to identify, evaluate, and quantify risk and uncertainty in everyday oil and gas economic situations. It reviews the development of pragmatic tools, methods, and understandings for professionals that are applicable to companies of all sizes. The seminar also briefly reviews statistics, the relationship between risk and return, and hedging and future markets.


  • Strength and weakness of traditional econometric analysis methods
  • The efficient market hypothesis and its application to oil and gas price forecasting
  • Proven volatility/uncertainty reduction methods and tools for the operational side of business
  • How to scientifically and statistically incorporate differing perspectives
  • Ways to develop a revenue forecast that takes the uncertainties into account 
  • Portfolio design and management

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08:00 - 17:00
Seminar: Optimising Reliability, Risk and Compliance Through Human Factors Leadership
Ticketed Event
Instructor(s) Don Evans

Safety leadership focuses on the Human Factors (HF) which complement technical training to optimise reliability, safety, compliance, efficiency, and risks within a team-based environment. The IOGP laid down the HF skills and competencies required, and they form the basis for specialised O&G HF training's delivered by Mission Performance. This 1-day course reviews the key human factors but then also reviews what can be done to accelerate and scale operational roll-out for optimum and sustained impact, including integration with existing safety processes and (reporting) systems, refreshers, assessments, measurements, as well as the role of leadership and culture.

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Monday, November 11

11:30 - 13:00
001  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Advanced Solutions for Successful Field Development Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Wen Shi - ADNOC Onshore, Yong Li - China Natl. Petroleum Corp.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197812 Management & Information The Untold Story of Abu Dhabi's Recovery Based Strategy A.A. Alkindi, N. Almazrouei, ADNOC Onshore; A. Al Tandi, D. Zivanov, H. Kumar, M. Abdou, S. Xu, ADNOC Upstream; S.A. Loobari, Al Yasat Petroleum
1150-1210 197527 Production & Operations Identify and Recommend High-Value Improvement Opportunities in a Geologically Challenging Reservoir H.A. Al Dhanhani, A. Fazal, B. Selvam, C.C. Obeta, R. Herrmann, I.J. Kosik, ADNOC Offshore
1210-1230 197277 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Large Multilayered Tight Gas Condensate Field Development Optimization with Integrated Assessment of Subsurface Data and Surface Evacuation Options: A Case Study in The Sultanate Of Oman V.S. Saroj, F.A. Al Zadjali, S.J. Calvert, A.S. Al-hattali, M. Al Rawahi, A. Hussain, D. Al Kharusi, Petroleum Development Oman
1230-1250 197487 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of Probability Point Estimate Methods for Uncertainty Analysis of Hydrocarbon in Place as an Alternative Techniques to Monte Carlo Simulation A.A. Amtereg, A. Agnia, Schlumberger; H.A. Algdamsi, Independent Consultant; G.A. Alusta, United Arab Emirates University; A. Alkouh, College of Technological Studies
Alternate 197312 Drilling Effective Multilateral Open Hole Sidetrack Strategy in Thin Reservoir Units for Maximum Reservoir Contact-a Case Study of Onshore Drilling in UAE A. Dutta, M. Ahmed Al Hosani, J. Alejandro Aranda, R. Masoud, A. Jaiyeola, M.A. Baslaib, A.M. Albairaq, A. Hammadi, M. Ahmad, V.M. Radman, A.E. Eliwa, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197567 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Pushing the Limits of Depletion Optimization Towards a Hybrid Field Development Plan in a Complex Giant Offshore Carbonate Reservoir - Comprehensive Scoping of Technical and Economic Viability C.C. Obeta, S. Balakrishnan, I. Kosik, H.A. Al Dhanhani, R. Herrmann, D.O. Ibrahim, M. Nguyen, R. Shekhar, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197558 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Scoping Model Study of Carbon Capture and Storage for Enhanced Oil Recovery for the Zarrarah Oil Field in UAE Y.G. Mheibesh, M. Fraim, A.S. Sultan, F.H. Al Shehri, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
11:30 - 13:00
002  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Novel Workflows and Technologies for Mature Fields Development Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons RACHELLE CHRISTINE CORNWALL - ADNOC Onshore, Siddharth Jain - Sharjah National Oil Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197708 Production & Operations Unlocking Challenges in Water Injection Development Schemes utilizing a Novel IRM Automation Workflow for Opportunities Generation A.F. Shbair, ADNOC Onshore; L.A. Saputelli, ADNOC; F. Noordin, ADNOC Onshore; V. Bogoslavets, Baker Hughes; Y.A. Alblooshi, ADNOC; A.A. Soufi, M. Hijjawi, ADNOC Onshore
1150-1210 197197 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A 40 Years Brown Field Rejuvenation S.N. Hassan, A. Ashqar, N. Latif, A. Ishak, A. Mustafa, A. Roy, PETRONAS
1210-1230 197550 Completions Acid-Fracturing Techniques as a Good Alternative to Help Improve Field Development Assets J. Petriz Munguia, B.E. Gonzalez Valtierra, PEMEX; J. Trujillo Hernandez, S. Santos, K. Campos Monroy, Halliburton
1230-1250 197486 Completions Innovative Application on Dual Oil Producer Completion: Gas Lift for Lower Zone and Natural Flow for Upper Zone Extends Oil Production in Giant Middle Eastern Oil Field E.L. Barragan, A.A. Al Mulla, M.K. Bazuhair, A.A. Alshalabi, R.C. Cornwall, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197254 Drilling Slim Casing While Drilling O. Grijalva Meza, A. Asgharzadeh, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt, E. Schwarz, The Clausthal University of Technology
11:30 - 13:00
003  PRODUCTION FACILITIES TECHNOLOGIES: Field Management Technology Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Zaid Hadi AlMenhali - Mubadala Petroleum, Daniel Boyde - Stratum Reservoir
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197149 Production & Operations Plugging and Abandonment of Multiple Zones in One Run using Perforate Wash and Cement on Hydraulic Workover Unit S. Yang, M. Yusof, L. Devadass, I.A. Abdullah, M. M Ros, PETRONAS; T.A. Stokkeland, A. Othman, P. Matthews, Archer – The Well Company; A. Sainuddin, Reservoir Link
1150-1210 197302 Projects, Facilities & Construction Unmanned Facilities: The Way to $30bn Savings M. Nevin, io consulting
1210-1230 197559 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges in Custody Metering System in Unstabilized Crude U. Devarajan, J. Chandrasekaran, R. Paul, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1230-1250 197225 Drilling Urban Planning Creates Value for A Highly Congested Field in Sultanate of Oman A. Hussain, A.N. Al-Ghufaili, C. Behera, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197759 Projects, Facilities & Construction Energy Saving Challenges and Opportunities in Upstream Operations Using Value Methodology M.A. Soliman, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
004  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: Intelligent Subsurface Modelling and Field Development Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Masatoshi Nishi - JODCO/INPEX, Dr. Ram Narayanan - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197444 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Compressing Time-Dependent Reservoir Simulations using Graph-Convolutional Neural Network (G-CNN) S. Madasu, S. Siddiqui, K. Rangarajan, Halliburton
1150-1210 197307 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterization of Hydraulic Fracture Barriers in Shale Play Through Core-Log Integration: Practical integration of Machine Learning and Geological Domain Expertise S. Perrier, A. Delpeint, Total
1210-1230 197610 Management & Information Application of Geocognitive Technologies to Basin and Petroleum System Analyses P. Ruffo, M. Piantanida, F. Bergero, Eni; P. Staar, C. Bekas, IBM Research
1230-1250 197388 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Embracing the Digital and Artificial Intelligence Revolution for Reservoir Management - Intelligent Integrated Subsurface Modelling (IISM) A.A. Mawlod, ADNOC Onshore; P. Agnihotri, ADNOC Onshore; R.D. Mohan, O.A. Omobude, S. Pamungkas, ADNOC; H. Mustapha, S. Freeman, A. Razouki, Schlumberger; K. Ghorayeb, American University of Beirut
Alternate 197943 Production & Operations Performance Prediction and Optimization of Acid Fracturing Based on the Dynamic Differential Modeling Method X. Zhao, H. Wang, L. Lu, China Zhenhua Oil Company; Z. Liu, Southwest Petroleum University; E. He, China Zhenhua Oil Company
Alternate 197571 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Deep Learning on Type Identification and Parameter Evaluation of Well Test Curves P. Dong, X. Liao, R. Li, China University of Petroleum
11:30 - 13:00
005  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advancements and Innovation in Well Intervention - 1 Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Andrey Yugay - ADNOC Onshore, Yunhua Ge - CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197177 Completions Industry-First Hybrid Technology for Coiled Tubing Services Combining Fiber-Optic and Electric Line, Enabling Downhole Power and Real-Time Communication for the Next-Generation Decision-Making Process with Wider Downhole Insight V. Vera, C.A. Torres, E. Delgado, C.F. Pacheco, Halliburton; J. Higuera, M. Torres, R. Lozano, Equion Energia
1150-1210 197138 Production & Operations Addressing the Challenges of Water Shutoff Fluid Placement in Horizontal Wells With ICD Completion Through the Use of Instrumented Coiled Tubing and Innovative Chemistry M. Qayed Subaihi, A. Benanjaya, J. Nosakhare Eronmwon, S. Al Shehhi, S. Ramarao, H. Bin Kuwair, ADNOC Onshore; W. Belkadi, N. Molero, P. Enkababian, J. Rivas, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197503 Completions An Integrated Solution to Repair Multiple Shallow Leaks in Production Tubing - A Unique Single Trip Well Intervention Technique S.K. Al Zayani, D. Mohd Munir, M. Mohd Johan, S.S. Shahril, M.B. Kadir, EnQuest Malaysia; M. Amir Hussein, R. Wibisono, PETRONAS; K. Thian, C. Ogueri, Halliburton; N. Hooper, Reactive Downhole Tools; A. Arifin, Essem Corporation
1230-1250 197338 Drilling State of The Art Development in Annulus Evaluation S. Gupta, A. Govil, G.A. Obando Palacio, T. Winther, Schlumberger; L.P. Delabroy, Aker BP
Alternate 197720 Completions Abrasive Jet Perforation: Successful Deployment of Novel Technique to Enhance Production and Promote Savings A.V. Moiseyenkov, A.G. Al Hadhrami, H. Shabibi, Petroleum Development Oman; D.A. Smirnov, Y. Busaidi, Y.M. Al-Nabhani, Petroleum Development Oman, Ruwi, Oman; A.J. Nunez, Z.A. Alias, Petroleum Development Oman; A. Al Jabri, Through Tubing Solutions
11:30 - 13:00
006  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Drilling Applications in Sour and Harsh Environments Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Daniel Jack Richardson - Wintershall Middle East, Osama Al Shekaili - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197409 Drilling Middle East Gas Field Case Study Proves Step Change in BHA Reliability through New HFTO-Isolation Tool D. Heinisch, A. Kueck, C. Herbig, M. Zuberi, V. Peters, H. Reckmann, Baker Hughes
1150-1210 197565 Drilling Reaching Target Depth with Zero NPT in an HPHT Tight Gas Well: A Case For Automated Managed Pressure Drilling A. Khalid, Q. Ashraf, K. Luqman, A. Hadj-moussa, Weatherford; D. Sheikh, S. Zafar, United Energy Pakistan
1210-1230 197273 Drilling Managed Pressure Drilling Tackles Pore Pressure Uncertainty While Drilling, Running Liner, and Cementing Across Multiple and Heterogonic Layered Reservoirs for the First Time in the United Arab Emirates M.M. Al Shehhi, S. Al Ameri, ADNOC; M. Saleh, A. Hadj-moussa, Weatherford
1230-1250 197755 Drilling Drilling through Multi-layered Reservoirs Using MPD to Minimize Differential Pressure Effect by Predicting and Optimizing Required MW F.A. Mendez, M. Alzaabi, I.K. Moustafa, M.R. Oviedo Vargas, O. Kadoura, M.A. Osman, B. Iftikhar, J.E. Torres, ADNOC Offshore; M. Saleh, A. Hadj-moussa, Weatherford
Alternate 197309 Drilling A Novel Lwd Tool Based on High-frequency Electromagnetic Wave Used for Determining and Ranging Reservoir Boundary X. Teng, L. Sheng, L. Zhang, W. Ai, W. Gao, D. Yu, CNPC Engineering Technology Research and Development Company
Alternate 197754 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Well Testing to Full Potential: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for High Rate Wells F. Hollaender, Y.A. Shumakov, O. Karacali, B.C. Theuveny, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
007  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Alternative Fluids for Hydraulic Fracturing Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Moin Mohammed - NESR, Tomislav Bukovac - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197593 Production & Operations A Novel Thermochemical Fracturing Approach to Reduce Fracturing Pressure of High Strength Rocks A.R. Al-nakhli, Saudi Aramco; Z. Tariq, M.A. Mahmoud, A. Abdulraheem, D.A. Al-Shehri, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1150-1210 197638 Completions In-situ Proppant: Beads, Microproppant, and Channelized Proppant J. Huang, L. Lin, L. Bai, L. Song, CNPC USA; F. Liu, Z. Yang, CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd; H. Zhou, W. Gong, C. Yin, CNPC Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Company Ltd
1210-1230 197667 Completions Selecting Friction Reducers Based on Variability in the Completion Water Mineralogy: Case Study, Permian Basin F. Zamar, C.F. Duran Mendoza, F. Adil, Halliburton
1230-1250 197817 Completions Development of a Smart Slickwater with Highproppant-Carrying Capability for Shale Reservoirs K. Xu, Y. Lu, X. Wang, Y. Shi, M. Xu, X. Qiu, RIPED, PetroChina
Alternate 197964 Completions Investigation of Carbon Dioxide Foam Performance Utilizing Different Additives for Fracturing Unconventional Shales S. Ahmed, K.A. Elraies, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; A.S. Hanamertani, University of Wyoming; M. Hashmet, Nazurbayev University; S. Shaifan, I. Ching Hsia, PETRONAS Research Sdn Bhd
Alternate 197201 Completions Single Phase Retarded Acid System with Degradable Fibers Unlocks Production Potential in Tuba Formation, North Kuwait B. Al-Enezi, S. Aloun, S. Al-Harbi, A. Al-Ibrahim, Kuwait Oil Company; P. Liu, H. Liu, K.T. Kanneganti, Schlumberger
Alternate 197336 Completions Mitigation of Scaling Potential of Seawater in High Temperature Environment Using Phosphonate Scale Inhibitor M. Yamak, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University; S. Rahim, Halliburton; M. Taleb, University of Calgary
11:30 - 13:00
008  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Application of New Technologies - Case Studies Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Maria Teresa Ribeiro - Partex Oil & Gas, Henry Ewart Edwards - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197949 Drilling Maximising Production Potential by Successful Application of Deep Azimuthal Resistivity and Geo-steering of an Appraisal Well in an Interbedded Reservoir - A Case Study from UAE A.K. Mishra, M.A. Al blooshi, A. Al Ali, R. Sinha, G. Al Hashmi, ADNOC Offshore; A. Al Blooshi, C. Mills, J. Mandl, ADNOC HQ; W. Fernandes, S. Potshangbam, S. Abdoun, S. Hassan, Baker Hughes
1150-1210 197120 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Appraisal of Maximum Reservoir Contact Well in an Undeveloped Reservoir through Well Construction and Integrated Fit for Purpose Engineering and Technology O.A. Mohammed, S.N. Ahmed, H.M. Zakaria, T. Saqib, S.D. Al-Hassani, I.M. Al-Tameemi, M.K. Al Hammadi, ADNOC Offshore; S. Potshangbam, K. Saravanakumar, W. Fernandes, S.T. Hassan, Baker Hughes
1210-1230 197189 Drilling Verification of Slim Ultra-Deep Resistivity Inversions in a Complex Geological Environment N. Clegg, E. Hansen, J. Ma, C. Lozinsky, Halliburton
1230-1250 197437 Reservoir Description & Dynamics How to Obtain Quality PVT Samples for Heavy Oils C.J. Platt, N. Chevarunota, P. Taksaudom, KrisEnergy; T. Khunaworawet, T. Duangprasert, S. Daungkaew, P. Thongpracharn, T. Lerdsuwankij, S. Wattanapornmongkol, Schlumberger
Alternate 197385 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Strategic Approach to Address Challenge of Complex-thin Oil Rim Development A.I. Latief, S. Syofyan, T.A. Al-Shabibi, ADNOC Onshore; I. Romanov, R.L. Valerio, Baker Hughes
Alternate 197221 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Impact of Dynamic Filtration on Formation Testing in Low Mobility Carbonate Formations. Case Study: Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir in the UAE M. Kuliyev, ADNOC; S.L. Molua, K. Cig, S. Sepehri, Schlumberger
Alternate 197334 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improving Reservoir Facies Model by Successful Application of Forward Stratigraphic Modeling Techniques for Offshore Deltaic Reservoir in India A. Moharana, M.P. Mahapatra, S.K. Chakraborty, K. Havelia, Schlumberger; D. Biswal, Adani Welspun Exploration Limited
11:30 - 13:00
009  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Seismic Reservoir Characterisation Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Abdulla M. A. Seliem - Oxy Oil & Gas Corp, Jahan Zeb Ahmed - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197822 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application Of Machine Learning To Estimate Sonic Data for Seismic Well Ties, Bongkot Field, Thailand R. Lemaire, Shell (formerly seconded to PTTEP); N. Sukkee, N. Jalernsuk, P. Bandyopadhyay, T. Ketmalee, PTTEP
1150-1210 197284 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Successful Discoveries using Novel DHI Technology based on Seismic Resonance and Dispersion K. Skantze, Rex Technology Management
1210-1230 197223 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Imaging and Inversion Challenges for Deep Targets and Low Porosity Plays: A Case Study from Illizi Basin, Algeria L. De Vincenzi, Dragon Oil Limited
Alternate 197287 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Toward Reservoir Characterization-comparing Inversion Methods Of A Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir In Supergiant Onshore Field

A. Al-Ali, K.D. Stephen, A. Shams, Heriot Watt University
Alternate 197781 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Direct Extraction Method For Brittleness Index Based On Elastic Impedance Inversion C. Wang, J. Wu, X. Shi, W. Liu, Q. Gou, PetroChina Southwest O&G Co.
11:30 - 13:00
010  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Best Practices in Integrity Management and Inspection - 1 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Elena Cantarelli - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197175 Projects, Facilities & Construction Best Practices in Integrity Management of Safety Critical Systems S. Qamar, I. Al Awadhi, S.N. Mundorkott, A. Al Ahmad, S. Rafiq, ADNOC Gas Processing
1210-1230 197790 Management & Information Implementing a Successful Risk Based Inspection Program A. Ali, H. Sabry, ADNOC LNG
1230-1250 197939 Projects, Facilities & Construction Diversifying a Country's Energy Mix Through The Integration of Natural Gas T. Theofanous, A&P Group of Companies; C. Hadjistassou, University of Nicosia
Alternate 197958 Projects, Facilities & Construction New Corrosion Growth Model Based on Pipeline Intelligent Pigging Data - Correlating Corrosion Defects Numbers with their Depth M.Z. Trojette, A. Zebidi, K. Al Hosani, A. Al Hammadi, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197168 Projects, Facilities & Construction Digitalize Asset Integrity Management by Remote Monitoring P. Sahid Mohamed, ADNOC-LNG
Alternate 197707 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Fire Response Analysis - A Realistic Approach to Ensure Integrity of Safety Critical Systems B. Singh, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, N. Poreddiwar, National Petroleum Construction Company
11:30 - 13:00
011  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Intelligent Diagnostics to Predict Events and Take Action Before They Occur - 1 Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Mark Alan Jenkins - Baker Hughes, Garud Bindiganavale Sridhar - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197170 Management & Information Condition Monitoring, Continuous Condition Monitoring or Predictive Maintenance ? That's the Question! J. Ferket, Stork, a Fluor Company
1150-1210 197337 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Use of Optical Gas Imaging for Visualizing Gas Leakage and other Thermal Camera Applications in Oil & Gas Sector T. SINGH, FLIR Systems
1210-1230 197499 Projects, Facilities & Construction Real-time Structural Risk Assessment for Offshore Asset Management M.A. Atia, M. Keys, SNCL/Atkins; T. Omar, ADNOC Offshore
1230-1250 197451 Management & Information Predicting Valve Failures in the Digital Age of Valve Management S. Jeeves, MRC Global Norway AS; J. Sagolt, M. Bjorøy, T. Erstad, C. Berstad, M. Riple, M.B. Gjøvåg, University in Bergen
Alternate 197477 Projects, Facilities & Construction Rotating Equipment Switchover Dashboard K.A. Al-Zahrani, A. alzahrany, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197646 Management & Information AI based Real-time Decision Making E. Bek-Pedersen, Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre; M. Lind, Technical University of Denmark; B. Asheim, Kairos Technology AS
Alternate 197347 Projects, Facilities & Construction Improving Equipment Reliability and Availability through Real-time Data P. Bangari, K.E. NANGARE, K.H. Al Mazrouei, ADNOC Onshore
11:30 - 13:00
012  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Digital Twin, IIoT and Autonomous Technologies - 1 Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi - The University of Kansas, Arlen Bulatbekovich Sarsekov - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197408 Projects, Facilities & Construction Autonomous Tracking Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Controller on Various Laying Conditions of Buried Oil and Gas Pipelines V. Sudevan, A. Sharma, V. Bhadran, H. Karki, Khalifa University; A. Shukla, Indian Institute of Technology
1150-1210 197693 Production & Operations Real-Time Production Optimization - Applying a Digital Twin Model to Optimize the Entire Upstream Value Chain B. Okhuijsen, Siemens; K. Wade, PSE
1210-1230 197211 Management & Information Artificial Intelligence and Iiot to Enhance Reliability in O&G S. Khan, Apergy
1230-1250 197731 Production & Operations Development and Application of IoT Platform for Gas Lift Recovery L. Yu, W. Zhenghua, W. Wei, F. Zhigang, W. Zhensong, Xinjiang Tuha Petroleum Exploration and Development Company Limited, CNPC
Alternate 197339 Production & Operations Moving to an Autonomous Artificial Lift Concept through Automatic ESP Restart A.A. Al-Khalaf, B. Norman, S.A. Alquwizani, Saudi Aramco; H. Al-Malki, Alkhorayef Petroleum; M. Ergesous, Baker Hughes; M. Alshowaier, Schlumberger
Alternate 197165 Management & Information Reducing Integrated Operation Project Deployment Complexity through Application Programming Interface (API) Enabled Software A. Kamarulzaman, S. Muniandy, M.F. Harun, A. Alexander, Schlumberger; R. Rz Raffik, Aker Solutions
11:30 - 13:00
013  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: High-Tech Marine Installations of Offshore Projects Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Session Chairpersons Douglas Roy Korth - McDermott Middle East, Ahmed Shawkat - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197799 Projects, Facilities & Construction Mudmat Analysis of Jacket Structure - Case Study N. Nagaraju, C. Kumar, N. Varghese, Mcdermott
1150-1210 197150 Projects, Facilities & Construction Successful Float Over Installation by Portable DP Vessel A.B. Abu Bakar, PETRONAS
1210-1230 197548 Projects, Facilities & Construction Detailed Finite Element Analysis of 180 M Deck Cargo / Launch Barge B42 F.B. Yalchiner, R.K. Agrawal, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1230-1250 197299 Projects, Facilities & Construction Trend for Offshore Pipeline Installation Methodologies as a Result of Evolution in The Oil & Gas Industry X. Dai, K. Goh, Subsea 7; E. Ng, Submarine Pipeline Consulting Engineers
Alternate 197246 Projects, Facilities & Construction Corrosion Resistant Alloy Pipeline Installation for High Pressure High Temperature Requirement K. Kassim, PETRONAS
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 1: Digital Transformation and Innovation—Implementing Oil and Gas 4.0 Across the Whole Value Chain Hall A
Moderator(s) Abdul Nasser Al Mughairbi, ADNOC
Speaker(s) Daniel Brennan, Baker Hughes; Toshio Todoroki, Inpex Corporation; Sarah Karthigan, ExxonMobil; Jan Leitermann, OMV; David Seabrook, Schlumberger

Panel Chair(s):

Abdul Nasser Al Mughairbi
Senior Vice President


Daniel  Brennan
Vice President, COO of Digital
Baker Hughes

Sarah Karthigan
Global AI Executive

Toshio Todoroki
Chief Digital Officer
Inpex Corporation

Jan Leitermann

David Seabrook
VP Digital Strategy

The full adaptation of digital technology has been challenging for companies, multiple reasons can be sited for that, but the main colbert for failure has been the MOC processes and the willingness of employees to adapt to new ways.

Oil and gas has always been a very technology driven industry. The use of sensors (IOT) and the data generated has always been at the core of the industry for safe and reliable operations.

Oil and Gas 4.0 is to position oil companies in the heart of the digital transformation and become a leader in the AI and digital technology development.

Adapting new innovations into the oil and gas industry is challenging. Oil and gas has been a conservative industry, and rightly so due to the safety risks associated with operations.

How can we embed a mindset of agility and progression into the oil and gas company of the future?

14:00 - 15:30
014  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Advanced Technologies for Effective Reservoir Surveillance Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Bader Saif Albadi - ADNOC Offshore, Masoud Ahmed Al Hamadi - SNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197752 Production & Operations Bullhead Stimulation and First Real-Time Fiber-Optic Surveillance in Extended-Reach Horizontal Laterals to Maximize Reservoir Recovery in a Giant Offshore Carbonate Oil Field Abu Dhabi R. SAU, A. Kiyoumi, A.A. Othman, G. M. Correia, A. Barghouthi, A. Almheiri, E. Wheatley, Y. Ali, ADNOC Offshore; C. Shuchart, R. Angeles, B. Seabrook, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions
1420-1440 197364 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Use of Tracer Technology to Improve Reservoir Understanding Z.S. Al Agbari, I.N. Mohamed, M. Sudarev, E. Latypov, A. Al Bairaq, A. Al Ameri, ADNOC Onshore; M. Chatterjee, P. Hewitt, Tracerco
1440-1500 197967 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Description Insights from Inter-well Gas Tracer Test A.S. Al-Qasim, S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco; S.K. Hartvig, O.K. Huseby, RESMAN
1500-1520 197691 Production & Operations Novel Realtime Tracer Technology for Continuous Well and Reservoir Monitoring E. Nikjoo, RESMAN AS
Alternate 197569 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Thermoelastic Fracturing on Water Injectors as Part of Injectivity Enhancement in Giant Offshore Carbonate Field. Case Study A.B. Sarsekov, Adnoc Offshore
Non-Intrusive Technologies for Prudent Brown Field Redevelopment - An Operator’s Experience W. Yeap, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
14:00 - 15:30
015  HSE: Trends in Process Safety and Asset Integrity Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Clarence C Rodrigues - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Ray Rahman - Oxy Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197163 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Sequential Failures in Incident Investigation Process Hindering Prevention of Incidents M. Tayab, ADNOC Upstream; S.K. Valappil, ADNOC Onshore; V. Shah, ADNOC Sour Gas; T. Azhibekov, M. Zeinaiti, M. Al Ameri, ADNOC; F. Al Hemeli, ADNOC Refining
1420-1440 197467 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility HSE Closed Loop Drilling for Well Integrity J.A. Abraham, A. Hadj-Moussa, M. Saleh, Weatherford
1440-1500 197448 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Case Study of High H2S Aquifer Production Testing: Planning and Execution M. Aman Shah, K. Mudaliar, M. Mamat, Z. Salleh, PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding. B.v
1500-1520 197622 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Lessons Learnt from the Use of a Quantitative Risk Based Approach to Manage SIMOPS Activities P.L. Ignatius, S.M. Al Hammadi, G. Basile, ADNOC Sour Gas
Alternate 197308 Completions Geomechanical Assessment of Compaction Related Well Integrity Risks for a Large Field in Sultanate of Oman M.H. Al-Aamri, S. Mahajan, H. Mukhaini, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197582 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Running Sour Hydrocarbon Assets: Eni's Story of Experience L. Scataglini, L. Decarli, Eni S.p.A
14:00 - 15:30
016  PRODUCTION FACILITIES TECHNOLOGIES: Production Assurance and Enhancement Technology Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Murat Usmanovich Kuliyev - ADNOC Offshore, Roland L. Bouchet - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197608 Projects, Facilities & Construction Debottlenecking of Oil Processing Train Capacity T. Ray, N. Rustagi, F. Al Haram, M. Shayea, A.S. Al hammadi, A.H. Al-Jarwan, J.M. Al-Breiki, M.A. Bani Hamoor, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 197922 Production & Operations Deep Learning for Sand Production Analysis and Optimum Workflow in The Greater Burgan Field H. Al-Rashidi, A. Abbas, B. Al-Shammari, S. Duncan, N. Rane, B. Al-Mal, N. Mohammad, D. Mohammad, S. Desai, H. Alsaeed, B. Muhsain, M. Kamal, T. AL-Mutairi, Kuwait Oil Company
1440-1500 197155 Projects, Facilities & Construction Best Practices and Technologies for Enhancing Produced Water Quality R.J. White, A.A. Alhamoud, Saudi Aramco
1500-1520 197363 Projects, Facilities & Construction Molecule to Molecule (M2M) Water Injection Performance Review to Achieve Water Injection Excellence in PETRONAS - Part 1 Surface Operations S. Hadi, M.B. Ab Wahab, B.M. Nasron, W.A. Sharkawi, N. Abd Latiff, PETRONAS
Alternate 197162 Projects, Facilities & Construction Optimal Surface Cooling Solutions for Thermal (EOR) Projects H.R. Al Sulaimani, G. Sellappan, M. Hamm, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
Alternate 197873 Projects, Facilities & Construction Effective Production Network Debottlenecking Analysis by Finding Optimum Choke Size H. Almohammad, Kuwait Oil Company
Alternate 197713 Projects, Facilities & Construction Production Assurance of Oil Field by Using Integrated Modeling H.H. Gouhar, W. Zhao, L. Youssef, ADNOC Offshore
14:00 - 15:30
017  GAS TECHNOLOGY: CO2 Capturing and Storage Technology Optimisation Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Edisa Shahini - Baker Hughes, Bipin Jain - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197377 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility CO2 Capture from Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Generation Using Carbonate Fuel Cells G. Kiss, T.A. Barckholtz, R.F. Blanco Gutierrez, L. Han, B. O'Neill, J. Rosen, C.R. Sutton, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering; K.E. Davis, F. Dobek, T. Geary, H. Ghezel-Ayagh, S. Jolly, C. Willman, FuelCell Energy
1420-1440 Flare Gas Monetization M. Oakley, GTUIT LLC
1440-1500 197502 Projects, Facilities & Construction Monetization Opportunity in Gas Processing Facilities by CO2 Recovery A.J. Vyas, ADNOC Gas Processing
14:00 - 15:30
018  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advances in Drilling Fluids Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Rashed Alaleeli - ADNOC Offshore, Daniel Jack Richardson - Wintershall Middle East
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197509 Drilling Combined Solution for Lost-Circulation Treatment to Successfully Drill Through Naturally Fractured Vugular Porosity Formation on ERD Wells in the UAE R. Bermudez, M.A. Doutoum, B. Al Azizi, ADNOC Offshore; R.A. Medina, H.H. Bereikaa, M.C. Rocha, M.M. Nasrallah, M.H. Nour, Halliburton
1420-1440 197917 Drilling Development of Novel Composition for Controlling Moderate to Severe Losses V.B. Wagle, R. Kalgaonkar, A.S. Al-yami, S.A. Al Khalaf, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197895 Drilling Versatile Base Oil That Breaks Drilling Barriers

N. Supramaniam, PETRONAS Lubricants International SDN BHD; F.S. Ezani, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1500-1520 197186 Drilling Managing Lost Circulation in Highly Fractured, Vugular Formations: Engineering the LCM Design and Application S. Savari, D.L. Whitfill, Halliburton
Alternate 197703 Drilling Effect of CuO and ZnO Nanoparticles on Efficacy of Poly(4-Styrenesulfonic Acid-co-Maleic Acid) Sodium Salt For Controlling HPHT Filtration M. Beg, H. Kesarwani, S. Sharma, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology
Alternate 197774 Drilling Improvement in Rheological Features, Fluid Loss and Swelling Inhibition of Water-Based Drilling Mud by Using Surfactant-Modified Graphene M.A. Rana, T.A. Saleh, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; M.H. Arfaj, Saudi Aramco
14:00 - 15:30
019  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Best Practices in Well Delivery Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Hitoshi Matsubuchi - JODCO/INPEX, Anurag Singh Yadav - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197756 Drilling Kick Isolation While Drilling - First Field Test of an Innovative Risk Mitigation Technology A. Salomone, S. Burrafato, G. Ricci Maccarini, R. Poloni, C. Molaschi, Eni S.p.A.; A. Huse, G.I. Tangen, Lundin Norway AS; T. Regener, O. Backhaus, S. Grymalyuk, Baker Hughes
1420-1440 197512 Production & Operations Successful Use of Tubing Punch Technology in Production Restoration of A Highly Deviated Gas Well with Stuck Plug A.M. Gadelhak, R. V.Deshmukh, M. Sudarev, M. Baslaib, M.M. Al-Badi, Z. Ahmed, M. Al-Attar, F. Al Jaberi, ADNOC Onshore; M.J. Assagaf, Schlumberger; G.M. Hegazy, The American University In Cairo
1440-1500 197356 Drilling Openhole Completions As Recovery Case for Drilling Across Salt and High Pressure Floaters A.V. Moiseyenkov, A. Al Hadhrami, F. Khayrutdinov, I. Al Azizi, H. Shabibi, M. Manthari, K. Melvin, A. Ziada, M. Rashdi, M. Omairi, T. Narwal, Petroleum Development Oman
1500-1530 197829 Drilling The Use of Geosteering to Achieve The Drilling Targets in Multilateral Fishbone Wells in Russkoye Field N.V. Abaltusov, A.E. Sukhanov, E.A. Zaripov, Weatherford; D.V. Orlov, R.R. Enikeev, E.V. Pitsyura, Tyumenneftegaz
Alternate 197191 Drilling First Successful Innovative Approach of Pad Drilling Implementation in A Brown Onshore Oil Field in The United Arab Emirates F. Quintero, M.A. Hussain, M. Al Reyami, M.A. Al Nuaimi, O.A. Al Dhanhani, ADNOC Onshore; K.P. Le, M.A. Al Yafie, Schlumberger
Alternate 197253 Completions Smart and Innovative Approach that Makes Multilateral Well Construction Efficient and Economical for Worldwide Application A. Kashlev, A. Fedotov, A. Philippov, ADL Completions; E. Sayapov, A.V. Moiseyenkov, SPE
Alternate 197968 Completions Strategic Engineering Application for Long Lateral Wells A.A. Othman, Y. Ali, R. Sau, A. Kiyoumi, ADNOC Offshore
14:00 - 15:30
020  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Fracturing Techniques Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Mahmood Al-Oraimi - Petroleum Development Oman, Atif Shuja - Weatherford
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197227 Completions Lessons Learned from History-Matching The First Out-of-Sequence Fracturing Field Test in North America B. Yadali Jamaloei, NCS Multistage
1420-1440 197480 Completions Efficiency of High Power Laser in Carbonate Formations H.A. Othman, D.P. San Roman Alerigi, S.I. Batarseh, O.M. Alobaid, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197653 Completions Multistage Frac Zonal Isolation In Extreme HPHT Conditions - Solution To Succeed E. Sayapov, A.J. Nunez, I. Al Farei, A. Benchekor, O. Hazzaa, T. Mesbahi, Petroleum Development Oman; K. Strom, M. Thomson, Halliburton
1500-1520 197746 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Development and Application of Cyclic Stress Fracturing for Tight Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin X. Bai, K. Zhang, M. Tang, C. Wang, G. Wang, C. Li, T. Zhang, C. Xu, S. Wu, J. Wang, S. Liu, B. Wang, Q. Chen, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; Y. Fu, Fudan University
Alternate 197595 Production & Operations A Novel Approach to Reduce Breakdown Pressure of Unconventional Rocks using Cyclic Injection Scheme A.R. Al-Nakhli, Saudi Aramco; Z. Tariq, M.A. Mahmoud, A. Abdulraheem, D.A. Al-Shehri, M. Murtaza, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 197318 Completions Application of Multistage Acid Fracturing to Stimulate Mishref Carbonate Formation: Case Study, Minagish Field, West Kuwait M. Mofti, L. Sierra, A.S. Alboueshi, Halliburton; N.H. Al-Azmi, S.A. Matar, A. Abu-Eida, M.K. Patra, Kuwait Oil Company
Alternate 197132 Completions Temporary Plugging Mechanism of Degradable Diversion Agents within Reproduced Acid-Etched Fracture by Using 3D Printing Model L. Zhang, F. Zhou, J. Cheng, State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resource and Prospecting, China University of Petroleum; W. feng, Universita degli Studi di Padova
14:00 - 15:30
021  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Petrophysics - Case Studies Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Maniesh Singh - ADNOC Onshore, Wael Fares - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197326 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Bringing the Best to Downhole Fluid Sampling by Evaluating the Focused Sampling Technique with Multiple Packer Types in Exploration and Development Wells - Case Studies from South East Asia A. Ali, A. Jofri, N. Zamikhan, J. Borah, M. Yahya, Brunei Shell Petroleum; E.W. Van Den Heuvel, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn Bhd; I. Kim, Shell Global Solutions International; N.P. Hardikar, S. Coskun, Baker Hughes
1420-1440 197281 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Breaking New Grounds and Records for Unconventional Reservoirs Characterization Using The New Formation Testing and Sampling Technology M. Kelkouli, J. Zaggas, Y. Boudiba, A. Akham, R. Boumahrat, Schlumberger; S. Ferraz, S. Bellabiod, Sonatrach
1440-1500 197866 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Experimental Study of Fractured Carbonate Rock Model for Oil Recovery Evaluation S.B. Almeida, A.C. Pereira, E. Ruidiaz, A. Winter, J.A. Vidal Vargas, E.T. Koroishi, O.V. Trevisan, University of Campinas; R.V. Almeida, Repsol Sinopec Brasil
1500-1520 197248 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir-Scale Characterisation and Prediction of Microporous Limestones. Example of the Arab Formation (Upper Jurassic), Onshore United Arab Emirates M. Deville De Periere, A. Foote, M. Bertouche, Badley Ashton & Associates; F. Al Darmaki, W. bin Ishaq, N. Lucas, M. Al Mansoori, ADNOC Sour Gas; C. Durlet, Laboratoire Biogeosciences
Alternate 197423 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Cased Hole Solution with Fast Neutrons and Sonic Reflective Waves in Tight Reservoirs U.D. Bustos, D.A. Rose, T. Zhou, G. Martinez, Schlumberger; C. Moya, Equion Energia
Alternate 197178 Reservoir Description & Dynamics ­­Methodical Approach for Reducing Uncertainties in Petrophysical Characterization and Fluid Identification of Fractured Basement - A Case Study from Cauvery Basin, Southern Onshore Field - India. M. Sameer, M. Phaneendra, K. Manju Xavier, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
Alternate 197744 Completions Can HVFRs Increase The Oil Recovery in Hydraulic Fracturing Application? A. ELLAFI, H. Jabbari, University of North Dakota; M. Ba Geri, Missouri University of Science and Technology; E. Alkamil, University of Basrah
14:00 - 15:30
022  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Seismic Data Processing Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Mohamed Abd El Ghany Mahgoub - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Guillaume Cambois - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197955 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Processing Challenges and Solutions for Seismic Reservoir Characterisation with Wide-Azimuth OBC Seismic Data, Offshore Abu-Dhabi, UAE H. Miyamoto, A. Al Mheiri, K. Kojima, T. Shibasaki, S. Bellah, S.M. Jasem, ADNOC Offshore; M.A. Mahgoub, G. Cambois, ADNOC; S. Paul, O. Khakimov, B. Carlos, CGG
1420-1440 197576 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Advanced Seismic Processing to Old Seismic Data for Enhanced Fault Plane Imaging: A Case Study from Offshore Abu Dhabi S. Paul, O. Khakimov, C. Barajas, CGG; H. Miyamoto, A.N. Almheiri, ADNOC Offshore; M.A. Mahgoub, ADNOC
1440-1500 197443 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Q-compensation from Near Surface to Reservoir and Below: Case Study from Onshore Abu Dhabi C. Smith, P. Vasilyev, A. Glushchenko, D. Zarubov, WesternGeco
1500-1520 197452 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Innovative Seismic Depth Imaging Workflow for Better Reservoir Understanding: TZ Offshore Abu Dhabi Case Study S.A. Mesaabi, M.A. Mahgoub, ADNOC; F. Damianus, B. Hasan, O. Khakimov, B. Tertrais, CGG
Alternate 197656 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Seismic Diffraction Imaging in Laterally Varying Velocity Media for Frequency Bandwidth Expansion - Application in Carbonate Field Sarawak, Malaysia Y. Bashir, A. Abdul Latiff, S. Rezaei, S. Moussavi Alashloo, M. Hermana, D.P. Ghosh, C. Weng Sum, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; M.A. Mahgoub, ADNOC
Alternate 197714 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Broadband Full Azimuth Land Seismic Case Study Onshore Abu Dhabi A. Glushchenko, C. Roig, C.L. Smith, P. Vasilyev, Schlumberger, WesternGeco
14:00 - 14:00
023  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Advancements in Production and Maintenance Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Mohammed Aseel - Baker Hughes, Qun Li - CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197252 Completions New Techniques for Metal Sulfate Scale Removal from Production Pipelines and Wellbore Case Study Sidi Kerir for Petrochemical Co. M.A. Salah, Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co
1420-1440 197340 Projects, Facilities & Construction Deferment of Mini Shut Down with Partial Automation of Manual Control A.M. Al Dhaheri, A. Khalaf, ADNOC LNG
1500-1520 197262 Projects, Facilities & Construction Reducing Pipeline Maintenance Costs, Time and Resources through Nonintrusive Diagnostics N. Stewart, G. Jack, Halliburton
Alternate 197578 Reservoir Description & Dynamics In-situ Pore Plugging using Nanosilica Based Fluid System for Gas Shutoff P.B. Karadkar, A.M. Almohsin, M.A. Bataweel, J. Huang, Saudi Aramco
14:00 - 15:30
024  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Managing Assets Efficiently Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Rajesh D Sharma - Schneider Electric, Hamdi Bouali Daghmouni - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197623 Projects, Facilities & Construction Innovative Solution to Automatically Import Well Production Profile Data into Process Simulation E. Hassan, G. Loretelli, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1420-1440 197500 Management & Information Automated Sector Performance Review - A Collaborative Process to Identify, Interpret and Implement Profitable Opportunities M.N. Khan, M. Albishr, R.D. Mohan, L.A. Saputelli, M. Al Marzouqi, ADNOC
1440-1500 197392 Management & Information Ushering Operational Excellence Through Development and Operationalization of Closed Loop Action Tracking System A. Choudhuri, M.B. Jainal, M. Adenan, V.R. Thanerajah, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1500-1520 197313 Management & Information Operational Excellence Review through Self-Assessment S. Badithela, M. Haddadi, ADNOC Refining
Alternate 197897 Projects, Facilities & Construction An Econometric Investigation for the Factors Affecting the Maintenance Costs of Aging Oil and Gas Processing Facilities H.H. Elmasry, Petrobel
Alternate 197801 Drilling Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications for Separation Solutions Improve Service Provider-Operator Collaboration and Technology Placement M.W. Stephen, Halliburton; S. Clarke, K. Kapila, SecondSight AR
14:00 - 15:30
025  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Automating Predictive Modelling through Digital Solutions Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Rail Khalilovich Salimov - ADNOC Offshore, Alvaro Escorcia - Frontender Corporation
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197539 Management & Information A Distinctive Approach to Performance Measurement of a Digital Transformation Programme in an Energy Company M. Talamonti, L. Siciliano, Eni SPA
1420-1440 197394 Projects, Facilities & Construction Subsea Pipeline Design Automation Using Digital Field Twin S. Bhowmik, G. Noiray, H. Naik, McDermott International
1440-1500 197877 Management & Information Unlocking Well Potential Using an Automated Well Allowable Analysis in a Digital IAOM Framework E.A. Rubio, N. Reddicharla, M. Dilsiz, M.A. Al-Attar, ADNOC Onshore; A. Raj, S. Soni, S. Sabat, J.G. Isambertt, Weatherford
1500-1520 197266 Production & Operations Utilizing Machine Learning for a Data Driven Approach to Flow Rate Prediction A.A. Alkhalaf, O. Isichei, N. Ansari, R. Milad, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197920 Production & Operations Enhanced H2S Workflow to Assist in Managing the Sour Gases and Oil Production - North Jurassic Digital Oil Field, Kuwait N. Al- Mai, M. Al-Shuaib, O.E. Leal Alvarado, A.W. Al Saleh, S.B. Alqahtani, M. Al-Nesef, Kuwait Oil Company; M.A. Useche, F.M. Franco, J.A. Orjuela Rodriguez, B.C. Gornescu, A. Wibowo, R. Prakash, Schlumberger
Alternate 197864 Drilling Digital Solutions using Advanced Computational Techniques to Simulate Hole Cleaning K.M. Deshpande, P. Naphade, Weatherford; M.A. Celigueta, S. LaTorre, E. Onate, CIMNE
14:00 - 15:30
026  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Importance of Advanced Applications of Subsea Engineering in Field Development Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197404 Projects, Facilities & Construction Electrification of Offshore Oil and Gas Fields using Offshore Power Distribution Hub: A Study of Submarine HVAC Power Cables Systems Solutions F. Renaudin, S. Gaudissart, M. Toulotte, Nexans Norway AS
1420-1440 197604 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Effective Application of Subsea Production System as Field Development Concept in Shallow Water Environment M.A. Jamaludin, IPS Malaysia Sdn Bhd
1440-1500 197366 Management & Information Starting with the End in Mind: The Path to Realising Digital Value D. McLachlan, io oil & gas consulting
1500-1520 197240 Drilling Novel Integrated Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Field Development Well Planning Workflow For The Full Lifecycle Of A Green Field Offshore Abu Dhabi

J.E. Torres, E.J. Hernandez, M.F. Zidan, D.J. Beaman, M.G. Uijttenhout, Y. Al Hammadi, A. Al Harbi, M. Al Zaabi, Y. Al Katheeri, E. Draoui, R. Salimov, O. Kadoura, O. Saeed, J. Ismail, N. Qambar, U. Ghauri, K. Ness, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Alternate 197490 Completions Case History of a Successful Hydraulic Restimulation Pilot: The Story from Pilot Candidate Selection to Post-Job Evaluation and Rollout P. Janiczek, A. Dragomir, J. Stojkovski, I. Makar, OMV; B. Kolasa, M. Paraschiv, Halliburton
Alternate 197585 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Water Flooding Performance Prediction in Layered Reservoir using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms C. Chen, M. YANG, X. Han, Tianjin Branch of CNOOC; J. Zhang, China University of Petroleum

Tuesday, November 12

09:30 - 11:00
027  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Advances in Well Surveillance Technologies Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Jose Manuel Jimenez - Halliburton, Muhammad Navaid Khan - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197244 Production & Operations Advanced Acid Recipe Improvement on Giant Offshore Carbonate Field for Productivity Enhancement A.B. Sarsekov, Adnoc Offshore; B. Kamaletdinov, Schlumberger
0950-1010 197321 Production & Operations Surveillance Approach of Steam Management in Heavy Oil Reservoir- Oman H. Al Mahruqi, A. Al Habsi, H. Mohammed, Occidental Oman
1030-1050 197718 Production & Operations Reshaping Production Logging Execution Workflow Saving Significant Cost and Time for Kuwait Oil Company A. Al-Obaidi, A. Al-Ibrahim, A. Al-Dhafiri, H. Al-Mehanna, M.N. Al-Haddad, S. Al Harbi, Kuwait Oil Company; H. Ayyad, M. Mehraj, K.M. Abdulrahim, G.L. Hernandez, Schlumberger
Alternate 197342 Reservoir Description & Dynamics New Integrated Analytical Approach for Multiphase Inflow Performance Relationship S.J. Al Rbeawi, METU-Northern Cyprus Campus
Alternate 197494 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fluid Property Prediction with Unified Equation of State in a Compositional Surface Network Comprising 5000+ Wells K. Mogensen, ADNOC; J. Asarpota, Y. Bansal, Halliburton
Alternate 197728 Completions Innovative Method of Getting Multiphase Inflow Profile from Fiber Optic Installations D. Kortukov, V. Shako, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
028  HSE: Innovation in HSE Management Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Eragbae Aikhoje - Total, Alexandre Bezerra De Melo - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197793 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Famous Barriers within The Bowtie Levels Analysis: Creating Middle and Senior Management Understanding about The Relative Importance of Management Activities T.G. Hudson, P.A. Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting
0950-1010 197435 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Protecting Assets, Protecting People: Exploring IoT Solutions to Drive Improved Asset Integrity and HSE Performance in Oil and Gas T. Ventulett, L. Villegas, Aegex Technologies
1010-1030 197130 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Detecting Oil Spills Underground with Use of Lasers U. Dasgupta, N.K. Jha, N. KUMAR, University of Petroleum And Energy Studies
1030-1050 197616 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A Novel Quantitative and Predictive Reservoir-Souring Approach to Assess Reservoir Souring During Planned-Waterflood Development Plan H. Salimi, M. Namdar Zanganeh, S. McCarthy, L. Pirlea, PanTerra Geoconsultants BV; H. Balushi, M. Lawati, M.K. Yarabi, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197229 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Intelligent Science and Technology Assists Safety Culture Construction L. Wang, W. Du, S. Chu, M. Shi, J. Li, CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology
09:30 - 11:00
029  PRODUCTION FACILITIES TECHNOLOGIES: Pipeline Protection Technology Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Zaid Hadi AlMenhali - Mubadala Petroleum, Gervasio Pimenta - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197722 Projects, Facilities & Construction How CFD Can Help to Understand Corrosion in Heat Exchanger C. Chauvet, C. Meynet, F.I. Maktar, Wood Group
0950-1010 197688 Production & Operations Iron Sulfide and Zinc Sulfide Inhibition and Scale Inhibitor Consumption B.G. Al-harbi, N.A. Aljeaban, Saudi Aramco; A.J. Graham, K.S. Sorbie, Heriot-Watt University
1010-1030 197876 Projects, Facilities & Construction Online Valve Replacement using Tethered TECNOPLUG on ADNOC Onshore Main Oil Line U.B. Menon, J. Chandran, ADNOC Onshore; A. G Bowie, STATS Group
Alternate 197148 Projects, Facilities & Construction Steam Pipeline Weld Failure After Long Time Service A. Al Banoon, A. Elkholy, Kuwait University
09:30 - 11:00
030  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: AI in Diversified Applications Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Khaled Al Blooshi - ADNOC, Elfadl Zaki - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197695 Projects, Facilities & Construction Advanced Production Plant Optimisation with AI J.R. Kalagnanam, IBM Research; D. Piotrowski, IBM Canada, Industry Platforms; P. Murali, D. Subramanian, J. Zhou, IBM Research; C. Ma, G. Silva, J. Williams, C. Liu, A. Haider, P. Rahman, IBM Canada
0950-1010 197716 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data-Driven vs. Traditional Reservoir Numerical Models: A Case Study Comparison of Applicability, Practicality and Performance Y. Alatrach, ADNOC Offshore; L.A. Saputelli, Frontender; R. Narayanan, R.D. Mohan, ADNOC Upstream; M.Y. Alklih, E.A. Rubio, ADNOC Onshore
1010-1030 197270 Management & Information Innovative Machine Learning Method to Locate The Root Cause of The Unreliable Data Coming from Intelligent Field Equipment B.M. Wasfi, M. Alqasimi, M. AlKadem, A.A. Alghamdi, Saudi Aramco
1030-1050 197668 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Natural Language Understanding for Safety and Risk Management in Oil and Gas Plants D. Milana, M.S. Darena, N. Bettio, C. Cerruti, G. Siliprandi, A. Fidanzi, P. Cerioli, G.B. Silvestri, Eni SpA; F. Tarasconi, M. Caserio, M. Botros, M. Gabrielli, CELI srl
Alternate 197265 Projects, Facilities & Construction Innovative ROV Manipulator Powered by Artificial Intelligence to Decrease Risk in Subsea Operations W.A. Bakr, MCS Free Zone
Alternate 197166 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Supervised Machine Learning Technique to Investigate the Effect of Brine Hardness on Polymer Bulk Rheology A. Shaik, A. AlSumaiti, ADNOC; W. Al Ameri, M. Muhammad, N. Thomas, Khalifa University
09:30 - 11:00
031  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advances in Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation - 1 Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Motiur Rahman - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Musabbeh Khamis Al Samahi - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197928 Completions Successful Implementation Of Alternative Acid Stimulation In A Low Productive Reservoir In Abu Dhabi Offshore Field

Z. Channa, S. Al Qubaisi, A.K. Al-Neaimi, F.S. Al-Romaithi, A.M. Al Syari, O. Al Shehhi, S.F. Nofal, H. Khemissa, F.A. Akram, M.H. Al-feky, H.M. El-sheikh, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 197497 Completions A Field Applications of Effective Stimulation High Pressure/Temperature Multi-Stage Completion which Shows Significant Well Performance Improvement in Deep North Kuwait Jurassic Unconventional Reservoir A. Al-Saeed, A. Al-Dhafiri, E. Fidan, M. Al-Mutawa, Kuwait Oil Company; A.M. Abdul Hadi, Packers Plus Energy Services Inc
1010-1030 197954 Drilling Comparing Results Of Different Tracer Technologies Application In One Well D. Shestakov, M. Galiev, I. Badrtdinov, V. Khamidullin, Kogalymneftegaz TME LUKOIL-West Siberia LLC; K. Ovchinnikov, E. Malyavko, Geosplit LLC
1030-1050 197848 Completions Optimizing Completion Parameters via a Synthetic Catalog X. Zheng, PetroChina; Y. Liu, Y. Huang, P. Enkababian, Schlumberger
Alternate 197350 Completions Stimulation Data Codes Enabled Analysis Of Over 1100 Stimulation Treatment: Substantial Value Generation From 8 Years Of Historical Data

S. Pathak, A. Ranjan, A. Bohra, S. Vermani, S. Tiwari, P. Shrivastava, A. Nagar, M.A. Ahsan, J. Modi, A. Upadhyay, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd.
Alternate 197773 Completions New Synthetic Acid Technology Used to Successfully Removing Scale Damage by Laboratory Custom-Designed Systems in HPHT Wells in Mexico´s Offshore P. Diaz Perez, PEMEX; E.A. Juarez Portillo, F. Solano González, J. Jimenez Osorio, CHEMISERVIS
09:30 - 11:00
032  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Value of Real-Time Drilling Operations Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Martin Andrew Sanderson - Schlumberger, Anurag Singh Yadav - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197663 Drilling Modeling Rate Of Penetration Using Artificial Intelligent System And Multiple Regression Analysis
F. Hadi, H. Altaie, University of Baghdad; E. Alkamil, University of Basrah
0950-1010 197301 Drilling The Digital Directional Drilling Evolution
A. Stepnov, C. Chatar, A. El Hawy, J. Cassel, B. Abouassi, C. Khader, Schlumberger
1010-1030 197937 Drilling Real Time Operation Centre Monitoring and Optimizations In Highly Deviated Deepwater Development Wells In Malaysia M. Ng, Eftech Drilling Solutions; T. Lum, F. Yeap, Sabah Shell Petroleum Co. Ltd.; S. Abdul Talib, M. Zainal Abiddin, E. Hooi, Eftech Drilling Solutions
1030-1050 197275 Drilling An Automated Kick Alarm System Based On Statistical Analysis Of Real-time Drilling Data

Y. Mao, P. Zhang, Halliburton
Alternate 197167 Drilling Real Time Stuck Pipe Prediction By Using A Combination Of Physics-based Model And Data Analytics Approach
F. Zhang, Yangtze University; A. Islam, Equinor ASA; H. Zeng, Z. Chen, Y. Zeng, Sinopec; X. Wang, S. Li, Yangtze University
Alternate 197537 Drilling Correlation Between Drilling Parameters And Geomechanical Properties - The Hidden Geomechanical Information

B. Lamik-Thonhauser, TDE Group Limited; J. Schöen, C. Koller, Think and Vision GmbH; A. Arnaout, TDE Group Limited
09:30 - 11:00
033  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: An Opportunity for the Middle East? Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Joseph T Reid - Halliburton, Adelson Jose De Barros - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197881 Completions Dynamic Diverter Technology Efficiency in Acid Fracturing Applications Q.A. Sahu, R.E. Arias, E.A. Alali, Saudi Aramco
0950-1010 197352 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Characterisation of an Emerging Unconventional Resource Play in the UAE W. Newby, S. Abbassi, C. Fialips, B. Gauthier, A. Padin, H. Pourpak, S. Taubert, Total SA
1010-1030 197910 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Transforming Local Sands To A Reliable, Alternative Proppant Source
T. Khamatnurova, P.D. Nguyen, U.A. Inyang, D. Shen, R. Gashimov, T.H. Larsen, Halliburton
1030-1050 197918 Drilling Best Operational Practices to Optimize the Time& Cost for Drilling in Appraisal Unconventional HP/HT Wells Across Deyab Formation, Abu Dhabi - UAE. F. Ruiz, A.F. Hebish, A. Negoi, M. Al Hendi, I. Hamdy, Y. Nunez, V. Mandal, M.K. Al Samahi, K. Al Hadidy, ADNOC Onshore; E. Al Awadhi, B.S. El Yossef, M. Coscia, ADNOC
09:30 - 11:00
034  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Emerging Logging Technologies and Interpretation Methods Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Nashat Abbas Hassan - ADNOC Offshore, Douglas A. Boyd - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197844 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimizing Completion Design through Fracture Evaluation in Oil-Based Mud Using High-Resolution LWD Ultrasonic Images M. Al-Azmi, F. Al-Otaibi, G. Joshi, H.S. Ameer, E. Ashkanani, D.N. Tiwary, K. Saleh, A. Alkhudari, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Abdulkarim, J.D. Lee, N. Farhi, Halliburton
0950-1010 197403 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Utilization of Mud Logs for Oil Fraction Quantification in Transition Zones and Low Resistivity Reservoirs V.S. Torlov, C.S. Bonavides, K.A. Al-Qubaisi, Saudi Aramco; A.K. Fernandes, Schlumberger
1010-1030 197238 Production & Operations Production Characterization and Enhancement Screening in Biogenic Gas Tight Formations A. Deminova, A. Al Hanaee, A. Abdelaal, A. Vantala, ADNOC; I. Aslanyan, D. Abasher, V. Skutin, S. Evdokimov, TGT
1030-1050 197402 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multi-Measurement Logging-While-Drilling Imager: New Enabler for Wide-Scale Comprehensive Geosciences Applications In Oil-base Mud C. Shrivastava, C.J. Maeso, V. Wibowo, I.S. Amir, J. Auchere, D. Maggs, A. A, Schlumberger
Alternate 197300 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Benchmark Primary Drainage Saturation Height
Function: Theory, Methodology, Applications And A Carbonate Case Study In The
Sultanate Of Oman
S.M. Hadidi, Petroleum Development Oman; M.J. Boya Ferrero, Shell Global Solutions International; C. van den Nouland, C.A. Nicholls, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197492 Reservoir Description & Dynamics First Successful Downhole Sand Detection In Malaysia
A. Ashqar, F.M. Bakeri, J.M. Shah, J. Bt Jamaluddin, M.A. B A Karim, Petronas
09:30 - 11:00
035  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Seismic Data Acquisition Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Andrea Grandi - ADNOC Onshore, George Ainslie Casson - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197938 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The World’s Largest Continuous 3D Onshore and Offshore Seismic Survey Sets Ambitious Quality and Turnaround Targets S.A. Al Mesaabi, G. Cambois, G.A. Casson, J. Cowell, M.A. Mahgoub, A.S. Alkobaisi, ADNOC
0950-1010 197931 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Interbed Demultiple Workflow For Low Relief Structures Onshore Abu Dhabi

C.E. Roig, A. Elmansoury, A. Glushchenko, Schlumberger; J. Vargas, Y. Utami, Y. Seo, T. Al Ghafri, J. Liu, D. Kim, ADNOC
1010-1030 197289 Management & Information Acquisition Of An Ultra High Density 3d Seismic Survey Using New Nimble Nodes, Onshore Abu Dhabi
H.A. Nehaid, ADNOC; A. Ourabah, BP; J.A. Cowell, ADNOC; C. Brooks, J. Stone, D. Dieulangard, A. Crosby, J. Naranjo, BP; M.A. Mahgoub, S.A. Al Mesaabi, ADNOC; D. Ablyazina, Rosneft; T.E. Manning, M. Popham, K. Tough, BP; C. Vasile, J. Quigley, K. O'Connell, WG
1030-1050 197230 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Exploration Challenges in the Northern Emirates: a UniQ Approach to Structural Definition S. Trezzi, A. Glushchenko, P. Vasilyev, A. Mubarak Khamis Al Bulushi, Schlumberger; E. Cox, M. Al Hamadi, N. Stewart, Sharjah National Oil Corporation
Alternate 197305 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhancing Productivity using Blended Acquisition with Temporally Signatured/Modulated and Spatially Dispersed Source Array T. Ishiyama, ADNOC; M. Ali, Khalifa University; G. Blacquiere, S. Nakayama, Delft University of Technology
Alternate 197894 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Technology Of Seismic Acquisition, Processing And Interpretation Of Broadband, Wide-azimuth And High-density (bwh) Data: Case Study Of Thin Sand Reservoir Imaging In Songliao Basin, Northeast China

H. Zeng, Q. Su, X. Wang, X. Wang, H. Liu, Y. Ling, Y. Wang, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development-Northwest(NWGI), PetroChina
Alternate 197504 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application Of Broadband, Wide-azimuth And High-density (BWH) Seismic Data Processing Technology In Complex Structure Imaging Of Songliao Basin Q. Su, H. Zeng, X. Zhang, L. Lv, S. Qie, H. Meng, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development-Northwest(NWGI), PetroChina
09:30 - 11:00
036  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Best Practices in Integrity Management and Inspection - 2 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Houssam Al Din Sabry - ADNOC LNG, Qun Li - CNPC
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197164 Projects, Facilities & Construction Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Critical Process Utility System Enhancement

R. Miranda, A.M. Sharma, I. Awadhi, A. Ahmad, S. Narayana, A. Qaydi, ADNOC Gas Processing
0950-1010 197434 Projects, Facilities & Construction Practicing Sustainability In Remote Location

I. Al Awadhi, A. Sharma, T. Karim, ADNOC Gas Processing
1010-1030 197387 Projects, Facilities & Construction Floating Roof Storage Tanks Life Extension : A Novel Risk Revealed
A. Al Omari, O. Herzallah, A. Toubar, N. Almalood, H. Al Hammadi, ADNOC Offshore
1030-1050 197449 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integrity Challenges Associated With Cathodic Protection Application& Resolutions

E. Salem Al Salmi, S. Salem Al Ameri, A.S. Al Ameri, S. Girkar, A.M. Nair, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197518 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Low Temperature Piping Support Challenges & Mitigation
S. Rafiq, H. Locharla, I. Al Awadhi, A. Al Ahmed, R. Miranda, A. Al Braiki, A. Al Qaydi, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197557 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility "Revised Industry Guidance on Managing Safety Critical Elements" M. Scanlon, Energy Institute
09:30 - 11:00
037  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Managing HP/HT Sour Gas fields Production Challenges Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Werner Otmar Rohracher - Androna Limited, Ammar Al Mashjari - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197950 Production & Operations Novel Internal Coating System For High Concentration H2S Environments

R.S. Lauer, Tuboscope – NOV Wellbore Technologies
0950-1010 197869 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Effective Alternate For Inconel On Sour Gas

R. Wolters, Mokveld Valves
1010-1030 197173 Projects, Facilities & Construction Prediction Of Souring In Infill Wells Using Standalone Extended 2D Simulator For A Malaysian Offshore Field I.K. Salleh, S.R. Panuganti, S. Misra, J.M. M Ibrahim, N. Hamza, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS); K.S. Sorbie, J. Cruickshank, Heriot-Watt University; R.D. Tewari, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
1030-1050 197763 Projects, Facilities & Construction Effective Supply Flow Control: An Oil And Gas Capital Project Case Study

R.J. Arbulu, Strategic Project Solutions Inc.; R.G. Shenoy, Project Production Institute
Alternate 197903 Projects, Facilities & Construction Application of Statcom Technology for the First Time in Oil & Gas Fields; Challenges and Way Forward - Case Study. W. Ahmed, Z. El Mahmoud, A. Al Shawoush, ADNOC Gas Processing
09:30 - 11:00
038  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Digital Twin, IIoT and Autonomous Technologies - 2 Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Camilo Mejia - Weatherford International, Mohammed Anwar - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197806 Production & Operations ESP Well and Component Failure Prediction in Advance using Engineered Analytics - A Breakthrough in Minimizing Unscheduled Subsurface Deferments A. Andrade Marin, S.Z. Al Busaidi, M.B. Habib, I. Balushi, A. Riyami, S. Jahwari, A. Al-Ghadani, E. Ferdiansyah, G.T. Al Shukaili, F. Amri, Petroleum Development Oman; N. Kumar, E. Marin, R.D. Gala, R.R. Rai, B. Venkatesh, B. Bai, A. Narayana Murthy, Weatherford; E. Ang, G. Jacob, IBM
0950-1010 197620 Projects, Facilities & Construction Ground Robotics Enabler For Normally Unattended Installations J. Munoz, E. Bartoli, E. Meyer, F. Berson, D. Mackinnon, N. Carles, G. Nourisson, K. Kydd, A. Murdoch, Total
1010-1030 197440 Production & Operations Research On Gas Stringer Automatic Deliquification In Sulige Gas Field
Y. Chen, J. Gui, S. Liu, Z. Zhao, W. Xu, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute, Changqing Oilfield Company,Petrochina; S. Xiao, National Engineering Laboratory for Exploration and Development of Low Permeability Oil&Gas Fields
1030-1050 197589 Management & Information Unmanned Aircraft Systems (HW & SW) Operations for Several Needs in O&G Industry A. Fisicaro, I. Spanò, Eni SpA
Alternate 197577 Projects, Facilities & Construction Sustaining Crude Quality Specifications by Leveraging IR 4.0 Solution S.A. Ahmed, A.H. Al-Zubail, M.A. Al-Jeshi, K. Yousef, A. Musabbeh, S. Mousa, A.H. Bukhari, E.F. Seraihi, S.H. Alamri, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197396 Drilling Application Of Machine Learning Approach For Intelligent Prediction Of Pipe Sticking A.K. Abbas, Iraqi Drilling Company; H. Almubarak, King Saud University; H. Abbas, Missan Oil Company; J. Dawood, Basra Oil Company
Alternate 197128 Management & Information Predicting Horizontal Shear Slowness- A Machine Learning Approach

S.A. Hussain, C. Chatterjee, S. Sarkar, A. Reyes, C. Majumdar, R. Das, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
039  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Enhancing System Performance, Role of New Offshore Technology Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore, Denis Welch - One World Maritime Pte Ltd
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197830 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Making The Case For Dry Low Emissions Technology In Offshore Oil And Gas Turbine Applications

G. Bulat, M. Rickert, Siemens
0950-1010 197519 Projects, Facilities & Construction A New, Low Cost CNG Ship, The Optimum J. Fitzpatrick, D. Stenning, GEV Canada Ltd
1010-1030 197468 Projects, Facilities & Construction The Role Of Advanced Polymers And Basecoats In High Performance Oil & Gas Coating Systems

G.B. Pernice, Whitford Corp
1030-1050 197464 Projects, Facilities & Construction Zohr Offshore Pipeline - Buckle Arrestor SSC Testing & Mitigation H. Hussein, Enppi; H. Elkhafif, S. Badran, Petrobel
11:30 - 13:00
Panel Session 2: Unconventionals—The Next Step Change Hall A
Moderator(s) Guy Tennant, Halliburton
Speaker(s) Hans Freitag, Baker Hughes; Toshikazu Ebato, JOMGEC; Christophe Amadei, Total; Mark Hopmann, Weatherford International

Panel Chair(s):

Guy Tennant
Area VP Southern Gulf

Panel Speaker(s):

Hans Freitag
VP Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering
Baker Hughes

Toshikazu Ebato
EVP Oil and Gas Technology Unit

Christophe Amadei
Managing Director
Total E&P UAE Unconventional Gas B.V.

Mark Hopmann
Completion Group President
Weatherford International

For unconventional assets, development of new technologies to drill, completed and fractured wells, as well as technologies and methods for a better understanding and identification of sweet spots have proven to be essential.

While today’s technology advancements have become game changers, there is still plenty of room for growth. We’ve got to make a step change in technology and operations to maximise the value of our current and future assets.

Over the past five years, we have delivered minimal major breakthrough technologies. We’ve continued making small tweaks to well landing zone, perforation cluster spacing, proppant development, fluid volumes, placement design, etc.  Recently, the industry realised that data is an asset, and our challenge is how to use it, which also provides us with countless opportunities to utilise data analytics and machine learning.

On the other hand, automation, particularly drilling and completion, is not just about drilling faster, it is about drilling more efficiently and delivering better wellbore designs in support of completions. Our aim should be an oilfield that is entirely autonomous.  Materials science, nowadays, is changing how we think about well completions. There is a breakthrough in nanotechnology and ultra-strong, lightweight alloy that are both driving step change performance in unconventional completions.

Digital twins’ technology and using VR goggles during all of the maintenance, drilling, completions, and production operations should be included in the next stage of solutions.  A lot of these organic mudstones may be absorbing a lot of oil, and there are some things we can do on the chemical side to help liberate some more hydrocarbons.

Collectively, we are incumbent to develop the next generation of game-changing technologies and enhance industry collaboration, and best practices amongst world oil and gas producers. The Next Step Change is here now! 

11:30 - 13:00
040  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Case Studies for Maximising Reservoir Performance Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Sharif - ADNOC Upstream, Helal Ali Al Dhanhani - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-2350 197361 Management & Information An Integrated wells to process facility model for Greater Burgan Oilfield S.F. Desai, I.A. Al Jadi, W. Al-Ghanim, Kuwait Oil Company; F.M. Franco, S.H. Khor, Q.M. Zhang, Schlumberger
1150-1210 197730 Management & Information An Efficient Method To Control Oilfield Wells Through Advanced Field Management Ensemble Based Optimization Capabilities

H. Abbas, H. Mustapha, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197442 Management & Information Risk Evaluation & Sensitivity Analysis Of The Exploration & Production Sharing Agreement

S.A. Balhasan, American University of Ras Al Khaimah; B.M. Biltayib, Australian College of Kuwait
Alternate 197540 Production & Operations A Novel Approach in Handling Water Breakthrough in Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Through Dynamically Integrated Fracture Characterization: A Case Study L.C. Farias-Rodriguez, DNO Technical Services AS; E. Funk, DNO ASA
Alternate 197675 Production & Operations Innovative Pioneer Approach for Gas Wells Testing without Flaring in Offshore Field Abu Dhabi A.M. Ladmia, Y. Hasan Al Hammadi, F. Al Hosani, ADNOC Upstream; F. Jamaan Ballaith, A. Hussain Alshamsi, ADNOC Offshore; A. Hussein, A. Essam, EXPRO
Alternate 197932 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Decline Curve Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence
S.R. Masini, S. Goswami, A. Kumar, B. Chennakrishnan, Telesto Energy
11:30 - 13:00
041  HSE: Safety Culture and Learning from Events Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Alexandros Karim Pachiyannakis - Almansoori Specialized Engineering, Ahmad Ali Bakhsh - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197586 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility PDO Integrated Journey Management System (IJMS) D. Hadzic, A. Balushi, Petroleum Development Oman
1150-1210 197758 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility DROPS Survey and Reporting based on Asset Inspection Management System a reliable Inspection Tool to manage DROPS in Offshore & Onshore Drilling Rigs, empowering the work site supervisor to enhance overall efficiency of the system to performance S. John, Special Oilfield Services Co. LLC
1210-1230 197929 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Safety Events: Broadening The Base To Increase Learning From Everyday Work With A Look At "Return" F. Inchingalo, M. Capobianco, Eni SpA
1230-1250 197862 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Incidents Investigations And Learning Approach In Oil & Gas Industry

D.S. Al Qubaisi, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197131 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Safety Excellence Through Behavior Based Safety

N.F. Al Hinai, M.I. Al Yahyai, F. Al Hamadani, S. Al Ghafri, K. Harthy, A. Al Riyami, N. Al Hatmi, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197941 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Promoting Safety Culture - Change In Mindset

S. Yaqoob, S. Khan, Siemens LLC
11:30 - 13:00
042  PRODUCTION FACILITIES TECHNOLOGIES: Facility Protection Technology Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Gervasio Pimenta - ADNOC Onshore, Rajesh D Sharma - Schneider Electric
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197643 Projects, Facilities & Construction Maximizing Conversion of Residues To Chemicals and Clean Fuels. G. Biswas, J. Chabot, D. Gillis, Chevron Lummus Global
2350-1210 197566 Projects, Facilities & Construction Get Inline: Continuous, Instant, Concurrent Three Phase Separation S. Comert, R. Khan, C. King, H.P. Kuan, N. Hamed, E. Brown, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197798 Production & Operations Innovative Biodegradable Intermediates For Sweet Corrosion Inhibitors M. Feche, A. Crabtree, Stepan Oilfield Solutions
1230-1250 197696 Production & Operations Hyper Degressive Screws - The Next Technological Step For Substantial Increase Of Efficiency In Twin Screw Multiphase Pumping

E.S. Korte, D.J. Blatt, J. Lewerenz, J.O. Monnickhoff, G. Rohlfing, ITT Bornemann GmbH
11:30 - 13:00
043  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: Intelligent Oil Fields and Autonomous Solutions Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Amna A Al Bloushi - Exxon Mobil Corporation, Krish Nukamreddy - McDermott Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197629 Management & Information Unsupervised, Deep Learning-based Detection Of Failures In Industrial Equipments: The Future Of Predictive Maintenance.
S. Lygren, Independent Consultant; M. Piantanida, A. Amendola, Eni SPA
1150-1210 197723 Projects, Facilities & Construction AI Based Intelligent Pigging Solution V. Nidhi, R. Rao, A. Mittal, Alethe Labs India Private Limited
1210-1230 197545 Projects, Facilities & Construction Supervised Machine Learning In Predicting Multiphase Flow Regimes In Horizontal Pipes
M.M. Alhashem, Saudi Aramco
1230-1250 197146 Production & Operations Using Machine Learning-based Predictive Models to Enable Preventative Maintenance and Prevent ESP Downtime N. Jansen van Rensburg, L. Kamin, S. Davis, Siemens AG
Alternate 197399 Management & Information Artificial Intelligence In Autonomous Operation Of Oil And Gas Facilities

H. Devold, ABB AS; R. Fjellheim, Computas AS
Alternate 197484 Projects, Facilities & Construction Pipeline Corrosion Failure Probability Assessment From Qualitative Inspection Leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

K.A. Chowdhury, IDARE LLC; B. Singh, Pragmatica GGS LLC
Alternate 197573 Completions Asset Value Maximization Through A Novel Well Completion System For 3d Time Lapse Electromagnetic Tomography Supported By Machine Learning
P. Dell'Aversana, R. Servodio, F. Bottazzi, C. Carniani, G. Gallino, C. Molaschi, C. Sanasi, Eni SpA
11:30 - 13:00
044  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advancements in Intelligent Completion Design and Performance Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Abdallah Abdulhalim - ADNOC, Hamza Ashraf - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197192 Completions Laser Perforation: The Smart Completion
S.I. Batarseh, D. San Roman Alerigi, A. Al Harith, H.A. Othman, Saudi Aramco
1150-1210 197397 Completions The First Deployment of the Fully-Electrical Intelligent Completion System in 3D Complex ERD Wells in the Caspian Sea T. Kosset, O. Sissenov, S. Novokshenov, K&M Technology Group; A. Niverchuk, Schlumberger; M. Golenkin, V. Zvyagin, R. Nabiullin, A. Dadashev, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
1210-1230 197738 Completions Design and Implementation Challenges for MLLD System S. Kikuchi, K. Fujita, G. Nukanobu, INPEX
Alternate 197207 Completions New PDO Improved Well Design (15K cemented completion) to successfully deliver faster and cheaper complex Deep Gas HPHT Wells H. Al Naabi, A. Al Hinai, A. Al Adawi, H. Al Kiyumi, M. Al Aghbari, M.T. Al Abri, I.H. Al Suleimani, N.M. Al Busaidi, M. Al Humaimi, H.A. Youssef, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197478 Completions First Retrievable Application Of Lower Completion Stimulation Technology

S. Almaawali, K. Kumar, Z. Awang, Petroleum Development Oman; V. Duvenhage, Fishbones
Alternate 197460 Completions Integrated Downhole Multiphase Flowmeter And Autonomous Inflow Control Valve

A. Bjerke, H. Aakre, V. Mathiesen, InflowControl
11:30 - 13:00
045  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Step Change in Drilling Efficiency Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Anurag Sharma - Schlumberger, Phillip T Campbell - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197231 Drilling Recognition and Mitigation of the BHA Lateral Vibration Chatter Mode J.R. Bailey, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions; H. Lathi, ExxonMobil Services & Technology Private Limited; M.T. Prim, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC); A.D. Carson, M. Tenny, G.S. Payette, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions
1150-1210 197837 Drilling First Commercial Use Of New Steerable Liner Drilling Technology Delivers Early Returns For North Slope Operator

S. Grymalyuk, T. Regener, R. Mensch, P. Canizares, T. Miller, Baker Hughes; G.S. Hobbs, A. Marushack, J.C. Njoku, C.L. Alvord, S.D. Robinson, ConocoPhillips
1210-1230 197481 Drilling Numerical Modeling and Experimental Validation of a Wellbore Cleanliness Concept During Connection Time A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger
1230-1250 197770 Drilling Linerless Casing Design. A Success Story of Synergy, Strong Planning and Flawless Execution Proving For The First Time That a Significant Reduction in Well Construction Time is Possible in Nasr Field, ADNOC Offshore, UAE E. Cantarelli, Schlumberger; M.G. Ahmed, ADNOC Offshore; P. Benny, Schlumberger; A. Alharbi, A. Ibrahim, Y. Alhammadi, M. Alzaabi, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197579 Completions Geomechanical Approach Lead To Successfully Improving Wellbore Stability And Drilling Rate In Kuqa Depression In Tarim Basin Z. Cai, H. Zhang, F. Yuan, G. Yin, H. Wang, Tarim Oilfield Company,PetroChina
Alternate 197959 Drilling How Rethinking the Drilling System, from the Drillbit to the Drillstring and the Drilling Fluid Addressed a Threatening Casing Wear and Turned a Difficult 6-in. Section Into a Perfect 6-in. Sidetrack S. Labrousse, Schlumberger; H. Guner, C. Kauffmann, Equinor ASA; A. Caycedo, Schlumberger; J. Opsahl, Tomax AS; R. Atallah, WWT International Engineering Services; T.A. Hatleseth, KCA Deutag Drilling Norge AS; R.H. Moldekleiv, M. Nokland, O. Andreassen, B. Nyborg, Schlumberger
Alternate 197424 Drilling Lean Thinking And Gap To Potential: Achieving Breakthrough Well Delivery Performance

F. Al Busaidi, F. Al Hinai, Petroleum Development Oman
11:30 - 13:00
046  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Gas Exploration and Appraisal Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Abdessalem Abba - Weatherford International, Ahmed Rashed Al Hanaee - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197831 Drilling Full-Automated Managed Pressure Drilling System facilitates unlocking unconventional gas reservoir potential in United Arab Emirates K. Al Hadidy, ADNOC; I. Hamdy, ADNOC Onshore; M.K. Al Samahi, ADNOC; A. Hadj-Moussa, M. Saleh, Weatherford International
1150-1210 197884 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating Seismic Rock Properties Modeling And Inversion To Characterize A Complex Biogenic Gas Reservoir With Limited Seismic Information: Onshore Abu Dhabi, Case Study E.N. Omonigho, A.R. Al Hanaee, R. Khan, R. Kurniawan, A.F. Abdelaal, M. Sameer, ADNOC
1210-1230 197838 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Petrophysical Evaluation Of Shale Gas Reservoirs: A Field Case Study Of Marcellus Shale L. Yildirim, J.Y. Wang, D. Elsworth, Pennsylvania State University
1230-1250 197957 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review of The Lower Khuff Reservoir Petrophysical Classification, Offshore Abu Dhabi S.S. Aleissaee, A.M. Serry, H. Bu Futaim, D.M. Benzamia, ADNOC Offshore
11:30 - 13:00
047  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Dynamic Formation Evaluation Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Ahmet C. Aki - Halliburton, Abdelwahab Noufal - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197134 Production & Operations Kuwait’s First Memory Production Logging in Horizontal Section Conveyed with Normal Coiled Tubing, Challenges, Risk Assessment and Solution H. Almohammad, Kuwait Oil Company; H. Ayyad, Schlumberger; A. Sultan, N. Rane, Kuwait Oil Company; K. Abdulrahim, Schlumberger; M. Bumajdad, Kuwait Oil Company; M. Mehraj, Schlumberger; A. Al-Hamdan, N. Al-Mutairi, A. Al-Khamis, A. Al-Derbass, Kuwait Oil Company
1150-1210 197315 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enabling Production Logging in Commingled Flow during HPHT DSTs allows Critical Dynamic Data Integration for the Khuff formation in the UAE N.S. Sookram, Schlumberger; S. Steiner, M.A. Basioni, P. Menon, ADNOC Upstream; R. Noble, B. Al Afeefi, G. Jabbour, M. Yaacoub, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197883 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Building More Accurate Models For Different Reservoir Types Using Interval And Interference Pressure Transient Testing
M. Zeybek, Schlumberger
1230-1250 197901 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 3D Petrophysical and Geomechanical View for Enhancing Hydraulic Fracturing of Horizontals and Highly Deviated Wells O.S. Al Isaee, J.C. Florez, Petroleum Development Oman; N. Ali, Schlumberger; R. AL Ghatrifi, M. Al-Yaqoubi, A. AL Abri, M. AL Hinai, Petroleum Development Oman
11:30 - 13:00
048  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Rock Physics and Geomechanics for Conventional Reservoirs Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Sukyeon Hwang - ADNOC Onshore, Aurifullah Vantala - ADNOC HQ
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197371 Reservoir Description & Dynamics “Modelling Of Permeability And Strain Evolution In Chemical Creep Compaction Experiments With Fractured And Unfractured Chalk Cores Conducted At Reservoir Conditions”

E. Kallesten, P. Oesteboe Andersen, D. Berawala, R.I. Korsnes, M.V. Madland, University of Stavanger; The National IOR Centre of Norway; E. Omdal, ConocoPhillips; U. Zimmermann, University of Stavanger; The National IOR Centre of Norway
1150-1210 197630 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Innovations in 3D Finite Element Assessments of Well Integrity — A Case Study for an ADNOC Onshore Field M.A. Al Hosani, R. Masoud, H. Al Beshr, M. Latif, S. Al Hammadi, I. Nabil, A. Al Bairaq, A. Al-Ameri, ADNOC Onshore; G. Nasreldin, Q. Ni, A. Rodriguez-Herrera, H. El Mubasher, M. Vazquez, R. Sinha, S. Subbiah, A. Hussein, B. Karamalla, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197174 Production & Operations Multi-Scale Compaction Well Operability Limits J. Garzon, S. Hsu, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; K. Shenoy, ExxonMobil Bengaluru Technology Center; M. Tenny, H. Meier, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
1230-1250 197546 Drilling Geomechanics Integration To Optimize Waterflood Injection Using PWRI Fracture Modeling S. Mahajan, C. Behera, G. Hemink, L. Hamdoun, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197710 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Laboratory Based Geomechanical Investigation Of Mechanical Response To Depletion And Injection For Reservoir Management

A. Noufal, ADNOC Upstream; Z.A. El Wazir, N. Al Madani, ADNOC Onshore; A. Shinde, S. Perumalla, Baker Hughes; M. Aldin, S. Govindarajan, D. Gokaraju, Meta Rock
Alternate 197194 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Integration Enables Successful Drilling And Geomechanical Data Acquisition Across Faults In A Middle East Carbonate Reservoir

A.I. Jaiyeola, ADNOC Onshore; A. Kutty, G. Bloch, M.A. Baslaib, B. Ateeq, M. Ahmad, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197666 Drilling Using Shear Wave Anisotropy Approach To Determine State Of Stress Around The Wellbore From Advanced Acoustic Well Logging; Case Study From Southern Iraq

H. Dahm, University of Misan; A.K. Abbas, Iraqi Drilling Company; M.A. Alhumairi, University of Misan; M. Alsaba, Australian College of Kuwait; H.Q. Mohammed, Basrah Oil Company; N. Al-Hamad, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
049  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Intelligent Diagnostics to Predict Events and Take Action Before They Occur - 2 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Houssam Al Din Sabry - ADNOC LNG, Ricardo Cesar Bezerra De Melo - Repsol S.A.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197333 Projects, Facilities & Construction Rotating Equipment - AI Machine Learning Predictive Analytics & Diagnostics S. Kamal Abdalla, ADNOC Gas Processing
1150-1210 197916 Projects, Facilities & Construction Condition monitoring of critical systems using enhanced Partial Stroke Testing technology and smart solenoid valves. R. Harvey, IMI Precision Engineering
1210-1230 197911 Management & Information Real-time Monitoring And Predictive Failure Identification For Electrical Submersible Pumps

A.S. Bhardwaj, R. Saraf, G. Nair, S. Vallabhaneni, Halliburton
Alternate 197562 Projects, Facilities & Construction Oil Spill Detection, Thickness Evaluation With Radar, Optical And Infrared Sensors

M. Loell Vinther, MIROS Group
Alternate 197139 Management & Information From HAZOP Automation to Intelligent Real-Time Operator Decision Support by Means of Multilevel Flow Modelling C.M. Myllerup, Kairos Technology; J. Wu, X. Zhang, M. Lind, Technical University of Denmark
11:30 - 13:00
050  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: EPC: Strategies for Successful Project Execution Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Omar Kamal - BP, Mohamed Yehia Ameen - ADNOC Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197745 Projects, Facilities & Construction Improving Project Delivery Using Virtual Reality In Design Reviews - A Case Study

W. Ghadban, V. Kozina, B. Kelly, SNC-Lavalin
1150-1210 197761 Projects, Facilities & Construction FEED Competition For Mega Upstream Projects S. Al Ali, S. Al Habshi, A. Al Ashqar, S.A. Bin Ruken, ADNOC - Al Yasat Petroleum Operation Company Ltd
1210-1230 197742 Projects, Facilities & Construction Overcoming the Challenges of Designing, Developing, and Operating LNG Plants in an Arctic Environment S. Wildman, Siemens AG
1230-1250 197971 Projects, Facilities & Construction Best Practices In Risk Based Safety Studies Methodology - Impact On EPC Project Cost And Schedule S. Al Dhaheri, A.N. Jha, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
Alternate 197580 Projects, Facilities & Construction One Plot - Multiple Geotechnical Solutions
K. Perumal, K. Adel, I. Al Awadhi, ADNOC Gas Processing
11:30 - 13:00
051  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Data-Driven Identification of Reservoir Parameters Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Luigi Alfonso Saputelli - ADNOC, Michael Stundner - myr:conn solutions
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197203 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Automation of Steady-State Fractional Flow Upscaling in Stratified and Random Rock Type Structures T. Ramsay, Halliburton
1150-1210 197972 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Intelligent Identification of Least-Connected Components of Reservoir Simulation Models M. Rogowski, S.N. Kayum, Saudi Aramco
1210-1230 197702 Production & Operations Automated & Enriched Reservoir Inflow Performance Relationship Expedites Massive Wells Diagnosis To Assist Production Engineering Decision Making, Maximize Efficiency And Overall Asset Performance R.S. Davila, S.A. Caicedo, E.A. Rubio, ADNOC Onshore
1230-1250 197129 Management & Information A Subsurface Sectorization Workflow For Assessing Reservoir Properties, Screening For Remaining Hydrocarbon Volumes And Ranking Of EOR Methods To Improve the Reservoir Ultimate Recovery Factor N. Gerges, ADNOC Upstream; J. Rihet, S. Walley, Emerson
Alternate 197126 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Algorithm For Automated Identification Of Waterflood Pattern Elements
I. Ignatov, SGS Subsurface Consultancy
Alternate 197654 Management & Information Reservoir Inter-well Connectivity Analysis Based On A Data Driven Method W. Liu, W.D. Liu, J. Gu, China University of Petroleum(East China)
Alternate 197762 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Hybrid ARIMA - Decision Tree Algorithm in Reservoir Pressure Surveillance I.I. Mohd Fuad, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS; L. Rosli, H. Husni, Consurv Technic
11:30 - 13:00
052  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Innovative Solutions Overcome Offshore Environment Complexity Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore, Sara Thabet - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197426 Projects, Facilities & Construction Innovative Process Safety Solutions For Optimizations Of Offshore Platforms - EPC Contractor’S Experience S. Al Dhaheri, A. Jha, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1150-1210 197655 Projects, Facilities & Construction Cost Effective Structural Extension of Shallow Water Wellhead-cum-Production Platforms with Concept of Partial Jacket J. Shah, P.K. Chatterjee, Dragon Oil Holdings Ltd
1210-1230 197341 Projects, Facilities & Construction Gas Development And Monetization Via Floating Facilities (FLNG, FCNG, FGTL and FSRU) I. Yussoff, PETRONAS
1230-1250 197310 Projects, Facilities & Construction Solution of Suspending Submarine Pipeline with Bionic Protective Technology S. Liang, W. Sun, F. Luo, CNPC Research Institute of Safety & Environment Technology
Alternate 197753 Projects, Facilities & Construction Parametric Study On Wind Fatigue Life Of Long Span Flare-Boom Based On Directional Input Parameters To Harris Wind Spectra And Selection Of Wind Blocks S. Samant, R.K. Agrawal, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 3: Addressing the Human Capital Challenge—Recruiting for Oil and Gas 4.0 and the Millennial Managed Organisation Hall A
Moderator(s) Anis Shekha, BP
Speaker(s) Aseel Humoodi, Borouge; Mark Heerink, FLUOR; Bushra Al BuAli, Occidental of Oman; Isabell Hametner, OMV; Fabrice Bouchard, Schlumberger; Carolina Pretzel, Total

Panel Chair(s):

Anis Shekha
HR Manager
BP Abu Dhabi

Panel Speaker(s):

Aseel Humoodi
Human Capital and Administration

Mark Heerink
VP for Business Development & Strategy

Bushra Al BuAli
Compensation & HRIS Manager
Occidental of Oman

Isabell Hametner
SVP Human Resources

Fabrice Bouchard
HR Director
Workforce Planning and Talent Management

Carolina Pretzel
Vice President Career Management
Total E&P, Paris

The world is changing. The oil and gas industry is changing. So, we also need to change to stay competitive and deliver our strategies. We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products thanks to the digitisation of manufacturing. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing.  While many organisations might still be in denial about how Industry 4.0 could impact their business or struggling to find the talent or knowledge to know how to best adapt it for their unique use cases, several others are implementing changes today and preparing for a future where smart machines improve their business.

People see the oil industry as pretty stodgy and old-fashioned and we need to really understand how we can interact in a digital world. The rate of change is exponential, as is the scope of digital, too, because digital is disrupting every industry in the world. It’s not a threat, but a massive opportunity, and we as a sector have got to transform, to become simpler and sustainable. We need help to do this and we need to learn. Organisations need to be ambitious about becoming the digital organisation in the industry and to do that they need to attract bright, tech-savvy people.  We need the right people and capabilities, and a strategic approach to resourcing. The integration of digital technology in oil and gas will dramatically change the skills needed in the industry to be successful. It will also allow companies to focus their recruiting and hiring efforts on a smaller pool of qualified individuals for key roles.

The large number of oil, gas, and petrochemical business employees expected to retire in the next few years along with anticipated industry growth has reinforced the need to attract younger workers. The industry will look to the millennial generation to fill roles and support expansion.  Millennials, also labeled “Generation Y” are defined as those born roughly between 1980 and 2004. Millennials have an unmatched characteristic of unwavering self-confidence, a better understanding, and usage of technology, which will enable them to position themselves to understand and conquer future challenges within the complex industry of oil and gas. Currently, millennials account for nearly one-third of the oil and gas industry’s workforce.

A long-term recruiting strategy is the best solution to address the human capital deficit issues once and for all. The strategy includes building strong internal and external mechanisms through strategic partnerships with various institutions such as educational and government bodies; building a strong reputation for the industry to attract young talent and for students to consider this a career choice. Furthermore, the strategy should include using various methods of recruitment while keeping in mind the different types of talent pools and generational differences as well as the current recruitment trends. Lastly, the strategy should add value to the employees as well as to the organisation. Successful implementation of all these factors would lead to a sustainable recruiting strategy for the oil and natural gas industry.

The next generation of employees and leaders have different interests and expectations than most current workers. To extract the best work from their employees, oil and gas companies will need to engage and inspire their people. This may mean identifying a collective purpose and strategic vision, integrating digital competencies and leadership, or even integrating mindfulness programmes that boost each individual’s contributions. Furthermore, companies may integrate new collaboration and communication technologies to enhance employee experiences, assess and coach employee teams to improve performance or even reconfigure the physical workforce environment to heighten teaming abilities. Each of these levers can enrich a company’s workforce, with the aim of improving overall company performance.

14:00 - 15:30
053  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Case Studies for Capitalising on Reservoir Surveillance Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Medhat K. Abdou - ADNOC Onshore, Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197841 Reservoir Description & Dynamics ADNOC's Reservoir Compliance Framework Pivotal to U.A.E Production Sustainability M. Al Beshr, M.N. Khan, R.D. Mohan, M. Abdou, M. Al Marzouqi, A. Al Katheeri, M. Al Nuaimi, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
1420-1440 197419 Production & Operations Saturation Forecast Using Machine Learning: Enabling Smarter Decision-making Capabilities

S. Saumya, J. Vij, I. Khambra, A. Kumar, Schlumberger
1440-1500 197142 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Artificial-intelligence-based, Automated Decline Curve Analysis for Reservoir Performance Management: A Giant Sandstone Reservoir Case Study A. Kianinejad, R. Kansao, A.F. Maqui, R.T. Kadlag, G. Hetz, F. Ibrahima, V.S. Suicmez, H. Darabi, D. Castineira, Quantum Reservoir Impact LLC
1500-1520 197952 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Co-Development Of Oil Rim And Gas Cap For Offshore Reservoir In Cost Effective Manner Through Integration Of Multi-disciplinary Data M.K. Al Hammadi, A.K. Sinha, H.M. Zakaria, P. Agrawal, B. Al Badi, S.D. Al-Hassani, S.N. Ahmed, O.A. Mohammed Khan, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197218 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Modelling Using Spatio-temporal Unsupervised Learning And Integrated Visualization

S. Simha, P. Tummala, V. Kumar, M. Singhal, M. Viswanathan, Shell India Markets Private Ltd; R.S. Kawar, Shell International Exploration & Production; H. Dijk, Shell Global Solutions UK
14:00 - 15:30
054  HSE: Minimising Environmental Footprint Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Haitham Yahyai - Petroleum Development Oman, Muhammad Tayab - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197415 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Challenges and Opportunities to Reduce Flaring at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities - Highlights of Petroleum Development Oman's Strategy as an International Best Practice H. Agrawal, Petroleum Development Oman
1420-1440 197860 Completions Zero Flaring - An Innovative Approach For Wells Acid Stimulation And Clean Up In Challenging Operating Environment A. Mohd Nazri, F. Yahaya, M. Musa, Z.B. Salleh, M. Jasmani, A. Abit, M. Aman Shah, M. Kamaludeen, PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding B.V.
1440-1500 197521 Completions Predicting Mean Time To Failure In Horizontal
Wells Through Metal Loss Analysis And Produced Water Composition

B.A. Ofori, M. Wei, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology; E.H. Al-Kamil, University of Basrah
1500-1520 197783 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility From Data To Actionable Insight: Monitoring Fugitive Methane Emissions At Oil And Gas Facilities Using Satellites J. Gauthier, S. Germain, GHGSat
Alternate 197727 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility A New Methodology For Total Gas Monitoring To Improve Well Safety Assurance E. Shahini, L. Nonno, Baker Hughes; A. Zanchi, V. Pozzovivo, SNAM – STOGIT S.P.A. Company
Alternate 197357 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Non Routine Flaring In Upstream Oil And Gas Industry Root Causes And Mitigations

M.M. Al Kamali, Petroleum Development Oman; O. Houache, H. Abdellatif Hasan, S.A. Abdul-Wahab, Sultan Qaboos University; H. Agrawal, Petroleum Development Oman
14:00 - 15:30
055  IOR/EOR: Advancement in Gas-based EOR Processes Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Aaesha Al Keebali - ADNOC Upstream, Ismail Mostafa Mostafa - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197640 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Preparations For Foam Gas Shut Off In Carbonate Reservoirs
A. Skauge, University of Bergen; M.G. Aarra, P. Ormehaug, J. Solbakken, NORCE; K. Mogensen, S.K. Masalmeh, ADNOC
1420-1440 197407 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluating Foam Stability Using Tailored Water Chemistry For Gas Mobility Control Applications
Z.A. Al-Yousef, S.C. Ayirala, Saudi Aramco; A. Gizzatov, Aramco Services Company; S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197344 Reservoir Description & Dynamics An Accurate and Reliable Correlation to Determine CO2/Crude oil MMP for High-Temperature Reservoirs in Abu Dhabi M. Alshuaibi, S. Farzaneh, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University; K. Mogensen, ADNOC HQ
1500-1520 197501 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Miscible N2 EOR in a Giant High Temperature Complex Carbonate Reservoir S. Xu, K. Mogensen, B. Al Shehhi, M. Mabrook, A. A. BinAmro, ADNOC Upstream
Alternate 197345 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Miscible Gas Injection In Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs With Extensive Baffles

C. Wei, PetroChina Co. Ltd.; Y. Wang, Texas A&M University at Qatar; B. Li, PetroChina; J. Zhang, PetroChina International Ltd.; W. Zhang, China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Company Ltd.; J. Wu, PetroChina
Alternate 197868 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Comparative Analysis Of Intelligent Algorithms To Predict Minimum Miscibility Pressure For Hydrocarbon Gas Flooding

M.R. Khan, S. Kalam, R.A. Khan, Z. Tariq, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 197821 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rule-Based Systematic EOR Screening Methodology for ADNOC Oil Reservoirs K. Mogensen, A. Al Keebali, ADNOC HQ
14:00 - 15:30
056  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: Advanced Machine Learning in Reservoir Characterisation Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Praveen Agnihotri - ADNOC Onshore, Atul Vispute - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197454 Production & Operations Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Measure Gas Flow Rate, Bongkot Asset

T. Ketmalee, J. Sirisawadwattana, T. Piyajunya, K. Ngamkamollert, P. Bandyopadhyay, J. Whangkitjamorn, PTTEP
1420-1440 197536 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advances In Surface-wave Analysis Using Single Sensor Seismic Data And Deep Neural Network Algorithm For Near Surface Characterization T. Alyousuf, D. Colombo, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197382 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Generic Method For Acoustic Processing Using Deep Learning
S. Kisra, Schlumberger; B. Khadhraoui, TOTAL; S. Sable, Schlumberger; L. Lu Duc Duong, ERECOM
1500-1520 197648 Reservoir Description & Dynamics CLONNE Modeling, A Novel Core and Log Prediction Through Artificial Neural Network M. C A Razak, K. Binti Khalid, S. Sutiyono, J. M Shah, M. Md Zainuri, Petronas
Alternate 197457 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Deep Learning for a Fast and Accurate Prediction of Complex Carbonate Rock Permeability from 3D micro-CT Images M. Tembely, Khalifa University; A.M. AlSumaiti, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Alternate 197780 Management & Information Integrating Digital Image Processing And Machine Learning For Estimating Rock Texture Characterization From Thin Section E. Alkamil, University of Basrah; A.K. Abbas, Iraq Drilling Company; H. Almubarak, King Saud University
Alternate 197140 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unsupervised Learning Analysis of a Multi-parameter Geophysical Database for Abu Dhabi Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Z. B. Ashena, H. Kabirzadeh, X. Wang, University of Calgary; M. Ali, Khalifa University; G. Lee, Korea Gas Corporation; I. Woo, Kunsan National University; J. Kim, University of Calgary
14:00 - 15:30
057  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Well Integrity Management Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Mazen Doha - ExxonMobil, Mahmoud Elgizawy - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197807 Drilling Consolidated Approach for Effective Zonal Isolation, Evaluation and Remediation. A. Yugay, A. Nestyagin, S. Vorozhikhin, M. Silchenok, H.B. Daghmouni, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 197560 Production & Operations Enhanced Well Remedial Decisions From Exact Location Of Fluid Movement Behind Casing Identification
M.B. Croon, P.M. Huber, J.T. Wright, Weatherford
1440-1500 197413 Completions Largest Liner Hanger Ever Installed Worldwide.
E.S. Gomez, R. Rodriguez, I. Obi, Saudi Aramco; A.J. Bolivar, TIW Dril-Quip
1500-1520 197458 Drilling A Novel Approach Towards Cementing Design Achieved Significant Improvement In Long Term Zonal Isolation.
A.A. Suleiman, B. Hilal, P.R. Paila, S. Abdalhadi, Baker Hughes; K. Alwahedi, R. Alkindi, A. Al Marzooqi, M. Khalifa, B. El Atrache, R. Singh, H. Ghulam, ADNOC
Alternate 197681 Drilling Scratch Test for Strength and Toughness of Oil Well Cement With Nanoclay as an Additive M. Murtaza, M.K. Rahman, A.A. Al-Majed, Z. Tariq, M.A. Mahmoud, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
14:00 - 15:30
058  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Extended Reach Technology Beyond MRC Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Emad Mohamed Diab - Halliburton, Fouad Mohamed Abdussalam - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197418 Completions Advanced ERD Lower Completion Technology Performance Update in a Giant Offshore Field UAE R. Sau, A.A. Amin, Y. Ali, A. Mohamed Al Tamimi, A. Kiyoumi, Z. Wang, J. Wills, ADNOC Offshore
1420-1440 197930 Drilling Casing Stretch Simulation in Extended Reach Wells Prevents Unintentional Blockage of Flow Path While Displacing the Slurries to the Annulus in a Primary Cement Job M. Corona, Schlumberger; A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger Trinidad Inc.; S. Sebbane, Schlumberger Middle East; B. Jain, Schlumberger
1440-1500 197926 Production & Operations Carbon Composite Rod Deployment System Enables Surveillance And Intervention Operations In Extended Reach, Maximum Reservoir Contact Wells That Were Previously Inaccessible.
D. Troup, Archer
1500-1520 197908 Production & Operations Maximizing Coiled Tubing Reach For Intervention And Production Logging Applications - A Comprehensive Review And Analysis Of Current And Novel Tractoring Mechanisms In Cased And Openhole Extended Reach Wells

A. Saeed, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197549 Drilling Downhole Temperature Management in Slim ERD Wells A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger
Alternate 197678 Completions Completing Ultra Extended-Reach Wells: Overcoming the Torque and Drag Constraints of Brine A.C. Morrison, N.A. Serov, A. Fahmy, Halliburton
14:00 - 15:30
059  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Geomechanics and Hydraulic Fracturing Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons CHARLES ODAFE ADIGOLO - Al Dhafra Petroleum, Mahmood Al-Oraimi - Petroleum Development Oman
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197169 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Techniques For Continuous Rocks
Elastic Properties Profile And Geomechanical Characterization
M. Hussain, Baker Hughes; A.O. Amao, A. Muqtadir, K. Al-Ramadan, L. Babalola, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; G. Jin, Baker Hughes
1420-1440 197447 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geomechanical Characterization Of A Tight Formation In The Sultanate Of Oman: Role Of Heterogeneity And High Angle Bedding In The Predictability Of Stimulation Models

A. Ghadimipour, C. Barton, R.H. Guises, S. Perumalla, G. Izadi, J.A. Franquet, Baker Hughes; S. Mahrooqi, A. Dobroskok, M. Shaibani, Petroleum Development Oman
1440-1500 197133 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Numerical Investigation Of Non-Darcy Flow Regime Transitions In Shale Gas Production D.S. Berawala, P. Andersen, University of Stavanger
1500-1520 197551 Completions Case Study: Enhance Fracture Complexity And SRV For Strong Heterogenous Shale Reservoir In Weiyuan Gas-field, SW China L. Zeng, Downhole Service Company, CCDC, CNPC; Z. Liu, Southwest Petroleum University; Y. Zheng, Downhole Service Company, CCDC, CNPC
14:00 - 15:30
060  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Applications of Data Driven Analytics in GeoScience Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Luigi Alfonso Saputelli - ADNOC, Mauro Jasse - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197255 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Carbonate Lithology Identification With Machine Learning

T. Nanjo, S. Tanaka, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
1420-1440 197906 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Clustering Analysis And Flow Zone Indicator For Electrofacies Characterization In The Upper Shale Member In Luhais Oil Field, Southern Iraq
M.A. Abbas, E.M. Al Lawe, Basra Oil Company
1440-1500 197651 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rock Classification Based on Micro-CT Images Using Machine Learning Techniques A. Shaik, A. Al-Ratrout, A. Alsumaiti, ADNOC; A. Jilani, DataRobot
1500-1520 197439 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Machine-Learning to Construct Simulation Models from High-Resolution Fractured Formation R.K. Santoso, X. He, H. Hoteit, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Alternate 197919 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Neural Network Assisted Seismic Velocity Editing

B. Simha, J. Goudswaard, P. Devarakota, P. Somawanshi, Shell India Markets Private Ltd
Alternate 197684 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Machine Learning Tool to Separate Overlapping Fluid Components on NMR T2 Distributions: Case Studies from Laboratory Displacement Experiment and Well Logs P.A. Romero, Weatherford; M. Rincón, Selva Maria Oil; P. Netto, B. Coutinho, Petrobras
14:00 - 15:30
061  E&P GEOSCIENCE: New Exploration Plays Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Haruo Kojima - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd., Abdulla M. A. Seliem - Oxy Oil & Gas Corp
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197213 Management & Information New Growth in an Old Basin: Successful Implementation of PDO’s Exploration Strategy in a Downturn N. Feast, S. Rawahi, M. Mazrui, Petroleum Development Oman
1420-1440 197282 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Biogenic Gas Potential in Abu Dhabi A. Taher, A. Al Hanaee, B. Franco, A. Chitrao, A. Abdelaal, D. Popa, ADNOC
1440-1500 197145 Reservoir Description & Dynamics High Risk Exploration in a Hypermature Hydrocarbon Basin: An Example from the Vienna Pull-apart Basin, Austria. A. Beidinger, V. Schuller, OMV Exploration and Production; K. Decker, University of Vienna
1500-1520 197389 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Geophysics and Geology in a Complex Area, Gulf Of Suez L. de Vincenzi, H. Ellen, A. Khamis, J.P. van Dijk, Dragon Oil; R. Sabetian, C.G.G Services
Alternate 197890 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hydrocarbon Exploration Potential in Migration Pathways A. Taher, ADNOC
Alternate 197886 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hydrocarbon Belts A. Noufal, H. Parra, ADNOC
14:00 - 15:30
062  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Equipment Strategy and Reliability Analysis - 1 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197823 Projects, Facilities & Construction Investigating the Chronic High Temperature Reading on the Lube Oil System of Water Injection Pumps H.M. Alshaghab, Saudi Aramco
1420-1440 197677 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility In-line Flame Arrester Application Limits and Matrix Concept for Process Plant Safety from Flash Back of Thermal Combustion Units M. Davies, Braunschweiger Flammenfilter Gmbh (Protego)
1500-1520 197953 Projects, Facilities & Construction Tandem Dry Gas Seals Design and Maintenance Considerations for Enhanced Reliability and Performance G. Kamal, PETRONAS
Alternate 197125 Projects, Facilities & Construction Compressor Package: Failure Analysis & Reliability Enhancement A.M. Khalaf, ADNOC Offshore; I. Barsoum, Khalifa University; I. Kobbia, A. Toubar, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197220 Projects, Facilities & Construction Predicting LNG Loading Arms Structural Bearings Condition M.V. Nistor, ADNOC LNG
14:00 - 15:30
063  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Best Practices to Optimize Project Energy Utilisation Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Toshio Matsunaga - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197288 Projects, Facilities & Construction Operations Readiness and Assurance - A Practical Example U.A. Khan, OMV Abu Dhabi
1420-1440 197505 Projects, Facilities & Construction Understanding Erosion Patterns as Potential Sites for Corrosion Proliferation M. Noui Mehidi, W.O. Badeghaish, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197171 Projects, Facilities & Construction “Fit for Future” Challenge - Optimizing the Specifications T. Narasimhan, K.M. Mathew, K. Adel, I. Al Awadhi, ADNOC Gas Processing
1500-1520 197234 Management & Information Application of New Generation Transformer Harmonic Filter Hybrid Solution T. Orlowski, L. Jasinski, Elhand
14:00 - 15:30
064  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Big Data Technology Applications Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Emre Artun - Middle East Technical University Cyprus, Nicholas Singh - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197649 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Real Time Data Analytics for Process Safety Governance-Case Study M. Mahmood, M.K. Panwar, PETRONAS
1420-1440 197670 Management & Information Towards Real-Time Edge Analytics - A Survey Literature Review of Real-Time Data Acquisition Evolution in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry B.R. Djamaluddin, T. Jovin, B. Nugraha, Petrolink
1440-1500 197530 Drilling Big Data Insight Towards Well Planning, A Case Study M. Akoum, R.B. Enrique, A. Izmeqna, S.A. Nuaimi, A. Waheed, P. Kumar, ADNOC Onshore
1500-1520 197386 Management & Information Towards a Self-serving Big Data Analytics Platform for Oil and Gas G. Farah, A. Ocampo, E. Gutierrez, Ecopetrol
Alternate 197541 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characteristics of iX1 Digital Acquisition System Z. Li, W. Yan, L. Huang, Y. Xia, M. Yang, BGP Inc., CNPC
Alternate 197852 Management & Information Establishing State of the art Unified Technical Data Center to Harness the Power of Legacy Data for Future Opportunities - An E&P Success Story in Sharjah, UAE S. Jain, M.A. Al Hamadi, N. Stewart, Sharjah National Oil Corporation; S.M. Khan, M.A. Malik, LMKR
Alternate 197369 Management & Information Seismic Data Management for Big Data Era A. Pal, Schlumberger; P. Kumar, F. Shah, ADNOC Onshore
14:00 - 15:30
065  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Offshore Digital Transformation and Innovations Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197184 Management & Information Shwe Offshore Gas Field Development, Myanmar - A Case Study N. Kumar, P.K. Mitra, GAIL (India)
1420-1440 197698 Production & Operations An Integrated Optimization Model for CO2 Rich, High Temperature and High Pressure, Boundary Water Gas Field Group L. Guo, Y. Yang, L. Ma, Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting, China National Petroleum Corporation
1440-1500 197933 Management & Information Critical Offshore Pre-engineering Survey Guidelines for Early Jackets J. Athmaram, A. Srinivasan, A.A. Al Sayari, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197324 Projects, Facilities & Construction EPC Contractor’s Strategies for Timely Completion of Offshore Brownfield Projects K.M. Onojeta, K.K. Karuppusamy, R.K. Agrawal, F.R. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company

Wednesday, November 13

09:30 - 11:00
Panel Session 4: Creating Industry Partnerships to Maximise Operational and Commercial Value Hall A
Moderator(s) Ali Al Janabi, Shell
Speaker(s) Ziad Younes, BUTEC; Ranaa Riyamy, Occidental; Houda Dabboussi, Shell; Kyle Chapman, Weatherford International

Panel Chair(s):

Ali Al Janabi
Country Chair Abu Dhabi

Panel Speaker(s):

Ziad Younes

Ranaa Riyamy
Director Major Projects

Houda Dabboussi
Vice President Commercial & NBD for MENA

Kyle Chapman
President Production

According to the IEA 2018 energy outlook the global energy demand is set to grow by 25% between today and 2040 with oil and gas constituting a minimum of 50% of this energy demand. However the backdrop of price volatility in the second half of 2018, other technological (and digital) market disruptions and the demands by society for a reduction in GHG emissions leave energy companies confronting a turning point that requires setting different strategies to thrive in uncertain times.

A relentless focus to extract more value from projects and assets through innovation, increased operational efficiencies, and reduced capital and operating expenditures is therefore a must.

Going it alone is not an option, this will require value-based collaborations across the industry.

09:30 - 11:00
066  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Integrated Reservoir Modelling & Simulation Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Kassem Ghorayeb - American University of Beirut, Manal Albishr - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197701 Production & Operations Dynamic Wellbore Modeling for Multilayered Gas Condensate Wells With Water Vapor Content Using Olga: A Case Study in Camisea Field. J. Dorival Vargas, P. Zuloaga Molero, E. Segama Candiotti, Pluspetrol Peru Corp.; E. Gomez, Schlumberger
0950-1010 197659 Production & Operations Holistic Approach to Prolong Giant Onshore Abu Dhabi Gas Field Production Plateau and Optimize CAPEX/OPEX Using an Integrated Asset Model as a Digital Twin M. Mohamed Latif, ADNOC Onshore; M.M. Bedewi, A. Abdullayev, Halliburton; N. Al Saadi, B. Mohammed Saleem, A. Al Bairaq, A. Al-Ameri, ADNOC Onshore
1010-1030 197280 Management & Information An Integrated Approach to Optimize Field Development Plan Based on Uncertainty Analysis in a Giant Offshore Field W. Zhao, A.K. Al-Neaimi, A.B. Sarsekov, O. Saif, A.A. Abed, M.H. Al-feky, ADNOC Offshore
1030-1050 197583 Production & Operations Field Testing an Accurate, Non-nuclear, Inline Wet Gas Multiphase Meter G. Annamalai, D.J. Rodriguez, M.E. Soto, Weatherford International
Alternate 197383 Production & Operations Actual Well Performance Identification and Production Efficiency Enhancement and Sustainability in a Brown Field A.Y. Aladsani, A. Alghafli, S.H. Al-Kaabi, K. Mcneilly, M.J. Akhtar, ADNOC Onshore; D. Tripathi, H. Alkuwaiti, S. Soni, J.G. Isambertt, Weatherford International
Alternate 197379 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Top-Down View of Field Development Plans, Integrated Reservoir Performance and Production Sustainability Assurance S. Tahir, S.A. Al Kindi, ADNOC; K. Ghorayeb, American University of Beirut; E. Haryanto, A. Shah, S. Yersaiyn, S.J. Su, S. Ali, Schlumberger
Alternate 197395 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Extending the Application of Classical Conformance Plot to Assess the Water Flooding Plan E. Haryanto, S. Yersaiyn, I.A. Khattak, A. Shah, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
067  HSE: Health and Human Factors Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Eragbae Aikhoje - Total, Mohannad Mahmoud Khreis - Al-Mansoori Specialized Engineering
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197267 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility HFE Implementation Journey in PDO, Benefits and Challenges A. Al-Rashdi, Petroleum Development Oman
0950-1010 197462 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility The Impact of PV Shades Reducing Heat Stress in the ONG Drilling Industry in the Western Region of the United Arab Emirates A.H. Siddique, C.C. Rodrigues, R.J. Simmons, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
1010-1030 197259 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds to Sustain Safe Laboratory Working Environment H. Yonebayashi, K. Sasaya, T. Watanabe, T. Inamura, A. Kobayashi, T. Iwata, INPEX Corporation
1030-1050 197671 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Proactive Management of Occupational Health Using Fatigue Risk Assessment P. Kulkarni, S.M. Al Hammadi, O. AlZbeidi, M. Al Marzooqi, ADNOC Sour Gas
Alternate 197329 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Human Factors and Performance: Reducing Errors and Improving Safety S. Yaqoob, S. Khan, Siemens
Alternate 197235 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Competency Assessment Of Critical Positions

M.M. Al Muhairi, M.C. Kruger, Borouge
09:30 - 11:00
068  IOR/EOR: Progress in Chemical EOR Methods Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Waleed Al Ameri - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Maged Mabrook - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197261 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Design of Economical Polymer and Surfactant-Polymer Processes in High Temperature Carbonated Um Gudair Kuwaiti Field. N.M. Al-Tameemi, M. Al-Subaihi, H. Al-Mayyan, Kuwait Oil Company; V. Guillon, IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN); R.J. Company, Solvay; S. Bekri, IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN); A.C. Negre, Beicip
0950-1010 197647 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Extending Polymer Flooding Towards High-Temperature and High-Salinity Carbonate Reservoirs S.K. Masalmeh, A. AlSumaiti, ADNOC; N. Gaillard, F. Daguerre, SNF; T. Skauge, Energy Research Norway; A. Skauge, University of Bergen
1010-1030 197658 Projects, Facilities & Construction Treatment of Produced Water with Back Produced ASP M. Battashi, S. Shukaili, S. Al Balushi, K. Al Hatmi, A.N. Al Mashrafi, Petroleum Development Oman
1030-1050 197249 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Alleviation of Scaling Concerns and Controlling of Chemical EOR Under-Performance Risk for a Giant Sandstone Reservoir in North Kuwait M.T. Al-Murayri, D.S. Kamal, M.Y. Khan, H.E. Al-Mayyan, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC); I. Abu Shiekah, G.T. Shahin, S. Shukla, R. Bouwmeester, S. De Kruijf, Shell
Alternate 197804 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Deformable Micro-gel for EOR in High-temperature and Ultra-high-salinity Reservoirs: How to Design the Particle Size of Micro-gel to Achieve its Optimal Match with Pore Throat of Porous Media C. Yuan, W. Pu, Southwest Petroleum University; M.A. Varfolomeev, Kazan Federal University; J. Wei, Research Institute of Oil and Gas Engineering, PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company; S. Zhao, Southwest Petroleum University; L. Cao, China ZhenHua Oil Company
Alternate 197832 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Effect of Temperature on Gas-Oil Relative Permeability: A Review S. Kumar, S. Esmaeili, H.K. Sarma, B.B. Maini, The University of Calgary
Alternate 197840 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Approach for Analysis and Forecasting of Chemical EOR Recoveries in Sultanate of Oman D. Al Mahrouqi, R. Farajzadeh, A. AlKindi, R. Al Mujaini, Petroleum Development Oman
09:30 - 11:00
069  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Gas Plant Design Innovation Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Masroor Ahmad - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Angie Slavens - UniverSUL Consulting
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197269 Projects, Facilities & Construction A Novel Low-cost Process for Sour Gas Sweetening and NGL Recovery N. Rafati, 8 Rivers Capital
0950-1010 197496 Projects, Facilities & Construction Trading Risk for Reliability, Flexibility and Efficiency in NGL Plants T. Patel, S. Tabaza, Atlas Copco Gas and Process
1030-1050 197797 Completions Selection of Tubing and Completion for High Sour HPHT Gas Wells - A Success Story G. Pimenta, A. Adeel Bux, M. Ahmad, M. Baslaib, O. Al Jeelani, ADNOC Onshore; F. Al Rumaithi, N. Turniyazov, ADNOC
Alternate 197354 Projects, Facilities & Construction Auxiliary Boilers Energy Performance Benchmarking W.A. Al Ktebi, S. Sajjad, E. Salem, ADNOC Gas Processing
09:30 - 11:00
070  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advancements and Innovation in Well Intervention - 2 Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Sunil Nikanth Chitre - Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co., Slimane Sebbane - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197842 Production & Operations Innovative use of Capillary String for Halite Cleanout in Sultanate of Oman C. Veeken, A. Alawi, K. Ardia, H. Naabi, N.D. Janusz, Petroleum Development Oman; A. Al Abri, H. Ghanem, Weatherford Oil Tools; A. Ahmed, K.K. Thakur, Schlumberger
0950-1010 197872 Completions Real-time Hybrid Coiled Tubing Service Redefines the Concept of Open Architecture Establishing a New Generation of Diagnostic and Coiled Tubing Intervention V. Vera, C.A. Torres, E. Delgado, C. Pacheco, Halliburton; J. Higuera, M. Torres, Equion Energia Limited
1010-1030 197645 Production & Operations Surface Casing Perforation, Promising and Reliable Solution for Producing Marginal Reserve of Shallow Reservoir Layer in Shallow Gas Prone Tunu Field R.S. Putro, B. Sayogyo, S. Warsito, G. Dahnil, PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam
1030-1050 197853 Production & Operations Successful Deployment of a New Intervention Technology Using a Reinforced, Flexible, High Pressure Hose; A World First K.M. John, M.L. Morkved, Total; I. Grannes, J. Haugvaldstad, S. Steinsholm, Expro Norway
Alternate 197212 Production & Operations Integrated Engineered Solution for Realtime Thru-tubing Remedial Sand Control K. Ramah Moorthy, Schlumberger; N.M. Mohd Zainudin, N. Nor, N. Arief Tham, P.Y. Huang, E. Ishak, A. Ismail, ExxonMobil; D.A. Wijoseno, I. Sorman, N. Yong, H. Liu, C. Nwafor, K. Ling, Schlumberger; R. Wibisono, PETRONAS
Alternate 197672 Production & Operations Rigless Intervention to Secure Wells with Sustained Annulus Pressure and Tubing Integrity Issues with Conformance Chemicals on an Unserviceable Platform Y. Tiong, A. Leong, Y. Azizan, Halliburton; R.A. Hj Abdul Rani, K. Amilin, Brunei Shell Petroleum
Alternate 197867 Production & Operations Applying High Rate Coiled Tubing with Fiber Optic System to Meet the Growing Challenges of Coiled Tubing Interventions in Sour Gas Producer Wells M.R. Alzaid, A. Bulekbay, A.K. Al-Harbi, S.M. Al-Driweesh, Saudi Aramco
09:30 - 11:00
071  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advances in Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation - 2 Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Mark Davidson - Weatherford International Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197368 Completions Planning, Design and Optimization of CT Intervention for the First Successful Multistage Fracturing Completion with Sand Control System in the Region R.S. Rodoplu, K.S. Al-Mohanna, Saudi Aramco
0950-1010 197970 Completions Uniform Fracture Growth from Horizontal Wells with Multistage Plug-and-perf: An Application of Engineered Solid Particulate Diverters F.E. Fragachan, M. Omer, J. Huang, Weatherford International
1010-1030 197466 Completions HT Carbonate Formation Acidizing Using Chelating Acid and Temperature-Control Design Methoddesign Method D. Wang, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; P. Feng, G. Wang, China Oilfield Services Limited; Y. Lu, China Oilfield Service Limited; F. Zhou, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; G. Yang, China Oilfield Service Limited; J. Gao, China Oilfield Services Limited
1030-1050 197887 Completions Towards a Zero-Skin Well Completion with Non-damaging Non-corrosive Enzymatic Wellbore Cleanup Fluids B. Ghosh, I.M. Alcheikh, Khalifa University of Science and Technology; D. Ghosh, Epygen Biotech; S.O. Osisanya, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Alternate 197217 Completions Acid Stimulation Evolution and Optimization for HPHT Deep Gas Formations F. Moid, R.S. Rodoplu, A. Nutaifi, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197719 Completions Optimizing Limestone Acidizing Treatments in Perforated Horizontal Completions by Implementing a Physics-based Tool O.J. Perez, F.E. Fragachan, A.G. Babey, Weatherford International
09:30 - 11:00
072  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Oil Exploration and Appraisal Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Aly Abdelkarim - Weatherford Saudi Arabia, Faaeza Al Katheeri - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197729 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unconventional Oil Studies of Shilaif Source Rock in Western UAE W. TIAN, CNODC, BGP, ADNOC Onshore; M. JIA, D. XIAO, BGP; B. LUO, RIPED; J. YANG, BGP; S. Suwaidi, Al Yasat; Y. Ji, University of Southern California; M. LV, CNODC, Al Yasat; A. Shashanka, Al Yasat; D. MAO, X. HU, BGP
0950-1010 197290 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Quantitative Seismic Interpretation Workflow for Sweet Spot Identification in Organic-rich Mudrocks M.A. Al Ibrahim, T. Mukerji, A. Hosford Scheirer, Stanford University
1010-1030 197271 Completions New Opportunities and Challenges to Discover and Develop Unconventional Plays in the Middle East and North Africa: Critical Review M. Ba Geri, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. Ellafi, University of North Dakota; R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. Belhaij, Saudi Metal Coating Company; E. Alkamil, University of Basrah
1030-1050 197507 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Micro Porosity Within the Organic Matter and its Impact on Assessment of Unconventional Potential of Kerogen Rich Najmah Formation in Kuwait. P. Mishra, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Grader, O.A. Al Jallad, A. Kayali, Halliburton
09:30 - 11:00
073  E&P GEOSCIENCE: New Approaches in Characterisation and Modelling of Complex Reservoirs - 1 Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Kevin Michael Torres - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Wael Fares - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197834 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Identifying Geological ‘Flow Drivers’ of an Early Cretaceous Reservoir Regionally over Abu Dhabi: Implications for Field Development. H.E. Edwards, ADNOC Offshore; J.S. Gomes, ADNOC Upstream; R.R. Shekhar, ADNOC Offshore
0950-1010 197463 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessing Structural Uncertainty Ranges in Static Models by Incorporating Structural Control Points From Horizontal Wells: A Case Study of a Middle East Carbonate Reservoir D.R. Contreras Perez, OMV; R.A. Al Zaabi, ADNOC Offshore; B. Viratno, C. Sellar, M.I. Susanto, OMV
1010-1030 197836 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Intra- and Inter-Facies Variability of Multi-physics Data in Carbonates. New Insights From Database of ALBION R&D Project C. Danquigny, G.J. Massonnat, C. Mermoud, J. Rolando, Total
1030-1050 197902 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Connectivity Analysis for a Complex Channelized Reservoir to Reveal By-passed Pays: Serpent Field, Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt S. Sakran, Cairo University; G.R. Gaafar, PETRONAS; S. Latif, S. Taman, A. Abdel Razek, Rashid Petroleum Company
Alternate 197900 Reservoir Description & Dynamics When Effective Integration Drives the Development: A Successful Case History E. Spelta, V. Caronni, G. Carrasquero, M. Catanzaro, M. Rossi, R.L. Tagliamonte, A. Valdisturlo, Eni
Alternate 197154 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Reservoir Characterization of Flow Connectivity in Complex Carbonate Field, Using Depogrid Model S. Bellah, ADNOC Offshore; K.J. Fletcher, Schlumberger; J.S. Gomes, ADNOC; H. Ben Jeddou, A. Ahmad, S.J. Su, Schlumberger
Alternate 197264 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hierarchical Approach to Modeling Karst and Fractures in Carbonate Karst Reservoirs in the Tarim Basin F. Shen, GeoReservoir Research; K. Zhao, Y. Zhang, PetroChina; Y. Yu, J. Li, GeoReservoir Research
09:30 - 11:00
074  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Reservoir Characterisation - 1 Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Shehadeh K Masalmeh - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Jorge Salgado Gomes - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197122 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Permeability Upscaling in Carbonate Reservoirs. An integrated Case Study from the ALBION R&D Project. G.J. Massonnat, C. Danquigny, J. Rolando, Total
0950-1010 197615 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Accurate Modeling of Relative Permeability Hysteresis in Water Alternating Gas Experiments S. Aghabozorgi, M. Sohrabi, Heriot-Watt University
1010-1030 197427 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The Effect of Pore Geometry on Relative Permeability in Mixed-wet Carbonate Reservoirs in Abu Dhabi M.R. Dernaika, S.K. Masalmeh, ADNOC
1030-1050 197147 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Method to Optimize and Interpret Lab Measurement of Tight Gas Saturation Exponents from Equilibrium Capillary Pressure Resistivity Index (Pc-RI) R.K. Svec, C.H. Pentland, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197292 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geological Facies and Static Rock Types in a Highly Heterogeneous Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir From an Onshore Field in Abu Dhabi, UAE. D. De Benedictis, S. Al Maskari, N. Al Hashmi, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197960 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Deterministic Pipe Network Modelling for Fractured Rocks Y. Jing, R.T. Armstrong, P. Mostaghimi, University of New South Wales
09:30 - 11:00
075  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Intelligent Diagnostics to Predict Events and Take Action Before They Occur - 3 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Houssam Al Din Sabry - ADNOC LNG
Time Paper # Presentation
0950-1010 197526 Projects, Facilities & Construction Condition Based Maintenance for Oil and Gas Industry Based on Data Reconciliation Techniques I. Craciun, F. Lecoq, S. Digavalli, Belsim Engineering
1010-1030 197517 Production & Operations Near Real-time Corrosion Monitoring for Wellbore Integrity Management A. Kumar, T.A. Al Daghar, A.S. Alshehhi, ADNOC Offshore; B. Keinath, M. Kulkarni, P. Beltramino, A. Long, ExxonMobil
1030-1050 197820 Management & Information Highly Scalable Digitalization Platform for Oil and Gas Operations Enables Total Asset Visibility for Predictive, Condition-based Fleet Management Across Single and Multiple Sites S.O. Settemsdal, Siemens AS
Alternate 197679 Projects, Facilities & Construction Using Analytics to Assess Health Status of Dle Combustion Gas Turbines I. Parrella, F. Bardi, G. Salerno, D. Gronchi, M. Cannavò, E. Sparacino, Baker Hughes
Alternate 197529 Projects, Facilities & Construction Integrating Process Simulation Modeling and Predictive Analytics to Gain Deeper Insights Into Machine Health and Performance R.A. Minocher Homji, A. Bhardwaj, Mechademy Engineering Solutions
09:30 - 11:00
076  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Project Opportunities from Resource, People, Delivery and Cost Perspectives Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Philippe Gambier - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Omar Kamal - BP
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197925 Management & Information Value Chain Optimization in Oil & Gas Companies - Integrated Workflows S. Al Jenaibi, T.A. Al Mzaini, L.A. Saputelli, H.H. Hafez, C. Mata, R. Narayanan, K. Mogensen, R.D. Mohan, F.C. Busing, Z. Mammadov, ADNOC; A. Escorcia, Frontender; G. Mijares, J.A. Rodriguez, C. Hernandez, Halliburton
0950-1010 197776 Projects, Facilities & Construction MEIDP - India's Transnational Pipeline From The Middle East I.F. Nash, C. Spradbery, Peritus International
1010-1030 197456 Management & Information Bridging the Natural Gas Gap: An Integrated Approach to De-risking Development of LNG-to-power Infrastructure C. Fangmeier, Siemens
1030-1050 197786 Management & Information Green Field Precommissioning Challenges & CAPEX Optimization in View of Global Hostile Oil Economic Environment - Case Study From Middle East Field S. Rachapudi Venkata, S.M. Al-Nuimi, M.H. Subaihi, T.C. Emegano, A. Elbakshi, G. Aydinoglu, M. Alyammahi, D. Gutierrez, S. Abdelrehim, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197555 Management & Information Legal Tips and Tricks for Capital Projects L. Robottom, R. Taracon Plata, Ashurst LLP
Alternate 197690 Projects, Facilities & Construction Contractor Certification Management System for Effective Project Handling Z. Abbas, A.A. Al Shehi, ADNOC Onshore
09:30 - 11:00
077  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Big Data Acquisition for Digitised Asset Surveillance Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Safouh Koronfol - Halliburton, Mohammed Anwar - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197349 Production & Operations Machine Learning Approach to Classify Water Cut Measurements Using DAS Fiber Optic Data M. Alkhalaf, F. Hveding, M. Arsalan, Saudi Aramco
0950-1010 197327 Management & Information Digital Driven Smart Monitoring For Pipeline Integrity Assessment G. Giunta, K. Nielsen, Eni; G. Bernasconi, L. Bondi, Politecnico di Milano; B. Korubo, Nigerian Agip Oil Company
1010-1030 197172 Management & Information Enhancement of Routine Data Acquisition in a Giant Offshore Brownfield by Bridging Gaps Identified Through Comprehensive Data Analysis W. Zhao, A.K. Al-Neaimi, O. Saif, A.A. Abed, ADNOC Offshore
1030-1050 197921 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Real-time Monitoring of a Green Digital Oil Field in Abu Dhabi Offshore: It’s Benefits and Challenges K. Javid, S. Ettireddi, Y.M. Hafez, M. Ali, P. Centurion, L. Cerrada, M.S. Ibrahem, K. Zahaf, K.I. Hosany, A. Al-Qamzi, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197811 Production & Operations Intelligent Digital Oilfield Implementation: Production Optimization Using North Kuwait Integrated Digital Oil Field (NK KwIDF) D.S. Alsubaiei, M.A. Al-Hamer, A.K. Alzaidan, H.B. Chetri, Kuwait Oil Company; S.M. Nawaz, Halliburton
Alternate 197808 Management & Information Leveraging Digital Technology in Design and Development of Production Surveillance Strategies to Sustain and Improve Hydrocarbon Wealth of an Entire Nation V.P. Gupta, R. Masoudi, N. Yati, W. Razali, W. Zakaria, PETRONAS
Alternate 197365 Management & Information A Novel Early Warning System of Oil Production Based on Machine Learning K. Ma, H. Jiang, J. Li, R. Zhang, L. Zhang, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; W. Fang, Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute; K. Shen, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; R. Dong, The University of Texas At Austin
11:30 - 13:00
Panel Session 5: New Business Models for Oil and Gas—Integrating Operators and Service Providers Hall A
Moderator(s) Ibrahim Al Alawi, AlMansoori
Speaker(s) Ayman Khattab, Baker Hughes; Tom Burke, Valaris PLC; David Reid, NOV; Etienne Roux, Weatherford International

Panel Chair(s):

Ibrahim Al Alawi
Deputy CEO

Panel Speaker(s):


Ayman Khattab
Gulf and North Africa
Baker Hughes

Tom Burke
President and CEO
Valaris PLC

David Reid
Chief Marketing Officer

Etienne Roux
President Drilling and Evaluation
Weatherford International

The devastating drop in oil prices in 2014 and subsequent long recovery has had a lasting impact on our industry. One of the consequences has been a rethink of the traditional business models.

Since the inception of the oil and gas industry there have been clear lines between operators, drilling contractors, and service companies. Now, in an effort to optimise costs, those lines are becoming blurred.

This overlap of responsibilities and roles raises a whole new set of questions. Operators traditionally try to maximise hydrocarbon recovery whereas drilling contractors and service companies strive to maximise returns on their investments. If a drilling contractor or service company becomes the operator, which priority takes precedence? Can an operator drill as effectively as a drilling contractor or service company?

On this panel, leaders from operators, drilling contractors, and service companies will share their perspectives on these evolving new business models and the drivers behind them.

11:30 - 13:00
079  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Maximising Gas Condensate Recovery Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Ricardo Cesar Bezerra De Melo - Repsol S.A., Helal Al Menhali - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197934 Reservoir Description & Dynamics State of the art Approach on Mega Rich Gas Condensate Development: Sectorization Approach - Case Study, ADNOC Onshore Fields, UAE F.O. Alawadhi, A.F. Al-Ameri, A.M. Al Bairaq, I.N. Mohamed, E. Latypov, M. Sudarev, Y.B. Pramudyo, ADNOC Onshore
1150-1210 197283 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Best Practice of Gas Cap Condensate Allocation Being Produced With Oil Rim Wells M. Adli, Y. Al Hammadi, ADNOC; M. Hoda, Tieto, Oil & Gas Solutions; S. Kaouche, ADNOC Offshore; C. Whitson, Whitson (PERA); A. Kuntadi, Tieto, Oil & Gas Solutions
1210-1230 197847 Production & Operations Removal of Condensate Banking from Different Formations Using Thermochemical Treatment A.R. Al-Nakhli, Saudi Aramco; A. Hassan, M.A. Mahmoud, A.A. Al-Majed, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 197969 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Production Revamp and Optimization of Mega Rich Gas Condensate Multi Carbonate Reservoirs; Case Study, ADNOC Onshore Fields M. Al Hosani, A.M. Al Bairaq, A.F. Al-Ameri, I.N. Mohamed, E. Latypov, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197575 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integration of Engineering Approaches and Workflows for an Economically Attractive Redevelopment of Highly Depleted Oil Rim Reservoirs - Giant Abu Dhabi Onshore Field. S. Meziani, ADNOC; K. Ghorayeb, American University of Beirut; N. Al Zaabi, H. Hafez, A. Bakheet Al Katheeri, ADNOC; J. Maldonado, I. Khattak, E. Haryanto, T.J. Chabernaud, S. Yersaiyn, S. Kumar, S. Shahid, A.A. Agam, A. Shah, S. Chakraborty, Schlumberger
11:30 - 13:00
080  PEOPLE AND TALENT: Developing Capability for a Continuous Improvement Culture Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Abdullah Khalifa Gharib Al Hadhrami - Petroleum Development Oman, Lama Dweik - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197639 Projects, Facilities & Construction Setting up of Project Control Learning Academy in ADNOC N. Balasubramanian, A. Saleh Al Breiki, A.A. Basioni, ADNOC
1150-1210 197538 Management & Information Digital Twins and Industry 4.0: Videogamers Will Staff and Manage Industrial Projects in the Near Future J. Novack, Talent Swarm
1210-1230 197493 Management & Information Integrated Talent Management F. Al Barwani, Petroleum Development Oman
1230-1250 197353 Management & Information Learn, Play and Compete: A Case Study of the Gamification of Professional Training M.S. Al-Readean, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
081  IOR/EOR: EOR Field Applications Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Eric Delamaide - IFP Technologies, Hiroshi Okabe - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197912 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Polymer Flooding Technology for Improving Low Permeability Carbonate Reservoir Recovery - From Lab Study to Pilot Test - Case Study From Oman X. Wu, RIPED-CNPC; Y. Wang, A. Al Naabi, Daleel Petroleum; H. Xu, RIPED-CNPC; I. Al-sinani, K. Al Busaidi, S. Al Jabri, Daleel Petroleum; S. Dhahab, Daleel Petroleum LLC; J. Zhang, China National Oil and Gas E&D Corporation; C. Xiong, Y. Ye, RIPED-CNPC; X. Tian, Startwell Energy Technology; X. Jia, J. Lv, RIPED-CNPC
1150-1210 197813 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The New Development of Amphiphilic Polymer Profile Control Agent in High Temperature and High Salinity Reservoirs H. Yang, W. Kang, H. Zhang, B. Zhou, X. Li, F. Wang, China University of Petroleum (East China)
1210-1230 197274 Reservoir Description & Dynamics First CO2-EOR Project of the Middle East, Lessons Learnt and Future Plan After Two Years of Injection M.Y. Alklih, K.E. Al Hammadi, ADNOC Onshore
1230-1250 197398 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Comprehensive Scheme for Application of Low Salinity Waterflooding Technique in Mature Fields H.H. Elmasry, M.A. Abd El Ghany, E. Moussa, Petrobel
Alternate 197198 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Field Application and Performance Evaluation of Polymer Microsphere Profile Control in Low Permeability Oil Reservoir Y. Jia, H. Yang, C. Cheng, Z. Li, Oil & Gas Technology Research Institute of Changqing Oilfield Company; G. Hou, X. Yuan, W. Zhao, Z. Zhang, T. Liu, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
11:30 - 13:00
082  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Efficiency in Gas Processing Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Mubashir Ahmad - ADNOC Onshore, Scott Wetzel - Oxy Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197514 Projects, Facilities & Construction Energy Savings of Amine Sweetening Process Through Rich Solvent Recycle Approach and Low Stripper Operating Pressure K. Al Hatmi, A. Al Mashrafi, S. Al Balushi, M. Battashi, Petroleum Development Oman
1210-1230 197909 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Ejector Technology for Flare Gas Recovery as an Alternative to Rotating Equipment P.J. Ainge, Transvac Systems Limited
1230-1250 197734 Projects, Facilities & Construction Mechanistic Optimization of Commercial Gas Dehydration and Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Units S. Dara, ADNOC Gas Processing; Y. AlWahedi, A. Berrouk, Khalifa University; S. Leyland, Process Systems Enterprise; A. ElNasr, I. Khan, F. Geuzebroek, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197552 Management & Information Energy Efficiency Improvement by Utilizing Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine (HPRT) P.R. Hakki, S. Sajjad, E.S. Al Jenaibi, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197421 Projects, Facilities & Construction Waste Heat to Power System in Oil and Gas Industries Improves Plant Power Efficiency R. Agahi, Atlas Copco Gas and Process
11:30 - 13:00
083  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Completion and Management Systems and Artificial Lift Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Hammad Mustafa - ADNOC Offshore, Hamed Al Ghadhban - Tatweer Petroleum Bahrain LLC
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197285 Completions Completion Solutions to Enable Well Kick-off and Liquid Unloading for Downhole Gas Compression Applications R.A. Lastra Melo, Saudi Aramco; C.A. Montoya, T. Bussear, S. Strattan, Baker Hughes
1150-1210 197581 Completions A Successful Deployment of Level 4 Multilateral Isolation Completion System N.M. Ansari, Saudi Aramco; B. Racine, Halliburton
1210-1230 197596 Production & Operations Cable Deployed ESP - Solution to Decrease OPEX Reducing Workover Needs and Retrofitting Existing Completion S. Spagnolo, L. Corti, C. Guglielmo, S. Luppina, A. Maliardi, Eni; V. Nambiar, A. Mollaev, Novomet
1230-1250 197544 Completions Successful Multistage, Hydraulically-propped Stimulation Through Gas Lift Completion Leads to Remarkable CapEX Savings Offshore A.A. Chiriac, L. Saqib, J.P. Sauter, OMV Petrom; M. Albu, Halliburton
Alternate 197605 Completions Intervention-Less Unloading Gas Lift Well Completion Design Using Shearable GLVs and Remote Actuated Barrier Device O.A. Al Khatib, J. Mason, D.J. Beaman, J.A. Wills, ADNOC Offshore; A.D. Brodie, Petroleum Technology Company
Alternate 197809 Production & Operations Single Point Gas Lift (SPGL), A Quick Win Retrofit Gas Lift Application to Maximize Oil Production and Recovery in Greater Bongkot North Field, Thailand. C. Peerakham, S. Kruennumjai, T. Junmano, C. Boonchun, K. Ngamkamollert, P. Ut-Ang, J. Whangkitjamorn, S. Sompopsart, PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Alternate 197892 Completions An Innovation Retrofit Solution Converting ICD to AICD Completion Leading to Enhance Oil Recovery and Inventory Optimization. T. Khunmek, F. Abu-Jafar, I.T. Chigbo, A. Laoroongroj, Mubadala Petroleum; I.M. Ismail, K. Parrot, Tendeka
11:30 - 13:00
084  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advances in Drilling Bit Technology and Deployment Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Dennis Heinisch - Baker Hughes, Omar Benkaddour - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197416 Drilling Development, Testing, and Deployment of a new Hyperbolic Diamond Element Bit in DJ Basin of Colorado R. Santana, G. Skoff, B. Krough, W. Long, V. Karuppiah, Schlumberger; J.P. Sinesi, PDC Energy; X. Gan, H. Panayirci, Y. Fang, D. Belnap, Schlumberger
1150-1210 197542 Drilling Unique fit for Purpose Combination of Three Dimensional Cutters Enabled Operators to Reduce Drilling Cost by Improving ROP and Footage Drilled. G. Konysbekuly, B. James, A. Lomov, D. Gumich, G. Ungaliyev, Schlumberger
1210-1230 197735 Drilling Solving the Deccan Trap Drilling Challenge with Innovative Ridged and Conical Diamond Elements Technology A. Sharma, S. Narayanan, M. Zayyan, S. Prakash, S. Raghav, S.S. Gounder, Schlumberger
1230-1250 197359 Drilling Statistical Optimization of PDC Bit Designs Based on 3D Simulations Applied to Demanding Directional Applications G. Pelfrene, Varel International Energy Services; H. Al-Ajmi, J. Bashir, F. Al-Otaibi, A. Al-Nuaimi, H. Al-Jiran, A. Baroun, A. Al-Kandari, T. Huseen, Kuwait Oil Company; B. Mikhail, E. El-Genidy, S. Reboul, J. Carlos, Varel International Energy Services
Alternate 197771 Drilling New PDC Bit With Hollowed Cutters: With Increased ROP and Longer Service Life H. Zhang, H. Chen, F. Liu, N. Wang, Y. Huang, X. Pan, Beijing Petroleum Machinery Co., CNPC
Alternate 197905 Drilling Case Study of Self-adjusting PDC Bit Technology Reducing Drilling Dynamics, Improving Performance and Avoids NPT in the Western Desert of Egypt M.Z. Hafez, M. Aboulfotouh, Baker Hughes; M. Abd Al-Moniem, Shell
11:30 - 13:00
085  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Advances in Understanding of Shale Gas Modelling and Recovery Enhancement Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Hadi Arbi Belhaj - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Uche Chigozie Achinanya - Weatherford International
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197936 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Application of Well Interference Test Using Distributed Pressure Sensors to Optimize Well Spacing in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs I. Uzun, Colorado School of Mines; W.J. Assiri, Saudi Aramco; E. Eker, Colorado School of Mines
1150-1210 197700 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Modelling the Application of Advanced Completion Technology for Improving the Performance of Gas Injection Techniques in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs M. Moradi, M.R. Konopczynski, Tendeka; M. Smith, Rock Flow Dynamics
1210-1230 197278 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Phase Equilibrium in Shale Including Porous Media Effects D. Sandoval, W. Yan, E.H. Stenby, Technical University of Denmark
1230-1250 197176 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation about Adsorption Gas and Free Gas Content Inside Shale Matrix Under a Wide Range of Atmosphere Conditions Z. Sun, China University of Petroleum at Beijing/Texas A&M University; J. Shi, China University of Petroleum at Beijing; Z. Yang, RIPED, CNPC; C. Wang, REPID,CNPC; T. Gou, Tuha Oilfield Company, PetroChina; M. He, W. Zhao, T. Yao, J. Wu, X. Li, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
Alternate 197294 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrating Microscale Modelling with Core Investigation Measurements to Improve Shale Gas Production N. Kovalchuk, C. Hadjistassou, University of Nicosia
Alternate 197715 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Microfluidic Study of Wettability Alteration Rate on Enhanced Oil Recovery in Oil-wet Porous Media S. Yuan, T. Liang, F. Zhou, X. Liang, F. Yu, J. Li, China University of Petroleum at Beijing
Alternate 197779 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Elastic Property Estimation in Digital Multiporosity/Multipermeability Cores T. Ramsay, Halliburton
11:30 - 13:00
086  E&P GEOSCIENCE: New Approaches in Characterisation and Modelling of Complex Reservoirs - 2 Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Humberto Parra - ADNOC E&P, Raffik Lazar - GeomodL International
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197704 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Novel Approach to Matrix Corrections in Complex Khuff Deep Gas Reservoirs, Offshore Abu Dhabi P. Menon, S. Steiner, C. Mills, M. Basioni, ADNOC Upstream; L.E. Mosse, S. Dasgupta, Schlumberger
1150-1210 197438 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Geology Driven History Match of Eastern Siberian Halite Cemented Fluvial Reservoir R. Ibragimov, A. Ovchinnikov, D. Burdakov, A. Romantsov, S. Sterlygova, B. Darmaev, S. Zimin, Irkutsk Oil Company
1210-1230 197923 Reservoir Description & Dynamics High Resolution Reservoir Quality Prediction at the Reservoir Scale Through Diagenetic Modelling A. Ortenzi, D. Camocino, C. Daturi, C. Geloni, M. Pontiggia, A. Valdisturlo, Eni
1230-1250 197851 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Workflows for Characterizing Reservoir Heterogeneities with Ancient and Modern Carbonate Outcrop Analogues V. Vahrenkamp, P. Khanna, A. Petrovic, A.I. Ramdani, I. Putri, R. Sorrentino, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)
Alternate 197603 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Generation of Structural Framework Integrated with Borehole Images Logs and Pressure Transient Analysis in Giant Carbonate Field, Shuaiba Formation, Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates K.M. Torres, R.A. Pinto, L.M. Romero Guzman, J.R. Ortiz, S.A. Al Khoori, J.R. Al-Kaabi, B. Prahawinarto, N.M. Al-Madani, F.M. Al-Ameri, A.S. Al-Rawahi, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197279 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Rock Type Prediction Using Democratic Neural Networks Association (DNNA): An Alternative Method to Describe Clastic Fillings in Ordovician Karsted Carbonates within a Region of the Tahe Oilfield, China J.N. Mendez, Q. Jin, China University of Petroleum; M. Gonzalez, Emerson E&P Software; X. Zhang, China University of Petroleum
11:30 - 13:00
087  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Reservoir Characterisation - 2 Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Fatima Al Darmaki - Al Hosn Gas, Hesham T. Shebl - ADNOC E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197791 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Insitu Investigation of Aging Protocols Effects on Relative Permeability Measurements Using High Throughput Experimentation Methods S. Youssef, M. Mascle, O. Vizika-Kavvadias, IFPEN
1150-1210 197956 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Case Study on Reducing Uncertainty by using Correct Procedure & Desaturated Reservoir Fluid on NMR Core T2 Bound Fluid Cut-off Analysis for Gaint Abu Dhabi Onshore Carbonate to Compute Reliable Field Wide Swirr Analysis from NMR logs M. Singh, S.K. Dey, U. Farooq, E. Radwan, ADNOC Onshore; S. Rajwade, X. Tombokan, R.A. Mendoza, L. Hannon, R. Watson, Weatherford Laboratories
1210-1230 197628 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Reservoir Characterization Through Rapid Visualization and Analysis of Multiscale Image Data Using a Digital Core Analysis Ecosystem V. Chandra, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST); G. Tallec, Thermo Fisher Scientific; V. Vahrenkamp, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
1230-1250 197414 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Enhanced Predictability of Lateral Variations in Reservoir Potential. Case Study from a Field-scale Reservoir Characterisation of Jurassic Reservoirs, Offshore Abu Dhabi (UAE) N. Afrin, S.M. Al-Jaberi, C. Lehmann, F.N. Alzaabi, S.S. Al Braik, ADNOC Offshore; L. Galluccio, T. Haines, M. Deville de Periere, Badley Ashton & Associates Ltd
Alternate 197592 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Using Depositional and Petrographical Rock-types to Define Hydraulic Rock-types - A Case Study from the Permian-Carboniferous Unayzah Formation, Offshore Abu Dhabi. P. Silva Gonzalez, M. Fernandes, S. Siddiqi, L. Hannon, Stratum Reservoir; S. Steiner, A. Chitrao, ADNOC
Alternate 197787 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improving Nmr Log Interpretation to Support Mature Field Development, A Case Study Offshore Abu Dhabi. S.Y. Abdulla, H.F. Aboujmeih, ADNOC Offshore
11:30 - 13:00
088  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Equipment Strategy and Reliability Analysis - 2 Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Douglas Roy Korth - McDermott Middle East, Tareq Al Mazrouei - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197469 Projects, Facilities & Construction NGPD Roadmap to Lubrication Excellence T. NADEEM, Saudi Aramco SAOO
1150-1210 197511 Projects, Facilities & Construction Introducing New Sealing Technologies - Split Mechanical Seals in Vertical Turbine Pumps A.A. Abd Ellatif, ADNOC OFFSHORE
1210-1230 197508 Projects, Facilities & Construction Air Cooler Vibrations - Amplified Amplitudes, Simplified Solutions I. Al Awadhi, A. Sharma, K. Subramaniam, S. Al Zeyoudi, ADNOC Gas Processing
1230-1250 197725 Projects, Facilities & Construction From Failure to Opportunity - Unearthing the Unconventional Choices I. AL Awadhi, A. Sharma, K. Subramaniam, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197476 Projects, Facilities & Construction Performance Enhancements Through Mere Compliance With Air Filtration Standards H. Rabia, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197875 Projects, Facilities & Construction Reliability Management Digitalization Oman Gas Company, a Best Practice in Midstream F.M. Al-Noumani, Oman Gas Company
11:30 - 13:00
089  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Problem Mitigation of Commissioning and Start-Up Shortcomings Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Edward Lobo - Danway, Toshio Matsunaga - Japan Oil Development Co. Ltd.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197732 Projects, Facilities & Construction Start-up & Commissioning Challenges of Sour Gas Injection Compressor Operating in Dense Phase B. Singh, R. Aggarwal, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1150-1210 197376 Management & Information Successful System Schedule Integration for a Complex Multi Package Mega Project S. Saat, PETRONAS
1210-1230 197210 Projects, Facilities & Construction Early Engagement in FEED to Overcome Engineering Challenges - Delivering Fast Track EPC Projects S. Subramanian, R. Wasnik, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
Alternate 197588 Projects, Facilities & Construction Mitigating Challenges During Commissioning and Start-up of Oil and Gas Projects - Effective Risk Allocation Through Appropriate Legal Frameworks/Mechanisms S. Lahiri, R. Utuk, Reed Smith
11:30 - 13:00
090  PETROLEUM ANALYTICS: Advanced Predictive Analytics Applications Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Carlos Mata - ADNOC E&P, Amirmasoud Kalantari Dahaghi - The University of Kansas
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197626 Management & Information A Business-oriented Framework to Evaluate Advanced Analytics for Predictive Maintenance: Measuring Benefits-effort Tradeoff. L. Cadei, A. Corneo, D. Milana, D. Loffreno, L. Lancia, M. Montini, G. Rossi, E. Purlalli, P. Fier, Eni; F. Carducci, R. Nizzolo, The Boston Consulting Group GAMMA
1150-1210 197674 Management & Information Stuck Pipe Early Warning System Utilizing Moving Window Machine Learning Approach O.S. Ahmed, B. Aman, M.A. Zahrani, F.I. Ajikobi, Saudi Aramco
1210-1230 197669 Management & Information A Comprehensive Analytical Approach to Evaluate Well Performance in a Giant Offshore Brownfield W. Zhao, A.K. Al-Neaimi, O. Saif, M.H. Al-feky, A.A. Abed, ADNOC Offshore
1230-1250 197733 Management & Information Application of CNN Deep Learning to Well Pump Troubleshooting via Power Cards X. Zhou, RIPED-CNPC; C. Zhao, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; X. Liu, RIPED-CNPC
Alternate 197751 Production & Operations Middle East Steamflood Field Optimization Demonstration Project E.J. Behm, M. Al Asimi, S. Al Maskari, W. Juna, Occidental; H.M. Klie, D. Le, DeepCast; G. Lutidze, R. Rastegar, Occidental; A.C. Reynolds, University of Tulsa; V. Tathed, Occidental; R. Younis, University of Tulsa; Y. Zhang, Occidental
Alternate 197355 Projects, Facilities & Construction Advanced Analytics for Predictive Maintenance with Limited Data: Exploring the Fouling Problem in Heat Exchanging Equipment L. Cadei, A. Corneo, D. Milana, D. Loffreno, L. Lancia, M. Montini, G. Rossi, E. Purlalli, P. Fier, Eni; F. Carducci, The Boston Consulting Group GAMMA
Alternate 197942 Drilling Innovative Digital Well Construction Planning Solution Enhances Coherency and Efficiency of the Drilling Design Process W. Szemat, T. Murray, A. Kiaie, P. Bolchover, J. Yao, Schlumberger
14:00 - 15:30
Panel Session 6: Global Gas Innovators—The New Generation of Gas Projects Hall A
Moderator(s) Gamal Hassan, ADH
Speaker(s) Mohamed Al Marzouqi, ADNOC; Gerald Schotman, Shell Upstream Joint Ventures

Panel Chair(s):

Gamal Hassan


Mohamed Al Marzouqi
SVP Development

Aleksandr Stevfanov
Advisor to CEO of Federal Unitary Enterprise
Russian Broadcasting and Alert Networks

Gerald Schotman
Executive Vice President (EVP)
Shell Upstream Joint Ventures

Even though the oil and gas business operates within a very complex global and national frameworks, it has never failed society in respect of delivering affordable and reliable supplies of oil and natural gas. The industry is overshadowed by the significant structural shift in the energy market, complex global supply chains, greenhouse emission, and shift in supply/demand pattern, which are increasing the complexity and risk of developing large-scale gas projects. However, these factors, coupled with an increasingly competitive market and delivering competitive prices, are driving a renewed focus on unconventional solutions to improve efficiency, operational excellence, and environmental footprint within oil and gas operators. 
This executive panel will examine lessons learned from the past in developing large-scale gas projects, best practices, and recent innovation in developing such projects. Also, it will examine how gas projects are impacted by many factors such as trends in the global supply/demand, structural change of the energy market, the new digital era, the shift in the innovation landscape, greenhouse emission, and global shortage and competition for talent. 

14:00 - 15:30
092  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: New Advances in Artificial Lift Technologies Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Salim Kaouche - ADNOC Offshore, Mark William Sarssam - Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197824 Production & Operations World`s First Digital Gas Lift Application in Dual Completion Technical & Economic Consideration for Successful Implementation S. Tiar, E.A. Rubio, A. Albelazi, A.M. Ofodile, F.M. Abdussalam, M. Al Karra, M. Al-Attar, ADNOC Onshore; A. Ben Amara, S.E. Faux, G.D. Makin, Silverwell Energy; H. Al-Khatib, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 197209 Production & Operations An Integrated Approach Utilising ESP Design Improvements and Real-Time Monitoring to Ensure Optimum Performance and Maximise Run Life. H.A. Almajid, S.D. Al-Gamber, S.M. Zied, M.A. Ramos Flores, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197641 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Reservoir Study to Maximise Oil Recovery by Optimising Shuaiba Dump Flooding into the Kharaib Reservoir A.M. Mahmoud, A. Khayami, M. Mansoor, M. Buasali, Tatweer Petroleum
1500-1520 197370 Production & Operations Asphaltene Management Leading to Significant Reduction of Production Deferment and OperationMaintenance in One of the Sour Fields in Southern Oman T. Narwal, Z.A. Alias, K. Kumar, S. Dickson, Z. Abri, A.G. Al Hadhrami, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197634 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Assessment of Fishbone Well Design Performance in a Tight Carbonate Compared to Single Extra-Long MRC Lateral M. Alyan, A. Al Sowaidi, ADNOC Offshore
14:00 - 15:30
093  PEOPLE AND TALENT: Workforce Engagement and Management Strategies Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Anis Shekha - BP, Areej Hussain AlKatheeri - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197665 Management & Information Implementing Talent Management and its Effect on Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance N.E. Kamel, Enppi
1420-1440 197904 Management & Information Open Innovation as enabling Paradigm to Empower Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas Organisations L. Caluri, M. Jianu, P. Cerioli, G.B. Silvestri, Eni
1440-1500 197325 Management & Information Collaborative Workspace for Employee Engagement Leveraging Social Media Architecture K.A. Chowdhury, D. Lamacchia, IDARE
1500-1520 197532 Management & Information Applying Brain Science to Achieve Organisational Success A. Al Halyan, A. Albadi, B. Al Hosani, ADNOC Onshore
Alternate 197835 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Turning Challenge into Opportunity - Enhancing Worker Labour Rights Through Supply Chain Collaboration G. Ross, Petrofac
14:00 - 15:30
094  IOR/EOR: Emerging and Hybrid EOR Technologies Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Emad Walid Al-Shalabi - Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Kristian Mogensen - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197314 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Low Salinity Water Flooding in Carbonate: Screening, Laboratory Quantification and Field Implementation S.K. Masalmeh, M. Alhammadi, ADNOC; A. Farzaneh, M. Sohrabi, Heriot Watt University
1420-1440 197741 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography for Real Time Investigation of Alkaline Surfactant Flooding H.A. Aborshaid, Saudi Aramco; Y. Alzahid, P. Mostaghimi, The University of New South Wales; J. Mcclure, C. Chen, Virginia Tech; C. Sun, R. Armstrong, The University of New South Wales; M. Asali, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197515 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of an Ethoxylated Amine Surfactant for CO2-Foam Stability at High Salinity Conditions L.Q. Le, R. Ramanathan, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1500-1520 197118 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A New Design Of Low Salinity-CO2-Different Chemical Matters H.N. Al-Saedi, Missouri University of Science and Technology; S.K. Al-Jaberi, Missan Oil Company; R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science and Technology; W.H. Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research; Y. Long, Missouri university of science and technology
Alternate 197239 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Smart Water Synergy with Surfactant Chemicals: An Electro-Kinetic Study A.O. Alghamdi, S.C. Ayirala, M.B. Alotaibi, A.A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197384 Reservoir Description & Dynamics In Situ Characterisation of the Texture of a Foam Flowing in A 3D Porous Medium E. ROSENBERG, L. BARRE, C. OUALI, J. ARGILLIER, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Alternate 197839 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Performance Evaluation of Novel Polymers for Co2 Foam Enhanced Oil Recovery T. Majeed, Politecnico di Torino; M.S. Kamal, T. Solling, A. Mahboob, X. Zhou, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
14:00 - 15:30
095  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Sour Gas Future Facility Innovations Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Jose Lozano - Partex Gas Corp, Mubashir Ahmad - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197966 Projects, Facilities & Construction Highly Sour Gas: The Best Options To Process It.

M. Jacques, D. Menet, TechnipFMC
1420-1440 197766 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges in Design of Wellfluid H2S Mitigation on an Offshore Wellhead Platform - A Case Study S. Subramanian, H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
1440-1500 197137 Projects, Facilities & Construction ExxonMobil's Experience with Sour Gas Treating and Acid Gas Handling P.S. Northrop, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions; J.P. Seagraves, ExxonMobil Chemical Co.; S. Ramkumar, ExxonMobil Integrated Solutions; J.T. Cullinane, Exxon Mobil Upstream Integrated Solutions
1500-1520 197627 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges to Backfilling an Existing Natural Gas Liquefaction Facility with Different Gas Specifications A.O. Abdelaziz, S. Masi, A. Shehata, D. Cannatelli, C. Cannell, Eni
Alternate 197204 Projects, Facilities & Construction Acid Gas Removal Unit Successful Switch from Silicon to Polyglycol Antifoam to Eliminate Foaming M. Rumaih, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197183 Projects, Facilities & Construction Mitigate H2S Spiking in 4A Molecular Sieve Gas Dehydration S. Venkatesh, S.G. ALLADWAR, Petrofac Engineering & Construction; K. Noakes, Hatch Associates
14:00 - 15:30
096  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Real Time Engineering to Maximise Drilling Performance Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Dennis Heinisch - Baker Hughes, Rahil Abdulhamid Mukadam - ADNOC E&P
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197805 Drilling Non Stationary Next Generation Measurement While Drilling Tools M. Elgizawy, R. Lowdon, M. Breen, K. Brovko, M. Edmunds, K. Bulychenkov, S. Mussa, Schlumberger
1420-1440 197584 Drilling Machine Learning Lessons Learnt In Stickslip Prediction

S. Gupta, C. Chatar, J.R. Celaya, Schlumberger
1440-1500 197833 Drilling First Wired Drill Pipe Deployment in Adriatic Sea A. Salomone, S. Burrafato, G. Ricci Maccarini, R. Poloni, V. Gioia, A. Concas, Eni; G.I. Tangen, A. Huse, Lundin Norway AS; L. Antoniani, NOV; M. Andersen, NOV Downhole Tools Division; S. Zainoune, NOV
1500-1520 197157 Drilling Drilling In The Digital Age: An Approach To Optimising Rop Using Machine Learning P. Batruny, M.H. Yahya, N. Kadir, A. Omar, A. Zakaria, S. Batamale, M. Jayah, PETRONAS
Alternate 197373 Drilling Use of Advanced Drilling Engineering to Define the Correlation Between ROP, MSE and Formation Properties in the Crest of a Giant Offshore Field in Abu Dhabi B. Iftikhar, ADNOC Offshore; E. Cantarelli, Schlumberger; M. Abdulrahman Alzaabi, T. Toki, S. AL-Ali, I.K. Moustafa, M.R. Oviedo Vargas, J.E. Torres, M.A. Osman, F.A. Mendez, O. Kadoura, ADNOC Offshore; B. AL QAHTANI, Schlumberger
Alternate 197870 Drilling An Innovative System Architecture for Real-time Monitoring and Alarming for Cutting Transport in Oil Well Drilling S. Selvaraju, V. Ramba, S. Subbiah, R. Uppaluri, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati; P.K. Dubey, A.S. Musale, Oil & Natural Gas Corp. Ltd.
14:00 - 15:30
097  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Drilling Beyond the Limit Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Ara Krikor - Schlumberger, Daniel Jack Richardson - Wintershall Middle East
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197572 Drilling Qualification of Uns N08028 and Uns N08825 Material as a Cost Effective Solution for Extreme Sour Environment J. Lamy, Vallourec; A. Mizukami, ADNOC Upstream; N. Bouchart, C. Millet, G. Neel, Vallourec
1420-1440 197123 Drilling Technologies and Practices to Push the Extended Reach Drilling Envelope Within the Existing Constraints P.R. Paila, Baker Hughes; R.P. Singh, ADNOC Offshore; K. Abid, Baker Hughes
1440-1500 197510 Completions Innovative Emulsion-Suspension Systems Based on Nanoparticles for Drilling and Well Workover Operation V. Sergeev, GR Petroleum; K. Tanimoto, M. Abe, Nissan Chemical Co
1500-1530 197343 Drilling Advanced Survey Management Techniques Allow Zonal Isolation Through Successful Well Intersection in Order to Complete a Well as per Original Plan in a Giant Mature Field Offshore Abu Dhabi I.K. Abdelkarim, K.J. Ness, ADNOC Offshore; R. Amer, M. Gjertsen, N. Diaz, Baker Hughes; H.N. Jadallah, S. Al Ali, M.A. Alzaabi, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197769 Drilling Successful Drilling and Completion of a Short Radius Deep Gas Re-entry Well Towards the Minimum Stress Direction A.A. Almusallam, H. Yahya, A. Halim, A.N. Al-Binali, Saudi Aramco
14:00 - 15:30
098  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Geomechanics and Petrophysics Characterisation Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Yujin Wan - Langfang Branch of RIPED, Hadi Arbi Belhaj - Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197825 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Review of Pore Structure Characterization of Unconventional Tight Reservoirs A. Mustafa, M.A. Mahmoud, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
1420-1440 197135 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Data Integration and Reservoir Characterisation for Organic Rich (Unconventional) Plays - A Case Study from UAE J. KANG, F. Eriavbe, S. Girinathan, A. Mohamed, N. Doucette, K. Almehsin, J.A. Alloghani, A.A. Al-Ali, F.A. Al Katheeri, Al Dhafra Petroleum Operations Company; P. Bhatt, G. Zhunussova, J.A. Franquet, S. Uluyuz, Baker Hughes
1440-1500 197375 Completions Improving the Operation Performance Along with Production Profiles in Tight Basement Oil Reservoir by Utilizing Ball Drop System of Multi Stage Hydraulic Fracturing. M.M. Kortam, S. Zayed, Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel); S. Ezeldin, Packers Plus Energy Services; J. Conrad, PackerPlus; T. Batmaz, Schlumberger Logelco Inc
1500-1520 197158 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Novel Approach to the Geomechanical Characterisation of Basement Fractures- Are Open Fractures Necessarily Critically Stressed S. Chakraborty, T. Kidambi, A. Sharma, Baker Hughes; K. Sabu, ONGC
Alternate 197250 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Predict Oil Production From Geological and Petrophysical Data before Hydraulic Fracturing using an Improved ParticleSwarm Optimisation Based Least Squares Support Vector Machine C. Feng, China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay; J. Li, RIPED, PetroChina; Z. Feng, Y. Zhong, N. Zhang, China University of Petroleum-Beijing at Karamay; Z. Mao, China University of Petroleum Beijing
Alternate 197372 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Flowback Analysis of Complex Fracture Networks in the Unconventional Reservoir Using Finite Element Method With Coupled Flow and Geomechanics J. Li, Y. Liu, L. Xue, China University of Petroleum-Beijing; Z. Cheng, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp (SINOPEC); X. Kong, S. Li, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
14:00 - 15:30
099  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Tight Reservoirs, Fracture Characterisation and Modelling Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Arjan Matheus Kamp - ADNOC Onshore, Khalid Ali Obaid - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197721 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Static and Dynamic Characterisation of a Tight Reservoir- A Case-Study from Onshore Abu Dhabi Field P. Agnihotri, V.K. Pandey, P. Thakur, M. Al Mansoori, ADNOC Onshore; M. REBELLE, TOTAL; P. Bhatt, S. Smith, G. Zhunussova, S. Hassan, Baker Hughes
1420-1440 197772 Reservoir Description & Dynamics The DMX Protocol: A New Generation of Geology Driven 3D Discrete Fault and Fracture Network Modelling J.P. Van Dijk, Dragon Oil
1440-1500 197547 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review of Identification, Characterisation and Modeling of different types of Fault & Fracture Systems in a Giant Offshore Carbonate Reservoir, UAE R.R. Shekhar, H.E. Edwards, C. Obeta, ADNOC Offshore
1500-1530 197121 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Multi-Scale Characterisation of the Structural Lineament across the Thamama Successions in an Onshore Giant Field, Abu Dhabi, UAE Y.B. Pramudyo, M. Al Hosani, F.O. Alawadhi, R.M. Masoud, H. Al Beshr, A.M. Al Bairaq, A.F. Alameri, K.M. Al Hosani, R. Nachiappan, ADNOC Onshore; M. Bertouche, Badley Ashton and Associates Ltd; A. Foote, Badley Ashton; E. Michie, G. Yielding, Badley Geoscience Ltd.
Alternate 197554 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Structurally-Enhanced Carbonate Matrix Reservoirs: Utilising Tailored Conceptual Models and Relative Deformed Reservoir Rock Volumes to Understand Flow Behaviour, Fracture Modelling Requirement, and Potential Development Pitfalls. H.E. Edwards, R.R. Shekhar, ADNOC Offshore
Alternate 197682 Reservoir Description & Dynamics 3D Multi-Scale Characterisation and Modelling of Three Fractured Carbonatic Outcrop Analogues: Pag (Croatia), Parmelan (France), Gozo (Maltese Islands) M. Meda, Eni; M. Martinelli, S. Mittempergher, A. Bistacchi, Università Bicocca; L. Berio, A. Succo, F. Balsamo, F. Storti, Università di Parma
14:00 - 15:30
100  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Regional Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Modelling Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Lutz Seiffert - OMV Abu Dhabi, Mohamed Kamel Ouldamer - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197747 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluation of Porosity and Permeability Vertical Distribution of Rudist Carbonate Build Up Platform Identifiedby X-Ray CT and 3D Modelling, Late Cretaceous Cenomanian in Offshore Abu Dhabi M. Yamanaka, T. Taniwaki, INPEX Corporation; T. Nanjo, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals Natl. Corp.
1420-1440 197224 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Fully Integrated Modelling of Subsurface, Remote Sensing and Outcrop Geology; Prospect Generation in the Paleozoic of the Ahnet Basin (Algeria) J.P. Van Dijk, H. Guney, Dragon Oil
1440-1500 197161 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Exploration And Production: Reducing Geological Risk In The Middle East

T. Cousins, Halliburton; R. Davies, Davies Geoconsulting; C. Gravestock, T. Jewell, M. Simmons, O. Sutcliffe, Halliburton
1500-1520 197815 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Case for Vertical Hydrocarbon Migration: Case Studies, Southeast Asia Tertiary Basins G.C. Kaeng, Halliburton
Alternate 197597 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Halokinesis Stimuluses on Petroleum System of Abu Dhabi A. Noufal, H.T. Shebl, ADNOC
Alternate 197962 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Efficient Trans-Dimensional Gravity Inversion of Salt Structures Offshore Abu Dhabi E. Ghaleh Noei, J. Dettmer, University of Calgary; M. Ali, Earth Science Department - Khalifa University; G. Lee, Korea Gas Corporation; J. Kim, University of Calgary
Alternate 197621 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Identifying Facies Control on Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of an Offshore Mid-Jurassic Reservoir H.M. Zakaria, M.K. Al Hammadi, C.T. Lehmann, S.D. Al-Hassani, O.A. Mohammed, S.N. Ahmed, A. Alali, ADNOC Offshore
14:00 - 15:30
101  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Flow Assurance and Managing Well Integrity Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Nawin Singh - McDermott Middle East, Tareq Al Mazrouei - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197474 Completions Prevention of Well Control Incidents and Well Life Extension in Mature Fields A. Yugay, S. Vorozhikhin, H. Daghmouni, M. Al Shamsi, A. Ahmed Yousef, A. Abdelaziz, ADNOC Onshore
1420-1440 197680 Projects, Facilities & Construction The Digitisation of Flow Assurance A. Walters, R. Irwin, Bentley Systems
1440-1500 197865 Production & Operations Lesson Learned from Production Enhancement Pilot for Medium Oil Viscosity Formation in MN Oil Field Kuwait Kuwait H. Al-Rashidi, A. Jamsheer, B. Muhsai, B. Al-Methen, A. Abu-Eida, W. Desoky, S. Mousa, Kuwait Oil Company
1500-1520 197323 Production & Operations A Novel Technique for Removing Wax Deposition in the Production System using Thermochemical Fluids A.M. Hassan, O.S. Alade, M.A. Mahmoud, A.A. Al-Majed, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 197891 Projects, Facilities & Construction Evaluation of Chelating Agents for Iron Sulfide (FeS) Scale Removal R. Ramanathan, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
198162-RPT Wells Life Extension through a Risk-Based Well Ageing Study P. D'Alesio, ProEnergy
14:00 - 15:30
102  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Holistic View on Project Management Challenges Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Werner Otmar Rohracher - Androna Limited, Ammar Al Mashjari - ADNOC - Upstream
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197711 Management & Information Challenges with the Mega-Projects Development in Russia and Opportunities for International Cooperation I. Akimova, Academy of the Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation
1420-1440 197683 Projects, Facilities & Construction Managing High Cost in Offshore Construction : Pan Malaysia Maintenance, Construction and Modification (PM-MCM) Strategic Initiative I. Zakaria, E. Engku Mahmud, F. Md Farick, M. JUHARI, A. M Johari, PETRONAS
1440-1500 197644 Projects, Facilities & Construction Designing the Maximum Allowable Cost of Surface Facilities Using the Control Chart Analysis: A Case Study in Indonesia A. Abdul Azizurrofi, E. Erwanto, A.A. Asnidar, R. Rahmat Firdaus, SKK Migas
1500-1530 197298 Projects, Facilities & Construction Best Engineering Practices in Standardisation of Offshore Wellhead Tower Design - EPC Contractor’s Experience S. Singh, R. Wasnik, National Petroleum Construction Company, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
Alternate 197534 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Study on the Correlation Between the Hydrate Formation-Blockage Risk and Gas-liquid Flow Pattern in Horizontal Pipelines Y.W. Liu, J. Hu, F. Sun, Z. Sun, X. Li, China University of Petroleum, Beijing
14:00 - 15:30
103  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: Production Improvement with AI and Digital Emerging Technologies Capital Suite 19
Session Chairpersons Rajesh D Sharma - Schneider Electric, Elfadl Zaki - ADNOC
Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1420 197498 Management & Information Deep Learning and Hybrid Approaches Applied to Production Forecasting P. Shoeibi Omrani, TNO; A.L. Vecchia, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.; I. Dobrovolschi, TNO; T. van Baalen, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.; J. Poort, R. Octaviano, TNO; H. Binn-Tahir, Binn-Tahir consultant; E. Munoz, Wintershall Noordzee B.V.
1420-1440 197156 Management & Information Electrical Submersible Pump Digital Twin, the Missing Link for Successful Condition Monitoring and FailurePrediction R.A. Lastra Melo, Saudi Aramco
1440-1500 197617 Projects, Facilities & Construction Sensitivity Analysis And Decision Trees For The Identification Of The Causes Of Pressure Oscillations In Oil&Gas Production Systems

R. Borghi, L. Cadei, J. Rizzo Cascio, M. Marco, A. Bianco, Eni; P. Baraldi, X. Lu, E. Zio, Politecnico di MIlano
1500-1520 197951 Production & Operations A Novel Empirical Correlation to Predict the Dew Point Pressure using Intelligent Algorithms S. Kalam, M.R. Khan, Z. Tariq, A. Abdulraheem, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Alternate 197879 Management & Information Utilisation of Artificial Neural Networking for Real-time Oil Production Rate Estimation M.S. Al-Kadem, M.S. Dabbous, A.S. Al-Mashhad, H.A. Sadah, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197391 Management & Information A Decision Tree Regression Modeling Scheme for Estimating the PVT Properties of Kuwaiti Crude Oil Systems Using Incomplete Datasets M. Almashan, Y. Narusue, H. Morikawa, The University of Tokyo
Alternate 197661 Production & Operations A Method of Intelligent Scheme Optimization for Non-stop System Intermittent Production Units C. Wang, C. Xiong, J. Shi, RIPED CNPC; Q. Han, Production Technology Research Institute of Dagang Oilfield; J. Zhang, R. Zhao, RIPED CNPC; G. Lei, KFUPM; X. Zhang, RIPED, CNPC; Y. Sun, RIPED CNPC

Thursday, November 14

09:30 - 11:00
078  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Management of Flow Assurance from Design to Operations Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Elena Cantarelli - Schlumberger, Nawin Singh - McDermott Middle East
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197429 Projects, Facilities & Construction Comparative Analysis of Gas Hydrate Inhibitors: Local and Conventional V.U. Elechi, S.S. Ikiensikimama, J.A. Ajienka, O.E. Akaranta, M.O. Onyekonwu, O.E. Okon, University of Port Harcourt
1010-1030 197205 Projects, Facilities & Construction Innovative Solutions to Manage Slug Buildup in Multi-phase Pipelines Through Bypass Pigging S. Kollamgunta, S. G. V. R. A., H. Singh, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC)
1030-1050 197151 Drilling Real-time Estimation and Management of Hydrate Plugging Risk During Deep-water Gas Well Testing J. Zhang, Z. Wang, W. Duan, W. Fu, S. Tong, B. Sun, China University of Petroleum (East China)
Alternate 197907 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Research on Hydrate Risk Prediction in Deepwater Submarine Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines W. Liu, J. Hu, F. Sun, Z. Sun, H. Chu, X. Li, China University of Petroleum - Beijing
Alternate 197251 Production & Operations Selection of Barium Sulphate/Barite Dissolver Chemical Through Establishment of Standard Laboratory Screening Protocols R. Raja Sahar, W. Wan Mohamad, E.B. Rustam Ali Khan, S.A. Mohd Hatta, PETRONAS
09:30 - 11:00
105  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Advances and Challenges in Artificial Lift Technologies Capital Suite 1
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 29779-RPT A Deep Dive Into Disruptive Technologies In The Oil And Gas Industry M. Rad, Darcy Partners
0950-1010 197215 Completions The Application of a Fiberglass Liner in Well Tubing as Cost Effective Material Option in High Velocity Production Wells C. Repetto, S. Gorini, G. Nutricato, L. Torri, P. Cavassi, M.O. Zucchetto, C. Guglielmo, E. Gravante, Eni; N. McIntosh, Maxtube; R. Balistrieri, MEPECO SRL
1010-1030 197233 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Alternative Method to Horner’s Approximation for Multirate Analysis of Pressure Buildup M.A. Useche, F.M. Franco, Schlumberger
1030-1050 197185 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Direct Thickening of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide using CO2-Soluble Polymer Z.A. Al-Yousef, O.S. Swaie, A.M. Alabdulwahab, Saudi Aramco PE&D; S.L. Kokal, Saudi Aramco
Alternate 197179 Production & Operations Innovative Milling Technology Enhances P&A performance to save 11 Rig Days T.P. Stanko, Schlumberger Gmbh; M. Aliyev, Schlumberger; H. Maliekkal, Smith Bits; D. Stokes, G. Hamilton, O. Gjertsen, H. den Besten, E. Walburg, A. White, Schlumberger
Alternate 197599 Production & Operations An Effective Economic Approach for Confirming Bypassed Oil with the Use of a New Generation Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool - A Field Case from the Gulf of Thailand P. Vimolsubsin, W. Teeratananon, I.T. Chigbo, Mubadala Petroleum; T. Lerdsuwankij, P. Millot, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
106  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN OIL AND GAS: Intelligent Drilling Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Chris Wilhelm Kuyken - Al-Mansoori Specialized Engineering, Peng Cheng - CNPC USA
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197293 Management & Information Wizard: Well Infilling Optimisation through Regression and Data Analytics G. Formato, C. Onzaca, S. Molaro, A. Amendola, Eni
0950-1010 197465 Drilling Automatic Realtime Monitoring of Drilling using Digital Twin Technologies Enhance Safety and Reduce Costs R. Rommetveit, M. Gholami Mayani, J. Nabavi, S. Helgeland, eDrilling; R. Hammer, J. Raaen, Equinor ASA
1010-1030 197219 Projects, Facilities & Construction Riser Design Automation Using Machine Learning

S. Bhowmik, G. Noiray, H. Naik, McDermott International
1030-1050 197393 Drilling State-of-the-Art Review of Lost Circulation Materials and Treatments - Part I: General Trends and Uses H.H. Alkinani, A.T. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, Missouri University of Science and Technology; M.A. Al-Alwani, Missouri University of Science & Tech; R.A. Mutar, Ministry of Communications and Technology, Iraq; W.H. Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research
Alternate 197241 Drilling Drill Bit Selection Optimisation Based on Rate of Penetration: Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms A. Abbas, Iraqi Drilling Company; A. Assi, Baghdad University; H. Abbas, Missan Oil Company; H. Almubarak, King Saud University; M.T. Al-saba, Australian College Of Kuwait
Alternate 197362 Management & Information Intelligent Planning of Drilling Trajectory Based on Computer Vision H. Wang, D. Chen, Z. Ye, J. Li, China University of Petroleum-Beijing
Alternate 197495 Drilling Equivalent Circulating Density Prediction Using a Hybrid ARIMA and BP Neural Network Model C. Han, Z. Guan, J. Li, H. Hu, Y. Xu, China University of Petroleum East China
09:30 - 11:00
107  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Gas Compressors Designing and Enhancement Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Edisa Shahini - Baker Hughes, Rehan Anwar Chaudhry - Schlumberger Technical Services Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197591 Projects, Facilities & Construction Common Failure Modes in Oil Flooded Rotary Screw Sour Gas Compressors D. Pallister, Lubrizol Corp; P. Ong, Lubrizol Corp.
0950-1010 197242 Projects, Facilities & Construction Improving Sulphur Plant Reliability And Performance

Z. Liu, M.K. Agung, ADNOC LNG; J. Kiebert, Sulphur Experts Group of Companies
1010-1030 197563 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges of Ethylene Process Compressor Trains: from Design to Start-Up and Operability S. Corbò, M. Calosi, G. Acquisti, Baker Hughes
1030-1050 197260 Projects, Facilities & Construction Bridging Compressor and Expander Technologies nn SSLNG Processes M. Drewes, T. Patel, Atlas Copco Gas and Process
Alternate 197136 Projects, Facilities & Construction SSLNG Plants: Achieving the Three Dimensions of Mixed Refrigerant Compressor Efficiency M. Drewes, T. Patel, Atlas Copco Gas and Process; J. Zhao, Enflexgroup
Alternate 197814 Projects, Facilities & Construction Predictive Maintenance of Gas Turbine Air Inlet Systems for Enhanced Profitability as a Function of Environmental Conditions G. Marwaha, J. Kohn, Camfil Power Systems
Alternate 197965 Management & Information Transforming Waste Heat to Electric Power in Oil and Gas Compression Systems Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide T. Soulas, Siemens OG - Houston
09:30 - 11:00
108  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advanced Lower Completion Technologies Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Fahad Mustafa Alhosani - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Euan Murdoch - Weatherford Completion Systems
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197601 Completions A Systematic Approach to Design and Development of a New ICD to Minimise Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion G. Woiceshyn, A. Dikshit, L.P. Hagel, Schlumberger
0950-1010 197489 Completions Deployment Of Lower Completions With Interventionless Inflow Control Device To Increase Operational Efficiency, Save Rig Time And Reduce Deployment Risk.

I.A. Adan, Weatherford Middle East; J. Boggs, Weatherford
1010-1030 197612 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Game Changer for Injection Wells Outflow Control Devices to Efficiently Control the Injection Fluid Conformance I. Mohd Ismail, M.R. Konopczynski, M. Moradi, Tendeka
1030-1050 197351 Completions The First Application of a Novel Cased Hole Selective Multi-Zone Sand Control Completion in Gulf of Thailand T. Khunmek, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd; I.T. Chigbo, Mubadala Petroleum; A. Sreeroch, Mubadala Petroleum (Thailand) Ltd; F. Abu-Jafar, Mubadala Petrolrum (Thailand)
Alternate 197331 Completions Understanding the Performance and Application Window of Autonomous ICD O. Becerra Moreno, K. Gohari, A. Kendall, Baker Hughes
196479-RPT Remedial Sand Control in Mature Fields: Lessons Learnt from Thru-Tubing Ceramic Sand Screen Application in Offshore East Malaysia W. Yeap, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
09:30 - 11:00
109  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Managing Wellbore Stability in Challenging Environments Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Fouad Mohamed Abdussalam - ADNOC Onshore, Murat Usmanovich Kuliyev - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197216 Drilling Correlation of Wellbore Geometry with Geo-mechanics and Drilling Practices in A Giant Offshore Field in Abu Dhabi B. Iftikhar, M.A. Shaver, ADNOC; M. Abdulrahman Alzaabi, T. Toki, S. AL-ALI, I.K. Moustafa, ADNOC Offshore; J.E. Torres, ADNOC; M.A. Osman, M.R. Oviedo Vargas, F.A. Mendez, ADNOC Offshore; K. Vican, C. Lee, Halliburton
0950-1010 197940 Drilling Alteration of Wettability and Hydration Properties of Reactive Shale Using Ionic Liquids in Water-Based Drilling Fluids H. Ahmad, M.S. Kamal, M. Murtaza, S.Z. Khan, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; M. Al-Harthi, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia
1010-1030 197692 Drilling Salt Creeping Effect on Borehole Collapse and Well Completion Design, Based on South Oman Field Experience A.V. Moiseyenkov, Petroleum Development Oman; D.A. Smirnov, S. Mahajan, Petroleum Development Oman, Ruwi, Oman; A.G. Al Hadhrami, I.A. Azizi, H. Shabibi, Y. Balushi, Petroleum Development Oman; M. Omairi, Petroleum Development Oman, Ruwi, Oman; M. Rashdi, Petroleum Development Oman
1030-1050 197594 Drilling Achievement of Maximum Mud Weights in WBM with Micromax/Barite Blend and its Successful Implementation in Deep HPHT Challenging Environment R.A. Sindi, A.E. Gadalla, R.M. Pino, Saudi Aramco PE&D; S. Sharma, M-I SWACO
Alternate 197574 Drilling Designing Innovative Wellbore Strengthening Materials to Optimise Drilling in Challenging Environments M. Karimi Rad, M. Kalhor Mohammadi, K. Tahmasbi Nowtarki, International Drilling Fluids (IDF)
Alternate 197367 Drilling Rheological Investigation of Emulsion Mud System Derived from Magnifera Indica R. Tiwari, R. Aggarwal, DIT University; S. Kumar, The University of Calgary
Alternate 197856 Drilling Casing While Drilling Step Changes Performance for Complex Deviated Wells in the Middle East M. Centeno, A. Krikor, D.C. Herrera Gomez, M.A. Sanderson, A. Carasco, A. Dundin, A. Salaheldin, A.H. Jokhi, S. Ibrahim, Schlumberger; T. Al-Wehaidah, Kuwait Oil Company
09:30 - 11:00
110  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Reservoir Modelling and Well Spacing Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Raffik Lazar - GeomodL International, Mark William Sarssam - Consultant
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197609 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unlocking Unconventional Resources in Gupco: Case Study from Egypt N. Darhim M., S. Kamal, K. Hemdan, GUPCO; H. Abdallah, Baker Hughes; A. Hassan, BP
0950-1010 197256 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Unconventional Oil-Decline Permeability Multipliers for Model Calibration J. Li, L. Fan, X. Zhang, Schlumberger
1010-1030 197606 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Characteristics and Resource Potential of Oil Shale in Sultani Area, Central of Jordan K. Li, Clausthal University of Technology; H. Samara, Eurotechnica GmbH; X. Wang, Clausthal University of Technology; P. Jaeger, Eurotechnica GmbH; L. Ganzer, J. Wegner, Clausthal University of Technology; L. Xie, Southwest Petroleum University
1030-1050 197709 Drilling Role of Automated and Accurate Well Placement in Reducing Subsurface Complexities and Optimising Geosteering - An Example from Complex Unconventional Reservoirs K. Saikia, N. Shanker, Halliburton
Alternate 197330 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Modelling in the Shale Gas Reservoirs Based on Horizontal Wells and Seismic Inversion S. Gai, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED) PetroChina;China United Coalbed Me; A. Jia, Y. Wei, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development (RIPED) PetroChina
Alternate 197553 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Temporal And Spatial Anomalous Diffusion Flow Mechanisms In Structurally Complex Porous Media: The Impact On Pressure Behavior, Flow Regimes, And Productivity Index S. Al-Rbeawi, Middle East Technical University Cyprus
09:30 - 11:00
111  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Advances in Formation Evaluation and Petrophysics Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Atul Kumar Anurag - ADNOC Offshore, Kresimir Vican - Halliburton
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197525 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Simplifying The Complex: Saturation Modelling in a Challenging Carbonate Reservoir with a Tilted Contact & Significant Imbibition in the Sultanate of Oman S.M. Hadidi, Petroleum Development Oman; M.J. Boya Ferrero, Shell; B.S. Al Sadi, Petroleum Development Oman
0950-1010 197896 Reservoir Description & Dynamics LWD Resistivity Tool Response Modeling in High Angle and Horizontal Maximum Reservoir Contact Wells and its Significant Impact on Water Saturation Calculation: Case Study in A Giant Carbonate Field in Middle East H. Yin, M.G. Nicholis, ExxonMobil; A. Al Teneiji, N. Aboud, A. Salem, ADNOC Offshore
1010-1030 197927 Reservoir Description & Dynamics A Downhole Wireline Module for the Measurement of Bubble Point Pressure M.A. Al-rushaid, Kuwait Oil Company; C.K. Harrison, Schlumberger - Doll Research; H. Ayyad, Schlumberger; E.J. Smythe, Schlumberger - Doll Research; M. Sullivan, Schlumberger; J. Meier, Schlumberger - Doll Research; S. Fukagawa, M. Miyashita, B. Grant, Y. Morikami, Y. Kajikawa, Y. Maekawa, H. Tsuboi, H. Dumont, Schlumberger
1030-1050 197208 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Practical Application of Tensor Model in Laminated Sand Shale Analysis A. Wijaya, Halliburton
Alternate 197455 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reverse Time-Lapse Technique for Moveable Gas Identification R.B. Lukmanov, A. Al-Kindi, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197153 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evaluating the Variability of the Archie Cementation Factor “M” In Heterogeneous Carbonates: A Case Study From a Lower Cretaceous Reservoir in UAE S. Syofyan, A.I. Latief, M.A. Al Amoudi, S. Al-Shamsi, A.H. Bal Baheeth, A. Nestyagin, T.A. Al-Shabibi, B. Banihammad, ADNOC Onshore; S. Dasgupta, L.E. Mosse, A.Y. Albuali, Schlumberger
Alternate 197381 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Integrated Approach of Evolving Petrophysical and Formation Testing Measurements Improves Hydrocarbon Reserves of Laminated Clastic Formations in Kuwait C. Chen, KOC; K. Hadj Sassi, H. Ayad, Schlumberger
09:30 - 11:00
112  E&P GEOSCIENCE: Challenges and Solutions in Exploration and Reservoir Characterisation Capital Suite 13
Session Chairpersons Ahmed Taher - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Aita Bijaripour - Schlumberger
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197222 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Prekhuff Exploration Data Gathering Strategy - Learnings and Best Practices from Abu Dhabi Offshore Fields S. Steiner, A. Chitrao, P. Menon, A. Vantala, ADNOC Upstream
0950-1010 197717 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Reservoir Modeling Using "thin Layer Analysis and Characterization" (e-tlacTm) Approach for Turbiditic Environment G. Gangemi, M. Galli, F. Cruciani, G. Barbacini, M. Dallorto, Eni E&P
1010-1030 197195 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Characterization of Unique Miocene Gachsaran Formation in Relation to Prospective Shallow Biogenic Gas Resources Across Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. R. Khan, A. Al Hanaee, K. Al Tameemi, R. Kurniawan, E.N. Omonigho, A. Gueddoud, A.F. Abdel Aal, A. Vantala, ADNOC
1030-1050 197782 Drilling When Magnifying your Reservoir Shows more than Expected Details: How Logging- While- Drilling Electrical Images were used to Perfect Drilling Practices and Minimize Borehole Impact J. Maalouf, P.J. Benny, E. Cantarelli, Schlumberger; S.D. Al-Hassani, I.M. Al-Tameemi, M.K. Al Hammadi, H.M. Zakaria, H. Abou Jmeish, ADNOC Offshore; S.N. Ahmed, O.A. Mohammed, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co.
Alternate 197450 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Improved Massive Dolomite Mapping by Integrated Forward Diagenetic Modeling and Geological Modeling Y. Xu, P. LU, Saudi Aramco PE&D
Alternate 197664 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Advanced Reservoir Characterisation of Meandering Fluvial Environment, 3d Modelling Study Offshore Malaysia M.N. Mohamad, M. Ab Rahman, B. Nourreddine, M. Yakup, M. Sedaralit, PETRONAS Research Bhd
09:30 - 11:00
113  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Best Practices in Facility Operations Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Manoj Kulshrestha - McDermott Middle East, Pranjal Bhatt - Baker Hughes
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197453 Production & Operations Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve Refurbishment - Inhouse

M.M. AL GHAFERI, F. AL JABERI, M. Albadi, A. Agarwal, Y.F. PANGESTU, A. Yugay, ADNOC
0950-1010 197188 Projects, Facilities & Construction Optimization of Corrosion Inhibitor for a Gas and Condensate Field S. Hirano, T. Sunaba, K. Sasaya, A. Kobayashi, H. Yorozu, H. Iijima, INPEX Corporation - Japan
1010-1030 197854 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Full Robotic Drill Floor as Advanced Rig Automation P. Cappuccio, S. Burrafato, A. Maliardi, G. Ricci Maccarini, D. Taccori, R. Dalla Costa, Eni SpA; L. Raunholt, Ø. Larsen, Canrig
1030-1050 197764 Projects, Facilities & Construction Modifying Control Logic to Improve Plant Availability A.M. Al Dhaheri, A. Al Shamsi, ADNOC LNG
Alternate 197788 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Best Practice to Ensure Integrity of Ageing Critical Pipeline Gas & NGL Distribution Facilities. N.K. NATH, I.A. Awadhi, A.A. Ahmad, M. Mohamed Ismail, A. Albraiki, ADNOC GAS PROCESSING
Alternate 197602 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility State-of-the-art Plant Operation Combining Kaizen & Digital Technology and the Challenge for LNG Value Chain Optimization Y. Otawara, JERA Co., Inc.
09:30 - 11:00
114  PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Advances in Smart Field Production Optimization Technologies Capital Suite 16
Session Chairpersons Edward Lobo - Danway, Arun Sharma - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197898 Projects, Facilities & Construction Enhance the Operating Capacity - Maximize the Revenue M. Muthukrishnan, F. AlRaeesi, ADNOC GAS PROCESSING
0950-1010 197513 Projects, Facilities & Construction Normally Unattended Installations, The New Frontier for Cost Reduction J. Munoz, Total
1010-1030 197291 Management & Information Implementation of Tatweer’s Spatial Data Infrastructure and Utilisation of Uav’s for day-to-day Operations in the Bahrain Field Y. Nooraldeen, N. Puripanda, K. Bandla, Z. Darbas, A. AlNowakhda, Tatweer Petroleum
1030-1050 197871 Production & Operations Integrated Approach for Smart Brownfield Concept - Application Model for Production Optimization Technologies C. Windisch, D. Doppelreiter, RAGSOL GmbH
Alternate 197882 Production & Operations Dynamics of Phase Inversion in Oil-water Mixtures J.M. JINDAN, M. Noui Mehidi, Saudi Aramco PE&D; Y.F. Ahmed, Queens University
Alternate 197858 Projects, Facilities & Construction Civil Engineering Challenges in Brownfield Projects - a Case Study S. Nuthanapati, K. Adel, I. Al Awadhi, ADNOC Gas Processing
Alternate 197673 Projects, Facilities & Construction Achieving Zero Flaring Through Oil Tanks Gas Recovery Case Study from Oman H. Al Kalbani, F. Al Marhoobi, H. Al Siyabi, S. Al Shabibi, A. Al Kiyumi, Daleel Petroleum LLC
09:30 - 11:00
115  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Applying Technology to Maintain Flow Assurance Offshore & Marine Theatre - Hall 15
Session Chairpersons Douglas Roy Korth - McDermott Middle East, Fayez Issa - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0950 197697 Production & Operations Alternative Environmentally Friendly Solvents for Asphaltenes/Paraffins Removal from Oil Producing Wells A.A. Al-Taq, B.M. Al-Faker, A.A. ALRUSTUM, S.A. Muhaish, Saudi Aramco PE&D
0950-1010 197360 Production & Operations Evaluation of a New Barium Sulfate Dissolver and the Effect of the Presence of Calcium Carbonate in the Dissolution Rate J.M. Aamri, M.N. Al-dahlan, Saudi Aramco
1010-1030 197632 Projects, Facilities & Construction Optimization and Thermal Stability of the THPS and Nh4cl Blend to Dissolve Iron Sulfide (fes) Scale at HPHT Conditions D. Patel, R. Ramanathan, H.A. Nasr-El-Din, Texas A&M University
1030-1050 197705 Drilling Lean Logistic for Green Field Exploration Activities F. Niccolini, L. Chisari, B. Maggioni, Eni SpA
Alternate 197802 Production & Operations Formation Damage Assessment and Waterflooding Incompatibility Study for Reduced Sulfate Injection Water J.M. Aamri, M.N. Al-dahlan, Saudi Aramco
11:30 - 13:00
091  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: New Offshore Designs Save Cost, Time and Resources Capital Suite 2
Session Chairpersons Ibrahim Fahmy - ADNOC Offshore, Nawin Singh - McDermott Middle East
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197245 Projects, Facilities & Construction Application of Cryogenic Spill Control Techniques in Floating LNG G. Mulè, V. Luciano, A. Pastorello, Eni; A. Whymant, ExxonMobil
1150-1210 197963 Projects, Facilities & Construction Study on the Split-type Subsea Manifold Engineering Technology X. Ju, Z. Liu, L. Shi, G. Li, G. Xing, COOEC Engineering Company
1210-1230 197619 Projects, Facilities & Construction Field Experience on the Design and Operation of Mid-water Arch (MWA) in South China Sea Z. Mohd Zain, E.R. Fontaine, S. Abdul Hamid, MISC Berhad
1230-1250 197374 Projects, Facilities & Construction Challenges Faced in Design & Selection of Umbilical for Offshore Facilities N. Kumar, R. Paul, F. Kamal, O.H. Takieddine, National Petroleum Construction Company
Alternate 197297 Projects, Facilities & Construction Free Spans Investigation of the Longest Subsea Gas Pipeline in Indonesia Using Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) T. Erfando, Universitas Islam Riau; D.A. Septriady, Pertamina Gas; T. Apriandi, Universitas Islam Riau
11:30 - 13:00
104  OFFSHORE AND MARINE: Advanced Marine Technology Unlock Offshore Development Capital Suite 3
Session Chairpersons Manea S Aljaberi - ADNOC Offshore, Manoj Kulshrestha - McDermott Middle East
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197322 Production & Operations Design of Foam Gas Shut-Off Pilot for a Giant High-Temperature, High-Salinity Carbonate Reservoir M. Elhassan, O.M. Keshtta, A. Berrim, E. Draoui, ADNOC Offshore; K. Mogensen, ADNOC Upstream; D. Levitt, Total
2350-1210 197181 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Review and Prospect of the Development and Field Application of China Offshore Chemical EOR Technology B. Li, Z. Jian, F. Zhang, X. Kang, S. Wang, W. Zhao, X. Wang, Z. Wei, CNOOC Research Institute Ltd.
1210-1230 197306 Projects, Facilities & Construction Deepwater Pipelines Installation Risks and Challenges N. Sinha, N. Singh, McDermott
1230-1250 197116 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility IMO 2020 May Only Be A Beginning -Reinforcement of Maritime Environmental Regulations and Its Impact on Oil & Gas Industry M. Nakano, D. Aoki, M. Nakano, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd.,
Alternate 197232 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimisation of Heavy Oil Recovery by Radio Frequency Heating : A Theoretical Approach with Experimental Modelling S. Bapat, N. Akhter, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Alternate 197114 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimisation of the SAGP Process in L Oil-sand Field with Response Surface Methodology X. Kang, B. Li, J. Zhang, CNOOC Research Institute Ltd.; X. Wang, CNOOC Research Institute Co., Ltd.; W. Yu, Texas A & M University
11:30 - 13:00
116  FIELD DEVELOPMENT: Challenging Field Development Capital Suite 1
Session Chairpersons Jose Lozano - Partex Gas Corp, Mustapha Adli - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197200 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Co-development Aspects of Super Giant Reservoirs with Condensate-rich Gas Cap I. Ziablitckaia, A. Sharif, M. Abdou, ADNOC E&P
1150-1210 197461 Management & Information An Integrated Approach to Tackling the Challenges of Developing a Highly Depleted Gas Reservoir Z. Zhang, Y. Wu, Shell China Exploration And Production Company Limited; L. Luo, X. Wang, Y. Fan, G. Yi, C. Chen, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company; F. Zhao, PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company, Xi'An, China; X. Zhang, W. Liu, H. Dong, Engineering Technology Institute, CCDC
1210-1230 197401 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Coupled Compositional/Geomechanics Reservoir Simulation of Eocene C-sup Vlg3676, Block Vii Ceuta Field, Venezuela: a Case Study E.A. Carrero, C.L. Lobo, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.; A. Bois, CURISTEC
1230-1250 197475 Management & Information Challenges and Modeling Results of a Mature Rich Gas Condensate Field Redevelopment Study Applying Depletion and Multiple EOR Methods to Unlock Field Potential D.N. Al Kharusi, M. Cobanoglu, I.K. Al Shukri, S. Bulushi, M. Helmy, S.J. Calvert, M. Al-Housni, S. Khaziri, A. Al Hinaai, A. Dobroskok, PDO
Alternate 197428 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Evolution of Khuff Tight Gas Reservoir Understanding for a Field in Offshore Abu Dhabi P. Menon, A.K. Anurag, C. Mills, M.A. Basioni, S. Steiner, M.A. Albooshi, ADNOC; S. Dasgupta, J. Guerra, S. Shasmal, I.A. Salim, Schlumberger
Alternate 197303 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Optimizing oil Rim Development in a Tight, Fractured Carbonate Field: Khuff Formation, YibalField, Sultanate of Oman A.C. Knoerich, A. Al-dhahli, S. Lai, S.A. Habsi, S.S. Al Farsi, Petroleum Development Oman
11:30 - 13:00
117  GAS TECHNOLOGY: Gas Metering Accuracy Makes Life Easier Capital Suite 4
Session Chairpersons Masroor Ahmad - Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Scott Wetzel - Oxy Inc
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197689 Projects, Facilities & Construction Gas Reconciliation with Advance Error Reduction V. Nidhi, R. Rao, Alethe Labs
1150-1210 197768 Projects, Facilities & Construction Troubleshooting Glycol Loss in Gas Dehydration Systems Using Data Analysis at Upstream Operation M.A. Soliman, M.A. Alwani, A.Y. Aiderous, Saudi Aramco NAOO
1210-1230 197141 Projects, Facilities & Construction Smart Advisory Tool for Rich DGA Mole Loading Optimization A. Alshammary, I.A. Albrahim, Saudi Aramco
1230-1250 197767 Projects, Facilities & Construction Optimization Of Compressed Air Systems In Gas Processing Industry

D. Harindranath NAMBAKKAM, M. Al Ghailani, S. Sajjad, E. Saeed Al Jenaibi, F. Al Sayegh, ADNOC Gas Processing
11:30 - 13:00
118  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Rig Equipment and Waste Management Capital Suite 5
Session Chairpersons Mena Magdi Nasrallah - Halliburton International Inc, Eman Alawadhi - National Drilling Company
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197878 Drilling Casing Running Mechanization on The Semi-submersible; Maersk Discoverer D. Hegab, S. El Kholy, W. El Wakeel, H. Mobarak, B. Courtney, G. Muhiuldin, BP; R. Boers, Maersk; O. El Shenoufy, T. Banger, C. Hoelterling, Weatherford
1150-1210 197846 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Laboratory Study of Environmentally Friendly Drilling Fluid Additives to be Used a Thinner in Water-based Muds A.T. Al-Hameedi, H.H. Alkinani, S. Dunn-Norman, M.A. Al-Alwani, A.F. Alshammari, H.W. Albazzaz, Z.A. Hamoud, Missouri University of Science and Technology; R.A. Mutar, Ministry of Communications and Technology, Iraq; W.H. Al-Bazzaz, Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research
1210-1230 197618 Drilling Advanced Loss Circulation Spacer System In Uae Enables SuccessfulCementation Of 9 5/8” Casing and Required Zonal Isolation During Severe Losses. A.S. Elhassan, A.J. De Barros, A.E. Hamidzada, A.R. Alaleeli, Y. Al Katheeri, ADNOC Offshore; F. Bin Tarsh, G. Aliyeva, Baker Hughes
1230-1250 197263 Drilling Success Story Of Utilizing Real Time Drilling Data To Remotely Support Drilling Operations And Identifying The Areas Of Drilling Performance Improvement A. Mohamad, O.A. Al Dhanhani, K. Alsawwafi, A. Clergier, F. Al Fardan, A. Jradat, ADNOC Onshore; A. Dubey, W. Pausin, A. Joshi, A. Hussein, Schlumberger Middle East S. A.
Alternate 197948 Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Modification of The Hydraulic Power Unit for The Draw Work Disk Brake System H. Elsayed, M. Magdy, M. Hamdy, M. Salama, ADNOC Drilling
11:30 - 13:00
119  DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY: Advances in Cementing Technology Capital Suite 7
Session Chairpersons Salim Taoutaou - Schlumberger, Bassam Elatreche - ADNOC Offshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197405 Completions Improving Cementing Success with Better Qc: Field Case Studies of Using a World First Quantifiable Mix Water Analysis Technique S. Mahavadi, N. Curtis, S. Taoutaou, Schlumberger
1150-1210 197739 Drilling Prevent Cement Strength Retrogression Under Ultra High Temperature

J. Zhu, Vertechs Oil & Gas Technology
1210-1230 197432 Drilling Healing Total Losses and Establishing Well Integrity With Engineered Fiber-based Lost Circulation Control Spacer During Primary Cementing in Uae Offshore A.J. BARROS, A.R. Alaleeli, A.E. Hamidzada, A.B. Melo, A.S. Elhassan, ADNOC Offshore; M.W. Orfali, T.Z. Phyoe, J.M. Salazar, S. Kapoor, K. Kondo, Schlumberger
1230-1250 197914 Drilling First Dual-plug Cementing in a 4.5in Liner in Sub-saharan Africa R. Elizalde, Weatherford; P. Drevillon, Total E&P Congo
Alternate 197190 Drilling Applying a Foamed Cement Operation for Surface Casing in a Deepwater Well: Case Study, French Guiana D. Ribeiro, L. Souza, J.L. Paredes, Halliburton; P. Michon, C. Szakolczai, TOTAL EP
11:30 - 13:00
120  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Fracturing Performance Capital Suite 8
Session Chairpersons Alexandre Bezerra De Melo - Halliburton UAE, Mohamed Khaled Bazuhair - ADCO Producing Co. Inc.
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197687 Completions Assessment of Biodegradable Diverter for Acid Fracturing of Highly Fractured Formations I.A. Al-Hulail, L.S. Eoff, Halliburton; M.S. Al-Anazi, Saudi Aramco
1150-1210 197748 Completions Correlated Friction Reduction and Viscoelastic Characterization of Utilizing the Permian Produced Water with Hvfrs During Hydraulic Fracturing M. Ba Geri, R.E. Flori, Missouri University of Science and Technology; A. ELLAFI, University of North Dakota; J. Noles, J. Essman, S. Kim, Coil Chem LLC; E. Alkamil, University of Basrah
1210-1230 197422 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Hydraulic Fracturing: Best Remedy for Condensate Banking Effects in Tight Gas-condensate Reservoirs G. Al Habsi, BP
1230-1250 197792 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Ranking Shale Performance from Water Flowback Analysis, Field Case A.F. Ibrahim, A.I. Assem, M.H. Ibrahim, C.D. Pieprzica, Apache Corp.
Alternate 197662 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Computational Fluid Dynamics of Hcl Single and Two-phaseOil Flow in a Multi-stage Vertical and Horizontal Acid Fractured Well T. Al Hajeri, M.M. Rahman, Khalifa University of Science and Technology
Alternate 197516 Completions Increasing Reliability of Stress Characterization Through Optimum Design and Sensitivity Analysis of Fracture Injection Tests, Coupled with Enhanced Geomechanical Analysis O.J. Perez, F.E. Fragachan, M. Omer, Weatherford International
11:30 - 13:00
121  UNCONVENTIONAL RESOURCES: Technical and Operational Challenges Capital Suite 10
Session Chairpersons Philippe Enkababian - Schlumberger Middle East SA., Ibrahim Abdelgaffar Seddik - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197642 Reservoir Description & Dynamics Tailored Workflow for Optimizing the Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight Reservoir Development: a Case Study from Cambay Basin V. Pandey, D. Mathur, S. Dimri, R.K. Singh, ONGC; A. Dutt, S. Khataniar, A. Agarwal, A. Herrera, K. Fischer, C. Darous, V.K. Mukku, R. Talreja, D.C. Gunasekaran, S.B. Aderemi, S. Bahuguna, Schlumberger
1150-1210 197685 Completions Lessons Learned from Hydraulic Fracturing the Diyab Shale Gas Wells In Uae Y. WU, W. Newby, Total E&P
1210-1230 Unconventional Reservoirs Next Frontier: Efficient Production Modeling - Part 2 J.A. Ayoub, J. Ayoub Consulting LLC
1230-1250 197159 Completions Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Enhancement in Depleted Horizontal Gas Wells, a Novel Approach with Outstanding Results. A.J. Nunez, I. Al Farei, A. Benchekor, N.K. Al Husaini, E. Sayapov, A.S. Al-Shanfari, K.K. Al Bahri, J.C. Chavez, A.S. Al Hinai, Petroleum Development Oman
Alternate 197470 Completions The First Successful Multi Stage Fracturing with Sand Control Completion In Saudi Arabia: Experiences and Lessons Learned A. Desai, D. Ahmed, N.M. Batita, A. Khan, M.B. Noor, Schlumberger Saudi Arabia
11:30 - 13:00
122  OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Advances in Production Technology and Testing Capital Suite 14
Session Chairpersons Gehad Mahmoud Hegazy - The American University In Cairo, Sami Bahri - ADNOC Onshore
Time Paper # Presentation
1130-1150 197826 Production & Operations Optimizing Automated Well Testing for The Unconventional Oil Field Using a Modular Approach S.G. Baaren, R. Malone, TechnipFMC
1150-1210 197924 Production & Operations Success Cases for Temperature Survey in Detection Communication Between Tubing Annulus and Integrity Check for Through Tubing Bridge Plug Also Cross Flow Determination and Evaluation for Continuous Gas Lift System by Simply Way of Temperature & Pressure Gauges in Gulf of Suez Fields - Egypt E.A. Zakir, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co.
1210-1230 197482 <